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Santa’s Toy Bag

by Wishful Husband

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© Copyright 2007 - Wishful Husband - Used by permission

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My husband is one of the most difficult men I ever shopped for. He never likes what I buy for him and never tells me what he wants. When I ask him what he would like for Christmas, his response is “just you dear”.

He always buys me very thoughtful gifts, except for the numerous garter belts with expensive stockings and no panties. I always wear them to humor him but they go by the wayside soon after the holidays.

While shopping one day I came across a large red felt bag (5’x6’), Santa’s Toy Bag. I decided I would buy it and instead of buying a bunch of gifts, I would wrap myself up for my husband’s pleasure. I continued my shopping on the Internet buying a set of handcuffs covered in white fur and a 2” red ball gag with a white strap. Then I went to a Lingerie store and bought a red felt garter belt trimmed in white fur and the most expensive nude colored stockings. Finally I went to a Stationary store and bought 25 yards of satin ribbon and 3 red bows with double stick tape.

It was Christmas Eve and we had a small gathering of friends in our home. I had on my little tight black dress and I could tell my husband was looking forward to enjoying what was underneath that little dress. I am attractive blond 5’2”, 110 pounds, with a pretty face and a shapely body (34”x24”x34”). I could tell my husband could not wait until our guests left but like always they stayed much too late.

After they left I had a lot to clean up and told my husband that I was too tired, and maybe if he was a good boy Santa might bring him something special. I could tell he was very disappointed but quickly fell asleep due to all the wine he had drank. I quickly finished cleaning up and then threw several logs onto the fire. Then I went and took a very hot bath to get myself ready. First I put on my Christmas garter belt and stockings, I must admit it looked terrific on me and I could feel my excitement grow.

Going into the living room with all the items I bought, I laid them in front of the fire. First I cut a piece of ribbon and threaded the handcuff key through the ribbon and then attached a small gift tag, “To John from Santa”, tying the ribbon around my neck and finishing it off with a bow. Taking the 3 red bows I stuck 2 of them over each of my nipples and then attaching the last bow just above my neatly trimmed landing strip. So far I thought what a neatly wrapped package.

Then I wrote my husband a note that I would attach to the outside of the Santa’s toy bag, it read, ”Dear John, Santa knows that you have been a very good husband and that your wife has been a bad girl. Please take your time unwrapping your gift; you might want to leave it wrapped for a while. You have all day so enjoy, Love Santa.” I attached the note to the outside of the bag and got the rest of the items and stepped into the bag.

Sitting down I took a piece of ribbon and tightly tied my ankles together followed by another piece tightly tied around my thighs. Then I took another piece of ribbon and cinched my ankle tie leaving one foot of ribbon hanging from behind my ankles. With the extra hanging ribbon behind my ankles I then threaded the ribbon through the chain on the fur covered handcuffs and tied it off. Reaching for the ball gag I popped into my mouth pushing it past my teeth. It fit so tight, I tried to push it out but it was in there to stay, but to finish it off I tightly buckled the white strap underneath my blond hair. I must admit what a terrific wrapping job I had done; my husband would never forget this present. I then pulled the bag up over my head, pulling on the drawstring closing the bag.

Finally it was the point of no return; I laid on my stomach bent my legs up to my bottom and then tightly locking the handcuffs onto each of my wrists. The white fur covered handcuffs really allowed me to lock them extra tight leaving me no chance of slipping out of them. I was now in a very strict hogtie, maybe I should have left a little more slack. Pulling on my legs and then pulling on my wrists I realized I wouldn’t be going anywhere soon. I was totally helpless in a very strict hogtie and moaning into my large red ball gag. All I could do was roll back and forth inside the bag with a large ball in my mouth while tightly hogtied. I was so wet and horny; I hope my husband doesn’t sleep late…

Part Two

Spending Christmas Eve tightly hogtied, ball gagged, nude except for a garter belt and stockings, inside a large felt bag probably is not the most comfortable way to spend your holiday. However it was for my husband and as the saying goes it is better to give then to receive but I had a feeling I would be doing both.

