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Safety First

by Tonya

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© Copyright 2010 - Tonya - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; gag; nylon; rope; zipties; stuck; cons; X


A muffled scream almost echoed through the house.  It's tough to scream much with a pair of pantyhose stuffed in your mouth, six strips of tape sealing it shut,  a self-adhesive ace bandage wrapped over that and another four feet of tape wrapped around the bandage, just to make sure the hose didn't "accidentally" slip out. I guess I wanted to be thorough this time, I just forgot about one little thing.  I never thought that an open window could be such a pain in the end of this ordeal, most everything hurt. I'll start back at the beginning. 

I starting planning this tie a week in advance, every little detail, right down to each knot.  Black bodysuit, black pantyhose, black 5" ankle strap heels, black shoulder length opera gloves, and some black duct tape too, just to continue with the black theme.  Brand new white rope pre-cut and labeled for almost perfect application. A locking bank deposit bag, the heavy duty canvas type, locked with my snips in it right next to me in the corner of the room, on the floor right next to the desk.  The key in a bottom cabinet in the kitchen at the end of the long hallway that runs right down the middle of our home, not more than 30 feet away.  Sounds simple enough. I wiggle my way down the hallway, swing the cabinet door open, grab the key and head back for the office to get the snips. In theory, not very difficult at all.  

I had just finished a hellish week at the hospital, sixty super-stressful hours, I soooo needed this release.  As usual I grabbed a quick bite, a nice hot shower and got dressed. My husband loves the outfit I always tie myself in, anyone that's talked to me online can tell you that I'm almost always dressed this way when I'm tied. After strapping my heels on I walked into the bathroom to make sure I looked as good as I felt, and to ensure that my gag was going to be one of my toughest yet. I started by stuffing a pair of pantyhose into my mouth and biting down hard.  Several strips of tape over my mouth to seal it, and several others under my chin to make sure I couldn't open back up. Then I took a self-adhesive ace bandage, about ten feet when stretched out, and wrapped it tight.  Then wrapped the black tape over that several times to make sure that the wrap didn't slide down.  Happy with what I had so far, I closed the bathroom door and went back into the office to get to work on getting tied.

I started with a knotted crotch-rope, very snug, but not too tight.  Then I crossed my ankles and tied them.  I made sure to wrap the rope under my heels so I wouldn’t be able to uncross them. More rope above and below my knees, and more at the tops of my thighs. Kneeling, I tied a length of rope at the cinch on my thigh ropes, and attached it to my ankle ropes, in between my heels.  This kept my heels pinned against my butt when I tried to sit up.

Next I got out the thirty feet of rope that I'd spent two nights trying to get just right.  It fits down over my upper body, pinning my arms to my sides.  Half of it goes below my breasts, the other half above.  There's another rope tied to the knot in the middle of it, right in the middle of my back.  This rope I bring under my right arm, around the ropes pinning my arms to my sides, around the back of my neck, then under my left arm and loop it around the knot in the back, then repeat back the other way.  Makes a great harness and since the ropes were already snug when I started, things were really starting to tighten up. . Tying it off was impossible, so I had to anchor it to my crotch-rope instead of tying it off at the back of my neck.  (Much tighter than I though it was going to be)

The moment of truth was approaching, all I had left t to do was grab my wrist loops, my ziptie and slip one wrist in, slide it under my crotch-rope in the back, then the other wrist and pull the ziptie tight. I decided that it had gotten really warm in  the office so I struggled over to the window and opened it, maybe five or six inches at most.  The cool autumn air felt good against, well, my forehead, which was about the only thing not covered at this point.( I was finally getting to the point that I was used to feeling things through the gloves,  which I wore all the time, well at least while not at work.) Glad that I had cooled things off a bit, I wriggled back over to my loops and ziptie and decided it was time.  I slid my right wrist into the loops, then the ziptie into the middle, then slipped the other hand under my crotch-rope and into the loops.  It's always easier to center the loops so that I have a hand on either side of my crotch-rope before I cinch my wrists tight. 

With each click of the ziptie I felt hope fading, I was getting more and more helpless with each click.  Finally the clicking stopped, it was snug, just for good measure I pulled a little harder and got about four or five more clicks out of it.  Satisfied I collapsed gently onto my side and felt every rope get just a bit tighter, a delicious feeling to say the least. I rolled onto my tummy, and began my trip out of the office and into the hallway.  I was very pleased with my lack of movement.  My wrists cinched and pinned under my crotch-rope, and my heels were right on top of my wrists.   I hoped I could open the cabinet okay and reach in a few inches to get the key.  Just another challenge, I'll deal with it when I get to the kitchen.  About halfway down the hallway is where the story began.  Just as I was starting to feel good about the tie and how I'd planned it SO well...... SLAM!!!

