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Last Cage

by Mikel

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Abby stands by a window feeling the heat from the sun increasing on her bare skin, as the first drop of sweat runs down her chest and off her nipple she sighs as her body shudders from the tickling feeling she can do nothing about. Abby had been locked in her first cage when she was eight years old by her older brother. Her brother had tricked her into climbing in, “Just to see if she would fit,” quickly closing the door and putting his locker combination lock around the bars of the door and side. Abby spent the remainder of the day trapped inside the small steel box while her brother went to play with his friends.

At first Abby cried and wailed about being left alone then slowly she became accustomed to her metal prison and curled up and fell asleep. When her brother finally came home and unlocked the cage, she found she missed it and was often found sleeping inside it by her parents. Her brother obliged her wishes, locking her inside it; leaving her alone to explore her confinement and the new feelings stirred inside her. When Abby was in college she had performed in several plays where she had to be bound as part of the play and she found that each time she was bound she had the same feelings of when she had slept in the cage and began to explore those feelings.

Before graduation Abby had discovered her love of bondage and spent the last two years of school serving several masters and learning about self-bondage. After graduation she got hired by a large corporation making excellent money and giving her ample time to explore her secret passion. Abby had purchased a large home and began stocking it with everything that excited her from bondage furniture and dungeon equipment and every type of restraint she could find and adapted them to be used by herself. Abby spent every moment she was not at work bound in some way relishing her time bound and gagged roaming around her home sometimes desperately trying to free herself.

Abby had selected stock options for her bonuses and when her company was sold, she received a large sum of money for her stocks and a very large sum for her early retirement. Abby now spent every waking moment thinking up new ways to restrain herself, desperately trying to duplicate the feelings she had when she was a child. One evening while she sat bound to a chair while people visiting her web site watched the bound and gagged woman struggling while they chose her torments, she found a web site for a company that produced custom made cages. Abby tried to concentrate on the site but was so distracted by the members teasing and torturing her she had to finally stop.

Had it not been for the added torments several of her enthusiastic guests had forced upon her she would have ordered one right then. Abby spent the next four hours being shocked in her pussy, ass and nipples while other guests chose to vibrate her violently making her struggle and scream until she blacked out. Waking Abby looked at the clock and saw it would be another hour before she was released and as soon as she stirred the remaining guests started assaulting her body again. Abby had spent many hours being tormented by the web site visitors, always leaving the settings well below maximum but tonight she had felt like doing something daring and had left the limits off, something she would never do again… at least not today.

Her pointed feet flailed against the steel shackles locked around her ankles and to the legs of the chair. Each time a device was activated her body jumped against the belt locked around her narrow waist that had its large O-rings locked to the chairs back. She had locked the chastity belt around her waist over the firm corset after tightening it tighter than ever. The belt served three purposes, locking the corset on her, locking her body to the heavy chair, forcing her to keep the electric toys buried inside her in. Abby loved the belt, using it all the time to help her stay honest, forcing her to gasp for air in whatever corset she laced on first.

The time lock box made it easy for her to lock herself for however long she wanted and most of the time however long her members voted for. Her members could see a virtual version of her, the image was slightly cartoonized to protect her identity, giving her much fuller lips, changing her long red hair to black and making her eyes look larger and more almond shaped. Even she was surprised that the small changes made her unrecognizable and loved it that she could be fully visible and no one knew who she was. Abby normally sat bound and gagged in the chair, all her electric torments fully available to her members, the website allowed them to pick which torment and how long for only a few dollars a month.

The members really seemed to enjoy watching her struggle having started begging for her to bind herself on the floor so she could move around more. When Abby was chained to the chair most times, she would leave at least one hand close to keyboard so she could surf and exchange comments with viewers. Today she had left one hand chained a few inches from the top of the desk while the other wrist was locked directly to a D-ring on the back of her collar. This made her flailing more dramatic being able to see her hand flexing as her folded elbow flailed wildly with each new burst of electricity or concentrated vibrations.

With the limits turned off Abby was being shocked and vibrated harder than she had ever felt struggling to breathe around the mouth filling gag strapped tightly to her head. The corset and gag made breathing difficult but Abby loved being forced to struggle especially by strangers who some of them thought she was just a virtual doll and not a real person. Abby had been able to save the cage manufacturer's info before being assaulted by several members teaming up to drive her to either a massive orgasm or forcing her to pass out. Abby passed out, waking still bound and gagged, panting for air and as soon as her head lifted the assault began again since the members only had another hour, they wanted to get their money’s worth.

