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by Mikel

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Darla had been working for months without any breaks finally everything was caught up and it was time to see if the group could maintain without her constant supervision. The boss had given her two weeks off so she could get some much needed R&R. Darla had been needing more than rest she needed some alone time with just her and her kinky desires. She had been wearing her corsets and chastity belt to work for the last few weeks just so she wouldn’t be running to the bathroom and playing with herself. She had even gotten to the point of wearing her thigh bands with her belt just to make her more frustrated and every night when she got home she would tie herself to the bed and force an orgasm or two then fall asleep while still bound.

No time was available to just play or tease herself. Her newest corset had come in and she had been wearing it while at home but was unable to wear it longer than a few hours before she would give in and take it off. This new corset was thick reinforced leather and would pull her down to a sixteen inch waist from her normal twenty three. Its serious waist and rib compression made her feel like she couldn’t breathe and held her rigidly from chest to hips. The corsets she currently wore pulled her down to a nice eighteen inch waist but had almost no upper torso compression even though she had several over the bust corsets none made her hips and breasts look as defined as this style did.

During the last week of work Darla had sent the keys to the chastity belt and steel collar she wore to herself and waited three days before getting them back, then she forced herself to wait another day before removing the belt and fucking herself senseless. On the last day of work Darla wore her new leather corset with her chastity belt adjusted to its smallest setting that pulled tightly across the corset. Her attached thigh bands were locked closely together and the metal collars, that she bought to lock at the bases of her breasts, locked in place making them swell and turn slightly reddish while making her breasts very sensitive to any contact.

The breast bands also made the new corset considerably tighter on her chest from the forced swelling of her breasts which in turn made her breathing more difficult and more arousing. Darla looked at herself in the mirror admiring the shiny steel that circled her tiny waist enjoying the tightness of it. She stood thinking about the large ben-wa balls rattling around in her pussy and relishing the fact that no-one at work would ever no why she would be smiling all day. She wrapped the steel collar snuggly around her neck and closed the lock pulling the high neck of her shirt over it.

Darla spent the day gasping for air as she moved from department to department making sure everything was working. Her tall heels and tight thigh bands making walking much more strenuous than she thought it would and in turn making it much more difficult to breathe in the tighter corset. By lunch her ribs and back were hurting and she didn’t think she could make it through the rest of the day desperately trying to figure out a way to go home. As she got busier with work she was able to forget the corset and work the rest of the day teetering on her tall heels as she went from office to office. The tight corset made her unable to just reach down to the multiple straps around her ankles and unbuckle them and she was unsure how well she could walk without them so she had worn them the full twelve hours as well. On her way home she was ready to remove the whole ensemble and fuck herself silly again, the balls inside her were doing an incredible job of keeping her aroused and she was ready to have her well-earned orgasm.

Arriving home she removed her tight skirt and blouse and collected the key ring she needed to open her restrictive clothing. Her breasts were sore but every movement she made was being felt by her swollen and now very sensitive breasts and aroused her even more. She had gotten her quick tie set ready and her favorite vibrator removing her thigh straps and changing her shoes. The shoes she put on were her newest black leather ballet boots that matched her corset perfectly. Darla slowly laced them tightly up to her crotch really taking her time and making sure they were laced perfectly straight and extremely tight.

These boots had become her new favorites having worn them often over the last few weeks. As she locked the straps closed around her ankles and thighs she dreamed about actually being able to wear them to work. Darla walked around her house for a few minutes enjoying the boots before playfully locking the thigh straps over them. Clicking the locks closed making her take even more restricted steps as she got something to drink and walked a bit more in her boots. She had been spinning her key ring around her finger as she walked when she noticed the bulge in her purse and remembered the package she was supposed to ship to the home office. Damn she muttered as she knew she was going to have to go back to the office and print out a new shipping label for the correct date and would have to change clothes again.

Angrily walking to her bedroom closet she saw the long skirt hanging up and said to herself, “Maybe I don’t have to change clothes”. Feeling horny and a little brave she knew no one would be at the office so she slipped the long skirt on and stood in front of the mirror. Darla could only see just the toes of her boots sticking out, the skirt was meant to be a hobble skirt but if left unzipped at the bottom just looked like a fitted skirt that was snug around her thighs and knees. Darla pulled her thin white blouse on and tucked it in and felt that she was covered enough to make the trip to the office and back. After wriggling to her car she tested the foot pedals before leaving and was soon at her office. Darla walked as quickly as she could to her office, her steel spiked heels clattering loudly on the tile floors of the quiet offices. Reaching her desk she started her computer and waited for it to boot up, as she pulled the box from her purse her key ring fell out and clattered across the floor.

