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Self Bondage Story

by Nakia Kessler

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© Copyright 2001 - Nakia Kessler - Used by permission

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I have practiced self-bondage for years and came across your site.
I am 27 years old, 5-11" female with blonde hair and green eyes, dark complexion size 34-25-32. Considered attractive by most.

I started my self bondage one day, deciding I needed some good strict disciplining bondage. I stripped to my b-day suit, and made my preparations. Out to the garage I went and laid down on the oil stained concrete. I took the long clothes hanger dowel from the closet and had holes drilled for the neck position, wrist in back and ankles. I was going to plan one long posture bar that would make movement completely impossible.

Using wide leather cuffs I first locked my bare feet together at the ankles. The red polish on my toes was a pretty contrast to the black leather straps. Just to make it more interesting I locked on a set of thumb cuffs around my big toes making an effective toe lock.

Next came the bondage chastity belt with dildo and butt plug. I slipped them in place and locked the belt tight around my waist and cinched the center strap up my crotch and ass and locked it on in back with the padlock, now I padlocked the back of the belt to the long bar through the eyelets that I had installed in the holes drilled in the dowel. I had the holes spaced so my knees were bent slightly.

Next came the thick collar around my neck that was fastened to the very end of the bar. Finally a small red ball gag head harness locked on with small padlocks to prevent any screaming. I looked up at the plastic gallon milk jug with all the padlock keys hanging inside with string. However I filled the jug with karo syrup before I froze it the night before to make things interesting when I would be able to retrieve the keys.

Now I made one last look at the jug before me and attached some tight nipple clamps to each nipple with a small chain that fastened to a ring on the ball gag. This pulled my tits and nipples up slightly. As I rolled over onto my stomach I kind of just flopped since my bar was holding my knees bent and bare feet up off the floor so only the tips of my toes touched the floor.

Next the leather cuffs were fastened behind my back and locked to the back of the spreader bar about halfway up from my waist and mid back. Click and I was a prisoner of myself.

At first I struggled a bit to test my bondage. I wiggled my bare feet and tried moving my toes. As I tried straightening my legs it forced my head down hard onto the floor, I could not move, I could only slide around on my belly. I tried rolling over onto my back but with my arms locked as they were my elbows forced out prevented this movement also. I finally gave up and enjoyed my painful position with eyes fixed on the frozen syrup jug.

Now what was about two hours that seemed like four I tipped the jug over so the contents that was melted slowly oozed out onto the floor and seeped to me. It crept up to my tits and absorbed around my stomach and thighs. I could feel the syrup sloshing up on my locked pussy and mound.

The keys were almost accessible now.

And I was a sticky sweaty mess in total self-bondage struggling to get them. The sticky syrup made it nearly impossible to get them out since the would stick to the inside. My unfrozen escape had now turned into a continued struggle to get the sticky keys.

For an hour and one-half I remained a prisoner and after finally getting the keys it took another half hour to get them positioned to the padlocks correctly.

I finally was free and exhausted.

I rubbed myself into orgasm and lay there and passed out only to wake up the next day to dream of my next adventure.

N. K.


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