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Sara, Christina & Lynn

by Voodoo

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© Copyright 2001 - Voodoo - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; caught; F/ff; F+/fff; bond; wool; straitjacket; wrap; chast; cons; X

This story merges 'A Nice Surprise' 'Going Out' & 'Lottery'

1: A Nice Surprise

Let me start by introducing myself, I am Sara, during the summer I am a part of the animation team in one of the more well-known vacation retreats. This not only keeps my body well-toned it also pays enough to survive the winter months quite comfortably. I am about 1.70m with brown hair which people say fits beautifully with the tan I also get from my job.

Enough explaining back to the story, I arrived home after a long season in the resort. It was already getting quite chilly and I immediately put on the heating. I wanted to treat myself so I decided that it was time for a little selfbondage and started to set things up. I called my best friend Lynn and arranged to get together for a drink later on as we hadn’t seen each other for several months, she watches my house when I am working in the summer so she has a copy of the key, which also provides me with a good backup for my games.

I started by locking a chastity belt, the key of which was together with all the others in an envelope in the closet. There would only be one key available, which in turn is frozen in ice. I put on a white woollen bodysuit, which covers every inch of my body from head to toe; it also has a hood, which I didn’t close yet. I inserted a sponge tennis ball in my mouth and started to wrap an ace bandage over my mouth to keep it in. When I was finished I couldn’t utter a sound. I zipped closed the hood and connected the two zippers with a small padlock, the only part of my body still exposed were my eyes. I tied my ankles together with a black scarf making sure the knot was in front. I then proceeded by wrapping a few 3-meter scarfs around my legs turning them into one big leg.

I jumped to the kitchen and took the key for the handcuffs out of the freezer and put a string around the ice-cube hanging it from the lamp in the middle of the room over a plate with a few coins in it so I would hear it drop. This would keep the key out of reach for about three hours and would give me an hour to clean up afterwards. I then put a leather belt several inches wide around my waist and padlocked my handcuffs in the back. I added a large posture collar, which now kept my head firmly in place. I jumped over to the living room and position myself in front of the sofa I then wrapped another scarf over my eyes and quickly closed the handcuffs; I then dropped onto the sofa. I was now mute, blind and helpless, I loved it.

After about twenty minutes, I heard the front door open and a voice calling my name. I struggled to get free but to no avail and although Lynn was my best friend I didn’t really want her to find out about my little secret. Only it wasn’t Lynn’s voice. Christina is another of my closest friends and had been invited by Lynn to join us. She had gotten the key from Lynn and had come over to see if I needed any help unpacking. She entered the living room and saw me lying on the sofa. She untied the scarf around my eyes and tried to open the bodysuit but without result, all I could do was moan into my gag. When she saw it was locked she went to the kitchen to find something to open it with but returned immediately with a grin on her face.

She looked at me and said, “I’ve read about this but didn’t really believe people did it”.

I flicked my eyes to make her release me but instead she left me and started to explore the closet with my toys. She came back with a whole lot of stuff and dropped it on the floor but without the envelope, this is because I had hidden it well in the back of the top shelf. Then she proceeded, ”I see it will take a while for the ice to melt so I can’t get you loose, but as I don’t want to be bored and I have always wanted to try this I think I might join you”. My eyes grew with amazement but it turned out she meant it. 

The first thing she did was phone Lynn and told her to come over a bit sooner so she would be there before the ice melted, she also told her to come in via the backdoor as the lock on the front door was ’stuck’. Then she wrote a note to Lynn saying that we had been ‘bad’ and had been left for her pleasure, she also explained she hadn’t found the keys so would just have to wait for her releasing my hands in order for me to get the keys. Christina left this on the table next to the backdoor. She then put on a black bodysuit which contrasted well with her white hair, she then proceeded to gag herself with her panties and a cleave gag, she yelled and seemed to decide that she was still too loud as wrapped a silken scarf over her mouth, she tried again and was satisfied with the result this time. She then pulled a hood over her head leaving only her eyes free. She took one my posture collars, I have several, and immobilized her head.

She pulled up a high-back armchair and attached a pair of handcuffs to the back with a scarf the keys of which were also in the envelope in the bedroom. Christina also took a whole bunch of woollen scarfs over to the armchair. Christina beckoned to me that it was time for lights out; she wrapped the scarf back around my eyes and then wrapped another one around my elbows immobilizing me further. She then proceeded to tie a scarf around my ankles and tied it off to the sofa making sure I too had to wait for Lynn to release me. 