The computer had booted so she quickly printed out the shipping label and went to get it from the printer getting a new box to attach it to as well. Returning to her desk she stopped and looked for her keys, they were not where they had landed. As she looked around she sat the box with its new label stuck to it on her desk when someone said “Oh it’s you, working late again huh?” the security guard said as he walked around the corner. “I heard something and came looking but couldn’t find you, are these yours?” he asked holding out her key ring she smiled and said “Yes”. Darla tried to stay behind her desk so he wouldn’t notice her shoes as they exchanged small talk. She set the keys on the desk while they talked and waited for him to leave. By the time he had left she was so aroused from almost being caught she hadn’t her keys being put in the box.

He helped her tape up the new package all the while staring at her see through top and very form fitting skirt. She quickly grabbed her purse and started to leave, as she walked her corset was rubbing her nipples again and the balls in her pussy seemed to be motorized making it hard to concentrate on her steps. The guard caught up with her as she was leaving the building and she could feel his eyes on her ass the whole time she walked to her car. Darla was wiggling her ass to hopefully keep his eyes there and not on her shoes. She jumped into her car and sped off laughing at herself and the now drooling guard at the door. The shipping office was on her way home and had a night drop box and when she dropped it in she didn’t even noticed the jingling noise it made when it fell into the box.

Reaching her house she was so relieved her little adventure was over and so aroused that she stripped her clothes off and after tying the vibrator in place quickly tied herself to the bed. Darla thought the strong vibrator would be enough to stimulate her to an orgasm through the belt hoping the balls would tease her until she could cum but after two hours of struggling she had been unable to cum. Another hour passed before her release dropped and by then she was too tired to care and just untied her hands and went to sleep.

Waking the next day she untied herself and went to relieve her bladder before getting the keys so she could have the first of many much needed orgasms. Looking through her purse she did not find the keys, she went to the skirt and blouse and found nothing there either. Shit! I left them on my desk, it was still too early for her to go into work so she made herself something to eat and wriggled around her house trying to waste time until she could go to the office and get her keys. Her corset was still causing her chest and back to hurt but much less than the day before and she guessed her body had adapted but still wanted to be able to remove it and the damn belt.

The boots were still comfortable but her calf muscles were aching making her want them off as well even though she loved the way they looked and the way they made her walk. Napping for several hours Darla felt it was late enough to go in to work and pulled a long dress out, this one had no zipper at the bottom and fit her much tighter. With its lace up back she could show all her curves to the security guard this time. Once laced in the dress she added some makeup and styled her hair and soon was driving to the office building. Upon arriving Darla could tell by the amount of cars still in the lot she would have to wait a little longer before venturing inside and parked towards the back and waited. The corset made sitting straight difficult so Darla adjusted her seat back and watched the parking lot. Waking suddenly she realized she had napped for almost three hours and drove across the now empty lot quickly to a spot closer to the door and parked.

Her steps were much shorter in this dress but the long hem line and tall collar covered her accessories nicely. With the long sleeves the heavy dress made her much hotter and before reaching the building she was sweating and gasping from the effort of walking. She was able to get to her desk without seeing anyone but her shoes made twice the noise from her having to take twice the steps. She searched her desk and found nothing then searched it again then looked under it which was difficult and once down on her knees the friendly guard showed up again.

He just stood and watched her ass as she crawled around on her knees grunting before asking her if he could help which made her squeal out of surprise. She reached up with one hand and he helped her to her pointed toes before asking what she had been looking for. “My keys” she said flatly, he walked around “helping” but mostly looking at her body but neither found a key ring and soon she gave up. “I know they were right here when we were talking” she said. “You don’t think you might have put them in the box by mistake do you?” he asked stupidly. “Well I don’t know since you were the one helping me tape up the box could you have put them in there?" Darla said angrily. He smiled and shrugged his shoulders and asked “Can’t you just call whoever you sent the box to and ask?” Darla just smiled and said yes she could, Monday, that’s not going to help me this weekend.

Darla turned to leave knowing that if the box got there today it would still be at least two days before the office would be open. She figured another two days before the keys would show back up that would mean she would be trapped for a total of seven days in her corset with her tits bound and her ultra-tight belt and six days in her boots. Well I wanted to get used to them guess I got my wish as she clicked her heels down the hallway. She was no longer aroused by wearing her clothes at her work and wishing she had not put her thigh bands back on. Darla had nothing to do over the weekend and limited options of places to go. She checked her closet and found only one other skirt she could use to cover her shoes and it wouldn’t fit her waist. Slipping into the first long skirt she went to the mall wearing only it and the thin white blouse. The blouse was thin enough that anyone who looked could see the corset and even the wide bands around her breasts through it.

