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BZZZZZZZZ! The alarm went off at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. Normally I like to sleep in on the weeksends, but today was a special Saturday. I was going to be judging a contest among my four friends that started at 10:00, and I wanted time to relax and enjoy my morning. They would all be calling shortly before 10:00, and we would begin. I put on a pot of coffee and got the paper in, and settled in to wait for their calls and take in the lovely morning.

You may be curious as to what kind of contest this was going to be. I can tell you for sure that it wasn’t anything remotely approaching ordinary. The club my friends and I were in was called the SB Club, for self-bondage club, and I was going to decide who was the best at it today. I sipped my coffee and thought of how we came to this point and the adventures we’ve had up till now. I’m going to reminisce a little bit - the main story is coming, but I think you’ll find it worth the wait.

The First Meeting

My name is Amy; I’m 27 and live in a medium-size city and work in finance in a large company. But all that is not very interesting. I have been into self-bondage for some time, as I have not been able to find a partner who can satisfy my needs - I love to be bound and helpless, but I am kind of particular about how it is done. Now, you would think that there would be men lined up around the block to tie up, torment, and fuck a beautiful, 5' 7" redhead with pouty lips, great, round tits and an ass that is just begging to be smacked, but there is always a problem. Most guys, if they don’t run away when the subject is brought up, either do it not hard enough, too hard, or just plain wrong. So, other than the occasional fling or one-nighter, I mostly “serve myself.”

My thing is definitely leather. The smell, the texture, the sound of it when it twists and you know that even though there is a little give that holds out false hope, you are indelibly trapped. For me, there is nothing like spending an afternoon (or an evening, or all night) restrained in supple leather. I have built up quite a collection of devices, toys, and restraints (even a few I can’t possibly get into or out of myself - one can always hope) have come up with many scenarios over time - usually involving some of my other favorite toys, too. Vibrators, dildos, nipple clamps of varying severity, and of course a good number of solid padlocks. Nothing makes a session more interesting, frustrating, and downright sexy than having to fumble through a set of keys looking for the right one when you finally have them in your hand, especially when the bondage is the kind that keeps you right on the edge of an orgasm, and you want nothing more than to get out and bring yourself over the edge. Of course, that’s a big part of the fun!

I had been looking around on the internet (ahhh, the perverts greatest friend) for some ideas and new toys, and I came across one of those forums that people are always going on about, except this one was about bondage and self-bondage. I got some great ideas from it, and maybe sometime I will tell you about some of the crazy stuff I did (I’m sure you would like to hear about it.) But the most interesting part of the forum was the “Dares” section. Of course, a lot of people who are too chicken to do it themselves would love to hear about someone else doing their “dirty work” for them (and some of it was dirty) but it made for some very interesting reading.

One day I was reading the various threads in “Dares” and came across one titled “Outdoor Self-Bondage.” I must admit, the thought of being bound and helpless somewhere out in public was arousing. I also loved the outdoors - when I wasn’t twisted into some predicament of my own devising at home I liked to go do outdoor activities, too, which had the added benefit of keeping my body very well toned. I clicked it and read on. It was posted by someone calling themselves “selfSubSelf69" (would have been cleverer without the “69", but who am I to judge?) He/she(?) wrote:

selfSubSelf69: if you have the desire or the craziness to doo this, i would love to hear about it. hears what you need to do -

Go someplace outside like a big public park or abandoned land or something. The less people the better, unless you REALLY want to get caught - sbg (They used some shorthand like “lol” for laugh out loud - “sbg” was smile behind gag - really cute)

leave you regular cloths in the car and lock it. You should be wearing something very light and have your bondage stuff in a bag. Take the keys to and bondage items you are using a little bit away from the car into the woods or wherever. place the keys in a hiding place then take your bag and jog out for about 15 to 20 minutes then heres what you do-

Get naked. Take your toys out and put the clothes you are wearing in the bag and hide it too somewhere you can’t get to it if you are tied up. then tie yourself up so you have to go back and get the keys so you can get dressed again and go home. Of course, you can tie yourself up any way you want, but here are some sugestions-

a gag (definitly a gag, I like a panel, but you can do what you want at least until you are tied up - sbg)
hands should be behind your back, cuffs or something
if your hands are behind you back, then you can use nipple clamps and you wont be able to take them off!!!!
To make the walk longer bind your ankles or use very high heeld shoes (be carefull of rocks!)
other things - maybe a plug in your bottom and/or a vibrator/dildo held in with rope or chain - spreader bar (really hard to do!) - corset (makes breathing tougher) - hair tied back to pull you’re head up (really really hard!) - blindfold? (Only if you know the place really well or are TOTALLY CRAZY!)

let me now what you do and how it was - give some details, I love the details! good luck!

