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School Fun

by Inferno of the Soul

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© Copyright 2006 - Inferno of the Soul - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; leather; cons; X

School Fun by Inferno of the Soul  Sbf; leather; cons; X

“Yes” I yelled as the bell rang.  It was done and with no more school it was finally over. That bell signalled the last day of my senior year.  I had some things to do so I stayed after school so I could finally said my last good-bye to this place.  As I was talking to one of my teachers who was up on the football and track hill I noticed how the trees could hide someone from site but allow people to see the field.  Suddenly I got an idea why not do a self-bondage adventure in the woods.  After finishing talking to my old teach I walked into the trees.  I knew the front part because of school and the back part because of my trips off-roading, but I didn’t know much of the middle.  

Walking around for awhile I found a good spot.  It was well hidden from the path, the trees covered enough not to be easily spotted from the field and tract, and had a fallen log that I could use.  I left and went to my boy-friends place and told him about my plans.  “That sounds like a risky plan, but I know you like that kind of play when you do your self games.”  Was his response to me after I told him.  He also gave me a suggestion that to leave any of the keys I use to lock my clothes on with me.  I taught that was a good idea and left them as well as the key to my chastity belt.  

After waking up I dropped the keys on the table before I left.  I drove the off-road track behind the school and parked my truck behind a hill.  I pulled off my dress I had been wearing leavening me naked.  Leavening the dress and the keys to my truck inside then locked and closed my door.  I had keyless entry so I didn’t have to worry about being locked out.  I grabbed my bag out of the bed of the truck and tossed the keys I would need to free myself next to the tailgate.  Throwing the bag over my shoulder I stared walking towards the school.  I had to walk over the dirt hill so that I could get into the cover of the trees.  

As I was walking down the hill I spotted the trail I needed to follow.  Even though I was planning on being tied up I felt better being naked in the forest than walking naked without any cover.  After only a few minutes of walking I found the spot that over looked the football fled and track.  Opening my bag I began to get myself ready.  I first pulled out the thigh high ballet boots my boy-friend bought me for my birthday last year.  The boots were a dark red and were also lockable.  Once they were pulled up and locked.  I locked a pair of black leather ankle and thigh cuffs on.  

The next item was my corset.  The black leather was cold when I wrapped it around my waist.  The corset started just below my breast and ended just above my hips.  I don’t normally use this corset because its one of those lazy ones that once its lace you can use the zip on to side to get in and out of it, but being one who love to have lockable  clothes  I had modified it to be lockable.  The next item was a latex hood.  The hood was the same color as my boots and had holes for the eyes, mouth, and two small holes on the nose.  Pulling my pony tail out of the top of the hood I then pulled it over my head and locked a leather collar around my next trapping me in the form fitting hood.  

Now it was time for the penis gag harness.  I opened my mouth as wide as the tight hood would let I pushed the little rubber cock in my mouth and first pulled the straps around the side of my head and then buckled the strap under my chin to force me to keep my mouth closed around it.  I now pulled out my chastity belt and buckled it tight around my waist.  Pulling out a small bottle of lube I lube up the vibrator and electro butt plug and genteelly inserted them.  Pulling to strap as tight as I could I locked it in place.  Finally I pulled on my shoulder length black latex gloves and locked a set of wrist cuffs in place.  

I now opened the small cooler and pulled out my release timer.   The ice cubes had a weight frozen inside with a string coming out one side and a thin chain out the other.  I tide the string to a tree branch in front of me and let it dangle there as I finished the last details of my bondage.  Pulling out one 6 inch and one 12 inch chain.  I locked the shorter of the chain to my thigh cuffs and the other to my ankle cuffs effectively hobbling myself.  I then pulled out the last lock and 2 nipple clamps.  Holding the lock in my hand I place first the right clamp then the left one to my nipples.  I then reached over the log I was standing behind and grabbed the daggling chains and attached the clips to my nipple clamps.  My nipples were now being gently pulled out and up by the clamps.  I push the ON button for my plugs and moved my arms behind my back and locked them I was now stuck.  