She later explained to me how she proceeded to tie herself to the chair using almost all of the scarfs. She then blindfolded herself and clicked the cuffs shut. All this had taken about 45 minutes so we had still some two hours to go. I heard her squirm and the idea of both of us helpless by our own hands got me very aroused. I started to squirm as well but the belt did its work beautifully and kept me on the edge but didn’t let me pass it. Christina had tied her legs spread to the chair legs; she had done such a good job tying herself that she couldn’t move an inch. This kept also her on the edge but not beyond. 

An hour later Lynn arrived and read the note and came in laughing. She briefly untied our blindfolds just to tell us that she was going over to her place to get a few things and left us looking at each other. When she returned she had five very large boxes with her, she spilled the contents on the floor and for the second time that night my eyes grew with amazement. The floor was now covered with bondage paraphernalia and woollen garments and accessories. She then said with a smile “prepare for a selfbondage weekend girls” and with that retied the scarfs over our eyes.

After about two hours of struggling I felt the scarf around my elbows and the one tying me to the sofa being loosened. My cuffs were opened and then nothing. I undid the scarf around my eyes and saw Lynn sitting next to me; she simply said, “I suppose you know were the rest of the keys are?” I nodded and glanced over to Christina, she was still securely tied to the chair. I quickly removed the scarfs from my legs and started to make my way to my closet. I took the envelope and removed the lock on the zipper. After removing everything I went back in and released Christina. Afterwards we talked about what just happened and what was ahead of us.

We started sorting out all the stuff I had and all of Lynn’s stuff. We decided that one would tie up one of the two others and then tie herself up. If the victim would get loose, the “binder” would become the victim. The third girl would act as a backup. Christina volunteered to be Lynn’s victim.

Lynn smiled and started to put Christina’s hands in fist mittens rendering them useless. She then proceeded to fix the chastity belt on her, which made Christina sob a bit. She then took a straightjacket; her arms were fastened in front of her immobilizing them further. This one was made out of wool with the shorts attached. The seams were all reinforced making it as strong as a real one; it also had a zipper in the crotch making long term use possible. Lynn then folded two handkerchiefs and inserted them in Christina’s mouth and sealed it with tape. She then pulled a hood over Christina’s eyes and fixed a posture collar. 

She then sat her down in a single seat sofa and proceeded to tie the legs keeping her put in the seat. Lynn stood back and looked at her handiwork She fixed the scarf over Christina’s eyes and started to work on herself. Unlike me Lynn used an electronic timer, which opened a really small safe with the keys. She put on a bodysuit with the gloves attached. She then put two leather cuffs on her wrists. She gagged herself with a harness ballgag. I just sat back and enjoyed the view. She set the timer for two hours and tied her legs together with some rope. She sat down on the floor fixed a latex strip over her eyes and then closed the padlock between her cuffs. She too was now helpless. I watched some TV and waited for the time to pass. 

After two hours the safe popped open and Lynn started to make her way towards the safe. It was then that my evil side took the better of me. I took the keys from the safe and put them out of Lynn’s path, when she arrived at the safe she started to look for them, naturally she didn’t find them.

I removed both girls’ blindfolds and asked them if they were staying the night, they both nodded. I replied that if they were staying I had to make sure they wouldn’t hurt themselves, so I had decided to keep them both bound. I told them they had to have their exercise so I would take them for a walk. I undid Lynn’s gag, she immediately started protesting but I refixed a gag similar to Christina’s I added a hood and a collar. I then connected both collars and lead them outside. 

When we got back I informed them I was getting them ready for bed. I padlocked Lynn‘s collar to a hook and said she would be prepared soon. She resigned quickly to the fact that even if I untied her hands she would still be at my mercy.

Christina followed me to the spare bedroom where I removed the collar and hood. I inserted earplugs and started to wrap her legs together with some scarfs and the motioned her towards a heavy woollen sleeping bag which was laying ready for her. She got in and I started to fix her to the bed. The bag only had two reinforced nose holes so she was again surrounded by wool. When I was finished she was completely one with the right side of the bed, robbed of all her senses except touch. I then went back in the living room where Lynn was still attached.

I asked her to participate, she nodded and so I proceeded. I looked through Lynn’s pile of clothes and immediately found what I was looking for. I took a sweater with the longest sleeves you have ever seen and made Lynn put it on. I put her wristcuffs back on over the sleeves making it impossible for her to take the sweater off. I tied the sleeves improvising a straightjacket. I then took her up to the bedroom and put her in a similar bag and position as Christina. They were like two identical cocoons unable to utter a word or communicate in any way. I then went to bed myself in some light bondage.

In the morning before releasing the other two girls I prepared them a huge breakfast but to no avail. They got their revenge I was the victim for the rest of the weekend and didn’t get released from all forms of bondage till the Monday morning. We had regularly had real selfbondage weekends afterwards though.

