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by Ralph

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Storycodes: Sbm; outdoors; tree; cuff; caught; F/m; bond; bdsm; mast; oral; denial; cons/nc; X

“Come on, guys, stop it.  This isn’t funny!”  Will was confused and angry, but the boy holding each arm kept pulling him backward.  “What’s wrong with you guys?  Stop it!!”  His backward movement stopped when his back hit the trunk of the tree that stood in the middle of the small clearing.  He bit his tongue when his head rocked backwards and struck the trunk with a thud, and the pain in his mouth distracted him for a moment.

In the moment, Tom stepped behind the tree with the rope he had pulled out of his bookbag and tied one end to Will’s right wrist as Robby pulled Will’s arm backwards around the 4 inch diameter tree trunk.  Will regained his senses and struggled, but he was too late as Tom tied his wrists together behind the tree.  Robby and Kurt still held his arms while Tim and Dave stood near where the path came between the line of bushes and entered this clearing.  They were laughing and pointing.

“Let me go!  Let me go or I’m really gonna kick your asses!”  Will could only twist around the tree as he challenged his friends.  Or rather, soon to be former friends.

Tom stepped in front of him.  “Big talk from the guy who can’t go anywhere.  Just you against the 5 of us?  I don’t think so.”   Tom looked at Robby.  “Push his chin up.”

Robby complied with a grin and Tom showed the roll of duct tape he’d held behind his back.  In a short time he put 4 strips across Will’s mouth--directly across, an X pattern, and a final one wrapping from cheek, under the chin, and back up to the other cheek.  Now Will was only able to grunt his anger.

Tom went to his bookbag and pulled out another length of rope.  He had Robby and Kurt hold Will’s legs while he tied the rope to one ankle, around the tree, and then the other ankle.  Now held to the tree by his arms and ankles, Will could only grunt and stare as Robby and Kurt joined the other 2 boys at the edge of the clearing.  Tom lifted Will’s shirt and began to open his pants.  “Let’s let Amanda see what you have to offer, ok?”  Despite Will’s struggles, Tom soon had the pants opened and pushed both jeans and briefs to Will’s knees.

There was more pointing and laughing as Will was suddenly exposed to the world.  Anger won out over embarrassment and Will was thinking what he would do when he was free.  As Tom motioned and the 5 boys moved out of the clearing to take up hiding places behind trees, Will had time to regret ever telling them about his crush on Amanda. 

They’d been playing basketball one day.  Six good friends who had come together this year in 7th grade.  Tom was more adventurous than the rest and, like most boys entering their teen years, the others had excitedly followed his lead as they stretched the limits of pranks.  Tom was the one who had come up with the idea for Will to wait for Amanda in this clearing and ask her to the end of school year dance.  Will had known Amanda since 2nd grade and this year she’d really blossomed.  Now that he was getting to be old enough to appreciate her development, and her good looks, he wanted to spend more time with her.  Will had hoped the dance at the end of the school year would start a relationship that would extend through the summer and maybe beyon.  Now he realized Tom had only wanted to embarrass him.  He looked down and realized this would be the first time he was exposed to a girl.

Sound coming along the path brought him back to his current situation.  His planned proposal to take Amanda to the dance was trapped behind 4 layers of tape.  He struggled again, but was unable to get loose.  Then she came past the bushes and into the clearing.

Amanda froze, a look of shock on her face, when she saw Will tied to the tree, pants at his knees.  The 13 year old girl looked at him.  To make things worse, the sun shone off her straight blond hair as it hung just past her shoulders.  Her shirt was snug and her skirt was short, exposing long tanned legs.  She was still a child, but to somebody her own age she looked stunning.  Will responded as any boy would in that situation and the other boys began laughing and came out from behind the trees.

A look of fear came over Amanda and she turned and ran back up the path.  The boys walked over to Will and continued his humiliation with comments like, “Nice touch at the end there,” and “you really know how to impress a girl.”  Then they walked away and left him.  Alone, tied to the tree, something stirred inside him.  Will looked down to see himself stirring with sexual excitement.  After a long struggle, he managed to pull his hands free from the ropes, then untied his legs.  The excitement didn’t fade and he left the tape on his mouth as he walked out of the clearing, knelt behind a tree, and used his hand to find release.  The feeling of helplessness from the tape gag created butterflies in his stomach and he was hooked.

