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Sara’s Discovery

by Ralph

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© Copyright 2015 - Ralph - Used by permission

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Sara kicked the door shut, then leaned against it to finish closing it before walking to the kitchen counter and setting down the three bags of groceries. The bag with the wine kept threatening to fall over, but she finally managed to get her hands free and start putting things away. She wished Josh would pay attention once in a while and help out. He knew she was going shopping. Just because she got done faster than expected was no reason not to help out.

As she closed the last cabinet she heard a strange rustling noise from the living room and paused. It didn't repeat, so she straightened her skirt and walked out of the kitchen. There was Josh, sitting in a chair, reading a book.

"I got you the wine you wanted," she said as she walked through the room.

"Oh, ok, thanks. I'll get some money to pay you back in a little bit."

Was it just her imagination, or did something seem wrong? He seemed to be breathing a little hard and didn't even look up when he spoke to her. Well, he'd had his moments and maybe this was just him being Josh.

Walking into her room, she closed the door behind her and pulled her top over her head, tossing it onto the bed. As she reached for the zipper of her skirt she stopped. Something wrong, but what was it? She undid her skirt while looking around the room. As her skirt fell to the floor she saw it. Stepping out of her skirt she walked across the room to her dresser, thinking she had to be wrong but also needing to open the drawer and check.


Sara had been living there for about five months now. Josh had inherited the house when his parents died in a car accident and he wanted a roommate. She was new in town and needed a place to live. One of her coworkers knew Heather, Josh's girlfriend, and knew about the search for a roommate. She met Heather, then Josh, and after making sure it wasn't his excuse to set up a three-way, she moved in. It had worked out well, with her rent being much lower than it would have been on her own and questions about the arrangement being met with comments about how it was no longer the 19th century. They were all in their mid-20s, trim, and with similar interests so it seemed a perfect arrangement.

She thought she'd seen a slight change in Josh recently, and now her guess was confirmed. The only thing needed was a plan, and for that, Heather would have to be involved. They met for lunch one day and managed to get a booth in a corner, away from the crowd. Sara told a little about herself, explained what she'd found, and asked for help.

"Funny you say that," Heather said quietly. "I noticed a little change recently as well. So you're absolutely sure?"

Sara leaned forward. "You can never be sure until you have all the evidence, but I'm confident about this. What about you? Have you ever thought about these things before?"

Heather blushed and looked down. "Well, yes, I suppose, but not the way you're talking about it. Looking back, though, it kind of makes sense. Ok, I'm in, but I'm nervous."

Sara reached across the table and held Heather's hands. "Just follow my lead and don't hold back. You'll do fine."

The plans were finalized as they finished their meal, then they were both off to their respective offices, Sara full of anticipation, Heather with butterflies in her stomach. She had a week to pull herself together.


Josh heard the key in the door and looked up from his book, surprised to see Heather walk in.

"Oh, hey, I didn't know you were coming over tonight." He got up and went over to give her a hug and kiss, rubbing his hand over the curve of her ass.

She kissed him back and gave him a little swat. "Hey, enough of the ass grabbing already. Actually, I'm not here for you. Sara and I are going to do a little shopping."

"Oh, well, uh, that sounds wonderful. Looking for anything in particular?"

"We were thinking of getting matching handbags, just to make it more confusing when I'm over here." Heather laughed and saw Josh smile. "Or maybe we'll get the same outfit and confuse you."

Josh really did smile at that. The girls were about the same height and build, and even their hair was similar, both slightly wavy and falling to just below the neck. Sara's was a little darker, but he'd gotten them confused before in settings with low light.

Just then Sara walked in. "I thought I heard the door open. Ready for girls' night out?"

"Ready and waiting."

Josh looked back and forth at them. They had low boots and tight jeans, Sara wearing a white button down top that showed the lacey pattern of her bra, Heather more conservative with a pullover top that seemed a little tighter today. "Night out?"

Sara patted him on the head as she walked past. "A little shopping, a few drinks, maybe some wild dancing." She laughed. "Enjoy your book."