Store after store had nothing long enough to help until she found a small store that sold club wear. She was soon trying on many different dresses and skirts all of them were long enough and fit her extremely tight. As Darla tried on several spandex outfits she found a few dresses in latex and tried them on as well. Liking the last two latex items, she left the last latex dress on and pulled her skirt back up over it. Feeling randy again Darla closed the zipper on her skirt pulling her legs tightly together before donning her top and heading to the check out and buying several new outfits.

Darla struggled through the large mall regretting zipping her skirt closed and wearing the latex under it because now the skirt was harder to walk in then her other one and her constant swaying and tiny steps were getting a lot of attention. She couldn’t just stop and unzip the dress, she would have to take it off to be able to reach it and with the people watching her the way they were she just headed towards the car and left. The new latex made her sweat profusely once she got outside in the heat of the day struggling to her car.

The drive home was more difficult with her feet held close together and with her ass sliding around in the wet latex she was glad to see her house come into view.  Entering the house she felt much better and slipped out of the hobble dress and blouse and moved around wearing only the latex. She called the person that was expecting the package and left him a message about the keys and hoped he would call her back early Monday morning. Being Saturday night she decided to try and go out and see some friends at her favorite club. The club was very dark and she hoped it was dark enough to hide her pointed toes and tiny waist. Wiggling to her room she unpacked her purchases and peeled the damp latex off her body and cleaned what parts of her she could reach. Each step she took sent vibrations from the balls into her pussy and every bend making her exhale from the tight corset and pulling the crotch plate tighter, both sensations helped to keep her very aroused and frustrated.

The new skirt she chose to wear wasn’t as tight as her others but followed her thighs snuggly before flaring a bit below the knees and allowed her to walk easier. She yanked on her thigh bands and thought of her extra keys for them and her belt locked away in a safety deposit box. Darla knew she could not access them without having to explain why she could not pass through the metal detector.  As she rubbed the metal plate covering her pussy and the tight corset that didn’t let her feel her stomach move when she breathed she got even hornier. She tried to twist her breast bands to see if she could get to them enough to unlock them but each time she twisted them the pain was to intense and she could not get them out from under the firm corset.

Darla wanted to draw attention to her trapped tits, they looked very full compressed the way they were so she pulled her shoulder length kid skin gloves on and locked the cuffs that matched her collar on over them. The collar was made to fit snuggly but she managed to turn it around so the lock and d-ring was in the front. She applied her make up dark around her eyes and dark red lipstick and brushed her long hair down so it just covered her breasts and decided not to wear anything over her corset. She was curious to see if anyone would notice the wide bands at the bases of her breasts. The dress needed something at the belt line so Darla took a gold colored chain and wrapped it several times around her waist and locked it so it would give added definition to her figure.

Darla spent several hours at the club being careful not to drink much not wanting to have to go to the toilet in her belt and corset in public. Several of her friends commented on her tiny waist and her bulging breasts but no one seemed to notice her extra stiff posture or the tight bands around her tits. She noticed an attractive guy looking at her several times during the evening but it was not until she was leaving he stopped her. He handed her his number and said “I really like your corset and especially those bands around your breasts, if you ever need help getting in or out of them please call me”. She liked his face and smiled that he noticed the details her outfit and said “Maybe I will” and walked out and climbed into her car and drove home smiling about her evening out.

Feeling very aroused when she got home she removed her clothes and relieved herself before pulling the other latex dress out wanting to wear it and see how the transparent latex looked over her current under wear. The dress had long sleeves so she went to pull the leather gloves off and realized with a shock that the same key that opened her collar opened her cuffs. She cursed herself for letting herself get so distracted that she locked the gloves on. She tried to work the leather out from under the cuffs but they had been sized to fit snuggly on her bare wrists and were very tight over the leather and would not let her pull it out from under them. “Great!” she said to herself “How many more things can I lock on?”

She stood looking at herself in the mirror standing in her thigh high ballet boots locked on under her steel thigh bands that were attached to her steel chastity belt. The belt was locked tightly over her smallest corset that held her banded breasts trapped under it. Her arms wrapped in leather gloves locked on by cuffs that matched her collar and all the keys she needed to open them were by now in another state. She admitted to herself she looked hot, Darla pirouetted in front of the mirror looking at the chains that ran across her ass and decided that her ass needs some attention. Forgetting about the latex for now and moving to the bathroom and flushing herself out before lubing up her largest plug. Remembering that she had only been able to get it fully inserted once but being extremely horny she wanted to use it and hoped that with both vibrators going she might be able to get off. The plug slid part way in easily then the widest part hit her sphincter it stopped moving completely.