2: Going Out

Christmas was coming up and I was lying on the sofa thinking about the presents I should give Christina and Lynn. We had spent several weekends since the summer tying each other up and I felt I had to incorporate this in their present. Then it came to me but I wanted to test it on myself first, as I wanted it to have the desired effect. It also seemed like a good payback for the first weekend I had spent completely tied up at their mercy. By the way I am Sara. I had been thinking for a while how I could go in public in bondage but not have people notice I was restrained in any way. 

A year ago I had met a man in the resort I worked in who had told me he did makeup and visual effects for movies. He told that whenever I wanted, he could give me a tour of his company and all the weird stuff he had had to make over the years. So I called him and arranged to meet with him the following day. I then phoned my two friends and invited to go with me, both were game. My little plan was working.

We spent most of the day in the effects department when John asked if we would like to have moulds taken of our faces and he would then prepare special lifelike masks for Halloween or costume parties. Lynn and Christina immediately accepted the offer. John said it would take a while but promised us to send the masks after New Year.

A few days later John came over to my place and delivered all the masks and the extra ones I had asked him to make, he explained how to put them on and take them of and all the other things I should know.

After he was gone I felt I should try several of the items and bondage ideas for public bondage. I inserted a small foam ball in my mouth and taped it shut, I then took one of the masks, which was an exact copy of the lower half of my face and glued it on to my face and neck. After that I looked at myself and was astonished, looking back it was me but when I tried to speak nothing could be heard. The mask had my complexion, lips and skin colour yet my ability to speak was gone.

I put on my coat, scarf and hat and proceeded with the next part of my bondage. For what I had in mind I could only do to myself to one hand but that would be enough for now. I took five metal strips and taped them on my palm and underneath my fingers and thumb. This took away my ability to bend my fingers, which I then taped together. I slid a modified wrist protector over my hand and wrist and this took away the ability to move my hand at the wrist completely. I the pulled a mitten over it and I was ready to go out. I closed the door and went for a walk into town and encountered several people and even went into a few stores. Nobody seemed to notice anything, as I didn't even get people staring at me.

The day before Christmas there is always a big open-air disco in town and this year as like all the years before it was very cold. It was time to set my plan in motion.

I called Christina and asked her to come over in 15 minutes to get an early present. I then called Lynn and asked her also to come over but in 1 hour's time, this would give me time to prepare Christina. When Christina arrived I told her I would give her present if she promised to wear it to the dance... she agreed. I proceeded to prepare her but first I put a blindfold over her eyes as to keep it a surprise. I then gagged her and applied the mask, she wanted to protest but couldn't as I reminded her of her promise. Within 30 minutes she was sitting in my sofa with two useless hands and no ability to speak. When Lynn arrived she too agreed and joined Christina in her bound faith. I then put on their coats, scarfs and mittens and led them to the dance. 

We danced the night away and each time a guy came up to them all they could do was wave him away with their mittens. When we got home I released them and both agreed that it had been a wonderful experience. They promised me I would be sorry for this prank over Christmas. As we were celebrating this holiday together they started on me right away. First they put me in a chastity belt and then they locked a couple of fist mittens over my hands. They had already rendered me quite helpless and decided to let me wander around the house but not before adding a blindfold and gag. I had to stay like this until the next morning. 

As it was a beautiful day Christina said that I should enjoy it in the garden, but not without the proper preparation. I had to put on thermal underwear, a full bodysuit actually. They added a corset, which restricted my waist and kept my back completely rigid. Lynn added a chastity belt and told me that this concluded the first layer. After this I had to put on one of my woollen full bodysuits with gloves and hood attached. They gagged me and locked everything with a padlock. I looked in the mirror and only saw a silhouette with a narrow waist.

And they went on, they gave me my present, I was put in a posture collar but this was a special one. It had an open face hood attached, which I discovered had padded areas over my ears. The collar also had a body harness on it which was connected to my corset and had several metal rings in it where to attach all sorts of cuffs. It turned out that the body harness could be used separately from the collar. I had to make fists again as my hands were wrapped in ace bandages.

I was almost ready, they produced the piece-de-resistance. This was a double cape, double as it had two layers.

The outer layer was a normal cape in wool with the difference that the hood was replaced by a balaclava leaving only the eyes free. The inside layer is the one that got my attention however. It seemed to be made out of some sort of very thick and almost rigid rubber. My arms were locked in special cuffs on the inside, as were my legs. The inner layer was wrapped around me and as I discovered was also very form fitting as it pinned my arms to the side of my body. They adjusted some straps on the outside of the layer and I felt like had been mummified.

The outer layer was added and taking only very small steps I was led outside. If anyone had seen me they wouldn't have noticed anything but a person with a hood and a cape.

