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Self Bondage Fantasy

by Azn_Selfbondage

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Self Bondage Fantasy

Something was wrong the moment she tried to move her arms.  She was cold and tried to move the blanket but for some strange reason her arms would not respond.  As she open her eyes, it was dark, pitch black dark, from there she knew something was terribly wrong. She knew at that moment she was blindfolded, and from what she could comprehend. She was tied up and it was really tight. Every muscle in her body would not respond to any of her commands. She squirmed and struggled but it seems like the ropes would not budge. In fact, it seems like it tightens a little. She moved her wrist up and she felt the ropes pulling tighter against her crotch. She let out a whimper as it rubbed against her crotch. She pulled her wrist down and the pressure was looser, but her wrist would not go down any farther, because it pulled on a rope around her neck that tighten her elbows even tighter, to the point they were almost touching each other. Her legs were useless as she tried moving them but it moved as one like a mermaid. 

From what she could feel, her thighs were tied tightly, she felt some pressure above and below her knees indicating there were ropes there and finally her ankles were tied tightly together making them useless. The most interesting part was her shoes. It seems that when she tried to kick them off, they would not budge. They were some how tied to her ankles and judging from her feet the way they were arched. She was wearing her 5 ½ inch stilettos. She tried screaming with all her might, but only very low inaudible muffles came out. She realized why the low noises. She had some type of gag in her mouth. From the way it feels, it was like a hard rubber ball with a piece of leather strap running through it and it was strapped on tightly behind her neck. She also notice that she could barely hear anything including her cries for help. Then she realizes the whole situation. She was tied up tightly, ball gagged, blindfolded and ear plugs inserted in her ears. 

What else could possibly happen? 

Then it hit her, first as a small tingling feeling, within the next 45 seconds she was screaming for mercy. She writhed and squirmed but to no avail. The ropes held and she wasn’t going anywhere. She had a vibrator in her vagina and butt hole and it was running full steam. She tried using her hands, but it only made it worse by pushing them in deeper. She screamed out of fear, but then she started thrusting her hips in unison with the intruders getting the most out of it. After about 5 minutes everything stopped. She lay there exhausted and helpless, wondering what would happen next. 

She fell into a deep sleep and she awoke to the sound of an alarm clock. She squirmed and rolled on the slick wooden floor until she came to a particular carpet spot on the floor and started feeling around in tiny search patterns, till she found what she needed. A pocket knife.  With her gloved hands, she fumbled for about 15 minutes until she was able to get the blade out and she began cutting her wrist loose. She made her way up to her blindfold and the sudden flood of lights blinded her for a moment, but she had her sight back in seconds. She began to untie her limbs and removed her intruders. She placed everything aside and observed the room. Lucky there were no furniture was her thought as she went to the camcorder and turned it off.


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