She grunted and pushed harder before turning around and sitting on the counter, as she slowly increased the pressure the plug pushed deeper until her body literally dropped as the plug popped fully into her. Darla squealed as the plug seated fully and was gasping as the pain slowly faded. Hobbling back into the bedroom she tied the vibrator back in place and set up her ice release and lay down. Attaching the ropes to her ankles was much more difficult with the large plug in her but she managed. Next she stuffed her mouth with a large ball gag and pulled her leather hood over her head lacing it tight. Lying back she locked her wrists as high up the chains as she could reach. 

The remotes for the vibrators were close to each of her bound wrists, she turned on the vibrator strapped to her steel covered pussy then flipped the switch for the plug. The plug was set to high and the shock Darla felt in her ass made her jump dropping both remotes as her hands flung themselves outwards. Darla was immediately being shaken roughly inside, the strong vibrations in her ass was causing the balls to literally bounce around inside her stimulating her in a way she had never felt. As her hands fanatically searched for the remotes her body was already being pushed over the edge and began convulsing from the violent orgasm she was having.

Darla screamed into her gag as the waves of pleasure rippled through her body, the balls continued to move and shake inside her and as she struggled for air. Her body was pulling desperately at the bonds holding her firmly to the bed making them rattle and the bed creak. Darla was gasping through her nose as the waves continued to wash over her praying that they would stop but really wanting them to continue as she struggled to keep herself from blacking out. For the next hour she screamed as she was constantly fighting the orgasms that seemed to go on forever and pulled at her bonds trying to grasp something with her outstretched fingers and finding nothing.

Darla knew her release would hold her for at least 3 hours and as she continued to gasp for air didn’t know if she could hold out that long if she kept having these massive orgasms.  After an hour of constant stimulation she blacked out and lay twitching stretched out on her bed. Waking an hour later the vibrator in her ass was slowing but the slower vibrations seemed to make the balls move more and soon she was heading to another massive climax. Darla had tears running from her eyes under the tight leather as she squeezed her pussy trying to hold the balls still but only making it worse. Relaxing her pussy she started thrashing and twisting in her bonds until the building climax neared its peak and suddenly the vibrations stopped.

Darla’s body was now needing the climax and she screamed as she felt the vibrations stop and began twisting and yanking on the chains and felt she would explode if she didn’t cum. She was more frustrated by not being able to come then she was by being forced to cum too many times and fought the chains finally needing to stop and rest. Darla was starting to relax and every few minutes felt around for her keys. The plug would give her a little stirring every few minutes making her wish for release and trying to decide if she would remove the plug or replace the batteries and start all over again.

When her keys finally dropped she had drifted off to sleep and slept until Sunday afternoon. Waking confused and sore all over she thrashed and yelled into her gag for a few minutes until she began searching for her keys and was able to release her hands. Turning off the vibrator still buzzing on her crotch plate she stretched to release her ankles, the large plug reminded her of its presence causing her to squeak in pain as she untied each ankle. She turned to sit on the bed and unlace her hood peeling it from her head then unbuckled and twisted the ball from her mouth dropping both on the floor. She rubbed her sore jaw muscles and carefully stood on her pointed toes and with wobbly legs went to the bathroom to relieve herself.

Darla was too tired to attempt to remove the large plug and walked carefully into the kitchen and drank some water with several aspirin for her headache then returned to her bed for some more sleep. She didn’t want to bend again to reattach her ankles so she reached up the chain and cuffed her hands to it and slowly fell asleep. Tossing and turning she awoke a few hours later covered in sweat and feeling very claustrophobic. She struggled with her keys to release her arms in a half panic mode. Once she calmed down she lay in the bed rubbing her hands over her tight corset and was glad she didn’t have to go into work dressed this way.

Spending her Sunday night at home alone in her current condition wasn’t something she wanted right now so she slipped into her new “semi” transparent latex dress. She carefully pushed her cuffed arms through the sleeves until her leather covered hands popped out of the ends and worked the tight latex up over her shoulders before zipping up the back. Now encased in a layer of latex she stood in front of the mirror again and squealed with delight from the image she saw standing there. She dimmed the lights and talked herself into believing no one would notice her under garments or the base of the large plug that was arousing her to the point of not caring what people saw or not.

With her banded breasts now covered by the latex she wore her hair up, working the short collar of the dress under her steel collar and reapplied her make up even darker this time and by nine o’clock was ready to go. Darla had not practiced walking much in the new dress and found out as she walked through her house that even though it was rubber the tight hemline made walking much harder and made her take even shorter steps. Darla was driving to the club sitting very erect in her corset and fighting the latex that forced her to hold her left foot off the floor while she applied pressure to the pedals with her pointed toes. This effort and her building arousal caused her to begin sweating under the latex making it more transparent the more she sweat.

