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Risky Self-Bondage Session

by slut_jennie

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Storycodes: Sbm; cd; chastity; toys; buttplug; outdoors; collar; cuffs; remote; cons; X

This is a fictional story, it hasn’t happened at least yet.

There is a place I have been checking out for some play-time that is rather exposed but I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. Not far from where I live there is a bridge over a multi-lane freeway. In the intersection there is a small grove of trees. It is surrounded by a hill on the two sides that are not facing the roads. On the other side of that hill are apartment buildings but the hill blocks their line of sight. The grove is lower than the bridge but higher than the freeway. The freeway goes north-south and the bridge east-west. The northbound traffic will be closest to the grove but since it is directly after the bridge I will only be in sight for a very short time and then only if they know where to look. The southbound traffic will be able to see me for a little longer but they should be focused on the road ahead. The vehicles across the bridge probably won’t see me since the grove is lower than the bridge so their lights should not illuminate me too much. The riskiest is the walkway next to the grove, but there should not be that much bike or foot traffic at the time I planned to be there on a work night.

Thursday, early morning, just after 2 am, I was very nervous and checked and rechecked my backpack as a way of stalling. I was ready to leave and dressed in a dark gray jogging suit with a hood and baseball cap pulled deep on my head with a pair of old socks and trainers on my feet. Underneath the jogging suit I wore a matching set of a lace thong and lace bra in white, white stay-up stockings, a black tight spandex miniskirt and a red see-through blouse. Underneath that was my vibrating remote controlled buttplug and my tiny stainless steel chastity cage.

My face was deep in shadow due to the baseball cap and that was to hide the fact that I wore deep blue eyeshadow with heavy mascara and heavy bright red lipstick. With an annoyed shake of my head I stepped outside my apartment and went down the stairs and out into the chilly night. I quickly walked to my car parked in its spot and drove off. After a short drive I reached the area where I would park.

There was an open spot almost at the very end of the road where I planned to park and as I parked I decided that must be a good omen. Quickly I exited the car, locked it behind me and started to walk towards the bridge. I was now parked on the east side and south of the bridge so I headed up the cycle lane and over the bridge, the traffic was very sparse; I saw no other pedestrians or cyclists as I crossed over the bridge and turned left behind a plank and back towards the grove.

After a few meters into the grove of trees, I squatted down and listened for any sounds of trouble but heard none. Carefully I made my way through the trees until I reached the small open area next to the freeway and knelt down. After a while of listening and waiting I had heard nothing that scared me so I opened my backpack and pulled out an old blanket that I spread on the ground.

I pulled out the rest of tonight's equipment and after a final check and careful look around I got started. First I locked a 5 meter thin chain around the base of a tree at the edge of the opening but away from the freeway, next I locked the ice-lock to the base of a tree on the opposite side of the opening close to the freeway. Now with these things done, I pulled off the jogging suit and placed it back into the backpack, my trainers and socks followed next as I pulled on my black patent 10 cm stiletto heels and buckled the ankle strap tightly. I started to lock black leather cuffs around my ankles and connected them with a 30 cm chain and next I locked a black leather collar around my neck and then matching leather cuffs around my wrists and a 15 cm long chain between them.

After double checking that my car key was safely in the outer pocket and all my other clothes and shoes were in the large compartment I picked up a padlock and before I could change my mind I locked all my clothes in the backpack. Now I was stuck in these clothes until I reached my car. The key to that padlock was in the cup holder in the locked car so I reached for the end of the 5 meter chain and locked it to my collar and that was it. Now I was stuck here until the ice melted and released the key for my bondage so I could make my way to my car.

The white of my stockings was very visible in the darkness so I wrapped a second blanket around me to hide as I picked up my iphone under the blanket. I quickly published a control link for my butt plug in the thread on the fetish site where I had been posting about my plans as I had said that I would before putting the iphone back into a pocket of the backpack and made sure that I was covered by my blanket. A few cars had gone by but they passed so fast I had trouble making out what models they were. That made me feel a little safer just as a car passed over the bridge and I was illuminated more than I had reckoned I would be. Hopefully that would not happen as a car passed on the freeway or a cyclist.

I had tested the icelock several times the last few evenings and it never took more than an hour and 15 minutes to release the key and that is from when I removed it from the freezer. I figured it had been out of the freezer for about half an hour now, so probably less than 45 minutes to go and to help pass the time and to stay awake I started to count the passing cars to see how many headed north and how many headed south.

Suddenly my butt plug went to full power and I let out a soft squeal from pleasure and then a moan as the chastity cage restricted any arousal. Sitting still got a lot harder as the unknown user started to modulate the plug and even if I did my best the sound of the chain rattling was a lot louder than I had expected. The stimulation was intense and I started to think that it might actually stimulate me enough that I might actually have an orgasm, I hadn’t had one for years. That is a different story.

After what felt like a long time, especially due to the vibrations, I decided I would check the key so I slowly, while trying to stay covered by the blanket, moved to the opposite side to check the icelock. I was relieved to see that it had thawed enough and the key was free so I unlocked the entire ice lock with the cold key and then moved back into the treeline away from the freeway. Under the blanket I unlocked the chains that held my cuffs together and the chain tethering me to the tree by my collar, leaving the collar and cuffs locked on, and packed them away in the backpack all while the plug kept me panting and twitching.

With one blanket wrapped around me and the other packed away and certain that I had packed everything else in the backpack I slowly and carefully moved away from the freeway through the grove, my heels sinking into the ground. As I reached the other side of the trees, I stopped and took a really careful look around. The really scary part started here and if it hadn’t been for me being so incredibly aroused by the vibrating butt plug and the night's experience I might not have dared to walk out in the open as easily as I did.

I stopped next to the plank and leaned onto it and with my fingers cleaned the dirt of my thin heels before quickly walking out onto the bridge. The sound of thin high heels on hard surfaces have always been very arousing to me so I had a smile on my red lips all they way over the bridge, only stumbling a bit when the stimulation of the plug became too distracting, down the other side and all the way around and then under the bridge to my car. As I got to the car I unlocked it, got inside and pulled out my iphone to post a short update on my experience where I thanked the unknown person that had controlled my plug giving me such pleasure, and explained that I had to stop the control link for a short time while I was driving but that I would post a new one very soon.

I drove off to an empty road in an industrial area where I pulled on the jogging suit but decided to keep my stilettos on. I drove home and parked the car, posted a new control link and walked slowly and as quietly as possible from my parking space across the tarmac towards the entrance and was startled when the plug started up again. All the way up the staircase, the plug made me hang onto the rails and it was hard to keep quiet up the stairs and I fumbled with my keys before stumbling into my apartment. With the door locked and being safe I pulled off my jogging suit and on my iphone I opened the Lovense app and started to chat with the person controlling my plug.


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