Heather gave him another kiss, this one firmer and adding a wet tongue, then grabbed his ass and she followed Sara to the door. "Bye bye."

As the door closed behind them Sara asked softly, "Was he?"

"Hard as a rock," Heather answered. They got into Heather's car and drove away.


Josh could hardly control his breathing. Night out? He watched until Heather's car turned the corner then got himself a glass of water to try to relax a bit. He needed a plan. A safe plan. He went to his bedroom and quickly stripped completely, resisting the urge to stroke his stiff cock. Then he made a stop at the bathroom to pee before walking carefully to Sara's room. He laughed at himself. He was the only one in the house, and he was trying to walk quietly.

He knew exactly what he wanted and where it was. He opened a top drawer and pulled out a pair of bikini briefs, which he quickly stepped into and pulled up. His cock and balls put a considerable bulge in them and a couple of inches of his re-hardened cock stuck out the top, but the feeling of having Sara's panties on was a wonderful sensation for him. He pushed the drawer closed and knelt to open a bottom drawer. He moved a few pants to reveal her stash of goodies and grabbed a pair of handcuffs with the key set in them. He returned the pants, closed the drawer, and walked back to his room.

Part of him wanted to sit in his chair, trying to read his book or even just watching TV, but he couldn' t quite bring himself to that. Instead he closed the door, pulled the keys and tossed them onto his bed, then closed his eyes and built a short fantasy as he turned and leaned on the door

In his mind he was ordered to lean in until his cock touched the door and to put his hands behind him. As soon as his hands were in place the unseen guard snapped a set of handcuffs on him, leaving his hands helpless behind him. Josh rubbed his cock on the door as he heard the familiar ratcheting sound of the cuffs and felt the steel close on his wrists one after the other. The guard now held a belt in his or her hands and ordered Josh to lay on the bed with their legs extending downward, spread as far as possible.

He found it difficult to rub his cock with his legs spread and extended, imagining the belt cracking across his ass as he remained helpless to stop it. A quiet moan escaped his lips as the tension and frustration built up. Suddenly he froze as he thought he heard the front door open.

Josh didn't know why he always froze. It seemed more logical to try to escape, which he now did, but for some reason being quiet always seemed like the first response. He managed to get back up and sat on the bed, reaching for the keys. Of course, in his daydreaming they had moved and he took longer than he wanted to reach them. Finally he had them in his hand and he began using his finger to try to find the keyhole.

"I'll be back in a minute," Sara called. Oh shit, she was walking right past his door. He found the keyhole, stood up, and worked the key into the slot, turning it. Nothing happened. He turned it the other way and still nothing. He pulled it out, pushed it back in and tried again. Suddenly the door opened and Sara walked in followed by Heather. Sara was smiling, Heather had a confused half smile, obviously surprised but following her friend's lead.

"See, Heather? He just can't seem to keep his hands off my panties. Oh, don't bother with the key. That's a spare set with the extension filed down too far to unlock the mechanism. You're stuck now." He saw the phone in her hand and heard the shutter snap.

Josh felt he had to be completely red as his hand slowly stopped twisting the key. He was indeed caught, wearing nothing but girl's panties and handcuffs. And now he was very aware that the head of his cock was still extending out of the panties.

"He does seem to enjoy it," Heather said, eyeing her boyfriend in an odd way. "What do you have there, Sara?"

"This? Oh, it's a brand new ball gag. Never been used before. The perfect addition to our sex slave."

Josh's eyes widened. "What?"

Sara moved quickly, spinning Josh and pushing him down on the bed, then climbing on top of him. She looked at Heather who moved over and helped hold Josh down while Sara worked the ball into his mouth and got the strap buckled. He was still trying to squirm free when Heather had an idea. She reached between his legs as they flailed and grabbed his balls.

"Josh, stop it now, or I'll start squeezing."

This couldn't be happening. He paused for a moment, then started struggling again. Sara smiled as he grunted and stopped, letting her know Heather was catching on quickly.

