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Motel Room Meeting 7

by Ralph

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© Copyright 2006 - Ralph - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFF/m; FF/f; bond; fem; toys; cons; X

Part 7 - Sunday Morning

We seemed to be wandering up and down hills for hours, but it could have been only fifteen minutes.  I was completely lost from circling around, but it seemed one of the women knew where she was going.  I kept expecting to run into Tom and his girls, but somehow we never crossed paths even though we covered a lot of ground.

It wasn’t easy walking in the three inch heels, but I had other problems on my mind.  Sometimes the path would narrow and we had to go single file.  I tried to focus on the task of walking, which wasn’t too hard when I went ahead of Barb.  When she went first, though, I kept catching sight of her sweet, full ass cheeks swishing in her panties and the result was a hard on that would get caught in the pantyhose.  By now, I was pretty sore from all the erections and stroking and cumming, so it wasn’t as pleasant as it would seem for me to get excited. 

Eventually we came to a clearing fairly high up the hillside.  There were a few large rocks, one oak tree standing proud a little into the clearing at one side, and a fallen tree that angled slightly upward almost in the center.  Barb stood by as Julie and Fran pulled the dress down my arms and undid the bra.  They untied my arms long enough to remove the garments, then laid me back against the fallen tree and retied my arms on the bottom of it.  They positioned my so I had a leg on either side of the trunk, then tied my ankles together.  I felt the warm sun washing my chest and hoped I wouldn’t get burned.

With me secured, they turned their attention to Barb, who renewed her protests by shaking her head and trying to speak through her gag.  Fran reminded her that she could not change her mind as they led her to the oak tree.  I watched as they untied her arms, removed her bra, then retied her arms in front of her.  She tried to reach for her gag, but Julie and Fran were too strong combined and they soon had her tied and tossed the end of the rope up over a branch.  Faces lit with devilish grins, they pulled on the rope until Barb was forced to raise her heels off the ground. 

The image had its effect on me and once again I had a raging hard on sticking straight up, snared by the pantyhose.  Barb looked fantastic, arms stretched over her head, full breasts heaving with each breath, tummy flattened by the stretch and her panties forming snugly around her hips.  She tried shifting her weight, moving from leg to leg, but couldn’t get her heels back on the ground.  Just to make sure, Fran pulled off her shoes, lowering her another half inch.  What made her squeal, though, was when Julie pulled a 7 inch vibrator out her the bag and moved toward her.

I could just make out her words.  “Low setting, just to keep you in the mood, but not enough to take you over the top.  Isn’t that what you said you wanted?”  Barb shook her head violently, but Fran lifted one leg and pulled the crotch of Barb’s panties aside as Julie took aim.  Barb was soaking wet and the vibe slid in easily.  Then Fran replaced the panties and let go of Barb’s leg.  I could see the bulge as the vibe extended out of Barb’s snatch, and she writhed in her bonds, but it was there to stay and it was going to keep her at the edge as long as the batteries held up.

Fran and Julie left Barb to struggle and returned to me.  “Look at him, excited by that poor girl being tortured.”  Julie pulled out a pair of scissors.  “Let’s let the animal run free.”  A few snips and some tearing and the pantyhose were split down both my legs.  My sore cock was throbbing above my belly, aching for release and also wishing it would be left alone for a while. 

It got neither.  Instead, Fran walked away only to return with two leather floggers.  She handed one to Julie and they took their places on either side of me.  SWISH.  Fran took the first turn and laid the ends across my stretched chest.  It hit hard enough to hurt, but not in a way that made a loud sound that might draw attention. 

Julie took the next turn and laid the flogger across my thighs.  Fran followed soon after, dropping the leather across my belly.  Then there was a long pause as Julie leaned over my head and ran her tongue over my lips, then kissing the ball gag.  She stood and swished her flogger at me at the same time, bringing the ends in a line down my body.  The leather ends caught me from upper thigh to mid-belly, stinging my balls and cock as they landed. 