Amanda avoided him after that and he never saw her use that path again.  Will dropped his friends, but began exploring his new interest and got pretty good at tying himself up.  Like most people in a medium sized town where heavy industry had once ruled but factories now stood empty, he left after high school, went to college, and found a job somewhere else.  He was only a few hours from home, but only came back to visit his parents until they retired and moved south to avoid winter snow.  Girlfriends had come and gone as he tried to find a woman who would understand his fetish.  Some freaked out when he mentioned bondage, a few liked to be tied up, even less would agree to tie him, but he never found the one who truly understood what he sought in bondage.  The idea of being totally exposed and helpless in front of a beautiful woman drove his fantasies.  Teasing, torment, never able to anticipate, assist, or resist was what he wanted and there were so few women who understood how to do that to a man.

Will stood in the clearing and remembered how it had begun.  He could almost imagine himself tied to the tree that still stood, although the trunk was now at least 9 inches in diameter.  The path was largely overgrown, a testimony to how little it was used.  Will, now 28, was happy about that because he had plans he did not want interrupted by hapless travelers. 

He was back in town for his 10th high school reunion.  The dinner and dance was tonight, so he planned to spend the afternoon remembering a sexual awakening.  He set his backpack on the ground near the tree and pulled out what he would need.  His backpack was a transportable bondage supply, so he had much more than his current fantasy would call for and had to dig through to locate the necessary items.  First was the duct tape, carefully set on the ground.  Next came a length of rope, and finally a set of handcuffs.  The key was in them and a 15 foot length of string extended from the key.  He did not want to get stuck tied to the tree, so he would use handcuffs instead of rope, the only compromise to his scene.

After applying a healthy dose of bug spray so he wouldn’t go to the dinner covered in bites, he began as it had 15 years earlier by applying 4 pieces of tape to his mouth.  The sticky sensation was already arousing him and the fact he could only breathe through his nose began the sense of helpless restraint.  He took a length of rope and centered it on the back side of the tree from his planned position.  Setting the handcuffs and key in front of him, he backed up to the tree and bent over to tied one end of the rope to each ankle.  Almost done, he locked one cuff to his left wrist, taking note of where the key hole was, and tied the end of the string holding the key to the middle link of the handcuff’s chain.  Will preferred hinged cuffs, but for this he wanted to be able to turn his wrists as needed and opted for the police quality chained cuffs.  He stood up and took a deep breath.

Will was wearing jeans, running shoes, and a knit golf shirt, trying to keep the apparel as similar as possible to what he was wearing 15 years ago.  He undid the snap and zipper and pushed his pants and briefs to his knees.  As he stood up, his full grown manhood swelled outward, angling upward toward the sky.  That part was different, but he was now on the mature side of his awakening.  Taking a final moment to listen, he decided he was alone and swung his arms back behind the tree.  It was a bit of a reach, but he found his free wrist, slipped the empty cuff over it, and pressed the ends together.  The ratcheting sound let him know he was stuck until he could pull up the 15 feet of string to get the key.  Then he heard the crunch of footsteps in the woods and saw motion to his left side.

Amanda came walking slowly from her hiding place behind one of the trees.  There was no sign of fear or embarrassment this time.  In fact, there was a purposeful smile on her pretty face.  Will began pulling up the string to reach the key and she quickened her pace, stepping behind him.  He felt tension on the string, then it was being pulled back out of his grasp.

“I don’t think so,” Amanda said softly.  “I need a little more time to admire this and decide what to do about it.  The last time I had a chance to see you like this I left too soon.”

Will was confused, but also unable to resist as he felt tension on the handcuff chain for a short time.  When the tension was released, Amanda stepped in front of him and held up the entire string with the key dangling from one end.  It suddenly hit Will that he was completely at her mercy now, a fact her smile revealed she was well aware of.  She abruptly tossed the key over her shoulder and he watched the string let out like a tail, following the key over the bushes and out of the clearing.

“Now it’s just you and me, and you have nowhere to go unless I decide to give you back your key.”  She leaned forward and licked his cheek before whispering, “So how does it feel now?  I thought so.”  Her hand had found his throbbing cock, fully engorged and seeming to reach back to her.

Turning away, Amanda walked about 10 feet from him before turning around.  The walk had allowed him to enjoy the view of her ass swishing her mini skirt.  Her legs were still tanned and shapely, but now they were the legs of a woman.  When she turned back to face him he saw her nipples pressing against the fabric of her buttoned shirt and he realized that she was also dressed very similar to the way she had been 15 years ago.  But this was no longer 2 barely teenaged 7th graders.  Now it was a man and a woman facing each other and the situation was very different.

