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Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage 7

by Hagster

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Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage - Chapter 7
by Hagster
Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage 
Part Fourteen
“Is Anybody There?”
Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage Part Fourteen “Is Anybody There?”
I awoke slowly.  A noise had startled me until I realized it was a snore, my own grunting sinuses.  There was a breeze on my face and I wondered from where it was coming, so I cracked open an eye and looked around.  The ceiling fan was turning.  Great, the power had been restored.  I made an effort to stretch my arms after my well-deserved nap.  The sound of chains rattling alerted me as to my bed-bound situation.  Kristen had left me chained to the bed, but had obviously been back to check on me because a bed sheet had replaced the robe she had draped over me.  But, why didn’t she let me loose?  The only reason I could imagine was she was trying to allow me to fulfill my bondage fantasies.  Gee, how kind of her, huh?  At least she was looking after me, and the “entertainment” was first rate.

I reflected for a moment on the events that had transpired over the previous several hours; kinky self-bondage and auto-eroticism, an unsolicited photo shoot, help with going to the bathroom, and a lesbian encounter with one of my best friends.  Up until a few weeks ago, I would never have dreamed of doing the things I had put myself through in this one day!  I was beginning to worry if I had gone just a little too far this time.  My God, I mean my parents flipped their lids when I came home late one night while still in high school with liquor on my breath and my panties in my purse.  What would they think about all of this?  They would die, that’s all there is to it.  They would absolutely die.

I craned my head to get a look at the clock.  The digital display glowed with green LEDs.  7:12 p.m.  It was after seven!!??  Wait, wasn’t Trish supposed to be coming over?  Oh, shit, where’s Kristen?  I need to get out of this crap and get dressed.  Oh, man, what was she thinking now?  I faced the door and called out softly.  “Hey, Kris, are you downstairs?  Is anybody there?  Kris?  Kriiisss, helllooo?  Hey, stop foolin’ around.  How about a little help here?

All was silent until I heard the sound of footsteps on the stairs.  They appeared to be deliberately placed to subdue the noise.  What’s going on here?  The wooden risers creaked and the steps grew nearer.  I could barely make out a shadowed form as it approached from the end of the hall.  “Hey, Kris, is that you?  How about at least unchaining me from the bed, okay?  I've had my fun, now would you let me go?  Please?  Kris?”  I was starting to panic.  Whoever it was, they weren’t talking.  The form appeared feminine and was wearing one of my robes.  It had to be Kristen, right?  The spectre raised a bottle to its lips and took a long pull.  I squinted my eyes trying to focus on the shape watching me.  It had to be Kristen! Who else was capable of this level of voyeurism and psychological torment?  What a bitch!!  “Who are you?” I pleaded.

Suddenly a second form approached from behind the first.  Both robed figures appeared to whisper to each other and occasionally drank from their bottles.  I spoke again, this time to the second entity.  “Is that you, Kristen?”  Could you let me loose, please?”  The second form stepped from behind the first and entered the bedroom.  In the diminished light, I could just make out Kristen’s smiling face.  “Oh, thank God, I was starting to get scared.  What’s going on?  Let me go, okay?”

“Calm down,” she whispered to me.  “I had to discuss the situation before I could do anything.  She wanted to see you for herself.”

“She?  Who’s she?”  I quizzed her wanting an answer.

“Shush, just stay calm, I’ll get you off the bed.”  Kristen pulled the key ring from the pocket of my robe she was wearing, tossed back the sheet, and unlocked the padlocks at my ankles and wrists.  Free from the bed at last!  “Thanks, Kris, but who is that?”  I tried to identify the shadowy form watching us, but had no luck.  In the meantime, Kristen had managed to slip my arms back through the sleeves and dress me in my robe, covering my nudity.  Then, unexpectedly, she locked my wrists together with a foot long length of chain.  “Hey, what’s that for?  It’s not like I’m going anywhere!”  I was confused.  “What’s going on?”  Just great, she was digging into my chest and using my collection against me!