Hearing footsteps I could hear my husband gasp and then I could hear him reading aloud Santa’s note on the bag. He pulled open the bag and lifted up the bottom and dumped me out on the floor. You should have seen the large grin on my husband’s face, “I can’t believe it, and this is the best present Santa ever gave me.” Squirming on the floor, “mmmpfhhh”’ my husband just stood there and smiled. He quickly helped me up on my knees and stood there admiring his Christmas present. There was a huge bulge in his pajamas.

He ran his hands all over my body and could not happen to feel how wet I was. “Santa was right you have been a bad girl we certainly are going to have to do something about that”. Stepping behind me he took a piece of ribbon and quickly tied my elbows together, making me more helpless and causing my breasts to stick out even more. “Santa really did a terrific job wrapping you up, you look so great and I really don’t want to unwrap you,”


My husband went into the kitchen and came back with a glass of water. He then unbuckled my ball gag and had a little difficulty pulling the ball out of my mouth. “Honey I cannot believe this, thank you so much this is the best gift I ever got.”

Sitting there with my arms tightly tied behind my back with my wrists tied to my ankles, dressed in a garter belt, stockings and bows I was quite the package. I had a strong feeling what was going to happen next. My husband loves blowjobs, however I rarely give them and can be very demanding and rigid in how I perform them. I always make him lay on his back in bed and I use my hands and never allow him to explode in my mouth.

He offered me some water, which I quickly drank, and before I knew it he pushed his cock deep into my mouth. With my hands tied behind my back, I only had my mouth to use. After all it was Christmas and at least that big ball gag was out of my mouth. I guess I was being too cautious because my husband keep saying “deeper deeper.” Then my husband put his hand behind my head and forced himself into my mouth until it hit the back of my throat, all I could do is suck. Suddenly before I knew it he exploded in my mouth and with his hand behind my head I had no choice but to swallow his full load and suck him clean.

I started to complain and before I had a chance to get a few words out, he jammed the ball gag deep into my mouth and buckled it tightly. All I could do was glare at him, he could tell I was mad but he said, “Santa said I had all day”. What was I thinking when I bought that ball gag? Why did I have to buy such a big one? I was starting to feel completely helpless, I was getting wetter by the minute when was it my turn to receive some.

Then my husband said, ”Why don’t we open some presents.”

“mmmpfhhh.” I was not interested in that I wanted some release now, but being hogtied and gagged I didn’t have any options.

The first gift my husband opened was for me, “I guess I’ll have to open it for you. It was a beautiful lambswool rug for the front of the fireplace. He quickly laid it out and placed me on it, laying me down on my stomach. It was so soft and warm and all I could do was squirm around on it, making me even hornier.

“Do you like it dear you look great on it!” mmmpfhhh.

He then opened a gift for himself from a family member and it was a beautiful cashmere scarf. He then took the scarf and gently rubbed it all over my body. My skin was tingling, while I was straining myself against my hogtie. I was in complete frustration why wouldn’t he screw me right now? He certainly was enjoying himself; maybe it was pay back for all the times I teased him and made him wait for it.

He then brought over three presents for me. I rolled on my side so I could get a better view of them. The first one he opened was a butterfly vibrator, the second one was a 6” vibrating dildo, and the third was a vibrating anal plug. Then I realized what was probably going to happen next I let out a loud moan and my husband said, “Good news honey they’re all remote controlled!”

“mmmpfhhh.” I have a feeling it’s going to be a very long and exhausting Christmas day.

Part Three

It was Christmas day, frustrated, horny and wet, waiting for my husband to use me as a Christmas gift and take full advantage of me. I was nude except for a red felt white fur trimmed garter belt with stockings, bows covering my nipples and one above my landing strip. My elbows tied together, wrists tightly locked in white fur covered handcuffs, thighs and ankles tied together, my ankles and wrists tightly hogtied, with a large red ball gag strapped into my mouth. While lying in front of the fireplace squirming on a lambswool rug. I was a vision of helplessness and pleasure under my husband’s complete control

“Honey you have been so patient and I think it’s time we use these vibrators that Santa brought you on you.” My husband began opening them, why do they have to use so much packaging on them. He then opened the batteries and inserted them into the three vibrators, “don’t worry honey I bought extra batteries.”

