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Outdoor Nightmare

by MrsPink

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© Copyright 2015 - MrsPink - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; outdoors; naked; toys; cuffs; caught; F/f; sbf; tease; insert; plug; lesb; denial; climax; cons/reluct; X

(Story is based on a true story, names have been changed for privacy)

My name is Tessa, I started doing self bondage a couple of months ago and I really enjoyed it. But in the first couple of weeks I was scared for being discovered while being bound and it really scared me off for doing heavy self bondage. And I didn’t want to call friends since I didn’t know anyone who liked it. But I decided to do an outside bondage scene. And I wanted to keep it simple for the first time, because I didn’t want to be discovered or something like that.

I'd planned this bondage for a long time already. I decided to not go that too far for the first time and to keep everything safe. I made the following plan: I would make a dress from newspaper or trash bags or something like that. But it would be pretty snug around my body to make it a little more exciting. I would also add a vibrator. I would put on my dress and add some make up and go to my uncle’s tree farm. He was going for some days to go to a contest or something, I don’t remember. It was a medium field full of trees and it was next to a busy road.

Luckily I had the keys for his home so I would dress in the house at the start, and put my clothes there so I had to walk back in my dress to get my clothes, with a chance to be seen. I would just do an ice release and I would cuff my wrists at the back around the tree and I would cuff my ankles behind the tree like my hands. I already looked around for a good tree and saw one that was just behind some other trees so I could be seen if someone was pretty close and paying attention for a long time. But I couldn’t be seen if someone just passed it without paying attention.

I already collected my stuff I only needed to wait till my uncle left the town. I wanted to start as soon as possible so I had enough time to escape if something went wrong. Because I had a second release in my mind but that took some longer planning. My second release would be a clock release but it would start after 12 hours when I started my bondage, so I had to wait like 15 hours before I could release myself, if the first release failed. That brought some more excitement with it. I just wanted to do that to punish myself for being stupid for making the rope too short or something like that.


This was my day, my first outdoor bondage. Yesterday I warmed me up with a little bondage just to make myself looking forward for it. I wanted to do one this morning but I heard that my uncle left pretty early so I had to make me up ready for this special moment. I was still scared for being discovered but I had to do this. My dress was ready. I made one from plastic bags and it was pretty snug to be honest. You could really see my nipples. Hopefully nobody saw me like that and wanted to touch it. Everything was ready. I only had to wait till my uncle left his farm, he would send me a message.

After a couple of minutes I got the message that my uncle was ready to go and he wanted me to get his keys. Luckily the farm wasn’t that far away so I could easily walk it. I decided to take my stuff with me so I could start immediately.

I got there and I saw that the car was filled with bags and other stuff. I knocked on the door and my uncle opened it. I walked inside and decided to take something to drink, something big so if I were unlucky, I had to urinate and sit in my urine for maybe some long time and that would be that nice. My uncle asked me what I had in my bag and I said that I was going over to a friend after he left. He took his last stuff with him and said goodbye. He gave me the keys and I said goodbye to him and waved at him when he drove away. I waited for some minutes to be sure he didn’t come back to get something. Just to prevent problems.

After some minutes I decided to put my dress on. It was so snug that I had to try twice before I got it on. Maybe this wasn’t the best dress for the first time but whatever. I took all the stuff out of my bag and I threw my bag with my clothing in a corner. I went out to the farm using the back door. And I laid all my stuff on the place of the tree. I went back and closed the back door. I couldn’t open it from outside anymore so when I was done, I had to walk back at the front door and someone could spot me there. I closed the front door and hide the key underneath a flower pot, so I had to go down to pick it up and because I had nothing underneath the dress people could see some good stuff *Wink wink*

I went to the tree and installed the ice release. I also installed the clock but that would not start until the 12 hours had passed. I added a little timer that would start 12 hours after my time so the clock started. And set the clock in such a position that I had to wait at least 7 hours before it would drop. The key would drop on the floor and I could reach that place with my hands even if they were cuffed. I installed the vibrator and it would start with a short moment and it would go longer and heavier every time it started again so it would start easy. But I put on a max so if my first release failed I didn’t have to get a massive punishment from that thing.

I checked if everything was ready and good so I could start. I went down on my knees and put both legs around the tree and cuffed my ankles together so I couldn’t go any further. I ‘walked’ close to the tree and when my back touched the tree, I turned on the vibrator. I immediately felt excited, this was a long time ago and I really missed it. I didn’t want to gag myself or blindfold myself because I wanted to see everything what would happen if someone saw me or if something happened. I didn’t put on a gag because I wanted to have some good groans if I got over-excited. I put my hands behind the tree and cuffed my hands together. The key for the ankles was in front of me so I could see it but not touch it so that would be an extra punishment.

