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SB Experienced Checked off this Year

by Mikeroper

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Okay, let me first start this story by saying this is 100% true. This is also a dangerous precedent I have started but the reward was the best experience I have ever had in this lifestyle hands down. I am usually into self-bondage but it has gotten stale, I am able to successfully tie myself up for any amount of time without any trepidation, always with a way out, no more challenges can hold me, it is just a waiting game. Being a dominant male, I usually only resort to self-bondage between willing bondage participants, so it is like a booby prize for me, sadly. I have put my participants into some intricate rope and wanted the same done to me, but without a way to get out, a true challenge where I have to wait for the ice timer and not manage to chicken out because of boredom or shoddy cinch nooses.

I chose to call in a pro, someone I know is in the lifestyle and I told her about my situation. She suggested I would dress as though I am the Damsel as I depict in my sessions and the tables be turned onto me, but then we would make me do challenges in order to gain my freedom. So I decided I will let someone tie me up and I called Ms Z. the name is a pseudonym which goes without question. So I went through my ex-girlfriend’s clothing tried to find something I could squeeze into. I found a pair of panties, a pair of pantyhose, a tight short skirt made of gold lame, but I decided to simply wear a tee shirt because I did not have anything for the top half of my body. I also put on a slip underneath, which stuck out on the bottom. It looked a little ridiculous but I was not really trying to be a woman, just trying to be, see the damsel side of things.

So I put on sweatpants over the ensemble and waited for this mystery person to arrive. I lit some candles and started thinking I really do not know much about this person other than where she lives and works, but I am sure either of us is not telling anyone what or where we are, so the evil thoughts came through and I fought past them. I know her from the lifestyle and a few munches, but what do I really know? I brought out a few toys a couple of butt plugs and a rubber life-like penis, but this penis was a suctioned cupped large one, I tried to do forced deep throat with one of my subs, but no dice, she could not get her mouth around it all the way, so I chose to go to the real thing at that time. I thought I will try to deep throat it because I tried to do it to her. So I bring out all of my rope, ball gag and spandex hood. I tried to imagine what I would do as a bondage position and tried to picture what I had subjected my subs to do. I figured hogtie is probably the best position for me. I hid a few scissors around my apartment and I set up an ice timer about 5 minutes before her scheduled arrival.

She arrived as I watched secretly from my window; she is a nice looking woman, very affable, kind, so my fears were calmed although still on the fence. I brought her into my place and she placed me at ease right away. We discussed safety and scenarios and I said I wanted to find a person who could help my with my self bondage rut. I have been tying myself, but I usually get out and the challenge is gone, so any suggestions?

A smile went on her face and she said, let me see these ropes and let’s get started. My ankles were tied snugly with the ropes and were surprised she had a good rope method. She then tied a rope around my waist and knotted in the front, but did not tie it to my crotch, she let the ropes dangle. She told me to stand and I got my balance, and she tied my wrists snuggly behind my back, there was little wiggle room with these ropes. She tied my wrists with another rope to the rope which was already tied to my waist.

She put the spandex hood over my head and put the ballgag in my mouth very tight, I had never had it that tight before and was a little concerned. I muffled a little bit and she pulled me to my knees by my crotch. She bent me forward abruptly. I tried to slide forward to lie on my stomach but she stopped me quickly and said, “Oh no, you have some work to do yet”.

I became really nervous because we really did not negotiate limits. She lifted up my skirt and slip, pulled down my pantyhose and panties and rubbed lube on my anus. I took a deep breath because I was thinking a plug was going to be inserted. She had taken the large 10” cock dildo I had stupidly left out and started pushing it in my anus. I tried to fight and scream but she told me the more I fight the worse it hurts, so I braced myself for the largest thing I have ever had inserted in my rectum. She managed to get the entire thing in and I was being fucked by this large thing, I would say it was an erotic experience, but was extremely relieved when it was removed. I felt as though my anus would never heal. It was amazing, I subconsciously always wanted to try that penis but have always backed out!

“I bet you fucked a lot of chicks with your monster cock, now hope you know how it feels,” she smirked as she slapped my ass with some thin object several times.

I was really sore and protesting became moot because she took duct tape and wrapped it around my mouth, making my protests into quiet whimpering.  I fell to the side really sore and she pulled up my panties and pantyhose and pulled down my slip and skirt. She then tied my thighs together tight and then below my knees. My legs and arms were tied really tight and I really started to struggle because I was feeling really bound and helpless. The spandex hood was getting more difficult to see out of because she only had two candles lit and night was falling.

“My work is almost done here; I have to wrap things up!” She said with a job well done satisfaction. What I did not know was I was being wrapped up in duct tape until she picked me up to my knees, causing a strain on my knees and thighs from the tight rope and she wrapped me in duct tape from my shoulders to my forearms.

I have had about enough so I tried to communicate with her by flailing my wrists and gag speak but she just laughed, I was in this for a while and could barely see what she was doing. She felt up my skirt pulled out my cock, which was rock hard (my cock is not getting this situation yet) and she jerked me off until I ejaculated. I thought, glad this is over, untie me and we will laugh this off and I will probably not sit for a week.

She rolled me on my stomach, but instead of untying my wrists, she tied my wrists to my ankles, I was really, really hogtied to the point I could not move at all. I shook my head no several times because it was uncomfortable but then I heard her grab her keys and the words I heard from her were, “Have fun, I saw the ice timer and it looks like you have quite a ways to go, maybe if you were nicer to me when I asked you out, thing could have been different,” then I heard the door shut as she shouted good luck.

She actually left….. I waited a minute and heard the front door close and her car start. She could not possible leave me like this I can barely see, it was getting really dark and one of the candles went out, so it was getting darker by the minute. I looked at my door and seen she locked the door, she does not have a key. No one knows I am here, I told my friends and family I was away for the weekend at a business resort, so no one would suspect my absence.  I was stuck in a super hogtie, ass sore inside and out and I had to pee. I love being in bondage, there is no better experience!!

More to come…………….

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