“mmmprhhh mmmprhhh.” Turning them on I could hear all three of them buzzing, oh my God will I be able to handle them?

“Dear I think we are going to have to change your wrapping”.

He took the key off the ribbon that was tied around my neck and unlocked my handcuffs, and my bent legs flopped to the floor. It felt so good to be released from that tight hogtie. Then he untied my ankles and thighs, maybe he was going to release me? Wishful thinking, he immediately tied my wrists together and took another piece of very fat ribbon and cinched it around my wrists leaving about a 2 foot piece of slack. Taking a small black leather belt, he tightly buckled it around my waist. While on my stomach he lifted my foot up bending my leg at the knee and pushing on it until the heel of my foot touched the back of my thigh. He then tightly tied my leg together, repeating it on my other leg. I believe they call this a frog tie.

Now I was completely exposed, dripping wet and totally available for my husband’s pleasure. He then turned me over onto my back and stroked my wet pussy with his fingers which caused me to let out a loud moan. Taking the butterfly vibrator he undid the elastic waist band and attached it around my waist, it also had two thigh straps which he attached to each of my thighs, positioning the vibrating butterfly directly on my clit. Needing no lube he shoved the 6 inch dildo deep into my pussy. “Honey you better hold it in, don’t you push it out.”

Helping me up to my knees he bent me forward so my face was lying on rug and my rear end was sticking up. He then lubed the vibrating anal plug and shoved it up my ass. It was very uncomfortable going in but I am sure that would change soon. Finally he helped me back up and reaching between my wide open legs, he grabbed the ribbon hanging from my wrists and threaded it between my legs and tightly tying it off on the leather belt around my waist. I believe they call that a crotch tie, “Honey that should hold everything in place nicely.” ”mmmprhhh mmmprhhh.”

Frog tied in front of the fireplace my husband grabbed the remote control and sat down on the couch with a huge smile on his face. “Honey are you ready to play with Santa’s toys?”

“mmmprhhhh mmmrphhhh”, and before I knew it all three vibrators were buzzing in me and on me. I couldn’t believe the waves of pleasure that swept through my body. Breathing heavily and moaning, all I could do was bite down hard on the big ball gag in my mouth. It was probably a good thing I had that ball gag strapped in my mouth, before I knew it I was rocking with orgasms.

After a while I lost count on the number of orgasms I had, my husband shut off the vibrators. Before I had a chance to catch my breath my husband untied my crotch tie and pushed my face down into the rug making my ass stick up and completely available for his taking. My husband then pulled out the dildo and before I knew it he rammed his cock deep into my pussy. Now I know why my husband likes garter belts, because he grabs on to the sides below the waist band and uses it like a bridle on a horse, riding me hard and fast. He was pulling and thrusting while grinding me and before I knew it the butterfly and anal plug were buzzing away.

The waves of orgasms flowed through my body, my toes were curling and before I knew it my husband exploded inside of me. I have never had an orgasm that powerful in my entire life. My husband was spent but helps me to get back on my knees and quickly reinserts the dildo and reattaches the crotch tie to hold everything in tightly. Glaring at my husband I would have hoped he would finally unwrap me but he just smiled and turned all the vibrators back on.

“I think I’ll watch the basketball game maybe you could let out some cheers.”

”mmmprhhh mmmprhhh mmmprhhh“.

Completely and totally exhausted I was able to lean forward pushing my face into the rug and moving forward so my knees would come out from underneath me, I could lay flat out on my stomach. Feeling the vibrators working I knew that the batteries were losing their strength.

“Honey after the game I’ll change your batteries, why don’t you try to relax and get some rest, your going to need it. After all Santa said I had all day and I am sure he meant the night too.”

”mmmprhhhh”, Loudly moaning at my husband I knew this was the best Christmas he ever had. How will I top the next holiday? Happy New Year


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