Around dinnertime Christina came to get me and after releasing me told me to take a shower and wait for her in the bathroom. I was taken downstairs and saw Lynn had been completely mummified with ace bandages and scarfs to a high back chair except for her eyes and mouth. She was gagged with a red ballgag. Christina explained that Lynn had gotten in the way in the kitchen and that this way she couldn't break anything.

I soon joined Lynn in a similar position and we were later handfed by Christina.

Near midnight she released us both and let us have our revenge.

3: Lottery

Since I was first found by Christina and Lynn, we had had several bondage weekends and a lot of selfbondage. I was presently tied to a chair with at least 10 3m scarfs all thick but very strong. I was thoroughly gagged by Lynn when Christina came in and shouted, “WE WON, WE WON”. I myself was not very responsive but as it turned out we had won the lottery. We had played for years and never won anything, now we were millionaires. 

We moved to a larger house and started with the decoration we had one wing completely devoted to our hobby. It was stocked with mainly scarfs and a lot of woollen garments, but it needed more. Then we saw an announcement for a shop in London, we had found our supplier. We called them and arranged a meeting for a large order. They told us that they had a special hotel for clients who had the time and money, so these clients could try out all the material they needed. We filled in some lists and prepared for three weeks of try outs. We were going to be picked up by a private plane and be transported to the ‘resort’. 

On the day we went to the airport bright and early where we were met by some employees of the firm. They took our luggage and showed us to a room for the travel preparations. We were asked to strip to our underwear which we promptly did. We were all three fitted with fist mittens, which were lined with wool; our hands were now rendered completely useless. They then proceeded to wrap our whole body in ace bandages.

Our arms were then attached to our bodies and our legs were wrapped together. Three backboards were produced and straps were passed over our bodies we were now immobile and strapped, ready for transport. The last item added was a head harness with a blindfold and ear covering. I felt myself being carried and the backboard being attached to something. It was a trip filled with anticipation, if this was the way they transported us what would it be like during our holiday. By the time we arrived I was very hot and bothered and in no position to do anything about it.

We were welcomed at the hotel and after a good nights rest we went down for breakfast. The manager Jess was a stunning blonde, she told us that we were going to be shown the grounds but were to be kept in bondage the whole time we were staying here. She also told us that they had studied our list and had selected several items and positions to try. We also got the news that we would get lessons in tying and selfbondage as to heighten our bondage levels.

One of the major rules was, no sexual satisfaction without prior permission so we were fitted with a chastity belt each which was the first thing for us to try. We looked at each other and smiled. This stay was going to be fun, a lot of fun. A hood was fitted leaving only our eyes free, the mouth was kept closed and again our hearing was impaired. But then the ingenuity of the helmet came through, well one of the features, everything Jess said came through, other sounds were completely blocked. The audio was not the only thing, our hoods had neck corsets built in so our heads were kept very rigid and turning would take our whole upperbody. 

Our hands were fixed in leather cuffs, which in turn were fixed in a cowhide muff. This muff was locked on the outside and fixed to a wide belt, which was fitted around our waist. It turned out that this came straight out of an insane asylum. We were now ready for the tour, we thought. But we were fitted with a heavy woollen poncho so as not to catch a cold. The tour began and we saw several other guests in different types of restraints. The one thing I noticed was that everybody was unrecognisable and mute. That did wonders for the atmosphere in the resort. 

When we got back we were put in a full padded room. The staff started to prepare us for our next position. Our hands were released but we were told to keep them to our sides. After they removed the chastity belt was removed. We were put in woollen overall with attached gloves and feet but with the crotch open thus exposing our intimate parts. The hoods were kept on. Then Jess and a few of her helpers produced some bars. Over the overall a specials harness was fitted, my hands were attached in front of Lynn and Christina’s pussy. In front but at a small distance by a bar so that I couldn’t touch them no matter how hard I tried. Christina was to my left front and one hand was covering my pussy in the same manner I was. Her other hand was just short of one of Lynn’s breasts. Lynn’s hands were kept short of my and Christina’s breast. Kept short is not quite correct the hand was able to brush the object of its desire. 

Our neck corsets were the attached by bars as was our body harnesses. We were now forming a perfect triangle cupping breasts and pussies without being able to come. And then we were lifted in the air by pulley. So now swinging from the ceiling were three forms deaf, mute and frustrated and it was only the first day. After what seemed ages we were taken down and allowed to go to the toilet and were fed. After that it was bedtime. 

Our beds were very soft but had a leather sleeping bag on each. One of the staff explained that these were selfbondage mummysacks and showed us the zipper on the interior sleeves. But as we were under their control this would be solved, they simply locked the zippers on the sleeves so they couldn’t open. We were put in and immediately fell to sleep, what would the next days bring?



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