And selfSubSelf69 got the typical chat room responses:

imhorny: sounds great but im not THAT crazy!!!!!!!

chickenslut: I could not ever do that. I’ll stay home - sbg

cantfindlove12: That sounds like a lot of fun, but it would be VERY unsafe. You could fall, and if you don’t have a backup method, there can be a lot of trouble, from others who are not so understanding/kind, to wild animals. Don’t do it. (Safety? How do people who are worried about being safe all the time get into this kind of stuff anyway?)

crazygirl1000: already did that it was FUCKIN INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! (Sure you did.)

I must admit, aside the atrocious grammar, the idea did have an appeal to me, and got into my subconcious where it began to grow. I gradually became pretty obsessed with this idea that seemed to me to be among the ultimate self-bondage scenarios. One thing about me, and I think a lot of other people who do this, is that you are always looking for a new thing, another level to try - just tying yourself spread-eagle to the bed night after night, while it may be entertaining to a local Peeping Tom, is pretty boring. So I thought about this idea and came up with a Plan.

I had thought about this idea for several weeks before I gathered up the courage, I hoped, to carry it through. I would go only medium, but strict and inescapable. I collected my toys together for the anticipated weekend “getaway.” Since most of it would be leather, I could travel very lightly, compared to, say, metal handcuffs and 25' of chain. I had a leather body harness that went over the shoulders, under the crotch, and had lots of D-rings to attach whatever the imagination could come up with, in addition to being lockable. Then there were the cuffs, the most important part.

There was one set for my hands and one set for my ankles. These, of course, could all also be locked on. I would try the Plan with my ankles held together by a 1' chain, since I was pretty good at negotiating the outdoors. The hand cuffs would be locked to a D-ring midway up the back of the harness, which would keep my hands from undoing anything that was undoable, in addition to thrusting my breasts out, adding to the feeling of exposure. Then also a head harness with a ring gag that could be locked on, as well as a lockable collar.

I was rapidly realising that the heaviest item in my bag would be all those padlocks! Most of them were also keyed differently, and I decided to put all the keys and copies (most of the locks came with at least two keys) on the same big keyring, which would make finding the right one quite difficult, especially with my arms held halfway up my back, not to mention what I imagined would be all the sexually-charged adrenaline running through my system! Finally, two indispensable items - a flexible butt plug, and a set of nipple clamps that got tighter if you pulled on them attached by a light chain. I would attach the chain to the top of the head harness and adjust it to keep my head down a little bit, so when I would have to look up or around, they would tug and get tighter (one of my favorite sensations!) I decided not to use a dildo or vibrator, because the harness had a strap that ran right through my legs and could be tightened up. Not only would this keep the butt plug in, but it would rub on my clitoris just enough to drive me crazy through my “nature hike.”

Sunday came, and it was a beautiful day. It was late August, and the sky was absolutely clear, but the temperature was in the low 70's, maybe upper 60's. The very slight breeze would make me shiver when I started - and make my nipples even harder - and by the end I would probably be glad that it was not hotter, although I certainly would be! After I got out of bed, pretty early for me, I sat down at the computer wearing nothing but the coffee cup in my hand to check out the “Dares” thread on the forum. I had decided to add a little extra thrill by posting that I was going to do the dare. I had registered on the forum with the name “subAlone” and logged to tell them what I was about to do, not that any of them would know me anyway. I clicked on the “Outdoor Self-Bondage” thread and scrolled to the bottom to find the “Post to this Thread” button. At the bottom was a new post, dated the night before:

TieHRUp: This is such a great idea! I have been waiting for days to try this and I am going to do it tomorrow! How exciting! Wish me luck! - sbg - kasie (“kicking and screaming in ecstasy”)

That gave me a little thrill, too. Knowing, or at least imaging, for this could be a fake, and probably was, that today some other woman would be tied up and wandering around out there somewhere else, as well was a kick (maybe not enought for “kasie” but definitely a little more fun.) At least She/he(?) Knew how to use the “shift” key, even if the exclamation points gave the impression of a breathless, and brainless, teenager. So I hit the “Reply to this Post” button and typed:

subAlone: Me too. Have fun tell me about it - hali (“helpless and loving it” - the shorthand gets under your skin after a while.)