“Let’s go downstairs, shall we?  The other figure turned and made its way down the stairs as Kristen helped me to stand and walk out of the bedroom.  My legs were still weak, and once again Kristen was there to help me balance.  What a friend!  I owed her a lot.  We struggled down the steps until reaching the bottom of the flight.  The television was on, but the lights were still off.  I noticed the robed figure sitting in one of the recliners.  The light from the TV revealed a bottle of wine, some glasses, and several empty wine cooler bottles on the coffee table.  Seems a few people were getting liquored up while I was tied to my bed.  I mean, it was my own house, right?  Why wasn’t I included?  Who was this interloper, anyway?  Kristen helped me to the couch and we sat down next to each other.

“Hey, Sam, thanks for having us over.”  Damn, it was Trish!  “Would you like a wine cooler or a glass of wine?  Kris, would you get her a drink, please?”  Kristen rose from the couch and walked into the kitchen.

“I couldn’t believe my ears when Kristen phoned and told me what she’d found, namely you.  Wow, Sam, I never would have thought you had it in you!  I had to see it for myself!”  Trish was one of the most kind and generous persons I had ever known, and I was somewhat taken aback at the tone of her voice.  She sounded so… forceful, and a little drunk.  Shit, even Kristen jumped when she barked.  My mouth was open with disbelief.  What’s going on here!!

Kristen joined us again and handed me a wine cooler as she sat back down next to me.  As I twisted off the cap, she placed her left arm underneath my right and held my manacled hand.  Our fingers intertwined.  Kristen reached for her wine cooler from the table and quaffed some of the tasty liquid.  I took some sips of my own.  My heart was pounding inside my chest, wondering what they had in store for me.  I squeezed Kristen’s hand.

“Well, Sam, let’s watch some movies and drink some wine.  Quite frankly, I’m ready to unwind, how about you?”  Trish took a long pull from her bottle.  She could tell I was uncomfortable.

“Sure, how about one of the scary ones you picked out for me?”

“Sounds good.  Tell you what, while I’m getting the videotape ready, why don’t you get some pizza for us.  I put it in the oven and set the heat on low to keep it warm.  We’ll need some plates and napkins, too.”

“Uhhmm, okay.  You know I could get around a lot easier if Kristen would let me out of this shit.  I mean, like, I've been chained for ten hours.  I’m not getting any enjoyment out of this anymore, ya know?”  I was almost ready to beg for my release. 

“Uh, no, not just yet.”  Trish uncrossed her legs and leaned forward.  “Trust me, I think I know what you’re looking for, and I just want to help.  Besides, I think you’ll enjoy what I’ve got in mind.”  Her tone was very cool and a foreboding washed over my body. 

Hhhmmm, what kind of plans could she have?  I mean, she was one of my best friends.  We had scores of fun in the past and I could trust her with my life.  I though for a moment and decided to go along with whatever she wanted.  It had been pleasant enough with Kristen, right?  Maybe this was one of those games mentioned a few hours before? 

I relented and walked toward the kitchen.  Once there, I turned off the stove and pulled some plates from the cupboard.  Although my wrists were chained together, I still had plenty of movement in my arms to safely retrieve our meal.  I gathered the parmesan cheese packets from the counter and placed them on the uppermost plate I had rested on top of the pizza box, then yanked some paper towels from off of the wall-mounted roller, and made my way back into the living room.

By the time I returned, the previews were already rolling and Trish had moved over to the sofa and Kristen was sitting on the floor at her feet, resting her back against the front of the couch.  Trish had a leg draped over each of Kristen’s shoulders and both were sipping on their wine coolers.  Trish noticed me shuffle back into the room and motioned for me to sit next to her on the sofa.  I stumbled across the room and set the pizza and plates on the coffee table, then prepared a plate for each of us, sprinkling cheese on the slices and handing them to my “friends”.  I grabbed the remaining plate and sat down next to Trish. 