“I was really hoping you’d be here,” she said as she took in the image of him secured to the tree with his pants down.  “I’ve found a few of your postings on the Web and knew you liked tying yourself up.”  He raised his eyebrows a bit.  “How did I know it was you?  Well, your background for one thing, and then the pics.  I really liked those, but you’re so much better in person.”

She moved over to his backpack and began looking through it.  “It seems we both had awakenings that day.  You found out you liked being submissive.  That night as I was going to bed I couldn’t get the image of you out of my mind.  I was angry with myself for not staying there and being a bit more adventurous.  We could have put on quite a show for your friends.”  She laughed and looked up at him.  “I found out I like being in control, but always missed having my first opportunity slip away.  Now, you’ve given me a second chance and you are really going to pay.”

Will felt a bit of fear.  What did she mean, going to pay?  As if in answer, she hefted a belt in her hand and moved toward him.  He braced for it to lash him, but instead of striking him she stood on one side of him and swung an end around the tree behind him, picking it up as it lay draped over his shoulder.  Too late he realized what she was doing and he could only move his head an inch or two before she passed the end through the buckle and pulled it snug.  His neck was pressed back against the tree and he heard her laugh softly.  “You might thank me later,” she said quietly.  “Or maybe not.”  With that she pulled on the end until the tension restricted Will’s breathing and she buckled it in place.  He noticed she paused to check the pulse in his neck and realized she wasn’t trying to strangle him.

Amanda stepped away to admire her work and unbuttoned her shirt.  She slipped it off her shoulders and let her firm, natural breasts come into his view.  She squeezed them from the bottom, pushing the nipples toward him and making him long to suck them into his mouth.  “I ended up a natural C cup.  Want to feel them?”  She moved up against him and rubbed her breasts against his shirt for a while.  He was getting more excited, but the belt around his neck made it difficult to breath and he was soon light headed.  She lifted his shirt over his own nipples and pressed her flesh against his, letting her erect points run over his smaller ones.  Then she transferred her hands to his chest, pinched each of his nipples between her thumb and finger, and pulled as she backed away.  Using her nails, she held on until his nipples were stretched away from his chest, then released them to snap back into place.  His grunts of pain brought out a laugh from her.

She went back to his backpack and pulled out some rope.  “You have way too much movement,” she commented, and moved back to him.  The first rope was wrapped around his head and the tree, covering his eyes with 8 neat loops running from his nose to his eyebrows, securing the upper portion of his head to the tree, and putting additional pressure on his throat as it was now pushed outward.  Another rope went around his waist before she ran yet another rope in an X pattern across his chest and behind the tree.  Another rope went around his knees, taking away almost every remaining bit of mobility his body had.  The final rope went around the tree and across his legs just under his balls.  Two loops there, then 4 loops above his balls to trap them and pull them forward, finished with 4 more loops above his cock squeezing the base and directing it forward.  Now he was immobile and more exposed than ever. 

Will was blinded, gagged, half suffocated, and his cock and balls were in a modified front hobble, but he still jerked a little when he felt Amanda’s legs sliding over his shaft.  She had hiked her skirt up to her waist and pressed her legs together before moving in on him, trapping his shaft between her legs and rubbing over his stretched skin as she inched her way forward to press her body against his.  He could hear her soft laughter as she rocked her hips, running her crotch and upper thighs along his cock and moving her nipples up and down against his chest.  Soon he was snorting through his nose, struggling to get enough air to match his state of arousal.  Amanda spread her legs and moved back from him, drawing satisfaction from his squeal of disappointment.

She went back to his bag and pulled out a short flogger, swishing it through the air so he could hear the 15 inch leather strips.  “I want to see your belly glowing red.  How long do you think that will take?  How often do you think I’ll miss?”  The last word sounded like a hiss, and he didn’t like the implication. 

Amanda began flogging his belly, striking with full swings, and he was soon developing a pink glow.  Then she swung low and got him on his cock and balls.  Unable to move much, his grunt of pain was the only indication of the pain she had caused.  A few more strikes on his belly and then she swung low again.  The belly strikes were beginning to sting as the pink turned more intense, but the real pain was when the leather flogger caught the stretched skin on his hobbled cock and balls.  Soon she was alternating strikes and his grunts were almost constant.  Then the majority of strikes were low and the pink had gone to dark red on his belly, each strike feeling like his skin was being cut away.  The head of his cock was also stinging, and he was surprised to find he was still erect despite the very sharp pain.