I shut down the computer, turned off the coffee pot, and put on some very skimpy clothes, but nothing out of the ordinary. Just a light t-shirt, skimpy running shorts, and trainers with ankle socks; no underwear or bra necessary, of course - that would just be extra stuff to stash. I would look simply like a very hot girl out for a little jog or hike, and if there was anybody around, I wouldn’t attract any attention. Who was I kidding - if there was anybody around I would chicken out right away. So I drove to the park in my little car and pulled up the main road. It was very heavily wooded, but relatively flat, which was perfect for what I was about to try. I had checked out this park on the internet and knew there were a lot of off-the-way trails that were not very well used. Also, as the summer was winding down, I thought that there wouldn’t be too many people (hopefully none) at the park, especially in the outer areas. I pulled off onto a trail that I knew was way, way out, and took the car to the end.

The place was absolutely beautiful, and I drove slowly, enjoying the view, knowing that in a little while I would not be too interested in it. I reached the very small parking area and turned off the car. As I did so, I saw a bicycle leaning against a tree. Shit, I thought, I haven’t even started and already it’s ruined. I was going to turn on the car to leave, when I saw some movement a little way into the trees. Curiosity got the better of me, so I looked a little harder. It was a woman, wearing sweatpants, a halter top, and flip-flops walking into the woods. Even though I could see her clearly, she didn’t turn to look - probably the breeze through the trees muffled the sound of my engine (I have a pretty new car, and sometimes when I’m standing right next to it I can’t hear it running.)

So, I got out of the car, very quietly closed the door, and walked towards the woman walking away from me. As I looked more, I could see that she was extremely attractive, at least from behind. Yes, I did have a thing for both men and women, but again, it was a matter of not meeting my needs. She had long blond hair, long legs, and from what I could tell through the sweatpants, a great ass as well. She was also carrying a backpack. The glimmer of a thought started to take root in my mind, and I just had to follow her to see what was up. At the very worst, I could claim to be lost, or just out for a walk on a nice day, if I got busted.

She walked very fast, and at last started to turn around, whether out of nervousness or because she heard me I don’t know before she turned completely and I could see her face, I ducked behind a tree and waited breathlessly until I could barely hear her footsteps start again. Luckily we were by this time out of sight of the parking area. As she turned to begin walking again, I head the distinct sound of metal clanking on metal, which must have come from her bag, bcause she certainly was wearing no jewelry. The glimmer solidified as I thought, Is this possible? Do coincidences like this really happen? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Come on, Amy, what could happen? She looks harmless enough.

The woman walked for about ten more minutes, focused straight ahead. I followed as quietly as possible, which, given my halfway-decent knowledge of the woods, was obviously quiet enough, for she didn’t turn again. She finally stopped in a small clearing, and I hung back, watching from behind a tree. She stepped on a twig and gave a start, which told me she was not as experienced in the woods as I was. She turned sort of in my direction several times, but her face was obscured by vegetation. I saw her take something out of her bag and hesitate. She turned away and went over to an old stump and placed something inside. She then took several deep breaths, pushing out her large breasts in the tight halter top, which I could now glimpse from my angle. Then she took off jogging down a trail. This was too much of a coincidence, too eerie; I couldn’t believe it.

I quickly went over to the stump and looked down into it. Lying in the bottom was a ring of shiny keys! My mind was spinning through the possibilities and probabilities, and making me dizzy. I grabbed the keys and took off after her before my thought process got the better of me. Once again, my outdoor skill and wardrobe choices played in my favor, as I could run fairly quietly, and I could hear the sounds of snapping twigs, rustling leaves, and her flip-flops incessantly slapping long before I could see her. I could also probably balance better than she could. I was hardly thinking at all now - I just had to know what was going to happen. I occasionally caught a glimpse of her wonderful breasts bobbing in front of her. Actually, mine were bouncing quite a bit, too, which was probably adding to my frazzled state, as my nipples rubbed the inside of my shirt.

