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Austin, Texas, in 1972 was a great place to eat. There were many good restaurants. Of course, since it is the state capitol and politicians like to eat well, this wasn’t surprising. One of my favorites was Christie’s, a restaurant with marvelous seafood, that was right across the river from my hotel. Another one was Mi Casa Es Su Casa where I had the best, and most authentic, Mexican food that I have ever had in the United States. This was also not surprising after I noticed the chef’s Cordon Bleu from the French Academy hanging on the wall behind the cashier. I found the liquor laws a bit strange, buying a bottle of liquor at a state store and bringing it to a restaurant to add it to a setup provided by the bar if you wanted a mixed drink, but since I didn’t drink that much it didn’t matter.

It was the second time that the company had sent me to Austin for in plant training on new equipment. Somehow, in the two week training session I had impressed the plant administration so much that they retained me to teach the next class. During the first class I shared my room with another engineer from a different part of the country. But, for the following two weeks I had the room to myself. During the first two weeks the State beautician’s exams were going on and every two days there was a fresh supply of young women staying at the hotel. This resulted in a lot of flirtatious fun but not much else since the girls were serious about being sharp for their exams.

During the second class I would get back to the hotel early enough to go to the boat rental on Town Lake and rent a sailboard like thing called a “Rattlesnake” and sail for an hour or so. I would take the challenge of tacking between the pilings of the US35 bridge, and immediately deal with the strange winds on the other side caused by the round Holiday Inn building, then sail up to Congress Avenue Bridge, where my hotel was, then turn and sail back to the boat rental. There was also a well groomed walking/bike path on the north side of the river and on the south side, a bit west of First Street was an undeveloped, wooded area, where I was told some kind of metropolitan park and event center was planned, that had a walking trail that I sometimes used.

While walking on that trail one afternoon when I decided not to go sailing and happened to look down at the side of the trail. What I saw was a peculiar fresh tire track in the dirt. It was too wide to be a bicycle tire and didn’t look like a motorcycle track, but it looked more like a wheelbarrow. Then it dawned on me, a motor scooter. For some reason I became curious about who would drive a motor scooter into the woods so I followed the track. It went up over a small rise and down into a depression. In the middle of the depression was the scooter, with a girl's clothes hanging on the handlebars. The scooter was alongside a fallen tree and the girl was on the tree, blindfolded, bound and gagged.

She was laying on her back with her arms handcuffed under the trunk and her legs up so that she was totally exposed. Any man who could have straddled that log could have simply entered her. At first I couldn’t figure out how she had managed to tie her legs up like that by herself, but as I got closer I think I figured it out. She was using a homemade wiffleball gag, my choice since you can breathe through one even if it leaves your mouth a bit dry. She also had a sleep mask blindfold. It was obvious that she was a natural redhead, about five foot four, had a good figure, and despite the gag and blindfold I could see that she was very cute. Her problem was that the ice lock that had already melted and released the handcuff key was misplaced just enough to be slightly out of her reach. She was just short of total panic struggling to get it.

As I got closer it became apparent that she was breaking out into a sweat. I walked right up beside her before she realized that I was there. She stopped struggling for a moment and then started writhing in panic and trying to scream through her gag.

“Relax! I’m not going to touch you! Even if you tied yourself up like this it would still be rape and, no matter what your fantasies are, I don’t think you really want to be raped by some random stranger.”

She stopped struggling.

“Shake your head yes or no. Am I interrupting a scene? Do you have a boyfriend or husband or girlfriend who is supposed to come and find you like this and ravish you?”

Her answer was no.

“Humm, I think I’m going to call you Scooter.”

She shook her head no and tried to say something through her gag.

“You put yourself in this bondage predicament, so I can call you whatever I want.”

Although the noise she made through her gag was unintelligible I got the gist of it.

 “You’re lucky that I understand what you were doing. I’ve been into bondage myself since I was thirteen.”

My sense was that she was rolling her eyes under the blindfold.

I decided to have a little fun with her before letting her go.

“You made three mistakes. Do you know what they were?”

The motion of her head was not ‘No’ but indicated that she was impatient for me to release her bondage.

“The first thing was that you didn’t check the position of the key release before you locked the cuffs.”

She shook her head yes.

“I don’t know how you could have arranged a backup release in this situation so your second mistake was not arranging for some to come to release you if you didn’t call them by a certain time.”

Her head turned as though she was seriously listening to me.

“And, the third thing was this location. It’s too urban for outdoor bondage on public property. You’re only fifty yards from the trail and I’m guessing only about a hundred yards from the neighborhood on the other side of the woods. This depression is not really deep enough to keep people from seeing you. Anyone could have come along besides me. Suppose some little kids from the neighborhood found you? Even worse, what if some teenage boys found you? You need to pick your outdoor locations more carefully.”

She sighed into the gag. That I could hear.

OK, I’m going to unlock the cuffs. After a pause for dramatic effect I said, “However, Scooter, I have to fight the terrible temptation to put my face between those creamy thighs of yours and lick you to an orgasm before sticking my dick in you.”

She shook her head ‘yes’. I laughed.

“I’m sure that, even in Texas, shaking your head ‘yes’ doesn’t qualify as consent. Besides, right now, for all you know I look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

I’m six feet tall and at the time weighed 170 pounds. Picking up the key I unlocked the cuffs. She took off her gag and blindfold, looked at me and said, “My name is Ruby! And you don’t look like Quasimodo.”

While she was untying her legs I remarked. “Well, with your hair, ‘Ruby’ certainly seems appropriate. Is there a middle name that usually goes with that”

“Only when my mother is mad at me. You’ve been watching too many television shows about Southern girls.”

“My name is Jeff. May I ask, are you legal?”

She slipped off the log and began to put on her clothes.

“Huh? Oh, yes, I’m nineteen.”

“Ten years is not too much of a difference. I’m twenty-nine. I’m going to dinner at Christie’s. Would you care to join me?”

“No, I have to be somewhere.”

“Would you come to my hotel room tonight? I’m just across the river at the Crest in room 312. Say, eight?”

“I thought you said that I didn’t want to be raped by some random stranger.”

“I’m not a stranger any more. We’ve introduced ourselves. Besides, I’ve already seen you naked.”

“No, not about nine? But, I have to get up early. I have a class in the morning.”

“I have to get up early too. I have to take the bus to the plant, have breakfast, and teach a class in the morning. I also have to be up front about something. I’m married, if that bothers you, but my wife is thirteen-hundred miles away, and I have a hall pass.”

“Why does she give you a hall pass?”

“Show up tonight and I’ll explain it to you.”

“I’ll think about it. Do you have any ropes?”

“Hard to pack enough in my luggage. I do have some silk scarves.”

“That sounds a bit tame.”

“It can be pretty intense. Come by and you’ll see.”

“Like I said, I’ll think about it.”

She finished getting dressed and got on her scooter.

“If I’m not there by ten, don’t wait up.”

She started the scooter and rode off.

“See you later, Scooter.”



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