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Sally Racked

by p_jay2001

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Sally sat on a stool at the island of her kitchen, and contemplated her fate. She had promised husband Scott that he would find her in a bondage predicament when he came home from work tonight, and she had several ideas. It was now 4:30 PM, and Scott would be home around 6:00 PM, so Sally needed to make up her mind and get busy. She had been considering several scenarios all day, and as she put down her coffee cup, she decided she needed a session on the rack tonight.

Smiling in anticipation, she hopped down off the stool and checked that the front and rear doors were locked, then went to the bedroom and stripped off the t-shirt and shorts she had on, and checked herself in the mirror. Sally was the slim, athletic type. Pretty face, blond pixie cut hair, with nice breasts for her size, Sally was 28 years old, and kept herself in good shape. She had showered and shaved all body hair earlier that day, and now she went in and used the toilet so she would be ready for a lengthy session in bondage.

Naked, she moved through the house toward the basement steps. Sally and Scott lived in a spacious four-bedroom ranch, built to their own specifications, in a fashionable suburb. Scott was a talented engineer for a large company, and in addition to bringing in a good salary, had significant income from several patents he had developed over the years. So, they could pretty much afford to do whatever they wanted. They had discovered an interest in bondage early on in their marriage, and the house had been built to accommodate this activity.

Sally walked down the steps into a recreation room that took up about half the basement. There was a large screen TV and surround system at one end with theater type seating at one end, a large gaming area in the middle of the room, with pool table, dart board, and poker table. Then at the far end a beautiful hardwood bar and casual seating area. A door in this area led to a rest room. On the outside wall of the rec room, double doors led out to a large inground pool and hot tub. Sally checked that these doors were locked too.

Then she moved to a heavy steel double door that led to the other half of the basement. This was their special “play” area. She entered the code in a keypad to unlock the doors, and swung them open, leaving them that way. She turned the lights on, and swept her eyes around the room. Sally and Scott had a large collection of equipment, X-frame, pillory, stocks, whipping post, etc. But these were not medieval instruments, all were constructed of modern materials, wood, steel, and leather. Many also incorporated high tech elements, created by engineer Scott. The floor was polished concrete, but with heating elements built in, so it was not cold to the touch. Indirect lighting around the walls, with strategically positioned spotlights built into the ceiling could all be controlled individually. A king size platform bed, with a sturdy post at each corner, was along one wall. Attachment points, and slots for various attachments were built into the frame of the bed, and the posts. At one end of the room, a double door led to a shop area, where Scott had built all the large “toys” in the room. The cuffs and leather restraints and smaller toys were mostly bought from quality suppliers. Various whips and paddles hung from hooks on the walls. No expense had been spared.

Sally moved to a set of drawers near the bed, and took out a red leather garter belt, and long fishnet stockings, which she put on. Long red leather gloves were next. Then from another drawer, Sally took out a ball gag harness, with a large red ball. The opened her mouth and popped the red ball in, then buckled the straps around her head and under her chin. She then picked up the heavy rubber band she had brought with her, and placed it over her right hand so that it went around her palm, between her thumb and fingers.

Almost 5:15 PM now, time to get on the rack. This was a modern version of the rack, like all the equipment in the room. It had a sturdy steel frame, and the top was padded and covered in leather. It was about four ft. wide, and nine ft. long, and the bed was about three ft. above the floor. At the “foot” of the rack, two suspension type leather ankle cuffs were attached by short chains to the top of steel posts that stuck six inches over the bed of the rack at the corners. At the “head” of the rack, two leather wrist cuffs were attached to chains that went over pulleys that were about six inches tall, then under the bed of the rack. These chains were wound around a drum under the bed of the rack, that was turned by an ½ HP electric motor. The motor was geared so it provided lots of torque, but moved the drum, and took up the chains very slowly. A lever under the table could be pulled to release the gears as a safety measure. A small metal box, with two buttons, lay on the bed of the rack. A black insulated cord ran from the box to the motor under the rack. The buttons were labeled “tighten” and “loosen”.

Sally picked up the control box, and pressed the “loosen” button, while pulling on the wrist cuffs, until about four feet of chain was released. Then she climbed on the rack, reached down, and fastened the ankle cuffs on her legs. Then she laid back, and reached up and fastened the wrist cuffs on each arm. Sally then picked up the control box and put it under the rubber band in the palm of her right hand, with the band positioned between the buttons. She checked to make sure she could reach both buttons with her thumb.

