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Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage 5

by Hagster

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Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage - Chapter 5
by Hagster
Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage Part SevenWill They Ever Leave?
Part Ten

Well, you know the old Chinese proverb, “…be careful what you ask for, you just might get it”.  I had managed to suspend myself from the roof of the loft down through the trap door, gagged, hands nearly immobilized, and my feet chained neatly underneath my butt two feet off the barn floor.  The vibrator in my pussy was going like crazy, and was beginning to drive me mad with pleasure.  Waves of ecstasy were mounting and I struggled against my bonds.  I squirmed and twisted, trying to aid the buzzing shaft inside of me to bring me over the edge. 

My senses were becoming overloaded.  The scent of my juices, my suspension and lack of contact with solid ground swaying side to side, the darkness caused by the enclosed barn, booming sounds of thunder coming ever closer, flashes of increasingly brighter lightning, and orgasms stacking up, one behind the other.  My entire body shuddered from the wave after wave of pleasure shooting through every part of my restrained essence.  A flash of light, a shudder of pleasure; a rumble of thunder and the shaking of the barn timbers intensifying every vibration felt by my forcibly submissive sex.  I was no longer in control of myself.  I could not resist the stimulations.  I tried to scream with pleasure, but only succeeded in muttering unintelligible “coos” and “mmphs” with streams of saliva drooling onto my already wet shirt. 

Five minutes, ten minutes, possibly more, possibly less, whatever the time, it didn’t matter.  I was a slave to my own self-induced torment.  It just would not end.  I tried repeatedly to reach down and twist the end of the vibrator.  Just a brief respite is all I needed, but the chains restraining my hands were unrelenting.  I gasped with resignation and slumped with fatigue in my bonds.  It came to me the realization that perhaps I was not quite prepared for this overdose of pleasure.  I tried to relax and put the pleasure vibrating inside of me out of my mind, but the constant shaking of the barn by the nearby thunder claps prevented me from succeeding.  I had reached the end of my endurance and needed to be released.  I could take no more.  I was actually weak and near exhaustion. 

I grabbed the baler twine connected to my waist and began to pull myself towards the means of my escape.  It was hard, oh so very hard.  I had absolutely no leverage in my arms and had to manipulate the twine in my hands inch by agonizing inch.  Slowly, I was able to pull my bound form closer to the hook holding the key that would free me.  “What was that sound?”  Thunder cracked just outside the barn.  “What’s happening?”  Oh, well, I continued the effort towards the key.  “There’s that sound again.”   It was kind of an odd, cracking sound.  I pulled some more on the twine and each time I heard the noise.  Oh my God, the piece of wood I had screwed the hook into was starting to crack!  I was starting to work up a sweat, again.  I needed to calm down and keep the tension on the twine constant and not cause any undue stress on the hook.  I crept ever closer to the key when suddenly a crack of thunder caused me to flinch.  Oops, the hook tore loose from the board and swung down to the comforter underneath me. Gee, that shouldn’t have happened.  I was unusually calm, but later attributed that to disbelief.  All at once a cool mist shrouded my body.  The wind had changed and was blowing in through the large open door at the top of the loft, carrying the rain with it, and helped to further suppress my impending panic.  I had to think for a moment, although the fog of pleasure was making it difficult.  I convinced myself that it was still possible to get out of this jam, and tried to formulate a plan.  The key ring was still looped through the hook, so I slowly attempted to pull it up towards my eagerly awaiting fingers.  My breath was still erratic because of the stimulation between my legs, yet I was able to calmly and deliberately drag the twine upwards.  Inch by inch, I pulled the hook and key up to nearly two inches from my grasp, when I flinched.  The key ring slipped off the shaft of the hook and fell to the comforter below.  Uummm, that wasn’t supposed to happen either! 