I jerked in my bonds and groaned, but it seemed to excite the girls.  I began to wonder if I’d been crazy to arrange my meeting two nights ago as both Fran and Julie now set to work flogging my in rapid succession.  They paused only long enough to see where the other was going to strike me, then brought down their own instrument of torture.  I was flogged over my chest, thighs, belly, cock, and balls until I felt like I was going to scream from the combined effects.  My hard on was long gone, but I knew I was still craving release.

After several minutes, the women stepped away from me.  I watched somewhat dazed as they walked up to Barb, who was caught just at the edge before an orgasm, unable to get further.  She was breathing hard, moaning loudly, her eyes mostly closed and drool coming out around her gag.  The approach of her tormentors, however, got her eyes open and she began twisting in a vain attempt to get loose.

The first lash caught her breasts and I found myself getting hard again as I watched her full mounds bounce from the impact.  Next came an ass shot, forcing Barb to stretch herself forward, tightening her thighs, and almost immediately brining her to an orgasm.  I had to admit I was excited, watching the two women flogging Barb and seeing Barb twist, turn, and stretch as she tried to avoid the flogging.  Her breasts danced merrily, her moans got louder, and she was pushed from orgasm to orgasm.  Gradually, her body took on a reddish hue from the continued lashings and she began to sag in her bonds from the effort expended.

That must have been what Fran and Julie were waiting for, because they finally stopped and put away the floggers.  Returning to Barb, they released the rope that held her up and helped her shuffle over in my direction.  The rope from her hands was run under my back and wrapped around the trunk, then tied off to itself at her wrists.  She stood there, breathing heavily, drooling on my belly as she leaned over, tied so she couldn’t get far away.  Then she bent over and ran her drool-coated lips and gag along my cock.

Despite everything, I thought I was going to explode when she did that.  As Julie removed Barb’s gag I realized that my exploding was the goal.  Barb’s mouth quickly closed on my shaft and she began skillfully pumping me and stroking with her tongue.  As Barb used her mouth on my, Julie massaged my balls and thighs while Fran pulled Barb’s panties aside and began stroking her with the vibrator.

In a short time, I was moaning loudly and tightening up.  Julie moved up to near my head and again licked my lips as Barb, who was herself moaning pretty loudly from Fran’s efforts, began moving faster and faster on my shaft.  She sucked on me and ran her tongue along my shaft and I began pumping my cum into her mouth.  She began running her mouth up and down my length again, letting me finish emptying myself into her mouth. 

I hadn’t felt Julie releasing my gag, but suddenly it was gone and Barb was moving her head up to mine.  She was practically squealing from Fran’s stroking as her lips met mine.  Julie pulled my head back, forcing my mouth open, and Barb opened her mouth as she reached yet another orgasm.  My cum ran from her open mouth into mine, but she was so hot we found ourselves kissing deeply as if there was nothing in her mouth.  Slowly Barb relaxed and, with a smack of her open hand on Barb’s ass, Fran pulled out the vibe.  She pushed it between our mouths and Barb and I cleaned it off together, sharing her taste after sharing mine.

We were left that way for a few minutes, then Julie and Fran began untying us.  Barb collapsed onto the ground, worn out by the many times she had cum.  I just enjoyed the sensation, remember the feel of soft flesh against me.  Fran explained that we would get dressed and head back into town for some food.  I was beginning to regret the end of my weekend when she gave me some news that got my firming up again.

“Do you remember Friday night I told you that if you were really good I might let you tie me up?  Well, you were better than really good, so, if you think you can handle it, once we get you back to your motel room I’m all yours for the rest of the evening.”  She had a mischievous grin as she added, “In fact, when we left you alone we had a discussion and decided we’ll all be your slaves.  If you want us, that is.”

I looked at her and smiled, already thinking about what I could do with three women.  “You’ve got yourselves a deal,” I told her.


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