Now for the fun! She pushed the “tighten” button with her thumb, and heard the hum of the motor as the chains were slowly drawn over the pulleys at the head of the rack. Her hands were slowly drawn over her head until she was loosely staked out to the corners of the rack. Sally then checked that the cuffs were positioned properly on her wrists and ankles, and the chains were straight that attached them to the posts at the foot of the rack, and the pulleys at the head. There was still some slack in the chains, and her arms and legs were still slightly bent. This was as far as she should have gone by herself. When she heard Scott come in, she could slip her fingers under the rubber band, and drop the control box, but until then, she could still release herself if necessary. Scott had often warned her not put herself in any position she could not get out of, in case something held him up on the way home.

But she estimated Scott would not be home for another twenty minutes or so, and she wanted to have some fun until then. Sally pressed the “tighten” button again with her thumb. She felt the slack taken out of the chains to her wrist cuffs, and the pull increase on her arms. She released the button, and flexed the muscles in her arms and shoulders. Her body slid up the rack a few inches, and now the slack was out of the chains attached to the ankle cuffs. She took a deep breath, then pressed the button again for a few seconds. Now, there was no slack anywhere in the chains or her body. Her hands were held up off the bed of the rack towards the pulleys, and her feet were lifted up towards the posts at the foot of the rack. She could definitely feel the strain on her body, but was not in any real pain yet. Again, she pressed the button for a second, and the chains were tightened another inch or so. Now, her shoulders were extended, and she could feel some pain in her arms. Another touch of the button, and she gasped, despite the gag. Now the pain was in her shoulders, too. She held her head up and looked down her body, her belly was concave, and the strain in her diaphragm made it hard to draw a deep breath.

This was about as far as she had ever been stretched. She had never given the safe word, but Scott refused to go any further, not wanting to risk injuring his beloved Sally. Sally could not resist though, and touched the “tighten” button as briefly as she could. The pain blossomed in her arms and shoulders, her shoulders were now not touching the bed of the rack!

She had had enough! But as she pressed the “loosen” button, she heard a click from the shop area, and the lights went out in the playroom. The chains did not loosen! Sally could still see the lights on in rec room, and in the shop, so the power was not off, but what had happened? Then she remembered the house breaker panel was in the shop! The breaker for the playroom must have tripped! “Oh, no” she cried through the gag! She would have to stay like this until Scott got home, she could not reach the safety handle under the rack! God, her shoulders and arms ached! Even her hips were feeling it now! She couldn’t move a muscle, except to lift her head. And even if someone was nearby to hear, she was gagged, and besides she didn’t think she could draw enough breath to scream!

Then she heard the phone ring in the rec room through the open doors. They had installed a whole house communication system, including intercom, and the answering machine was incorporated into it. She listened carefully and heard her own voice saying “we can’t answer the phone right now, so please leave a message”. Then to her horror, she heard Scott’s voice, “Sally dear, I got held up at work by a rush job, so I won’t be home for a few hours. I’ll make it up to you when I get there”!

Hours! HOURS! “Nooo” she wailed into gag as loudly as she could. Tears were running down the side of her face now, what had she done? How could she endure hours like this?

Then something touched her hand, and the control box slid out from under the rubber band. In the darkness, all she could see was a figure standing over the rack. She tried to say “help” through the gag, but the figure turned away and walked into the shop. “No! Come back!” she tried to say! Then, she heard another snap, and the lights came back on in the playroom. But now she couldn’t reach the control box! She looked over to the shop door, and was relieved to see Scott walk in and over to the rack. “Couldn’t resist playing before I got home could you” he said. All Sally could do was whimper through the pain. Scott picked up the control, and for one awful moment, Sally thought he might stretch her more, but he pressed the loosen button for a second, and the worst of the pain lightened as the chains were released an inch or so. Sally groaned in relief!

“I came home early” Scott explained, “and snuck in to try to watch you prepare for me. I saw you stretching yourself on the rack, and sneaked into the shop and tripped the breaker for the playroom. Then I used my cell phone to call the house phone and leave that message. Now, there is a price to be paid for being so careless”!

Scott put the control down, and walked over to the toys hung on the wall. He came back holding a cat-o-nine tails, and a magic wand vibrator. Now Sally’s eyes widened as she realized what the price was going to be!

The End

(to be continued?)

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