“This is not fair!” I screamed to myself.  This was all supposed to be easy and foolproof, but I had forgotten “Murphy’s Law”.  Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible moment.  But, I still had a chance to retrieve the key.  I lifted the hook up to my bound hands and grabbed it.  I unfastened the loop of twine from the hook and tightly tied the end to the threaded shaft.  I could still get the key by lowering the hook and fishing it through the key ring.  Boy, this had better work, or I’m even more screwed!  I lowered the hook as carefully and calmly as possible.  I could barely make out the image of the key ring in the diminished light; luckily it was nearly directly below my range of motion.  The ring lay across a fold of the comforter and I attempted to maneuver the hook above the ring until the open end of the hook coincided with the fold.  Aha, there’s the match, but what’s that noise?  I was distracted for a moment as I turned my head toward the sound.  Hay was rustling a few feet away.  Oh, God, I hope that’s not a rat!  I tried to adjust my focus to the darkened corridor and made out the image of some sort of large furry…  “Damn it, Al, how in the hell did you get in here?!!” I yelled to myself.  No sooner had I recognized the Golden Retriever, when he spied the dangling metal “toy” and lunged at the hook, knocking it aside and flinging the key ring onto the floor.  “OH MY GOD!”  I almost gagged on the spit in my mouth.  I “quickly” hoisted the hook up to my hands lest the little bastard chew the twine in two. 

Between the vibrator in my pussy, the plug in my ass, and the gag in my mouth preventing me from screaming at the top of my lungs, I could not have been either more pissed or more aroused.  That damn dog had caused me to become an involuntary captive at the very time I had wanted to be freed!  I yelled at the sonofabitch to get away, but all that came out was a bunch of drool and some muffled sounds, which must have sounded like an invitation to frolic.  Oh no!  I could tell from the look the bastard was giving me that he wanted to be friendly; he was still a puppy, though a large, ungainly one at that.  Al lifted his nose and started sniffing around my sex.  Thank God I had decided to wear some clothing, however, I don’t think that’s what he’s interested in.  Moments went by without sight or sound of the family pet.  “Oh, crap, what’s that?  I really hope it’s not what I think it is!”  Al had discovered my feet.  They must be pretty delicious what with all of the sweat, dirt, and hay, which must be covering them.  Why must animals migrate towards vulnerable and sensitive areas of the human body?  A wet, fleshy muscle began lapping at the soles of my feet and in between my toes.  The batteries in the vibrator were beginning to fade, but I had traded one tormentor for another.  Al lapped and licked and slobbered first one foot, then the other.  He nipped at my toes as if they were his mother’s nipples.  I struggled and squirmed in my bonds.  I tried again to scream at him, but only seemed to urge him on.  That bastard was tonguing me without knowing what he was doing to me.  I was beginning to become aroused at the attention to my feet.  He lapped, I twisted and “mmphhed”.  He nipped and sucked as I forced a muffled scream.

Al paused for a moment and panted heavily at the sole of my left foot.  His hot breath was soothing and started to relax my fatigued body.  It did not last for long.  He pressed his cold nose against my sole to get a long sniff and caused a spasm of pleasure to run down my spine.  My whole body cringed in anticipation as Al once again began tonguing my bare feet with even more fervor.  I tried and tried to kick him away, but only managed to encourage him, thinking I must surely be toying and playing with him.  The hot and wet attention to my feet was almost intolerable.  I screamed into my gag as the drool spilled from my mouth.  I shook my head violently in rejection of the treatment I was being forced to endure.  My screams slowly transformed into sobs of resignation and mewls of hopelessness.  Tears began to well up in my eyes.  “Please, God, make it stop!  I can’t stand it!”

I swear my clit was getting numb.  The vibrator was down to the point where I could almost count the revolutions of the motor.  No longer stimulating, it had become annoying.  My shirt and tits were soaked with spit, and my feet were covered with dog drool.  I could only imagine the state of my sweatpants.  An image flashed into my mind of Lucy Van Pelt wiping her mouth, spitting, and yelling for alcohol because Snoopy had kissed her on the lips.  I managed a giggle through all of the torment; small solace given my predicament.  I made one more attempt to drive the mongrel away by screaming and kicking my feet, when by luck a lightning bolt struck just outside with the resulting thunder clap shaking the entire barn, frightening Al and sending him off running down the corridor and presumably through the opening he had used to gain access to the barn. 

At last, a reprieve!  I allowed my body to relax and hanged limply in my suspended bonds.  “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I muttered under my breath.  I managed to rest and calm myself as best I could; though only release would satisfy me at this point.  I could only guess at the length of time I had been dangling at the end of the block and tackle.  Surely it must have been two hours.  TWO FUCKING HOURS!!!   “Note to self… kill family dog!” 

