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Sara Discovered

by Sara Blade

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© Copyright 2001 - Sara Blade - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; rope; cuffs; gag; caught; cons; X

My name is Sara and I really love bondage so much that I even tie and gag myself. I am married so I do get to be tied up a lot but it is never enough. I always try to plan it so I am never discovered by anyone besides my husband.

One day my husband came home and said he and the guys had tickets to tomorrows tigers game. I thought great it will give me a chance for a little self bondage fun. So I planned for my session first I got a bowl and filled it with water. Then I put my handcuff keys in the water and stuck it in the freezer. Then I made sure I knew where all the bondage gear was. I double checked the next morning with my husband he said they where still on for the game.

The next day at work I was very excited all day, I could not wait to be tied and gagged and left to struggle for hours. I got home at 3:30 and I took the ice out and put it where I could get to it. Then I took a nice hot bath. I got out of the bath and got my clothes ready. I have to tell you I don’t wear much when I am tied and gagged. Basically I just wear Victoria Secret’s second skin bikini panties. The color of the night this time would be hot pink. Then I grabbed my black thigh high stockings and put them on. I have to admit I looked very hot. My stockings have the line that runs all the way up the back of them. Then last but certainly not least I got my high heels. They are black 6" stiletto heels. I looked at myself in the mirror and wow I looked very hot and I was already starting to get wet.

It was now 4:30 and I thought I better get started.

The first thing I did was to tie a nice tight crotch rope. I have to tell you there is nothing like a nice tight crotch rope. Then I grabbed my leather straps and I started at my ankles. I buckled it nice and tight then I put another just below my knee, just above and another on my upper thigh.

Wow was this hot.

I then grabbed my handcuffs and tied a rope to my ankles and attached them to my ankles. I thought now about one of the most important parts, the ball gag. I put it in my mouth and buckled it in real tight. Now it is time to finish it before I change my mind I click the cuffs on. There I was hog tied on the living room floor.

To give you a idea what I might look like on the floor I am 5,3" 120 pounds. I have short to medium length jet black hair. My measurments are 34D-26-36. So here I am struggling on the floor. Then came the orgasm, wow was it awesome. After that I drifted off into my fantasy. I imagined that I had been kidnapped by a couple of guys and they where playing with my body. 

Just then I heard the door. Oh my god what time is it. I looked and it was only 5:30, who is here?

Then I heard many voices and I thought, 'oh my god it was an afternoon game!'

I looked at the bowl and it was not even close, at least two hours left.

Just then they walked in. My husband and 5 friends all drunk and celebrating after a team victory. They walked in and saw me laying there tightly tied and gagged, they stopped dead in their tracks and stared.

It did not take long I could see them all getting very excited. I thought 'oh no what are they going to do…?'


Sara Blade


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