Finally, after about 15 minutes of this, she stopped. She set down the bag with a dull clank (yes, definitely metal on metal.) Then - my mind was reeling - she began to pull off her top. She stopped, and turned around to look in all directions; I was well hidden again but had a clear view. Oh my god! I thought. It’s Jeannine, the Human Resources Director at my company! I didn’t recognize her at all, because she always kept her hair up at work. Now it flowed down to the middle of her back. I was completely silent. She looked very nervous, but seemed to satisfy herself that no one was nearby. She took another deep breath, and let it out with a shudder, which made her breasts move enticingly. I always thought Jeannine was hot, and given half a chance I would have gladly slept with her. We were friendly, but not at all close.

She started to pull her halter top over her head again, this time all the way. Her breasts settled back down, and they were even better than I had imagined. Full, pale and round, with large pink nipples that were visibly erect and dimpled with the combination of wind and fear. She pulled the top over her head and shook out her hair slowly. The effect was incredibly erotic, especially as it seemed to give her some confidence, too. She had done it! The sight of one of my bosses standing in the woods, topless, made me start imagine what it would be like to go up and fondle and lick her, and my hand started to wander into my shorts, but I stopped myself. This was getting good! Whatever happened, this was an experience I was not soon to forget. She kicked off her flip-flops, and then shimmied out of her sweatpants. She also wore no underwear, and she stood for a moment, closed her eyes, and held her arms out. An unbelieveable vision. I was nearly unable to control myself.

Then she reached down and opened the bag. She pulled out several lengths of chain, and numerous other devices I could not see clearly. That was when I knew absolutely that this was the most incredible coinidence I had ever experienced. She was TieHRUp! All the time, we were working next to each other, exchanging occasional pleasantries, while we were reading the same crazy kink websites at home, and tying ourselves up. I settled down to watch, and be amazed.

First, after getting everything out of the bag, making a small pile, she took her clothes and put them in it, zipping it up. Then, she took the bag and climbed a little way up into a large tree, hanging the bag from a limb high out of reach to someone on the ground. Watching her delicately climb allowed me to appreciate just how great her body was. Obviously, since she rode her bike out here, she was in great shape. Long, perfect legs; narrow waist; her behind even better than I had anticipated, smooth and firm; of course marvelous tits; and competely shaved, pussy obviously wet with excitement. I wanted her, badly, and at this point I realized that I could have her, she could have me, we could have each other. She came back down to the ground and began preparing for the “Outdoor Self-Bondage” dare. I was transfixed.

First came knee-high leather boots that had been folded up. She sat on a log to pull them on, the black, gleaming leather contrasting against her pale skin. It took some time to lace them up. The heels were pretty high, and I wondered how she would walk in them all the way back to the keys. Very carefully, I thought. Next came metal shackles around her ankles, joined by a short length of chain. As I heard the padlocks click shut, I knew this would be a slow walk. Next came a belt around the waist, with a strap hanging down the back. This was also locked on. Then she took out a black dildo and thrust it into her pussy. I knew if she came right there, it would be over, and she looked like she was close. She threw her head back and groaned deeply.

However, she stopped, and it became clear that she was lubricating it, for she then gently reached around in back and slid it slowly into her ass, again moaning. Then she took out another, larger dildo and put it into her pussy again. It went in easily. She then pulled the strap from behind between her legs and through a latch on the front of the belt, tugging it several times to tighten it. The last few tugs elicited surprised gasps from her, and almost from me, too. This strap, too, was secured with a padlock. Then came another black leather device that she lifted to her face. It was a large panel gag, and she pulled it on, reached around the back of her head, and I could just barely hear another telltatle “click” as it was locked on.

Next came a high collar, which held her head up and was held on with another lock. Then came an amazing thing - she picked up a metal bar that had rings attached at both ends and several points in the middle. She reached again around her back, with several locks in hand, and fumbled to attach it at the back of the collar and the back of the belt. A posture bar! Jeannine was incredible! I had never tried one myself, although I probably would in the future. To get the last items, she had to bend at the knees and keep her body upright. The posture bar did amazingly sexy things to her breasts, which were now pushed out even more.

While kneeling, Jeannine took two pairs of handcuffs and closed one cuff of each one on either wrist, leaving one cuff hanging open. She took something too small to see and poked at them (I knew she was double-locking them) and grabbed the last item laying on the ground with her left hand. She stood, and massaged her nipples one at a time with her right. Then she took something and reached up to her breast, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. I couldn’t quite see, but had a feeling I knew what this was. She gasped, her eyes flew open, and there was large clover-style clamp hanging from her left nipple, with a weight attached to a small chain. It crushed her nipple cruelly, and I knew, from experience, that that weight would torture her with every movement, while the mechanism would prevent it from falling off. She panted for a few moments, and repeated the process with her right nipple.