The vibrator finally gasped its last breath and died.  It was a welcome death, however, lively and vibrant in its youth, yet failing and ultimately impotent in the end.  The barn was now eerily silent.  The storm still raged outside, but sounded as though it had subsided somewhat in intensity.  Thunder and lightning were now more infrequent, though the rain was still making its presence known on the tin roof.  Although I was still suspended and obviously spent and uncomfortable, an aura of peace and calm came over me.  I could think of nothing other than rest.  The key ring was still on the floor, somewhere, and would not go anywhere.  The gentle tapping of rain on the tin roof and the cool breeze wafting through the trap door lulled me into a state of utter calm.  I must have drifted off to sleep…

Part Eleven

My lids fluttered a bit and I slowly opened my eyes.  I must have slipped off for a moment.  Just how long was a moment?  It wasn’t difficult to adjust my vision as the barn was still dark, except for the dim shaft of light in which I was bathed coming through the trap door above me.  It was unusually quiet, from what I can remember from before.  There was only a slight, barely audible pinging of rain on the barn roof, and only a faint rumble of thunder from the distance.  I had relaxed my grip on the only means to gaining my freedom; the hook was dangling beneath me, still tethered to my harness. 

It took a few moments to regain my wits after the brief slumber.  Every single limb, every orifice, every muscle was crying out in pain.  I had managed to place myself in a very confining and fatiguing position, and was almost out of options with plans to effect an escape.  Fortunately, the (soon to be dead) dog had been scared off by a thunderclap and the vibrator’s batteries had gone dead, leaving me with a more focused, undistracted ability to free myself.

The best I could surmise was that the key ring was laying just off of the blanket on the hay-strewn floor, but without suitable lighting, it would be difficult at best to locate.  I lowered the hook to what I could best judge to be just above the surface of the floor and began to sweep the hook around in an erratic pattern listening for the tinkle of metal on metal.  I was able to spin myself around the perimeter of the blanket, testing, hopefully, every square inch.  No luck here, no luck there.  I tried to remain calm.  It would be a week before Mom and Dad would return and I would be at least close to death by then!  “Shit!  I am SO screwed!”  I could feel my heart begin to pound in my chest, and I started to hyperventilate.  The tingling in my legs began to grow more pronounced and I knew that they would soon start to cramp.  With no way to extend them, I knew I was in for a rough time.

Tears began to well up in my eyes.  I had reached the end of my rope, so to speak, and desperation turned to hopelessness.  I was stuck, and most likely dead.  I began to cry.  I had planned everything so well, I thought, only to be done in by a rotten piece of wood.  I lowered my head and my now stringy and wet auburn hair enveloped my face.  I sobbed into my chest as best as the gag would allow me.  I reflexively jerked up my head.

“Wait a minute, what’s that?”  I heard an odd sound from outside the barn, and tilted my head from side to side to determine the direction of the noise  “Is that a voice?”  I listened for a few moments.  “Yes!!!  My savior!”  But, who could it be?  The voice grew softer, and my heart sank, but soon the voice grew increasingly louder.  I made noises as loudly as possible.  I could only imagine what I must have sounded like, but I didn’t care, just as long as I was rescued! 

A shadow materialized from underneath the twin doors to the outside and the sound of a door being unlatched echoed throughout the corridor.  I twisted in my bonds to face both the doors and my savior.  One of the doors opened outward and a burst of light nearly blinded me.  I blinked my eyes repeatedly in an effort to adjust my vision.  My embarrassment would have to be ignored as I welcomed my rescuer.

A well dressed, dark-haired woman greeted me with an inquisitive leer.  “Well, Helllooo!”

Kristen was a sight for sore eyes.  True to form, she was dressed in a short, black, pleated skirt and a dark blue bodice over a white silk top.  She held an umbrella over her head.  The only things out of place were the white ankle socks she had donned over her black nylons and the pair of muddy sneakers on her feet.  I immediately realized that I would never be allowed to forget this little chapter in my life!  She pulled an item from her pocket and lifted it to her face.  My already sensitive eyes suddenly were assaulted with a bright flash of light and I instinctively jammed my eyelids shut and shook my head in rebellion.  That bitch was taking pictures of me with her pocket camera!  I made some weak attempts to foil her, but it was just no use.  I was too fatigued, and quite frankly, at this point, I just didn’t care.  I had more important morsels on my already full plate.