No sooner had I close the lock the anal plug began to shock me and the vibrator started on it lowest setting.  So here I am standing just inside the trees of my high school unable to move because at the moment my nipples are attached to a tree branch were if someone was to look hard enough they would see little o helpless me standing here.  I was in bondage heaven.   I can’t move forward to relieve the pull on the clamps because of the log in front of me and if I can’t pull them off because the harder I pull on them the hard they will bit into me.   

To soon the vibrations of my vibrator and the stocks in my ass stopped.  As I watched the first P.E. class climb the steps to the track I both longed and fear someone seeing me.  As the vibrator turned it self back on I lost my self in a dream.  I am naked standing in the boys’ locker room with an O-ring gag locked in my mouth.  My hands were cruelly forced up between my shoulder blades wear they were tied to the back on my caller.  I nibbles were clamped and the chain ran underneath the bench forcing me to bend over.  A spreader bar was locked between my ankles forcing my legs wide apart.  All the boys would point and laugh and call me slut and they took turns fucking me.  

I was brought back to reality by a pain full shock in my ass and a hard jerk to my nibbles.  I was free of the tree, but now the hard part of this game.  I had to get back to my truck and release myself before anyone noticed me.  I don’t know if it’s because of bad luck or if this sort of thing happens to everyone who ties themselves up outside, but just as I had turned around I had to quickly hide behind a tree as 2 heads appeared down the trail.  Knowing that my tree wasn’t going to hide me for much longer I carefully lowered myself down and hide under all of the forest brush.  This was pure hell I couldn’t turn myself at all so I was forced to lay on my throbbing nibbles.  At lest in my new hiding spot I couldn’t be scene but I could see them.  

The bell signaling the end of the second class and the start of the 1and ½ hour breaks until the last class.  “Get more than likely I going to be stuck here until 3rd class.”  I taught as the 2 I saw earlier came into my view again.  Both of them were female.  One was wearing a black ankle length shirt with and black long sleeve shirt that was cut to show her cleavage.  The other girl was wearing a short sleeve shirt, a mini skirt, and knee high boots with what looked like a 4” heels all in a dark red.  Hears the funny thing the girl in the short skirt had a caller around her neck and was being lead by the other girl by a leash.  The Girls walked over to a log and sat down.  They both pulled out a smoke and began to talk about how much they hated this and that school girl bitch bitch that sort of thing.  

Leave it to the demon plugs I had locked inside me turned on just as they started smoking.  Thank god for the gag other wise I would have yelled out and been found by not one, but 2 girls that could do anything to me even walk me straight into school.  The vibrator shut off leaving me on the peak, but not letting me come.  The only thing I did get was a painful shock from my anal plug before it shut off. That’s pretty much how it went for who knows how long.  If not for my bondage I would ripped my chastity belt off and forced the girl with a caller to like my cunt until I passed out.  

Finally they put out there 3rd smoke and left.  I waited awhile before I struggled to my feet.  Each step I took I had to fight for my balance why the hell did I wear these damn boots.  I don’t think I have ever been so happy in my life to see a pile of dirt.  My freedom well most of it was on the other side of that hill when it hit me.  How the hell was I going to climb the hill bond the way I was.  “Screw this” I taught I wasn’t going to let a pile of dirt get between me and my keys.  Leaning over to keep my balance I took baby steps up the hill.  I am proud to say that I only feel 3 times and slid on my bum down the other side.  Walking to my tailgate I bent over so I could get my hand on the release so I could low my tailgate.  I had to bunny hope so I could sit on my tailgate so I could reach my keys.  

Fumbling with the keys I found the right key for my cuffs.  With a sigh of relief I move my hands in front of me and removed the cuffs.  Reaching up I screwed my eyes shut as I removed the clamps from my nipples.  After breathing heavily into my gag I unlocked and removed my thigh and ankle cuffs.  Finally I unbuckled my gag and removed the penis and slowly close my sore jaw.  I was now free of my restrains, but the keys to my corset, chastity belt, and boots were with my boy-friend.  Opening my door I pulled out a slip over dress so that I could drive to my b/fs’ house.  

The drive was mostly uneventful minus the times the plugs came to life.  I nearly screamed when I saw his truck in the parking lot.  Running to the door I found him standing there and what happened then is between me and him, but I will say this if his neighbors knew what happened in there they would be thanking anything and everything they could think of for gags being invented.




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