Arriving at the club she wriggled her way across the parking lot and got several whistles and cat calls before reaching the door making her feel very sexy. Darla settled onto a stool shoving the plug deeper making her gasp and continuously shifted her weight while she waited on her drink and watched people dancing. Suddenly she saw a group of people from her work and turned beet red as she spun herself around on the stool away from them. Feeling very self-conscious now she gulped down her drink as they walked passed her. Darla was watching them closely as she slid off the stool and headed for the door being stopped by the guy she had met the other night. “Where you going?” he asked, stammering Darla said “Oh I’ve got to go” as she nervously looked for her work mates. “No you can’t leave already, besides your all dressed up have at least one drink with me” he responded. Darla really like the way he smiled and sat down next to him hoping no one else would notice her and the two sat and talked for a couple of hours.

She found out his name was Jim and he owned several businesses in the area and as she had more drinks and got to know him a little she forgot about her coworkers and started enjoying herself. Jim talked her into a dance and followed her to the dance floor watching her chained and plugged ass wiggle through the now totally see through latex. Her sweat had made the rubber became clear instead of a foggy transparent and form to every curve and line on her body. Everything she was wearing under it was visible even the breast bands were now outlined by the tight latex. One dance turned into three and Darla was gasping for air as she wiggled and writhed on the dance floor in her see thru dress until she could take no more and went to sit down.

Ordering water Darla was getting ready to go home, her building arousal was making it difficult to control herself and she needed to satisfy her body’s yearnings. She went to the bathroom and struggled with the dress to be able to relieve herself having to pull it down meaning she had to unzip it. After successfully getting everything back in place she went to the mirror and gasped when she saw her dress was completely clear and everything including the large base of the plug sticking out of her ass could be seen through it. Darla was horrified even if she thought she looked hot she didn’t want people in public to see her this way and walked as quickly as her tight dress would let her towards the door.

Passing Jim he jumped up and began following her as she just kept saying she had to go. They crossed the parking lot Darla was almost in tears when she reached her car when Jim stopped her and asked what was wrong. “I didn’t know this dress was see through!” she yelled “Everyone could see me and no one said anything not even you!” she yelled as she pushed him back. Jim stuttered and said “  I thought that was the way it was supposed to look, and you look beautiful in it”. “Thanks for saying I look like a slut in heat” Darla yelled as she slid into her car and drove off leaving Jim standing in the parking lot.

Darla calmed herself for the drive home as she fought the latex again being careful not to speed not wanting to explain her outfit to any cops. Wriggling into her house she flopped onto the bed wishing she had never seen the dress and had not gone out in it as she drifted off to sleep and slept until the next day waking to her phone ringing. Her whole body was aching again as she reached for the phone and heard her boss yelling the whole system has crashed and he needed her help right away. Darla, still groggy agreed and said she would be right in and attempted to jump out of bed. Her feet hitting the floor from her restricted legs not being able to catch her quick movements she was now awake and remembered everything including what she was wearing. I can’t remove anything but the dress and it’s the least of my problems. She sat trying to think but was afraid to call back and say she couldn’t make it in because her boss already knew she was at home and not out of town. She decided that this was her chance to wear her fetish clothes to work and if they wanted to fire her then fuck it, she thought to herself.

She pulled her long leather skirt on and a nice silk blouse that had long sleeves and a collar that would stand up by itself cleaned up her makeup and waddled more restrained than ever to her car. Once again having to fight the pedals and her pointed toes to control the car she made it to work unscathed and entering the building she could see everyone hustling about. Darla headed towards her office getting more aroused by the minute as she clicked along the tile floors. Reaching her office she was greeted by several other employees all of them talking at once but none of them even noticing her outfit or the fact that she was ten inches taller. Darla went to her desk sitting at an angle to ease her breathing she left her feet out from under the desk and the ballet boots could clearly been seen as well as the tight latex hobble dress poking out from underneath.

As her computer booted up she noticed the people standing around pointing and whispering about her shoes and pulled them under her desk. Quickly figuring out what the problem was and had the whole system up and running in minutes and explained to the person that caused the problem what had happened and what not to do. After waiting for the others to leave her office she carefully forced herself up onto her pointed toes and headed for the exit. Darla was trying to leave the building when a few of her coworkers stopped her and said “We saw you at the club last night, you looked so different and that dress, WOW! that was amazing”. Darla thanked them as she turned red and said she had to go but maybe she would see them there again.