And now it was just waiting till the keys dropped down but I knew that it would take a while since it was a big block of ice. I looked around and saw all those trees around me. Behind me were some trees and an open field so I didn’t have to be scared that someone would see me from there. On the left I saw a little shack, my uncle built it to put wood in it if a tree died so he could use it to burn. On the right we had like 10 maybe more rows of trees behind it was a field with cows who were looking at me. I immediately felt uncomfortable, because they saw me. Luckily cows couldn’t talk or take me with them so I was safe. In front of me were some trees. You could easily see me if you were right in front of the row and you could see me from the hill, since the farm was lower than the road. If you passed me you were behind the house so you couldn’t see me. If you walked further you had to make a turn and if you looked back you only saw a house and you didn’t see me.

As the time passed I saw some people pass the street and I saw many cars, but normally it would be busier, probably many people were at work or at home. After some minutes a car passed me on a slow speed. I heard the brakes. I was wondering why that driver stopped here, since nothing else was here. I heard a door slam and I got a little bit worried. I saw a shadow from the left and I got scared as hell. I felt how my adrenaline went up and I got excited. This was not the right moment. Luckily the vibrator was off so it didn’t add more excitement to my experience at the moment. But I also felt that I had to urinate now and this wasn’t really the moment.

I saw someone passing the house and she walked to the farm at the other side of me. And this was the bomb, I couldn’t handle the pressure so I urinated. Luckily it didn’t make too much noise and she didn’t notice it. My breath was really slow and silent and I decided not to move. So my cuffs didn’t make any noise so she would not see me. She looked really good, she had brown hair but it was pretty bright, her hair went till halfway down her back. She wore jeans and a nice t-shirt. Her breasts were pretty big but not that big although mine were a little smaller. She also had a bag with her.

I got really excited and hoped she would go soon but at that moment my vibrator went on and gave me a big ‘punch’. I felt an orgasm coming and I wanted to keep silent, but I had to see what she wanted to do but if I did that, I had to fight against that groan. But I lost, every groan that was still in me came out. I did a loud groan. I didn’t want to look at that person and I also had to urinate the last bit that was still in me. This was really bad and I felt embarrassed. Why did I do this? Why did this happen?

After some minutes, or it felt like some minutes, I decided to look and yes there she was. She looked at me and she was pretty shocked. Most of the time people are looking at me like this when I wear something weird or when my blonde hair looks stupid. She finally took her stuff again and walked towards me. “Oh no this is so fucking awkward” I whispered to myself. She dropped to her knees at the tree next to me and said hello.

I smiled and nodded because I didn’t want to talk. She then took off her clothes and put it in her bag. She took some cuffs and other stuff out of her bag. She got 1 cuff and put it around a branch these were long cuffs, she took out a long stick with a dildo on it and placed it right under the cuffs. She placed a little ice block with key on it at the same branch and it was just above her hands so she had to wait till the ice melted. She bound her ankles and took a gag and blindfold. She put it on and walked backwards slow and steady, I saw how she touched the dildo and went on her tip toes.

She put her cuffs on and they were such a length that if she dropped, the whole dildo went inside her and the cuffs wouldn’t get her lower. I watched the key and saw that, if the key dropped it would be underneath her hands so she had to lower herself on the dildo to get the key and unlock herself. The other key was probably somewhere in her bag. I looked at my own key and saw that I still had some time to wait. But this made it a lot better since she also bound herself.

After a couple of hours, and a lot of groans from us both, her key dropped. She felt that and she went down on the dildo again. She took the key and released herself from the cuffs and she lifted herself of the dildo and walked a little further so the dildo couldn’t get in her again. The dildo was pretty wet and shiny, she was dripping. She took off the gag and blindfold. But I didn’t pay attention for the other things because my key dropped in my hands, luckily the first key landed perfect. I released myself and immediately turned off the vibrator and touched my back, and I was really wet, I looked back and saw a little wet spot on the ground. I really had to clean that otherwise I would get a discussion. I took the other key and I freed my ankles, I got up and the other girl was talking to me.

“So you are doing selfbondage too?” She asked me, I admired her body again, her breasts were pretty big and she had a good back, prefect to do other stuff with it, I thought.

“Yes but not that long just a couple of months” I answered she nodded and pointed at my dress. “Oh yeah, this is my first outdoor bondage I wanted to start safe.” I answered.

