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The auction ad in the newspaper read, "Misc hardware, locks, keys and other items too numerous to mention".  Locks and keys got my attention.  The auction was being held this coming Saturday in the north end of the county.  Too good to pass up.

When I arrived at the old farm on Saturday, cars were lined up on both sides of the road.  With so many here what chance would I have?  I looked over the maze of stuff that was set out on long tables and in cardboard boxes under the tables.  A lot of junk!

I found the box with probably a dozen old locks and a coat hanger wire bent in a circle with maybe 50 or so keys.  About noon the box went up for sale and I out bid an old guy three times my age.  I paid for the box and with the people eyeing me up and down I got out of there fast.

When I arrived back at home, I dumped everything out on the kitchen table and proceeded to play "key-in-lock" for the next hour.  I had Slaymaker, Corbin, Schlage, Yale and National padlocks and keys of every description.  Seven of the locks were open and I found keys to the other five locks.  Strange, no keys to the open locks. 

Thats when I got the idea for a fun time next weekend.  And it was going to be a three day weekend at that!  More time to play.  During the week, I hacksawed up an old chain into the various lenghts that I will need to complete my plan.

I stayed excited all week knowing what was going to happen to me.  I have never done anything close to what I was going to do Friday night.  Lets see... Friday evening about 6:00 PM to Saturday at 6 then to Sunday at 6.  Thats 48 hours.  Then on into Monday till about noon.  That would be 66 hours in bondage!

Friday finally arrived and I was so worked up I began taking off my clothes as I drove home.  I threw my purse and clothes on the bed and slipped on some socks and old sneakers.  I think I ran to the barn.

Hanging from various nails on the wall were my chains and my seven open locks without keys.  I placed each lock in the workbench vise and mutilated the key hole with a punch and hammer.  I fixed them so even if I did find a key the locks couldn't be unlocked or picked.

Now I was at the moment of indecision.  The moment of truth.  Going beyond the point of no return.  Before I could change my mind a little voice said "Just do it girl.  You know you have to.  If you don't you will never know the true feeling on REAL bondage".

I picked out the longest chain from the nail and wrapped it around my waist.  I just randomly grabbed a padlock and snapped the shackle closed.  Click.  What a fabulous sound.  I pulled up and down on the chain.  I realized I would absolutely not be wiggling out of it.  No way out but to saw or file it off.  I started to get a strange feeling, impossible to describe.

I took another length of chain and wrapped it around my left ankle and then click with another lock.  Then around my right ankle but this lock didn't want to close.  I looked around for my hammer and gave the shackle a good solid smack.  It closed that time.  Now my ankles are in shackles with a 16 inch connecting chain permanently attached.

Now for my wrists.  I locked another chain around each wrist, with about a foot of chain in between.  The strange feeling grew stronger.  What have I done?  There is no escape.  At least not any easy escape.

I picked up the last piece of chain, and using my sixth lock, fastened it to the center of my ankle chain.  Then I locked the other end to the center of my wrist chain and to the free end of chain coming from my waist.

I just stood there and stared in disbelief at what I had done to myself.  The feelings of helplessness overwhelmed me and I had an orgasm right then and there from sensory overload.  I got weak in the knees and just slipped down on the floor.  I'm a prisoner of my own doing.  I'm in chains and no way to unlock anything.  I'm stuck till I can saw my way out.

I can't begin to describe my emotions.  I felt so helpless and yet so good.  I wanted to be free but I didn't want to be free.  I finally got up and headed for the house with my chains clinking as I walked.  I could only take short steps.  I felt so much like a prisoner on a chain gang.  Only I was a naked prisoner of my own doing.

Inside the house I looked in the mirror, turning this way and that.  I begin to get all wet again and instinctively begin rubbing my clit.  In no time I shuddered through another big "O".  I wondered how many times I would do this over the long weekend. 

I turned on the computer and logged into the Selfbondage Channel on Dalnet.  I guess I stayed on for about an hour.  I sit there in my chains just chatting away with the bunch.  Playing with myself and discussing gags and hogties and such.  They had no idea what I was going through.

I got hungry and found reaching around in the kitchen was tricky and required the coordination of both feet and hands.  Eating was arkward and going potty was even a greater challenge.  That night I slept some but the chains digging into my flesh and the limited movement of my hands caused me to wake up offen. 

I took full advantage of my hands being so close to my pussy.  I kept my fingers on my clit most of the night, giving myself two or three more orgasms.   I got up around eight and fixed breakfast.  I realized I could start to hacksaw my way to freedom at anytime.  But why?  I was content in this blissfull state of permanent bondage.  A slave at the mercy of her chains.

I laid around some, read a little and chatted some the rest of the day.  Twice I was on the phone and had to be careful not to rattle my chains.  I took a long walk down to the mail box on the county road, a good ways from the house.  If a car comes by I will dive in to the bushes or hide behind a tree.  None did.

Going into my third day in chains, I realized I had adapted to my new life style pretty good.  I even took a shower in chains because by now I definately needed it, considering the difficulty going to the bathroom.  I rubbed myself through several more orgasms and figured by now I had broke my previous record.  Ha.

About noon I reluctantly headed to the barn.  I wondered just how long it would take to cuff off all my chains?  I only need to cut the chains in five places but the one around my waist might be the hardest.  I inherited my Dad's old hacksaw and it wasn't the best of tools.  I really needed to get these chains off by now because of the redness caused by the constant rubbing and hoped it wouldn't be too visible tomorrow at work.

Such mixed emotions.  Part of me wanted desperatly to be free but deep down I wished I could stay this way forever. 

It took the rest of the afternoon and several blisters to saw through the links.  After cutting through each link I had to fasten it in the vise and beat it open with my hammer.  Free at last, I returned the locks and chains to the nails on the wall of the barn.  They serve as a constant reminder of a very satisfying weekend.


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