She stopped. I saw her very slowly wiggle her torso, and a small yelp escaped her gag. Jeannine held up her hands in front of her, for she couldn’t look down, and stared at the handcuffs for what seemed like forever. This was the moment, the one we all have, when it’s now or never, and you see if you have the courage to take that last step. She reached her hands around behind her back and held them there for a few moments. The sexual tension running through her body must have been unbelievable, and I was both fascinated and jealous of her. She again closed her eyes, and I heard the ratchet of one pair of handcuffs close slowly, followed by the other, much more quickly. She opened her eyes wide. That was it, absolutely no turning back now, no matter what. Her head flew from side to side as she struggled against her bonds, moaning as the dildos shifted inside her and the clamps played their vicious game with her now-trapped buds. She tried to scream, but only a muffled whine came from behind her gag. She struggled again, clearly enjoying the sensations, but began to lose her balance ever so slightly. She froze, and seemed to get control of herself - although she already had control of herself, just in a different way!

Jeannine began to take slow, short, careful steps back up towards the trail. My body told me to run out and tackle her and take her right there, but my mind had better ideas. I waited. It was a long time before she was up the trail and out of sight. She would probably think, several times, Have I gone too far? But of course there was no answer other than to keep moving, however slowly. I saw her once take a short hop, which allowed her to travel several inches farther at once, but she whimpered, clearly from the clamps biting her nipples, that she stood for a moment and began slowly trudging forward again.

Once she was out of sight, I finally exhaled and began to move again. With all of that metal rattling, not to mention the distraction of the intruders in her ass and pussy and the attackers on her breasts, she would not hear me at all. I came out into the clearing and climbed up into the tree to retrieve Jeannine’s backpack. I climbered down and slung it over my back and began walking, resisting the impulse to whistle. I knew I had plenty of time. I put the keys into the pack, and started out a course that would take me back to the car, but on a different trail.

It took me maybe 25 minutes, no sign of anyone else in the parking lot, and I quickly went back to Jeannine’s starting point. She was not there, but her bike was at the parking lot, so she was still moving, probably for some time yet. I stood near the stump and imagined her slow, tortured progress up the trail. Her initial near-fall would make her extra-cautious. Once in a while, frustration would overcome her and she would hop again, only to give up because of the fire in her nipples. Occasionally she would have to sit from fatigue, always wondering if someone will creep up on her. And all the way, the dildos driving her crazy with lust and frustration. Ahh, heaven.

I had formulated a new Plan on the way back to the car. I had gotten my own things out and brought them with me to the stump. My plan was to “capture” Jeannine, but in a way that would put us on the same level and not scare her away, or worse, make her fire me. I would have to use my toys a little bit differently, but I thought I had enough for what I needed to do.

First, I stripped completely, which took all of 13 seconds. I was already inured to the woods and the trepidation, so I went much more quickly. I took my clothes and put them in the same bag with Jeannine’s, along with my set of keys. Hers I kept behind. I took the bag up into a tree in the clearing and hooked onto a branch. After I climbed back down, I scribbled a brief note on a piece of paper I had and set it in the stump where her keys were. I got all of my own toys out of my bag and laid them out on the forest floor.

The gag, first of all, would not allow me to talk to her, so, alas, had to be gone without. I first took my leather ankle restraints and buckled, then locked, them on my legs. This was followed by the chain between my ankles - I would be hobbled, but not nearly as badly as Jeannine. I followed with the body harness and the collar, all locked securely on - click, click, click. I then picked up the butt plug and lubricated it with my own juices, but quickly. By this point I was almost mad with desire, and I had to move fast before I succumbed to temptation and pushed myself over the edge. I slowly worked in the plug and pulled the last strap of the harness through my legs and shut it with another lock.