I laid into my pizza, devouring it like an abandoned dog would a hot dog thrown to it from a Good Samaritan.  I was starving!  I hadn’t eaten in nearly 24 hours and my stomach was beginning to wonder if my throat had been cut.  Canadian bacon, black olives, and pineapples, Oh Boy, my favorite!  The grumbling in my belly was soon silenced as the melted cheese, tomato sauce, and pizza crust combined in my mouth and raced down my gullet.  I love pizza, but this was the end; nothing had ever tasted so good in all of my life!!  I looked over at Trish and thanked her enthusiastically for the food she had brought.  She and Kristen were savoring their portions and had quite a bit left on their plates.  “Do you mind if I take a couple more slices?”  Trish smiled at me and looked inquisitively at me.  “Sure, I brought all of this stuff for you as a gift.  Dig in and drink all you want!”  I grinned impishly and reached for one of the larger slices.  “Gee, I was hoping you’d say that!”

The opening credits were beginning to flash across the screen as the usual technodrivel began to screech through the speakers.  The name of the movie is unimportant, just suffice it to say that several gorgeous actors and even more unbelievably beautiful actresses would soon grace the screen, along with some manner or form of supernatural villain(s), all engaged in some farcical escapade leading to the ultimate untimely (and deserved) deaths of most of the characters.  You know the script, and it is starting to grow weary!  But I just love watching them, really I do!

Trish leaned forward and set her plate on the table, and Kristen followed suit.  She then lifted her legs from Kristen’s shoulders and rose to her feet, then reached down and helped Kristen to stand.  “We’re going to go wash our hands and clean up.  “We’ll be right back, okay?”  My mouth was wrapped around a slice of the fabulous pizza and the cheese was forming melted strands stretching from the pizza to my chin, so I acknowledged with a grunt and a nod.  “No talk now, me eat,” I said to myself.  As they left the room, I realized that all throughout this day, people were always leaving and saying they would “be right back”.  What’s up with that?  It was obviously for my benefit, but did I honestly come across as intellectually feeble?  What’s going on here?  Oh, well, I shrugged my shoulders and continued feasting.  Ooohh, the cheese was pretty hot and I was just able to keep from burning the roof of my mouth.  “One more slice, then I swear I’m stopping!”  I reached for my wine cooler and took a sip.  Uh oh, the bottle was almost empty.

I finished my final slice of pizza and laid my plate on the table.  The remote was on the arm of the couch, and I pressed the pause button just after the credits ended and right before the movie scenes started.  I needed to pee and wash up.  Besides, there was no reason for all of us to miss the start of the movie.  That would be just plain inconsiderate.  I rose from the couch and shuffled to the bathroom.  As I rounded the corner, the door opened and Kristen and Trish emerged from the bathroom, each carrying an overnight bag.  It was obvious they intended to spend the night.  I mean, great, no problem with me, but I needed to ask a few questions later on.  I smiled as we passed and closed the door behind me.

Once inside, I approached the vanity and reached for my spare toothbrush.  There were some unfamiliar toiletries on the vanity, and assumed them to belong to my two friends.  Toothbrushes, body spray, shampoo, deodorant, you know, the usual things one would bring along for an overnighter.  I lifted my robe up over my hips and sat down on the toilet.  The rubbing of the nylon straps across my bare flesh reminded me that I was still bound and chained.  I had almost forgotten.  Apparently the longer I wore this stuff, the more accustomed I became to its presence.  Arte Johnson’s voice echoed in my mind.  “Verrlly innterresstingg.”  But, this was my time to relieve myself, in private, and I intended to take full advantage of the opportunity.

Moments later, after finishing, I rose from the porcelain throne and turned to flush it.  I readjusted and straightened my robe and turned on the faucet at the sink in order to wash my hands and brush my teeth.  Both tasks finished, I reached for some of the body spray and lightly spritzed myself, under the robe, from head to toe.  I liked this fragrance even better than my own.  I dried my hands and face, opened the door, and walked to the fridge to grab another wine cooler.  With the cold bottle opened, I trekked into the living room. 

Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage
Part Fifteen
Just We Three Friends

As I entered the living room, I noticed that Trish and Kristen had resumed their positions with Kristen sitting on the floor against the front of the couch and Trish’s legs placed over Kristen’s shoulders.  I assumed Trish wanted me to sit next to her, so I made my way around the end of the coffee table and sat down next to her.

Trish draped her left arm around my shoulders, placed her hand on my left cheek and turned my face toward hers and whispered into my ear.  “I really want to thank you for having us over.  Are you enjoying yourself?”  Her eyes sparkled in the soft glow of the television screen and she winked at me.  I motioned in Kristen’s direction with my head, “Yeah, I suppose.  Kris has been really great, I mean, like, she saved my life.  And she’s shown me some affection I’ve never thought possible of her, I mean, not just Kris, but anyone, you know?”  I whispered back, but couldn’t find the words and only managed an incoherent stammer. 

“Listen, Sam, you don’t know her like I do, and you’ve only begun to see that side of her.  She really is a good person and a good sport to boot!”  The words “only begun” and “good sport” stuck in my mind.  “Search your soul, Sam.  You chose us as your friends years ago, and we chose you as our friend.  Haven’t we always trusted each other?  She continued to whisper, but her breaths were becoming louder and more pronounced.  I mean, we all have our little quirks and idiosyncrasies, and as we grow, we continue to mature and change, but don’t all of these things make us more interesting to be around?  To realize that there may always be things we learn about each other, but accepting, deep down, that we are curious enough to get to know that personality more intimately?”  Trish raised her bottle to her lips and took a sip.  I did the same.  I thought about what she had just said and studied it for a few moments.  I looked down at Kristen.  She had both hands wrapped around Trish’s sock-clad feet and was giving them a vigorous massage.  She seemed to really enjoy feet.  Whatever feels good, right?  She did do a great job on mine, I must say!

I looked back at Trish and responded.  “Yeah, I have seen a different side of Kristen, and I’m still a little uncomfortable with it.”  I tried to choose my words carefully.  “But I think I trust her and believe she would never force me into anything I had reservations with.” I paused, as Trish put her finger to my lips.  “What are you trying to say, Sam?”

“Kristen I can see, I mean, kind of see where she’s coming from, but you?”  I stopped and swallowed.  Trish grinned broadly and tousled her hair with her free hand.  “What about me?”  She flashed another smile and kissed my nose.  I looked into her eyes.  They were kind, yet revealed a mischievous streak.  The eyes are a portal to the soul!  

“Well, to be quite honest, you’re creeping me out, here!”  I sort of giggled as I said it to ease any discomfort, but she seemed to get the gist.  “Look, you’re a goody two shoes and Kristen is, well, can be a bitch, right?”  I was still sort of laughing, but it was the truth, wasn’t it?

“Okay, I think I see where you’re going with this.  Just keep an open mind, and watch how Kris and I treat each other.  We’re all friends here, and you should know that.”  Her words seemed reasonable enough and I reconsidered my apprehension.  She was my lifelong friend, afterall, but did I want her to be this friendly?  This friendly?  I had already experienced friendliness with Kristen.  What was my hang-up with Trish?  She was the trustworthy of the two.  It came down to the fact that I felt she, of all people, could stop me from slipping into a morass of sexual hedonism.  But there was no sex, per se, only a little innocent game play.  What’s the harm in that?  Was a small amount of attention paid to me by my closest friends any worse than stringing myself up and being pleasured to death?  Perhaps I did need to put things into perspective.  Maybe I was being just a tad judgmental.  I calmed myself, relaxed and reached for Trish’s hand.  Our fingers intertwined as I returned the favor and kissed Trish’s nose.

