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Selfbondage Bodyharness

by Jack

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© Copyright 2011 - Jack - Used by permission

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I have been into bondage for as long as I can remember. My earliest experiments with self-bondage where in my early teens. My ex-wife indulged me in my bondage fantasies (this is the only thing that I miss about the relationship), however, I am now in a vanilla relationship which means that self-bondage is the only release for my fetish and this is on very rare occasions.

After separating from my wife I had a few years on my own and soon settled into the bachelor life and began to take full advantage of the endless opportunities to indulge in self-bondage. I had a home made full body harness left over from my earlier experiences and wanted to find a way to use this in self-bondage scenes. The harness consisted of a long 2" wide leather strap, which could be attached to the top and bottom of the bed and pulled tight across the mattress. This strap was really a series of shorter straps connected together with steel rings, where more belts of various lengths where attached at 90 degrees to the main belt. I would lie down on the strap and the series of 2" wide belts would be fastened around me.

After a while I settled alone in to a more permanent home. The master bedroom of the house had a built in wardrobe along one wall. This wardrobe had three doors and was around seven foot long and two foot wide. I immediately realised how this could fit into my self-bondage plans as I could lay full length in the wardrobe, in total darkness, with the doors closed. I quickly installed bolts in the floor at both ends, which would allow my body harness to be fixed in place.

Next I had to sort out a release mechanism and figure out a way to strap myself in and get out again. I rigged up an electro-magnet with an electric time switch. This hung from the bedroom light fitting where it plugged into the light socket. Next I fixed a long length of string to the metal plate which would be held by the electro-magnet. This string I then ran through a groove in the top of the middle wardrobe door and hung with a weight high on the inside of the wardrobe door and tied a metal washer onto the string outside the wardrobe. I then tied my keys to the end of the string about a foot lower than the weight. When the timer turned the electro-magnet off, the weight dropped to within a few inches off the floor, when the washer hitting the door would stop it. This would place the keys next to my right hand where I could easily reach them. The purpose of the washer stopping the weight from falling all the way to the floor prevented the weight hitting me and also reduced the risk of the keys bouncing out of reach.

At this point I was ready to go for it. I stripped and set-up the timer. The timer was the type with a twenty-four hour dial and small pegs, which when plugged into the little holes in the dial set the on and off times. As I was going to set the timer to the on position manually I was left with four pegs to fit into the off holes. I decided to fit one peg at each quadrant, i.e. six hours apart. I the set the timer to the on position and attached the metal plate to the magnet. For an interesting twist I closed my eyes and span the timer dial, not looking back at the timer. This meant I did not know how long it would be before the timer releases my keys. This could be anything from fifteen minutes to six hours. I wondered what if I only fitted one peg, fifteen minutes to twenty four hours, maybe next time.

Time to get strapped in. I went into the wardrobe through the feet end door. The other two doors where already locked from the inside with slide bolts I had earlier fitted to each door. I laid down and fastened the first 2" belt tightly around my ankles, then below the knees and above the knees. At this point I needed to close and lock the last wardrobe door, while I could still reach. This meant I would have to carry on in total darkness, but I knew the straps so to speak.

The next belt fastened around my thighs and locked with a padlock and D rings, as this was the only belt where there was a slight risk of interfering fingers reaching. The thigh belt had wrist cuffs securely riveted to each side for later. Next came another belt high around the waist, again with cuffs securely riveted to each side, which align with my elbows. The next belt went around my upper arms and body, which I fastened only loosely till later and finally a belt around my neck to hold my head down.

The next step was to wriggle my arms into the already fastened elbow cuffs. These cuffs I had set-up earlier to be just loose enough to wriggle my arms into and still tight enough to hold my elbows firmly at my sides. Once in I was then able to tighten the upper arm/chest strap good and tight. Now for the left wrist. I had earlier fastened the wrist cuffs loosely and slipped my left wrist in. With a little groaning I was able to do up the left wrist cuff with my right hand. At this point I was almost entirely bound, except for my right wrist, and hardly able to move.

In order to do up my right wrist cuff I had earlier made some preparations. The cuff was loosely fastened on the second hole with around a foot of light chain attached to the first hole. Chain because I dare not take the risk of string breaking. I placed the end of this chain in my left hand. Around the buckle of the wrist cuff I had wrapped a thick elastic band. So, when I slipped my wrist in the cuff and slowly started to pull the chain with my other hand the buckle pin popped into each hole in turn until the cuff was pulled tight. Release was simply the reverse operation.

I had earlier fixed a ring bolt into the doorframe with a short length of chain attached, running to the position of my right hand. At this point I pulled the wrist cuff chain back from my left hand and attached it to the chain fixed to the door frame with a small padlock, making it impossible to pull on the chain and gain release. So, the moment of no return had now arrived. My heart was racing as I took the small padlock in my hand and slowly pressed, testing how hard I could press the lock before I heard the tiny click that signalled my self-imposed imprisonment, unable to move hardly a muscle and in total darkness.

Needless to say the timer dropped my keys after around one and three quarter hours, and release. I used this arrangement many, many times, and needless to say, did of course throw caution to the wind and only fit one pin in the timer on occasion. The most I ever spent in my harness in the dark was about ten and a half hours.

I am sorry if this is a little long, but I hope that I explained things clearly. You may use this is if it is of interest. I have written a couple of other accounts, which I sent to Helpless some time ago, but he stopped updating. I could attempt to re-do them if they might be of interest.

Regards Jack


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