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One Hot Session

by Otto Dix

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© Copyright 2004 - Otto Dix - Used by permission

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One Hot Session
by Otto Dix
One Hot Session by Otto Dix
Dear Mistress E.
Last night I did what you had instructed me to do.  It felt like I had a cannonball in the pit of my stomach as I made my way upstairs to my bedroom with the necessary equipment in hand.  The ice-cube release mechanism was already started.  Two cubes were used so as to give sufficient time for completing the self-bondage, and suffering.  I collected the gear from the attached garage, which was quite cold, and seeing how I was wearing only a pair of nylons, I was anxious to return to my warm bedroom.  In my hands, I carried chains, rope, locks, and …. one bottle of Tabasco sauce.
I placed the small red bottle on the nightstand and placed the chains and rope on the bed, neatly beside the other implements I would be using, one pair of handcuffs, a stainless steel shackle, and three very small cock rings.
My nylons had a reinforced opening in front which exposed my cock and balls.  It’s an alteration I did myself.  There is nothing more erotic for me than the image of silky, uniform, black nylon clad legs, tightly and neatly bound.  I would much rather be looking at those of a willing damsel, but at times I have to be satisfied with looking at my own.  I also enjoy the feel of them, especially the rope binding against the nylon fabric.  It’s not uncommon for me to tie up my wife.  We keep a pair of stay-ups in our goody bag along with a scarf and cuffs.  I usually start with cuffing her hands to the top of the bed.  I take my time, running my hands down her body once her hands are secured, and she is properly blindfolded.  I stroke her legs and lightly trail my fingers over her mound as she pushes her pelvis upward, hoping for some manual stimulation of her lips and clit.  But all she gets is light teasing touch, and I can see her lips parting and her moisture level rising.  “Soon enough” I say, “soon enough”.
I take a pillow and place it beside her hips.  She instinctively knows what to do.  She places both feet firmly on the bed, and raises her hips and I slip the pillow under her beautiful bare ass.  With her ass raised, it gives me good access to her soaking wet pit of quivering flesh.  I can suck and lick and drink her in and occasionally penetrate her deeply with a finger or two just when she needs it to send her over the edge.
But before she gets some sugar, she needs to pay the price.  I’m not tying her up because she likes it (although it certainly seems to make wetter than usual).  I’m tying her up because I want her tied up.  While preparing for an evening of sex, I’ll tell to put the stay-ups on, and she’ll know what comes next.  I take my time running my hands up and down her body, trailing a bathrobe sash cord over her from her neck, around her breasts, over her lips, and down her leg.  When I’m done touching her, I take one ankle firmly in hand, and place it in the middle of the bed, with her knee bent outward. Then I take the other, and cross one ankle over the other.  Methodically, I wrap her ankles with the soft cord, alternating in both horizontal and vertical wraps, and finish with a cinch to tighten it up and ensure that her ankle bones are not pressed up against each other.  Before getting down to business, I usually spend about 15 to 20 minutes putting dabs of cool vanilla pudding in strategic positions, and licking them off with ample sucking.  However, I never put pudding between her lower lips.  Besides for a variety of health related reasons, it just wouldn’t be right to be licking her there so soon into the session.
When I am finally ready, I lift her bound ankles, and crawl head first up to your waiting and eager hips, and lay her calves on my back.  In this position, she does not need to position or support her legs at all.  She can just relax and let go, let go of everything else and absorb the long awaited devouring of her sweet fruit of passion.  I take it slow as though I am making a good meal last, a nibble there, and nibble here.  There is no sense in rushing in until she’s good and ready to be flung forcibly over the edge of ecstasy.  Her mouth opens and she begins breathing rapidly in shallow breaths.  This is her “tell”.  This is how I know she is ready.  I concentrate on her clit with slow and gentle up and down strokes like a paint brush, pausing slightly between strokes.  As she starts moaning, I plunge a finger deep into her and speed up the licking.  

I feel her nylon covered legs press hard into my back, as she presses her succulent flesh upward into my mouth.  I lick more rapidly and insert a second finger and thrust them in and out with abandon.  I can see and feel her muscles contract all over her body as she endures the waves of orgasm wash over her body.  I push the orgasm as far as possible with long wide brushes of my tongue from bottom to top of her parted lips.  I look over the horizon of her breasts as she contorts and struggles against her bonds.  There is a short period of time where the sensations become hyper intense, and yet she is unable to say “stop” for her body is too busy dealing with the spasms in order to form words.  I slow down the licking until finally she is capable of pleading “no more” in a pathetic tone.  I back off and gently blow on her sensitive flesh, and kiss her inner thigh, which sends a shiver through her body.  I slip out from under her bound legs and cover her with a warm comforter, and lay down beside her.
But, I digress.  In this same bed, I am about to commit myself to the will of another; a person that is half way around the world.  I attach the hand cuffs to one end of a chain with a lock, and secure the other end of the chain to the base of bed frame at the head of the bed.  Two lengths of rope extend from the legs of the bed at the foot.  Before binding myself, I place three cock rings on my penis.  The rings are small, about an inch in diameter and fit very snuggly.  Then I place a stainless steel shackle around by testicles.  The shackle is just big enough to gather all the scrotum material between me and my balls.  I sit at the end of the bed and wrap the rope around each ankle separately and I reveal in the sensation and sight of my bound and nylon covered feet.  I test the length of rope from the bed legs to my ankles as I sit back onto the middle of the bed and my ankles are pulled taught and stretched out to each corner of the bed.
My heart races as I realize that I am ready for the next phase.  I have never put Tabasco sauce on my penis before, but this is exactly what I have been ordered to do.  I give the bottle a shake, and remove the top.  I lay back with my head propped up with pillows so I can get a clear view of my penis and bound form.  I hold my cock in my left hand and dribble a liberal amount of sauce that covers the entire head of my penis.  The liquid is immediately soaked into the fine crevices of my penis flesh.  I place the bottle back on the night stand and quickly reach for the cuffs to secure my wrists before I chicken out.  I have done this type of scene before with rubbing solutions.  Those hot rubbing solutions penetrate quickly, and I am usually in pain before I can get the cuffs on.  However, for the 15 or 20 seconds it took me to get both cuffs on, the only sensation I felt was a cool liquid feeling.
Once cuffed, I laid back and waited to see what would happen.  The rubbing solutions usually lasted for about 10 minutes before the sharp pain subsided to a dull pain.  I had no idea how much pain I would feel with the Tabasco sauce, or how long it would last.  How bad could it be?  It was a cooking ingredient for heaven’s sake!  After a minute of wondering, I could feel the surface of my penis begin to warm up.  It got warmer and warmer, and my cock reacted with a stiff erection that strained against the cock rings.  Then, very quickly, it went from warm to unbearably hot, as though someone was holding a lit candle under my penis.  This was the first inkling I had as to how much torment I was about to endure.  I wanted out, and I wanted out now! 

I began to wonder about just how strong the hand cuffs actually were.  I tried prying open one of the cuff’s chain links to no avail.  My ankles were securely tied.  If I had used rope instead of a chain to connect the cuffs, I would surely be picking away at it one strand at a time.  I finally bounced on the bed out of frustration and a hope that I might help jiggle the keys from the ice cube trap, but when I bounce, my penis slapped against my body sending a wave of pain through my body the like of which I have never felt before.  For the first time during a self-bondage session, I screamed in pain.  I continued to moan loudly as my penis felt like it was slowly being consumed by fire.  I stared at my release keys hoping for them to swing down.  Before I would be released from my torment, tears would be running down my face.
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