She stepped forward and back and side to side, tilting the camera at all angles, acting like a professional photographer reacting to both the music and the posing of the model, however both the music and the posing were absent.  She took pictures from every angle!  What a bitch!  Here I was suffering and she was having a grand old time!  I’ll pay for this, and probably for the rest of my life, but I just did not care.  Whatever it would take, at this point, to be freed, I could not care less! 

Kristen finally snapped her last shot and pocketed her camera.  “Well, Sam, it seems you weren’t lying.  You are alone, aren’t you?  The only guy I saw around here was Al, and I think I can safely say he’s not your type, right?”  Her mocking laughter made me blush with embarrassment, although my entire body was already flushed with exertion.  “And besides, you seem to be in more than a little trouble.  Are you enjoying yourself?”

I shook my head side to side indicating my present displeasure.

“Did you have any enjoyment at any time?”  I knew to what she was inferring, and nodded affirmatively.  “Would you like to be freed?”  I emphatically nodded, repeatedly, silently conveying my wish for immediate release.  “Okay, just let me figure out this little scenario, okay?”  She did not acknowledge my dissent as she looked over my bonds.  I tried to make noises of displeasure at her course of action, but she purposely ignored me. 

Kristen stroked her chin with fore finger and thumb, much as a five o’clock shadowed, 1940s-mystery novel sleuth might.  Her long, silver frosted fingernails set her apart from the callused hands of the stereotypical private dick.  She seemed to soak in the situation and formulate a hypothesis.  She tugged at the block attached to the front of my waist, then looked at the chains at my legs, and finally focused her gaze upon my locked wrists.

Kristen began to speak to an imaginary associate, though I realized I was the silent partner to which she was speaking.  “Apparently the victim suspended herself above the floor of the lower level of the barn from the loft rafters in an effort to fulfill some sort of perverse auto-erotic fantasy.”  She paced around the “crime scene”, slowly taking in all of the details.  “Preliminary reports indicate the victim, one Sammy Joe Hochstetter, female, failed to satisfactorily secure her means of release and was kept suspended for an undetermined amount of time before being discovered by an as yet unidentified person.”

I yelled into my gag and drooled down the front of my shirt, and violently shook my head trying to get Kristen to shut up and get me the fuck down!  Her little Private Eye joke was wearing thin.  I needed to be released and soon!  I could feel my bowels beginning to cramp and my bladder was about to burst. 

“Detectives searched the area for what they believed to be the release mechanism, a key of some sort, but failed to locate any object.  I had been brought in to help with the investigation.”  With her smart-assed speech finally ended, Kristen giggled and winked at me, then kneeled on the blanket beneath me and started feeling with her hands around the floor searching for the key ring.   She made a couple of sweeps around the edges of the comforter until I heard a faint tinkle of metal on wood.  “Jinkies, a clue!” she remarked in her best Velma voice.  She picked up the key and rose to her feet, once again circling my dangling body.  She stroked the key with her fingers as she spoke.

“I attempted to deduce the exact method the victim had arranged in order to effect her release.  The broken piece of wood and the splinters on the floor indicated the bolt hanging from a length of string tied to her waist had at one time been screwed into the planking, perhaps with the key being placed over the hook?”  She jerked her head in my direction and pointed at me with her index finger, wanting me to affirm her theory thus far.  I hung my head shamefully and nodded in compliance. 

“Judging from the way the twine has been tied to the threads of the hook, the victim must have rigged the hook to retrieve the key after it had fallen to the floor, but was unable to snag the ring to which it was affixed.”  She again pointed at me for an affirmation.  I nodded again at the bitch.

“I can only assume that once the victim had the key in her grasp that she would then unfasten the lock connecting her wrists together, then reach down on both sides and undo the locks on the chains keeping her legs bent, then, able to stand upright on her own two feet, free herself from the pulley block.”  She looked at me for my response.

I laughed out loud, as best I could, and shook my head.  “You are wrong, wrong, wrong,”  I thought to myself.  Finally I could mock her for a change.

“Well, miss smarty pants,” Kristen reached out with her hand and brushed aside the hair clinging to my face, “without your hands free, how were you going to unlock your legs so you could walk back to the house?  Surely you weren’t thinking of crawling all the way!”

My eyes flew open, and I paused to soak in what she had said.  Could she have been right?  Would I have been able to reach those locks with my wrists still fastened to each other?