Then, I took Jeannine’s keys and threaded my nipple clamp chain through the keyring. Very slowly, I let the jaws close over one nipple, then the next. I nearly came right there, the swirl of sensations and thoughts was so powerful. Now for the last bit. I took each wrist restraint, locked them on, and, with another padlock in hand, held them behind my back for a moment, just like Jeannine did. I could wait until she arrived and do it then, leaving the clamps off until the last possible moment, but then I told myself, Isn’t this what you came out here for? And impulsively thrust the lock through the rings on my wrist restraints and pushed it shut. That last “click” seemed to echo through the now-still clearing, and I, too, stood for a moment to take stock of my situation. I struggled a bit, and stopped as the clamps tugged mercilessly at my nipples, weighted by the large keyring on the chain. At least I would be able to talk, which gave me a distinct advantage, although any advantage at this point was definitely relative.

I found walked around a bit, always listening, the crotch strap grinding my clit and driving me crazy. I had to remain calm. I found a spot out of sight of the trailhead, and settled down on the ground to wait.

It seemed to take forever. Being in bondage and waiting for release seems like forever, but when you are waiting for someone else in bondage to arrive it is much slower. Every snap made me think “Now!” and left me disappointed, wondering if she would ever come,or maybe if she had fallen. I passed the time imagining Jeannine and me together, caressing each other in bed, or her tying me up in ever-more stringent positions and punishing me the way I knew I needed to be, or vice-versa (emphasis on vice!) I even took some time to look around and enjoy the woods, though I never thought that I would be today. It was very pretty, birds still flying, the sun looked like it would be out for quite a while yet. I had settled into a near doze when I heard the dinstinctive rattling of chain coming up the trail, accompanied by breath wheezing through nostrils and snapping of twigs.

Jeannine’s body had a sheen of sweat covering it, making it shine. She was, if possible, even hotter-looking than at the beginning, although I’m sure that she didn’t feel that way right now. Her steps were slow, dogged, and a few scrapes were visible on her body. As she came into the clearing, a look of relief came over her face as she gazed longingly at the stump where she knew her freedom was held. What a surprise she had waiting for her! She hobbled over to the stump, turned her back to it, facing me in my hiding place, and knelt down to the stump. It was not at all deep, and if the keys had actually been there, would have been easy to reach, even with her bound hands. She had to then lean back a little, but the handcuffs had enough length on them to allow her to, very carefully, reach one hand into the stump.

She now did this, moving her hand looking for the keys. At first she looked calm, relieved, but as she searched fruitlessly, her movements became more frantic. The look on her face was priceless. Thinking about being in that position, totally helpless, not knowing what’s happening, bound, horny, frustrated, I was almost envious of her. Oh well, she could thank me later. She almost fell again, and stopped. Jeannine then worked herself back up into a kneeling position and turned around, leaning forward a bit to look into the stump. Leaning against one side of the hollow was the note I had written earlier, which simply read in block capitals “LOOKING FOR SOMETHING?” She squealed and frantically turned her head around as much as was possible, and got to her feet, whirling around unsteadily. Then she froze, with a look of terror in her eyes that had pushed out every last bit of the relief she had felt only moments ago and replaced it with sinking, heavy dread.

“Jeannine!” I called out from my hiding place, as I began to work myself up to a standing position. “I think I have something of yours!” I could hear her breath coming fast and shallow now, even from several feet away. I could see her struggling against the unyielding steel, completely heedless now of the toll all that movement would take on her nipples. MY own breasts were now also very sore, and I was ready to talk. She pulled and pulled, and I decided to go forward.

“Jeannine, I need you to listen to me,” I began. “I am not going to hurt you, OK?” That seemed to calm her somewhat - she at least stopped struggling. I began to slowly move out into the clearing, every movement sending the keyring swinging, pulling my nipples along with it. I winced and sucked in my breath.

“I need to show you something. We have something in common, and I believe we should explore it together. It’s not a total coincidence that I ran into you out here, but I could have just been a bitch and taken your keys and left. But I’m still here.” A questioning look now began to from, as she tried, and failed, to speak throug the gag.

“I also need to prove to you that I’m not here to hurt you and leave you here, but that we can be friends, so I’m going to come out in the open now.” I stepped out into the clearing, my legs hobbled like hers, my arms unmovably pinned behind my back like hers, and like her, my nipples trapped in the nasty jaws of the clamps with weights hanging from them. As her eyes grew wide, I gave my torso a little shake, sending shoots of fire through my breasts.

“Recognize these?” I said. “I’m sure you recognize me, although I’m usually at a computer station with a list of figures. I was on the same bondage forum you were last night. TieHRUp. H - R. Human Resources. Very cute.” Something like anger now came over her face and she started toward me, slowly, but with determination, making growling noises. She must have forgotten about her situation momentarily and started acting like we were at work!