"Heather, there are a few things on my bed. Bring them here."

Releasing Josh's balls, she got up and walked out the door. Josh heard her laugh, then she was back with three belts. Oh no, was his fantasy going to come true?

Sara was giving instructions. "They're different sizes. Put them on his ankles and below his knees, then we'll get the third one on his waist."

Josh spread his legs, which he learned was a mistake. This time Heather gave no warning and just kicked her toe against his balls. Not very hard, but enough to get and hold his attention. He felt his erection fading. The first strap of leather was laid over his ankles, wrapped around twice, then buckled. He'd never been this helpless. Everything before was just a little tease to himself. The knees followed and then Sara and Heather helped him to his feet.

He grunted a little as the final belt went around his waist, pinning his arms down. He certainly wasn't going to touch himself now, though he guessed he could get his hands free if he was willing to put up with the pain of the cuffs scraping his wrist and back.

Sara stepped back and took another picture. "Awww, you pulled back into your panty sheath. That isn't good. Let's make sure you understand things. I was really pissed last week when I noticed you'd been in my drawers. You left them slightly ajar and my panties weren't folded properly. Then I thought, Heather might like a sex slave, so we had a meeting. And now here you are. Wearing my cuffs and panties. And me with pictures of you. So you may own the house, but from now on you're OUR sex slave, and you better hope she never breaks up with you or I'll have you to myself. Anything we want, any time we want it, you will comply or these pictures and more will go not to a social networking site, but to several random porn sites for posting. Or maybe you think you can figure out how to recover them all and get them removed."

Josh had listened, wide eyed, glancing at Heather who showed no sign of mercy. But he did notice her nipples were pressing into her shirt.

"Now then, how do we get you out of that panty prison again? There are so many ways, but what would you like most?" Sara turned and looked at Heather. "Do you trust me?"

Heather looked back, a little sheepishly, Josh thought. Sara was really dominating them both, it's just that he was physically bound. "Yes", she whispered.

Sara smiled, looked back at Josh, then turned and grabbed Heather, pulling her close and pressing their lips together in a violent kiss as her hands ran down to Heather's ass and began squeezing. At first Heather tried to push away, then she yielded and began responding, pulling Sara's shirt up and scraping her back.

Unable to move much, Josh felt his cock rising again, but it got caught under the waistband and just pushed up on the panties. He tried to work it free, but that wasn't possible and the girls kissing in front of him wasn't making it possible to shrink down for another try.

Glancing over, Sara saw the problem and prolonged it just a bit before pushing Heather back and turning to Josh again. "You probably thought those bondage items were for me. Wrong. I USE them on others when the mood strikes. And the mood has struck. Heather, the bottom drawer of my dresser is open. There's another pair of handcuffs. Get them and come back here. I have a real treat in mind for Josh."

Obediently following the lead provided, Heather went to Sara's room and found the handcuffs. She was wondering what the treat was, almost as much as she was wondering if Sara was going to try to take Josh from her. As she returned to Josh's room she heard Sara talking.

"Boys, girls, it makes no difference. I don't do bondage for the sex. It's the power to make a person do what I want them to do. And they have no choice in the matter." She looked at Heather. "Put down the cuffs and take off your pants and boots. NOW!"

She jumped a little, but that last imperative had her bending down to remove her boots. Soon her button and zipper were open and she was working the jeans down over her hips. Sara watched, pleased, and glanced at Josh who was still trapped in the panties but showing obvious signs of approval. Soon Heather stood up wearing her top and a thong.

"Now, put on the handcuffs. Don't hesitate. Get them on and close them with your hands behind your back."

Heather's mouth dropped open, but somehow she couldn't put up much of a fight. She picked up the cuffs, got them set, and for the first time in her life felt metal restraints close on her wrists. She looked at Sara's smile, wondering if her trust was put in the right person. She was restrained, her boyfriend was restrained, and Sara seemed to be completely in control.