“Seems to me the little nympho had better thank her lucky stars that I came along, doesn’t it?”  Kristen traced patterns about my face and neck with her fingernails.  She was speaking in her German Matron accent.  “So tell me little one, who do you love?” 

I remained motionless as I pondered my predicament.  She continued to run her fingers through my hair as we stared at each other.  “I asked you a question, Sam.  Who do you love?”  I managed to gulp and swallow a mouthful of spit.  This was all truly degrading.  I pleaded at her with my eyes, but she was relentless.  “Ooouu, ohay.  I uv ooouu.”  Even though my words were garbled, I think she understood their meaning.

“That’s better, mein liebling.”  She drew back her hands from my face and slipped the key into my palm.  “This I’ve got to see for myself.”  Kristen stepped back and sat down on a wooden crate next to the wall.  I could feel her gaze transfixed upon me.  Even though I felt great shame, I had become somewhat aroused.  And to top it all, that bitch was just going to sit there and watch me free myself.  “What a perv!”

Hours after I had begun my session, I was finally able to start the process of releasing myself.  I manipulated the ring in my right hand and pushed the key into the lock that connected the ring on the pulley rope to the waist of my harness.  I twisted the key while holding onto the rope with my left hand.  With the hasp released, I rotated the body of the lock open and allowed it to fall onto the blanket.  I slowly let the rope ease up through my clenched hands as the weight of my body lowered me to the soft blanket below.  While resting upright on my knees, I opened the lock fastening me to the pulley block and slumped to the floor, lying on my side on the comforter.  I rested for several minutes, trying to regain feeling in my strained and numbed body.  Eventually, I rolled onto my back and reached for the lock keeping my legs bent.  I tugged on the chains at my wrists for more slack.  The locks remained out of reach.  I could hear Kristen snickering nearby.  I struggled back to my knees hoping I would have more luck that way.  I tried the right leg first, then the left.  No luck, not even close.  She was right; I had made an error in judgment and would have had to have crawled all the way back to the house, that is if I could manage to reach the door handles to even get out of the barn!  I had to admit to myself that it was probably not an entirely bad thing that Kristen had found me, but she didn’t have to be such a cunt about it!

I leaned back over onto my side and rolled onto my back.  I tilted my head over to the side and whimpered softly towards my benefactor.  “Please help,” I uttered through my gag.  I let the key ring fall to the blanket.  She took the hint and came over to help; however she couldn’t pass up the chance to stand over me and taunt me.  I turned my head to track her movements when my gaze focused on her domineering form looming almost directly over me.  “Oh, gee, isn’t that nice!” I sarcastically thought to myself.  “She’s not wearing any panties under her skirt.  She’s flashing me!”  I started to turn away but noticed something odd.  Not only was she clean-shaven, but she had pierced her pussy lips and was wearing a small hoop ring in each.  I guess one can learn something-new everyday, but this was knowledge I could have lived without.  She could tell I was staring at her snatch.

Kristen kneeled onto the blanket and reached for the keys.  She leaned close to my face and spoke softly into my ear.  “Why don’t you take a picture?  It’ll last longer.”  Her hot, sweet smelling breath felt strangely soothing against my skin, then she let loose with a sinister scoff.  “Here, let me help you with this.”  She released the lock on the right leg chain, then leaned over my body to release the other on the left chain, all the while gently rubbing her tight bodice over the top of my helpless body.  My God, she smelled good.  What the hell am I thinking?  This is my best friend.  Surely she was not trying to arouse me, but whether intentionally or not, she was succeeding.  Damn, this isn’t natural.  I gradually extended my legs, trying not to induce cramping.  Boy, that felt good!

Kristen rested back onto her knees and asked a few more questions.  “Does this key fit any more of these locks?”  I shook my head “no”.  “Are there any other keys out here in the barn?”  I again shook my head.  “I assume the rest of the keys are in the house?  In your bedroom?”  I nodded.  “Okay, let’s get out of here.”  Those were perhaps the most welcome words I had ever heard.

She rose to her feet and slipped a hand under each of my arms, helping me to stand.  The chains prevented me from standing fully erect and the ankle hobble kept me from walking with ease.  Luckily Kristen was there to steady my weak, staggering efforts at movement.  I leaned against her as she supported me on our journey to the other end of the corridor.  Thank God for friends!

continued in part 6


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