"Don't panic, it was just the wind slamming shut any hope you had of getting free in the next week..... just think Tonya, was there anything in there that you needed???"  Nothing really important, just my release, and my back-up release, and my cell phone, not to mention the only phone in the house that isn't wall mounted. How long before my safety buddy/best friend in the whole wide world gets here to pick me up for dinner?  Only a few more hours, that won't be too bad.  After about what seemed like about an hour, the phone rings...... a few minutes later my pager goes off...... minutes later my cell phone rings...... a few more minutes go by, and the phone rings again.  I hear the answering machine kick on.... then the beep... "Hi honey, its Anita.... I am soooo sorry, but I have to cancel for tonight.  I'm guessing that since your not answering the phone you're a little tied up...*giggle*...couldn't resist.... I'll be by after my shift to pick up my movies and my shoes.  I know you'll be in bed by then so I'll just use my key. Love you... Laters"

Shit!  After her shift??  What kind of dumbass was I??  I struggled my way into the kitchen to see if I could see the work schedule posted on the refrigerator door.  After at least a half hour, I find out the worst. Yup, I'm screwed.  I made plans with Anita tonight, then got really, really stuck, not realizing that I posted the schedule 3 days late and ended up without enough coverage for tonight's shift.  Due to my own scheduling error, Anita had to stay late to cover another shift.  Fun being the boss sometimes.  Just as I'm about to start bawling like Nancy Kerrigan, the phone rings again.  "It's just me again, if I remember correctly, you told me that you weren't going to "play" tonight, you said that you were too wiped out.  I'm guessing that you probably just turned the ringer off on the phone and went to bed early. I'll just wait until tomorrow to take the movies back, and I won't be needing the shoes again for awhile.  Night night sugar, see you at work." 

What the hell did she mean... "See you at work"??  Neither one of us had to be there until three the following afternoon.  It would be at least 24 hours before she got to work.  I was stuck until she noticed that I wasn't going to be coming in, and if she couldn't leave to come and check on me, who the hell knows how long it would be before I was found. I broke down, it was time to cry..... nope.... REALLY BAD IDEA!!  Getting weepy and snotty with a mouthful of soggy pantyhose is a really bad idea, not to mention dangerous as well.  Think, think , think!!   Knives........... .in drawers several feet off the ground.  Scissors........ in the office, AND in the same drawer as the knives. Snips.... in the bank bag, back-up snips on the bottom shelf next to the desk.  How possible would it be to break down a solid oak door from six inches off the ground with one's head as a battering ram??  I didn't think so. 

Defeated, I struggled back into the hallway with the key.  At least sleeping on the carpet was better than sleeping on the tile in the kitchen floor. It won't be so bad, assuming that I don't swallow a leg of pantyhose in my sleep and die.  Happy thoughts just kept coming, along with the tingle from my toes that meant I'd been tied long enough and it was time for "playtime" to be over.  Just after I put the tingle from my fingertips to the back of my mind, I heard a car. Then it passed right on by.  I love false hope, just like the real thing, only false.   I can't believe I'd done this to myself.  I got to the point that I starting trying to convince myself that someone else had done this to me, and that I wasn't at fault.  Even better, I had been kidnapped and the ransom had been paid and it was just a matter of time before the kidnappers told the authorities of my whereabouts. Escape artist attempts her most daring feat yet..... zip, zilch, nada...... nothing worked.

Every little detail, right down to each individual knot.

I accepted my fate.  I'm stuck, for good this time.  No amount of struggling could loosen any of the ropes.  I was helpless for at least another 20 plus hours. I let my head down and put my forehead to the ground, my neck was sore from keeping my head up, literally and figuratively, and time had come to get some rest and I crashed, hard.

"Dammit, you said that you weren't going to play tonight"!!!

The screaming caught my attention, and scared the hell out of me.  I tried to respond, forgetting for a split second about the mouthful I had.  Anita started fumbling for knots, then stormed off and went looking for my back-up snips. She came back and cut me loose, I mean she cut everything, including the gag.  Then just looked me in the eyes and starting crying.  She was pissed, but more scared than anything else.  She came by on her lunch break because she'd been calling for the past few hours, almost non-stop, I was out cold, never heard the phone or her screaming into the machine.  She fixed me a glass of water, which I dropped, numb hands will let you down like that sometimes.  So she fed me some water, and pulled off my shoes... okay, her shoes, the ones that she wasn't going to need for awhile, and we had a very serious talk. 

The rules.... I call her, every time, right before I start getting dressed to get tied.  We hammered out a routine, that both of us have to strictly adhere to.  She knows about all of my releases and how I'm going to be tied, ahead of time. That way, if she has to, she can just walk in, grab the snips/keys and set me free and then be gone again.  She has copies of all my keys, and a tiny pair of snips that she keeps in her purse.  Safety first, that's my new motto, as it should have been from the beginning. 

I'm one of the luckiest people alive.  Not because I've what you've read above, but because I have a friend that I love, and she understands me, and doesn't judge me, even when she thinks she's just found me dead in my hallway. Instead of beating me senseless, or cutting up all my ropes and rubber cementing all the locks on my cuffs and stuff, she helps me to be safer and works out a plan to do so. She loves me for me, unconditionally, and that is truly a rare thing, and for that, I thank her. 



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