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The Missed Detail

by Paneuf19

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story continues from 'A Ride to?'

The Adventures of Ken

The Missed Detail

I hope that you have read my first adventure, ‘A Ride To?’ If not then a brief introduction: I am a single male age 35. I live in a small rural community in Canada. Needless to say, I’m into self-bondage and have been for quite some time.

After my last close call and the ensuing trip in the trunk, I had kept my bondage sessions indoors and lower risk. Well, that was the plan anyway. I had several EDOs accumulated at work, and I decided to take a few and have a long weekend to myself to indulge my passion. To avoid people dropping by the house, I let it be known that I was going to be gone over the weekend. I went and checked my mail at the Post Office and on the way home ran into Jennifer, a 30+ lady who lives in one of the few apartments in town and commutes an hour to her job in Town, as the locals call Lamsburg. I have been on friendly terms with her for a couple of years, but have never pursued a relationship. I don’t know why I haven’t, as I find her very attractive and she is often the center of my erotic thoughts. I chatted with her for a few minutes, mentioned I would be away until Tuesday night. She told me to have a nice trip and with a brief wave headed toward her home.

Early Friday Evening, I made a show of putting a suitcase into my car and leaving town. I drove about six miles out of town and then checking to see no one was around, turned down a track to one of my friends farms. Hilda and John had retired from farming, and spent much of their time traveling. They leased out the farm land, but still maintained the house and farm yard. They were currently touring Italy and I had just received a post card from them in today’s mail. I opened their garage, drove my car in and then closed the doors. I then went into the house, using the key under the mat, and relaxed for a few hours until it was good and dark.

At 2 a.m. I locked up the farm house and headed back to town. I took my time sneaking back to my place to ensure I wasn’t spotted. Once safely in the house I breathed a sigh of relief and then set about getting my gear ready for my first session. I decided to use the bathroom which is located in the center of the house and has no window. This way I could close the door and turn on the light without attracting attention. I took four large screw eyes and threaded them into the pre-existing holes, two about two feet apart at by the base board and the other the same distance apart just below the ceiling. These would be the anchor points for my standing spread eagle. I stripped naked, threw my clothes into the hamper and donned my leather ankle and wrist cuffs. I fastened a 12 inch length of chain to each of the top eyebolts and locked them in place with padlocks.

I decided this would be denial bondage, and so put nothing on or near my cock. I then inserted and fastened my ball gag buckling it on and locking it. Next, with a bit of awkward bending, I fastened my ankle cuffs to the bottom eyebolts using clips. I then reached up as high as I could standing on my tip toes and locked my left cuff to its chain. I took a breath, looked at the ice timer sitting on top of the medicine chest on the opposite side of the bathroom to ensure it was as it should be. This ice time consisted of a piece of string frozen into a plastic milk jug with about eight inches hanging out. On the end of the string outside the jug was the key to my freedom. From this key another string led to a cup hook in the ceiling right above my right and eyebolt. So once the ice melted and released the string the key would swing down into my grasp and I could gain my freedom.

Satisfied that all was well, I reached up as high as I could and locked the final padlock, thus rendering me spread eagled against the wall. I stood there a prisoner of myself imposed bondage and, hopefully, a victim of my own imagination for the next eight hours, until the ice surrendered the key to my hand.

I closed my eyes and fantasized that Jennifer had taken me captive and was using me for a sex slave. I imagined her running her hands over my body, teasing me by always stopping just shy of touching my groin and nipples. I pictured her in the outfit of a mistress: black leather, stiletto heeled boots, a garter and black fish net stockings, a black corset squeezing her waist and pushing up her breasts causing her nipples to point at me as if daring me to touch them.

My cock was by now as hard as a rock and begging to be stroked. I tried moving my hips around seeking to rub my cock against the wall to get some relief, but of course didn’t even come close. My denial bondage was living up to all my expectations and driving me wild. I lost all track of time and several times must have dozed off. I started to see a bit of light at the bottom of the bathroom door and so knew that day light was beginning to wash across out little village. I guessed it was probably around 8 a.m. and so figured I had 2 ½ to 3 hours of torture left before I got the key and could wank myself to a much needed orgasm.

I had just closed my eyes and started to dream up another scenario when I heard someone talking in the kitchen. Who the hell was in my house? Then it dawned on me. I had, in all my careful planning, missed a detail. I had told Jennifer that I was going away for the weekend. Jennifer always fed my cat for me when I had to be out of town and so, I guess, assumed that since I was ‘away’ I wanted her to feed the cat. Wow, what a good friend!

Then I suddenly realized my predicament. I was bound naked to the wall in my bathroom about nine feet from the woman I had been using in my fantasies. I was suddenly harder than ever but also praying that she wouldn’t decide to use the bathroom. I stayed as still as I could, not wanting to rattle a chain against the wall or make any noise to attract her attention. I heard her talking to the cat, “Well Fred, (yes my cat is named Fred) he could of at least asked me to feed you instead of just assuming I would. I even thought of not doing it to teach him a lesson. But you’re such a sweet kitty that I couldn’t do that to you. There you go some nice salmon. Now I’ll just give you some fresh water and then I’ll leave you to entertain yourself. I’ll be back the evening to give you your supper.”

I heard the tap running, then a few moments later I heard the back door open and close. Whew! I had narrowly missed taking a bullet that time. I didn’t realize until now that I had been holding my breath. I tried to relax and restore my breathing to normal. While looking down at my raging hard on and dying to grab it and get myself off. Then I heard the back door again, “Silly me,” Jennifer said to the cat, “I meant to borrow a roll of toilet paper while I was here.” Shortly after that the bathroom door was opened and I found myself looking at a very surprised Jennifer.

“Oh my God, prayers are sometimes answered.” She exclaimed, “I dreamt of this, but never ever thought it would happen in real life. Stay right there, I’ll be back in a bit.”

She started to leave, but then turned back and looked at the key dangling in the air by the medicine chest. She went to the kitchen and came back with a knife. She cut the string to the key, put it in her pocket, winked at me and said, “You’re all mine now.”

She was gone for quite some time. I stood there in utter amazement at the fact that this woman I had been dreaming about was now suddenly in control and obviously ok with my kink. I heard her return and then heard her moving around in the house, talking to the cat and happily singing little ditties. When she finally came back to the bathroom, she was dressed in the outfit I had fantasized, except in red instead of black. “I have always dreamed of being the mistress of a sex slave,” she stated, “In my dreams and prayers I wanted that slave to be you, and now it’s come true.”

We spent the rest of the weekend living out our new roles. She placed a chain around my neck and locked it on saying we would need to get a collar at some point. She moved me around the house tying me up in different ways and using me as her sex toy. She teased me to distraction, bringing me to the brink of orgasm over and over again and then denying me, until at last, having bound me spread eagle to the bed, she slid my aching cock into her dripping pussy and rode me into an explosive orgasm. As I felt my cum erupting into her she climaxed and started moaning and screaming for all she was worth.

So it was that I became a sex slave. Jennifer gave notice at the apartments and moved in with me. My Mistress treats me well as long as I behave and we are looking forward to a long, loving and submissive relationship. We are even planning to make the big step and place ourselves into the bondage of marriage. I just don’t know what to say when people ask how we came to be a couple.

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