"He's your boyfriend, and he seems to have a problem. His cock is stuck and wants to be free. You, Heather, will get on your knees and go over to him, using nothing but your mouth to open the panty prison door. And there's no reason to hurry. He won't cum for at least minute." Sara giggled and saw the corners of Heather's mouth turn up. There was one more picture as Heather dropped to her knees, then Sara watched as she began moving toward Josh.

A large glob of drool escaped his ball gag and ran down his chin, dropping to his chest as he watched his girlfriend approach. He'd backed up until there was furniture behind him but somehow the idea of turning around in this situation didn't seem a very good idea. He saw Heather lick her lips as she neared and felt himself swell. No, she wouldn't, he thought.

Finally reaching him, she did. Heather pressed the tip of her tongue against the base of his shaft and slowly ran it up the entire length, bringing out multiple grunts. Reaching the top she carefully closed her teeth on the fabric and began pulling down and away from him, painfully bending his hard shaft downward before it came free and slapped up against his belly. Then she carefully set it back in place with his cock extending above the waistband. She turned and smiled at Sara, waiting until the picture was taken, then turned back to Josh.

His legs shook as he felt her lick the tip of his cock and her lips slid over it. She ran her tongue over his glands as she slowly sucked, then relaxed. Five times she did this, until he was grunting furiously, the drool was pouring off his chin and he felt like he would explode. She had never done anything quite like this before and his mind and body were preparing for the biggest orgasm of his life. Then she stood up and walked back to Sara, kneeling down in front of her before looking back at the agony in his eyes and giving a wicked grin.

"She's a fast learner. Poor Josh, don't you wish you could just stroke that cock a few times? And you're making such a mess with all that spittle. " She pointed at him. "Don't move." Then she walked out the door.

Josh looked at Heather, trying to use his eyes to convey a request for release. He began to lose hope when she stuck out her tongue and make licking movements. "Big defenseless boyfriend in girl's panties," she said. "If it's up to me, you won't cum at all tonight."

Sara walked back in with a collar and a dog leash, quickly buckling the collar onto Josh and clipping on the leash. "Come on, sex slave, into the living room with you." She ran her fingers through Heather's hair, then unlocked her handcuffs. "See if you can get your bra off without removing your top and follow behind him."

Walking slowly and giving occasional tugs on the leash, Sara led Josh into the living room and took him to the coffee table. Heather had managed to remove her bra and dropped it in the hallway, and now she helped Sara lower Josh to his knees in the middle of the room. The leash was fed under him and unclipped long enough to loop the end around his ankle restraint before being reattached. The belt at his knees was released so he could spread his legs for balance, and soon he was bent over on his head and knees. The girls moved to the couch, Sara leaning back against the cushions and Heather taking her place leaning back between Sara's legs.

"Arms up," Sara ordered. Heather raised her arms and felt the handcuffs put back on, this time leaving them in front. Of course, she thought, so I can touch myself but not her. There was another picture taken of Josh, who was regretting his new fetish, then the phone was set aside. "I think we've established the pecking order here. Josh, you take orders from either of us. You are our sex slave. Heather has given herself to me, and she will learn her lessons well because she's smart and observant. And I will rule. For my part, I will only engage in kissing or sexual acts with Josh if Heather, as his girlfriend, approves. As long as Josh cooperates, the pictures will remain in my email account, which is where they will be sent, so don't try to get my phone."

Josh tried to adjust his uncomfortable position, not sure he wanted to find out what might happen if he moved too far. Sara slipped her hands under Heather's top and cupped the girl's breasts, thumbs teasing the nipples. Heather tensed slightly, not used to a woman touching her this way. Sara licked her ear and whispered, "Relax and touch yourself. Your education is just beginning. You may cum when and as often as you need to." As she began kneading the soft orbs, she felt Heather's arms move and heard her sigh as her fingers responded to the guidance.

Josh wished he could trade just one of those orgasms as he continued kneeling on the floor and listening to Heather's cries rise and fall. His cock was hard and hung down uselessly with his neck leashed to his ankles, keeping his ass in the air. Yes, girls' night out. And his last day of real freedom.

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