Her feet were moving as fast as she could make them but just as she got to her car her boss stopped her. Taking her leather clad hand and said “Thank you, I don’t care how you dress or where you go after hours you really showed your team sprit today and I won’t forget that” He turned and walked away leaving Darla stunned as she slowly slid into her car and drove home thinking the whole way how horny she was and how she had just lived her dream of wearing full fetish gear at work.

Darla had to stop on the way home for gas and really worried what reaction she might get at the gas station. She didn’t like the idea of hobbling around her car in her outfit but she had to unless she wanted to walk home in it. She stopped and found the station to be very busy and had to wait for a pump to become available. As she sat in her car she noticed that several of the ladies pumping gas or entering the store were wearing what most guys would call “fuck me heels” and decided she would go inside and get something to drink and show her idea of how to wear high heels. She pumped her gas and grabbed her purse out of the car showing her ass to the men that had been watching her wiggle around her car and went into the packed store and poured herself a fountain drink and then stood in line waiting for a cashier.

Suddenly she felt very self-conscious as she teetered on her pointed toes seeing several men and a few women taking note of her tight dress and tall heels before reaching the counter and paying for her drink and heading back out to her car. As she got in she looked around and almost everyone had stopped and was staring at her. Darla giggled as she carefully drug her welded together legs into the car before waving at the people still staring and driving off wishing she had only been wearing her latex. That would have given them a show for sure.

Reaching her house she had a message from the guy who had her package saying he had come in work today and was sending the keys back to her office and would drop them off on his way home. SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! Darla yelled as she tried to call him back but just got voice mail. “Why didn’t he call me first” Darla said to herself “Now I’m going to have to go back to work still encased in this corset and boots they will think I’m a total freak for sure then”. Darla slid out of the leather skirt and hung it and her blouse up she wandered around her house in her latex before putting her largest gag in her mouth and strapping it tightly. She quickly locked her wrists together behind her back with a short chain.

The keys to the locks were still in her freezer, when she began to get bored she would have to climb into a chair then stand up to be able to reach into the freezer and retrieve her keys. Then wait for the ice to melt since she wouldn’t be able to reach the faucet in the sink. Darla knew that getting up in the chair was going to be difficult but had no idea how difficult it would be and had she known she would have never locked her hands behind her back.

Darla made it until Tuesday morning before desperately wanting to release her hands and satisfy her burning desire for an orgasm. The frustration and constant movement from the trapped orbs in her pussy had fueled her desires for an orgasm. She also needed to call in and see if a package had arrived or not so she drug a chair over to the refrigerator and stood next to it and thought OOPS I may have really screwed up this time.

She tried again to raise her leg but the thigh bands and tight latex wouldn’t let her get anywhere near close enough to step up on the chair. After several attempts she turned and sat in the chair and fought the chain holding her wrists closely together while she thought of another way out. Darla was looking around the room as drool ran from her gapping mouth and spotted her book shelf and quickly stood up and tip toed over to it removing several books and returning to the chair. After what felt like a million trips to the book shelf her ben-wa balls were making her horny again but she continued making the trips back and forth.

When she had built a small stair case to the chairs bottom she carefully walked up the shaky steps and stood in the chair. After gracefully reaching into the freezer while bending forward she had the ice block in her leather covered hands and took the first step down. The book on top slipped and with her weight already moving forward Darla had no choice but to try and run down the rest of the steps. As the pile collapsed she slid and squealed flailing her chained arms behind her trying to steady herself as she fought not to fall. When she finally stopped moving she was still on her pointed toes and leaning back against the refrigerator gasping from all the movement and excitement when she realized she no longer had the block of ice in her hand.

After getting solidly back on her toes she looked around for the ice block and spotted it across the kitchen sitting under the small corner table. She was relieved to have found it but was soon frustrated knowing how difficult it was going to be to get down on the floor to grab it then get back up again without dropping it. Sighing into her gag she shuffled over to where the table was and slowly bent her bound knees until she was sitting on them. Bending forward touching her forehead on the tile floor and flopping herself over onto her side with a loud grunt as her hip and shoulder hit the floor.

Sliding herself backwards she managed to reach the ice and pull it out from under the table before rolling over onto her trapped tits and rested before attempting to stand again. After drooling on the floor for 20 minutes Darla tried to pull her knees under her again but the latex was sticking to the floor like it had been glued and all she could do was rock back and forth and buck her hips. Darla was almost in tears, her banded tits were being pinched and her jaw throbbed as she rolled over again trying to ease the pain in her tits.