It ended as suddenly as it began, but the burning sensation continued.  He felt her hand close tightly on the head of his cock and he grunted again from the pain.  “Oh, you poor little thing.  Maybe I can make you feel better.”  Amanda dropped to her knees in front of Will and took the end of his shaft into her mouth.   His leg and abdominal muscles twitched as she pushed her lips slowly down the length of his cock until they reached the base of his flogged member. A few rubs with her tongue and he was once again snorting through his nose as he fought for air.  She very slowly withdrew her lips until they slid together off the tip of his cock.  He was bouncing with each heartbeat as the blood continued to pour into his already engorged shaft. 

She stood up and moved her head up close to his.  “Can you smell yourself?” she asked him.  To maximize his chance, she kissed his nose and ran her tongue across the tape just below his nose.  From the excitement and lack of air, he believed he did smell himself.  Was it real or induced thought, he didn’t know, but she was driving him mad with her tease.  He felt her panties pressing down on the top side of his shaft, felt her breasts flattened against his chest, felt her hot breath on his face, and all he wanted was for her to take him and grant him release.

Her fingers once again closed on his nipples, twisting and pulling as she stepped back.  Her hand was on his balls, squeezing them as her other hand grasped his cock and began stroking.  The diminished air supply increased his sensory appreciation for what she was doing and he desperately wanted to buck his hips, but the ropes held him tightly in place.  Amanda was giving him long steady strokes and his arousal was nearing its limit.  His muscles quivered, his breathing came in gasps, and he could feel the familiar tension in his gut as the climax built.  She never picked up speed as she felt him tensing under her fingers.  Instead, she gave two more strokes and took her hands away from him.

With the loss of stimulation, Will was left where she had left him.  His body was trying to move forward anyway, but he just wasn’t ready to peak.  He felt his muscles pumping and pumping, hanging on the edge of release with the sensations flooding his mind as if in a wave chamber, crashing back and forth with nowhere to go until the waves could subside on their own.  He heard Amanda’s laugh and realized he’d gone as far as she was going to allow him to go.

She had her hand under the head of his cock and caught the few dribbles of cum that managed to get free.  “Three drops got out,” she said.  “I’m sure you wanted to do more than that, but not right now.  I’m not in the mood to have you squirting your stuff all over my hand.  So you can have these drops back.”  He felt her hand on the tape over his mouth and the pungent smell of his own cum filled his nose as she wiped her fingers on him before stepping away.  He was left like that for a while, wondering what was next.  Or if there was a next.  Where was she?

Amanda had taken that time to put her shirt back on and get her clothes back into place.  She went over to where she’d tossed the key, easily found by the long string tail, and recovered it.  She tied it back to Will’s handcuffs and made sure he could feel the string before stepping back in front of him.  His shaft was still hard, but not as much as before since the stimulation had stopped.  She smiled.

“That, my dear Will, is what I’ve thought about for 15 years, wishing I’d indulged the first time I found you here.  I found out later about you wanting to ask me to the dance and would happily have said yes.  Tom asked me to the dance instead.  That’s where he told me about how he’d gotten you tied up.  And that’s when I put my knee in his balls and left him on the floor.  Thinking of you tied to the tree and Tom on the floor I knew I loved bondage and wanted to take advantage of men who liked being tied up.  You have the key again and you’ll find that the belt is buckled on the side so you can reach it easily.  All the knots are toward the front.  Don’t be in too much of a hurry to finish yourself after you’re free.”  She laughed again, knowing what he wanted to badly to do.

Will began taking up the string to get to the handcuff key as he heard her moving away.  She stopped and looked back at him, once again admiring the exposed man tied to the tree, part of her wanting to impale herself on him to share a mind bending orgasm.  “I hope you make it to the dinner tonight.  I’ll save a seat at my table for you.  We can have that dance together, just 15 years late.  And if you’re really a good boy, I’ll take you back to my motel room, tie you up, and make you wish you could have as many orgasms as me.”  She turned and walked away.

It took time for Will to release the belt and all the ropes.  His belly was still red from the flogging she’d given him.  He grasped his cock in his hand, then slowly released despite the sudden swelling in his shaft.  He’d go to the dinner, dance with Amanda, and try to be a good boy.  If he didn’t indulge now, he’d have more for later.  Fifteen years after wanting to ask her for a dance, he’d met the woman he was looking for and he would do his very best to keep her happy with him.

The waist of his pants hurt against his belly, especially as he bent over to pack away his gear.  As he prepared to push the rope into his backpack he noticed a piece of paper that he hadn’t put there.  Will pulled it out and read it.  'This was a reunion worth waiting for.'


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