Kristen turned her face away from me as I looked toward her.  She had been listening.  Who could blame her?  I was having a deep discussion with a friend while she had a couple of feet stuck in her face.  Trish turned back to me.  “The little bitch was eavesdropping on us,” she whispered into my ear.  “What do you say we show her how to have some respect.  What do you think?”  Boy, she sounded wicked!  Trish winked at me and smiled a devilish grin.  I began to understand.

Trish leaned over and whispered an order to Kristen.  Immediately, she removed the ankle socks from both of Trish’s feet and resumed the massage.  I looked back at Trish as she started to speak.  “Hey, it doesn’t look like you’re gonna run out on us,” as she fished the key ring from her pocket.  It took a few tries to find the key that fit my wristlocks, and removed the chain, but refastened the locks on my manacles.  Great!  Trish leaned down and handed the keys to Kristen and told her to remove the lock connecting the chains between both of my ankles.  After a few moments she succeeded, then dutifully handed the lock and keys back to Trish.

“Sam, watch this,” Trish smiled at me and nodded toward Kristen.  I turned to look as she pulled her right foot from Kristen’s clutches and stuck her toes right up against Kristen’s mouth.  Her polished toenails glittered in the darkened room as Kristen took the hint and immediately began giving her feet a tongue bath.  Trish flinched with pleasure at the increased stimulation to her feet.  She sighed into her bottle and moaned with delight.  She looked so beautiful as her eyes rolled back into their sockets as she arched her back.  I could somewhat imagine what she was feeling, afterall, she had an actual person sucking her toes whereas I had to settle for my damned mutt of a dog.  Where’s the justice??!!   The movie continued running in the VCR, but I don’t think anyone was really paying any attention.  It was only providing background noise and random, moving imagery, nothing more.

“Damn, Trish, that’s pretty freaking hot,” I remarked with an obviously excited, yet subdued tone.  I thought back to my ordeal with Al while I was suspended in the barn.  “Must feel pretty damned good because your eyes are dancing around like popcorn kernels in a hot skillet!”  I chuckled as I wrapped my right arm around her shoulder and pulled myself closer, nuzzling my cheek against hers.  “Looks fun for you but what enjoyment is Kris getting out of all this?”

Trish looked into my eyes.  “Oh, trust me, she’s getting her just desserts.  Don’t think for a moment she’s not getting any satisfaction from this little exchange!”  Kristen moaned in agreement.  “Enough about this.  Can I ask you a question?”  Her expression changed to one of a more inquisitive nature, although the obviously pleasurable sensations she was receiving from the attention to her feet made her efforts at discussion seem somewhat unfocused.  I giggled at her efforts.  “Sure, ask away, if you’re able!”  I was starting to feel a numbing in my face.  Must have been the wine coolers.  I didn’t care because it felt so relaxing.  Feeling this good couldn’t be wrong!  Right?

My right arm was still around Trish’s shoulders as she placed her left arm around mine.  She reached for my left hand with her right as they gripped each other.  She looked into my eyes, squinted her brows, and softly spoke.  “Have you ever touched a woman’s breasts, I mean other than your own?”  I was incredulous with laughter.  I mean, how else could I reasonably react?  I thought back into my recent past and considered what had transpired.  There was a long period of silence as I considered everything that had happened.  Suddenly the touch of another woman’s breast seemed quite tame and benign in comparison.  What the hell, right?  What’s the harm?  Hopefully it wasn’t the booze talking!

“Well, as a matter fact, no I haven’t.  Why?”  No sooner had the words left my mouth than Trish had pulled our clasped hands up to her chest and guided my hand into her bathrobe toward her right breast.  She released my hand as it rested upon her naked mound.  Her skin was so warm and inviting.  My hand instinctively made a reconnoiter of the inviting and available mound.  It was large and firm to the touch.  I giggled as an image of a produce dealer sampling her wares looking for the finest casabas entered my thoughts.  I considered thumping her melon to see if it was ripe, but I already knew it, I mean she, was ripe for the picking.  My fingers roamed and massaged their new acquaintance until they discovered an unusually stiff protrusion.  I had found her nipple, and started to pinch and roll it between my fingers, but something felt odd.  What the heck was that?  It felt like a piece of metal.  I tried to identify it, but was unable.