Now looking at the ceiling and much more comfortable she thought about how to get back onto her toes and figured she needed to get to her living room. The carpet and the couch should make getting back up easier, she thought. Darla began rolling herself towards the carpet and soon had herself moving like an inch worm towards the sofa. The movements were arousing her desires again and making it all more difficult to concentrate on her movements.

After reaching the couch she had herself standing in no time. She had been able to draw her knees under herself and use the couch to help raise her body up until she was sitting on it. Then she rocked her bound body until she was standing on her pointed toes and very aroused. Still holding the ice she saw daylight and knew the ice would melt faster outside so she wriggled her way to the back door and looked to see if anyone was out.

Darla also knew that once she was outside the door would lock as it closed and she would not be able to reach the high dead bolt to unlock it until her arms were free but thought two hours bored outside or 5 hours inside. She opened the door and stepped out onto her uncovered deck, letting the door close behind her with a resounding click. She turned her back to the small table and carefully set the ice block on it. As she bent her knees and sat back in the wire deck chair she looked up and saw the darkening sky and remembered  the news saying that it was supposed to rain today and all she could think about was OOP’s I did it again. The humidity was rising and making her sweat as she sat watching the ice block slowly melt causing her hair to stick to her face as she sat panting in the heat.

Darla could feel the sweat running down her legs and back but it was weirdly arousing to her as she sat squirming in the small chair. She felt the first rain drop and opened her eyes just as the sky opened and within a few minutes the temperature dropped and Darla was starting to shiver from the cold rain. She knew there was no place she could hide from it so she just sat miserable in her latex and chains hoping it would end soon. The water leaking in the sides of her gag did help ease her thirst and she was glad there was no thunder or lightning but had also noticed a decrease in drips coming from the ice block.

Two hours later Darla was sitting in the bright sun, the storm had passed and now the heat had returned and was drying out her soaked hair and the ice had been melting during the rain and was much smaller now. As the heat and humidity grew Darla was again stewing in her latex and soon began wishing the ice to melt faster as she got hotter and hotter sitting in the direct sunlight. Darla was leaning back arousing herself thinking about her newest adventure when she heard her neighbors and their kids come into the back yard and begin playing. She hoped they wouldn’t look over the fence or knock a ball or something over it and come to fetch it.

She had known them for years and knew they often came into her yard to get their toys and it never bothered her till today. She didn’t want them to see her in her clear latex and corset chained and gagged sitting on her porch. Looking at the ice again she could just see the key starting to be uncovered and almost squealed again knowing soon she would be able to unlock her wrists and remove the torturous gag. Darla began to rock in the chair driving the plug in and out with each movement on the hard chair bottom until she finally had enough momentum to stand up.

Catching herself within a few steps she thought to herself I’m getting pretty good at this and backed up to the table and grabbed the ice and quickly broke away the remaining ice and unlocked her hands. Stretching for the first time in two days she was starting to unbuckle the gag when she heard a thump behind her and turned to see a large red ball rolling across her yard. Darla heard one of the kids say “I’ll get it” and knew she had to get inside. Shuffling quickly to the door she reached up and got her spare key and was just stepping into her house when the gate could be heard opening as she was closing the door.

Once inside she ripped the gag out of her mouth and dropped it on the floor and worked her jaw muscles for a few minutes before getting some food and water and sitting down to eat. Once she had sated her hunger she reached back and unzipped the latex and peeled it away from her sweat covered body relishing the cool air as it washed across her skin. Rubbing the thigh boots she couldn’t feel that they were soaked through with her gloved hands but the wet leather against her legs told her that even though the latex had protected them from the rain her sweat had them soaked through as it had her corset. She sat rubbing her ribs through the tight leather and drinking enough water to float a ship. She moved to the bathroom to get cleaned up washing herself where she could. After drying her hair and washing her face she sat with her blow drier on high attempting to dry her boots and corset, giving up after a half an hour of trying but seeming like it was making no difference.

It was now late afternoon and Darla was tired from all her adventures of the day and without calling work decided to lie down and take a nap. Turning the ceiling fan on high before she climbed into bed she lay back and fell asleep on top of the covers. The fan she hoped would speed the drying process of her corset and boots and make her more comfortable. Awaking around two in the morning from her full bladder she sat up rubbing her chest as she gasped for air while she slid her pointed toes to the floor and stood up.

Walking seemed much more difficult as she stumbled groggy in the dark to the bathroom and tried to bend her knees to sit finding that once seated her knees were being pinched hard by the boots and her ankles wouldn’t bend at all. After cleaning the belt she was still having problems breathing and forced herself to stand again making her knees feel better. Looking at herself in the mirror immediately she could see the cause of her problems. The waist band of the chastity belt that had been so tight across her stomach was now loose and the skin above her thigh boots was puckered out on top of them dramatically. Even her chest was tighter as she could now see a lot more skin being squeezed out under her arms above the corset.