“Stop!” I shouted. “These are your keys hanging from my tits, and I can’t reach them right now, but I sure can keep you from reaching them, even tied up like I am.” She stopped short. “Take a look at me. We’re doing the same thing! And I have to tell you, you are the hottest thing I have ever seen in my life.” Her head cocked, as much as it was able.

“Here’s the deal. My keys, along with both of our clothes, are up in that tree over there. Neither of us is going up as we are, so if you will agree to stay and talk, I will let you get your keys and we can go home. I think I can wait longer than you, because not only have I been tied up for less time, I haven’t been hiking with high heels and an ankle hobble. Are you listening?” She shook her head minutely - she was.

“Jeannine, I want you to think about this for a moment. I have offered my body to you in return for your attention. We can have a lot of fun together. You made me so horny today I can hardly think straight. I know what self-bondage is all about. Always having to keep it a secret from everyone. Well, here we are, both bound head to foot, completely able to understand each other. We can always have a friend as a backup without worrying about getting humiliated, ‘outed’, or fired!” A light seemed to come into her eyes.

“I love doing this, and I can tell you do, too. Let’s at least get to know each other. We have at least one big thing in common, don’t we?” I definitely had her attention. “So here’s what we do. You obviously can’t give me your word right now, so if you want to do this we will come back to back and hook fingers. Like a handshake, except a little more . . . restrained.” She groaned at the bad pun - I knew I had her. “OK, come over here.” I turned my back to her and moved towards her. She did the same.

We came together and locked fingers, able to feel the bondage that the other was wearing. We held for a little bit, and something seemed to pass between us. I let go and she did, too. We turned to face each other.
“Well, what do you say? Just kidding.” She rolled her eyes, but was clearly impatient to continue.

“Wait a minute. Promise?” She nodded again. “OK. Tell you what. If you want, as long as you take me home tonight, you can even keep me locked up like this until we get there, how’s that?” Definite head nod. “Come over here and get your keys. And be careful with those clamps. They hurt like a bitch when they come off. But I don’t have to tell you that, do I?”

She came nearer, and reached out to the nipple clamps with an outstretched hand. I steeled myself for the sting as the blood rushed back into my crushed nipples after the clamps were released. Then, at the last second, Jeannine took hold of the keyring and the chain, hopped forward a bit, and yanked as much as she was able, pulling the clamps off in one swift movement! I screamed at the top of my lungs as it felt like my nipples were pulled off with the clamps. I looked down, desperately wishing to massage them, struggling against my leather wirst bands, but unable to do anything about the pain.

I looked up at her, and there was a new look on her face - mischievious. I could see the faint wrinkles of a smile underneath the panel. “SBG,” I said, and Jeannine replied with a muffled “Mmmpf - mmmpf!” She then reached around behind her back with the keyring to undo the handcuffs. For the first time in hours, her right hand popped free, followed by the left. She first reached up and very gently opened the clamp on her right nipple. As it opened, another muffled scream escaped her gag. She followed quickly with the left, and stood for a moment massaging her long-suffering nipples and moaning.

I said, “Hey, what about me!” She reached up to her gag and unlocked it. She pulled it out and worked her jaw. She let out a relieved “Ohhh!”

Then Jeannine looked at me and said, “I think you should shut up!” She reached over and grabbed one of my already-sore nipples, making me yelp. At the same time, she shoved the gag in to my mouth, buckling and locking it. I mumbled frantically behind the gag. Had I misjudged her?

“Don’t worry,” she said. “This has been a whirlwind of a day, but you’re right. It feels good to have someone know. And it feels even better to have a little sex toy all trussed up that I can take home and play with! You can bet that I am going to leave you like that until we get home! Scare me almost to death! Well, the ballet boot is on the other foot now, isn’t it? I’m going to get out of the rest of this, put you in your trunk, my bicycle in the back seat, and take you all the way back to my place for the rest of the night. You may have to call in sick tomorrow. Don’t worry,” she whispered with a wink, “I’ll cover for you.” She continued again in a normal voice, “Now I’m going to get out of all this stuff so we can go home and get to know each other. Are you coming?”

I nodded my head and mumbled again in to her gag. It was going to be a long but very interesting and sexy night

And that was how the nexus of the Self-Bondage Club was formed. Find out later how we met the rest of the girls and “bound them to us.”


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