Trish looked at me with wonder at what I must have been thinking.  “What’s wrong?  You were doing so well, why are you stopping?”   I pulled back the front of her robe slightly to get a better look.  She had pierced her nipples and was sporting sterling hoops similar to the ones in her ear lobes, only these appeared to be permanently affixed.  “Damn, don’t they hurt?”  She chuckled.  “Only at first, but they have become familiar companions.  You like!!??”  

I intensified my efforts on her breasts with her audible approval, until she grabbed my hand and pulled it away.  “Tell you what, why don’t we swap?”  What swap?  I was satisfied; what could she have in mind?

She leaned down toward Kristen and mumbled into her ear.  Kristen then moved from underneath Trish’s legs and scooted her hot self in front of me.  Uh oh, what was this all about?  I lifted my knees and situated my legs over her shoulders.  She wasted no time focusing on my already bare feet, beginning with slow kisses and gentle rubbing, then graduated to the full blown tonguing.  I gasped at the warmth of her mouth and the flicking of the nimble muscle around my available toes.  I realized what all of the excitement was about.  I moaned out loud and glanced at Trish.  She managed a smile of understanding and nodded her approval, then placed a small, corded box into my hand.  It had a couple of rotary knobs on the case, and the cord ran down the front of the couch.  I just managed to speak through the waves of pleasure.

“What’s this?”  I held up the box as I inspected it.

“Well, Sam, that’s why Kris is enjoying herself!  It’s a remote for the chastity belt I helped her put on.”  She flashed a wicked grin and winked.  “She showed me the one you had made for yourself.  Nice work!  However, I think you’ll find hers to be a bit more… refined.  Whenever she performs to your liking, simply rotate either or both knobs and she will receive her reward.”  It all sounded very clinical and cold, but a quick twist of one of the knobs proved to me otherwise as Kristen’s body convulsed and she loudly hummed against my toes.  Hmmm, a little pleasure for both of us, and all at the touch of my fingers.  Wow, talk about convenience!

I had lost myself and was unaware of the hand sliding into my robe, inching along toward my moist and aching sex.  I eventually noticed the not unwelcome advance and sought out Trish’s mouth with my own.  We kissed passionately as she began probing my slit with her fingers, causing me to shudder uncontrollably.  We continued kissing, our tongues battling each other for control.  Kristen, sensing our escalating intimacy, doubled her efforts with the bathing of my feet.  I shuddered again, and twisted both knobs to their limit.  Her body shook and she screamed, instinctively biting down, only slightly.  I yelped in pain and jerked my foot accidentally kicking her in the chin.  Kristen was almost in a panic.  “Oh, Sam, I’m so sorry!  I didn’t mean to… I mean when you maxed out both vibrators, I couldn’t…”  She pleaded and was close to tears.

Our exchange startled Trish as she sat back on the couch and retrieved the controller from my hand and turned off the two vibrators locked into Kristen’s pussy and ass.  “Are you two all right?” she asked.  She was obviously concerned.  Kristen rose to her knees and spun around, kneeling in front of us.  I nodded and leaned over to put my hands on her face.  “No, no, I’m sorry.  I really didn’t mean to kick you. It was just reflex!”  I was begging for her forgiveness.  She smiled back at me.  “I’m fine, see.  No harm done!”  She placed her hands atop mine.  Trish remained silent as she witnessed our mutual apologies and forgiveness.

“Well, ladies, if this little display is over, maybe we need to take a little break, huh?”  Trish spoke matter of factly, and as the voice of reason, she was correct.  We all needed a break!  We all broke out in smiles and laughter as struggled to our feet.  All of our robes were in desperate need of adjustment.  Boobs and pubes galore.  It was quite the fashion show.  We collected the empty bottles and dirty plates and carted the trash to the kitchen.


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