Gasping at the idea of everything being tighter she grabbed her measuring tape and wrapped it around her waist and saw it now read almost 15 inches instead of the 16 it had read when she started wearing the corset. Shit! Leather shrinks when it gets soaked! She flexed her legs and found the leather had drawn in all the way to her toes and now fit her like a second, very tight, skin. Darla was gasping as she panicked thinking she could never survive the corset being this tight and held herself up while she leaned on the counter.

Calming herself she still had a few hours to wait until anyone would be at work so she went back to bed to try and get some sleep before having to possibly go back to the office and fetch her keys. Waking again around three in the afternoon she felt much better as she stood and made her way to the phone and called work, “HI this is Darla I was wanting to check to see if a package had come in for me” Darla asked her assistant. “Yes one had come in yesterday but Peter called and said to send it back, he had sent it to the wrong address so I returned it to his office” the assistant informed her. “What! I needed that package, when did you send it?” The scared assistant answered “It left this afternoon”. A stunned Darla thanked the young lady and hung up and dialed Peter getting his voicemail and asking him to call her when he got the message. Thinking two days there two days back if I’m lucky.

Darla sat down and almost cried at the thought of four more days being crushed to death by the tight leather and knowing it could be longer. Peter called and told her he would ship the keys straight to her house, she thanked him and hung up sitting in her tight leather  thinking well at least I have a new record for wearing my boots a corset. Darla cleaned her house wearing the gag again during the whole process before putting on her leather skirt and nipple clamps. She vacuumed the entire house again before going outside and wandering around her back yard.

The heels made walking in the grass difficult and soon sweat was beading down her chest so she went inside to cool off and get something to eat and laid around in her skirt and watched TV until drifting off to sleep.  Waking her ribs and legs felt much better as she removed the tight skirt and sat looking around her house for something to do. Being bored she decided she would indulge herself in more self bondage.

Making sure the frozen keys were correct and nearby she strapped her vibrator to the plate again making sure it was on low random and wrapped her lower body with wide pallet wrap to the support pole in the back room. Once her legs and hips were securely bound to the pole she wrapped her torso and head tightly then wrapped them to the pole. Her face was smashed under the tight plastic with only her nose poking through and once she was finished wrapping herself she could not move her body or head at all. Taking the free end of the chain that she had attached to her left cuff she locked it close to her right cuff and began struggling while she waited for the vibrator to come on.

As she panted through her nose and tried to twist her body away from the pole she could feel the heat rising in her cocoon and began to sweat. The clamps on her compressed nipples twisted under the plastic and now were pulling her nipples sideways and hurting badly. She whined into her gag as she attempted to straighten them and succeeded in making them hurt more as she pulled on the chain and cuffs holding her arms behind the pole. When the vibrator turned on she could feel the balls moving inside her and soon was thrashing in pleasure and pain as she neared her first orgasm.

Darla was so close that she was moaning loudly when the vibrations stopped leaving her screaming in frustration as they started again almost immediately. She cussed herself for using the random setting as it went on and off not letting her cum for over an hour. By the time it decided to stay on her nipples hurt so bad and with the increased trouble breathing she had lost the desire to cum. Darla just hung in her plastic cocoon defeated and whining until the ice dropped the keys into her hands and soon she was uncuffed and trying to rip the plastic from her chest.

After her failed attempt to orgasm she just lay down and slept through most of the next two days. When she heard a knock on the door and found her package waiting for her and ripped it open finding her keys and squealed loudly. She quickly unlocked the chastity belt letting it drop to the floor and could feel the balls slowly slip out of her wet pussy. Sitting down to remove the boots they both fell out clanging on the floor.

Removing the tight boots Darla was relieved and tried to message her feet until they felt somewhat normal. Her stretched calf muscles would not allow her to walk flat footed so she tip toed to her closet and slipped her feet into some high heeled pumps and eased the cramps in her legs. Wanting a hot bath Darla unlaced the corset slowly trying to minimize the pain as the compression on her body was released. While waiting she unlocked her cuffs and pulled her arms out of the long gloves before finishing unlacing the corset and sliding it down her legs. Her strapped breasts were still a dark shade of red and were now sore to the touch as she manipulated them carefully and removed the tight collars encircling the bases and let the blood flow back into them. Now only wearing her collar she slid into the hot water and thought about the last two weeks and decided she would lace the corset back on as soon as she was dry locking it with the chastity belt and wear them both full time. After she forced herself to orgasm a few times of course.

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