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Sara’s Terrifying Adventure

by Sara Blade

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© Copyright 2001 - Sara Blade - Used by permission

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Hello gromet this is my first attempt at a self bondage story.

Sara's Terrifying adventure

I will start off by saying I am 32 years old and I have been doing some bondage modelling for the past year and a half, but I have been into bondage for about 10 years. My husband introduced me to it.

It was a Saturday morning and my husband was working till noon. I was in the shower when I decided to give him a big surprise when he came home. I got out of the shower and did my hair and make up. Then I dressed how I knew he would like me to be. I put on a pretty pair of pink satin bikini panties. I then put on some thigh highs and 5" high heels.

Then I went and got the brief case. He keeps all the bondage gear in his brief case. I pulled out several lengths of rope and started with a nice tight crotch rope. I love the feel of a nice tight crotch rope between my legs. Then I tied my ankles tightly. After that I tied my knees as well. I then grabbed the ball gag and pulled the strap so it was deep in my mouth. Then I grabbed the handcuffs. Click they were on the first wrist. I stopped and made sure I wanted to do this, my hubby has the only keys to these cuffs so I was not going anywhere for hours once this was done, I said “What the heck!” and click it was done I was tied up and gagged and alone.

Sara's own picture I lay on the bed struggling and getting very wet. I just wanted someone to touch me. I really needed to orgasm. I stated to try to rub my pussy against the bed. Then I heard the door open. My hubby was not due to get home for hours.

I heard more than one person in the house. I was wet and I was going to be found tied up in just my satin panties. They burst in the room, both guys wearing masks and they had smiles on there face. They said what do we have here. I am sure my eyes were wide open. I was hot but also frightened. One of the guys went into the kitchen and got some plastic wrap. They stood me up and began wrapping me in the wrap. The guy that was not wrapping me was groping me.

He said, “This bitch is wet. Hey, very cute panties!”

As they finished wrapping me I looked down at my d-cup breasts and it made me hot, I did look good like this. Then they put me in a canvas bag and carried me outside. I felt myself get dropped on the floor of a van. I was now more frightened as they drove off, but I was very wet as well. What were these guys going to do with me? They may sell me as a sex slave or just use me themselves. Even worse what if I was going to be in a snuff film. I heard about them but I truly don't believe they exist. Will someone save me?

I felt the van stop, then I heard something like a garage door open and the van pull in and the door shut. The van is opened and I am pulled out, it looks like I’m in a warehouse.

There are now three men and they pull me out of the van and start to unwrap me from the plastic. One guy takes the handcuffs off me and my legs are untied and then I am led over to some chains hanging from the ceiling. I am placed in leather cuffs that are locked around my wrists, then they put a spreader bar on my ankles, it too has cuffs attached, on either end of the bar. I am left standing there while they walk away.

Here I stand helpless on display for three perfect strangers in only a pair of satin bikini panties. This is very scary but exciting. I look pretty good like this and it is making me wet. I struggle to get free but that will never happen.

Then the three men come back and one of them says. “I am changing your gag, you’d better be quiet or we will kill you right here.”

I shake my head, yes!

They take off my gag and then put a pair of my panties in my mouth that they must have gotten from the laundry hamper. Then they put four strips of duct tape over my mouth. Now I am totally silent, they all start to explore my body. Fondling my breasts pinching my nipples and rubbing my crotch. Wow is this hot my pussy is getting very wet and I start to feel an orgasm come on. One of the guys then said, “This bitch likes this. Her pussy is really wet.” Just then I cum and my body shakes as I orgasm. They all take their hands off me and step back.

They then let me down and say it is now time to prepare her. They tape my hands behind my back. Then my ankles are taped. One of the men brings out some pallet wrap and they begin to wrap me from my neck to my toes. It is really tight and I am once again getting very wet. Another guy moves forward and starts to wrap me from neck to toe in duck tape. This is a really strange feeling. They leave a just a little space were my pussy is and do not cover my breasts. They then walk away from me leaving me to struggle. But it does not help much because I am going nowhere.

They come back laughing and one is holding a clear plastic bag and another one has a video camera. Oh my god they are going to videotape me suffocating. I admit I play some of these games with my hubby but he would never kill me.

The bag is then pulled over my head and then taped at my neck, there is some trapped air but not much. I start to struggle wildly as my air runs short, they seem to enjoy this and are filming me as I panic and struggle. I feel light headed and think I am going to pass out as I have an unbelievable orgasm. One of them cuts a hole in the bag and I breath in the sweet air. He then says that the bag is just so we can tape your head.

They than begin to tape my head up and I look like a big silver mummy. I am a bit claustrophobic and struggle a little as they place me in front of a full-length mirror. Wow do I look bizarre. There are only a two small holes for my nose and holes for my eyes. One of them then covers my nose holes with his hand and I watch myself in the mirror as my eyes open wide and I start to panic. They all take seem to enjoy making me struggle for air. He than lets me breath again. They pick me up and I am then loaded back in the van.

I hear them talking as we drive down the road one says “Hey lets tie weights to her and throw her in the lake!”

I am really scared of drowning so I panic and start to thrash around. Then he looks back at me and smiles. He seems to know this scares me.

The van stops and they climb in the back of the van. One of them says, “This is the end of the road for you babe!”

He pulls out a plastic bag and tapes it over my head. One of the others is taking pictures as I run out of air and panic. I think this is it; I am going to suffocate to death in the back of this van. It is making me very scared and also wet at the same time; the air is about all gone now. One of them starts to rub my pussy and I almost instantly cum like crazy just as everything goes black.

I wake up tied as I was on my bed and I think to myself wow what a dream. I must have fallen asleep. I look at the clock and it is 6pm, my hubby must be late. As I look on the dresser and see a bunch of used duct tape and think to myself was it really a dream?



Sara Blade


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