She nodded and took her own clothing. I walked back to the front door and she followed me when she got her bra and panties on. I went to pick up the key but I felt something in my butt, I looked behind me and there she was. That girl just put a butt plug inside me with a tail. I realized that everyone could see me now and I hurried to get the key to open the door, but I couldn’t get it because my hands were wet. And I got a new orgasm, I tried to get the key but it didn’t want to open.

The girl behind started to smile and began to touch my back. I saw some people coming and tried everything I could, I finally got the key and wanted to open the door but the key fell again, my hands were so wet from everything. The guys saw me and took their mobiles, I felt uncomfortable. I finally got the key again but I was too late, the guys took a picture underneath my dress and I had to blush, the other girl just stood there laughing at me while she got touched everywhere and the guys took some photos of her, but she didn’t mind.

After the boys left and I got inside the girl somehow came inside too. “And what are you doing here?” I asked.

She smiled again, and it was a sweet smile this time not like the previous time when she smiled but with something evil. “Well you still have my butt plug but I just want to talk if you don’t mind.” She answered and she took the butt plug out again. That felt much better but I still liked that feeling, maybe next time I have to get a butt plug myself. She sat down on the sofa and looked around.

“What are you doing here this is my uncle’s home and farm” I asked her a little bit angry.

“Well everyone knows that he is gone for a couple of days so I decided to do some bondage here, it is a lot safer here, but I didn’t expect someone else here.” She said and she took a glass with water.

“Okay but who are you, why do you want to talk and do you want something else?” I asked her, this was all I had to ask.

“Well I am Katy I've been doing self-bondage for like 2 years now and I really enjoy it but I never met someone else who does bondage herself so I just want to talk about it that is just everything.” She answered and she took another glass water.

“Okay so when are you going home?” I asked her again, I really want to kick her out of this house and go home.

“Well I just want to hear something about yourself and that is all” She answered. I didn’t want to tell but I thought that I had no other choice.

“I am Tessa and as I said, I've done bondage for a short period now and this was my first outdoor bondage”.

“Maybe this is a little bit fast to ask but, do you want to come to my place or I come to yours to do some bondage?” She asked me.

I felt uncomfortable and I got a wet feeling again. Me doing bondage to someone else and she doing bondage to me sounded really good. I already had some ideas to do that I couldn’t do on my own. This was my chance to do that. But yes maybe it was too fast, we barely know each other and I didn’t know if I could trust her.

“We can try once I guess, just to how things go.” I answered and she started to smile again.

“That sounds great, but I am going to dress myself again this is probably not that nice to see” she said.

But I have to be honest, I am lesbian so I really liked the way she looked right now and I really wanted to touch her just like she did, and that made me really excited and I felt that wet feeling again. “No don’t, I really love that.” I said.

She smiled and she came towards me. She undid the bra so her breasts fell out. “Sorry if this is too sexual for you my lady but I have to get a new orgasm because I was close to one when I pulled that dildo out.” She said.

I immediately understand what she meant and I took off her panties. I saw that her nipples were hard so I took them and decided to touch them. She groaned a bit but this wasn’t enough for her. I took the other nipple in my other hand and I did the same thing but now both at the same time. She groaned harder. Probably she really liked it. I felt a really strange feeling in my stomach, I didn’t know why I had that feeling. Because I was in love with Katy? Or was this an orgasm but a little bit different. I totally forgot what I was doing so Katy decided to take off my clothes, I didn’t try to stop it, I liked it, maybe this is love.

I was naked again and she threw me on the sofa, she slowly walked to the sofa and she touched my breasts. She got on top of me and she slowly slide over my breasts, this was a lovely feeling. I was getting an orgasm. I loved this moment so I kissed her but I didn’t know why. I touched her lips and she immediately stopped touching my breasts and she got off the sofa.

“No this is not what I want, I only want to enjoy myself a bit and you could enjoy yourself but I don’t want love right now or something.” She said and she picked her clothes, put it on and left the house. I couldn’t say anything. “Did I just ruined the love of my life, should I see her again?” I asked myself. I put my finger in my hole and fingered myself. I really needed this to relax. I went to the bathroom and took a shower, I fingered at the same time to relax. My hole felt really wet and I really wanted to see her again but probably she wouldn’t. When I was done and took some new clothing I want downstairs and I took all my stuff.

I wanted to leave the house after I cleaned up all the stuff and I saw that Katy cleaned her own spot. I locked the front door and wanted to walk back but I still saw a car standing in the turning. Wasn’t that Katy’s car, I asked myself but I didn’t care. I walked right passed it and saw nobody. When I was a little further I heard someone sneaking up behind me. But before I could see anything an arm gabbed me and a piece of clothing blocked my nose and mouth. I wanted to breath but I couldn’t. It was chloroform. Before I could realize it I fell down.

(To be continued)

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