Abby screamed into the gag as her body flailed straining against the cuffs and chains holding her in the chair entertaining everyone. Abby was tortured steadily for the next hour with no attempts to make her cum collapsing against her bonds when the timer buzzed and her punishments stopped. It took Abby a few minutes to reach up to her keyboard, turning on the vibrators while giving her nipples mild shocks. Within a few minutes Abby was straining and panting again from the pleasure building, exploding in ecstasy as she fought the chains.

When Abby recovered it had been over an hour since her violent orgasm seeing most of the members were still watching, all had commented about her massive orgasm cheering her on. Abby tapped the keyboard a few times and the chain to the desk released allowing her to reach her keys and slowly free herself from the chair. The web site was a boredom breaker for Abby, she did earn some money from it but it was more to keep her mind occupied and fulfill her need to submit. There were a few cameras that she used but only in her dungeon making sure no one could identify her home or her location.

Abby was exhausted tottering on her pointed toes to her bedroom collapsing on her bed falling asleep immediately still corseted, gagged and belted. She woke about eight hours later stretching her arms, loving when she woke still bound and gagged, and thinking back when it used to hurt her to stay gagged for more than a few hours. Abby relieved herself going to the kitchen running her hands across the tight corset as she walked on her toes humming in satisfaction at how well she had learned to walk in the toe boots. Abby connected a flexible tube to the fitting on her gag before connecting it to a large bottle and squeezed it forcing her special liquid down her throat.

The liquid food was what she basically survived on now, she was gagged more than she wasn’t and the mix satisfied her body’s needs while quenching her thirst. The plugs were more comfortable than yesterday even after the brutal on-line time giving her hope she would soon be able to wear them non-stop. Still sucking on her breakfast Abby sat down at her computer pulling up her emails reading her web site had earned a lot more money than she had thought. Abby had limited her time away from her house so most of her emails were her only contact with anyone outside her home.

Abby’s deep desire to be kept bound and gagged as she served the members of the site had long ago overwhelmed any need to have a normal life. She loved to be locked in her belt, corset and boots and now that the gags she had designed were remaining comfortable she had no reason to remove them. As she started surfing the net, she suddenly remembered the cage site and clicked on its link she had saved. Within a few minutes Abby was measuring herself in ways she had never done before entering her measurements on the forms. The cage that had first caught her eye was a standing type, it could be set up to hold every part of her firmly and even more exciting they offered a mag lock set up.

Abby used mag locks as often as she could, learning all about them enjoying the vast number of varying styles and uses they were made for. None of the designers had thought of their products being used for bondage but the cage company had and she was impressed by their ingenuity. Abby ordered the cage with all the bells and whistles including an electric motor that could turn the cage three hundred and sixty degrees, stopping anywhere you programmed it too. She read the technical specs on the control system, smiling around her gag when it said it seamlessly integrated into the system she used for her site.

When she was done with that order, she spent an hour searching and studying their other designs filling out the order forms for two more. She would wait to order the others until the first one proved they were quality pieces not wanting to just throw away her money on junk. For the next few weeks her anxiety from thinking about the new cage made her hornier than usual, leading her to spend more time bound and helpless at the mercy of the members of her site. She had agreed to bind herself in a tight hogtie chaining her collar to the leg of the desk to make sure she didn’t struggle out of camera view.

Abby had adjusted her belt two inches smaller, pulling her corset in that much before locking the belt over it sealing in the tormentors, she was wearing twenty-four seven now. The ballet boots hadn’t been removed except for bath time in months and the steel posture collar had become one of her new favorites. The gag and harness were never removed and she had ordered a new one made completely from steel with the mouthpiece she had designed built into it so she didn’t have to worry about getting it wet anymore. “If I could find stainless steel ballet boots, I wouldn’t ever have to remove any of my gear.” She giggled to herself at the thought.

The hogtie had been difficult, she had bound her legs tightly together with multiple leather straps locking each before hauling her pointed feet up until they almost touched her head. She had done all of her binding live on camera with the sound left on so her members could listen to her grunting. When the magnetic nipple clamps were applied, she squealed loudly, laying and whining until the pain eased. The clamps had been one of her designs/modifications using a clamping system already in use and changing the actual clamps for her purposes. Now the clamps could be made tighter with a push of a button increasing the strength of the magnetic field, she loved them.

With her legs pulled up and secured three ways, just to make sure nothing pulled too hard or slipped off. Abby attached a thinner strap from the D-ring on the top of her head harness to the ropes tied tightly across her pointed toes. The excited woman pulled the strap through the buckle until her head was pulled back dramatically. Abby whined and grunted from the strain but loved the feeling of having the harness pulled on and how it tightened all the straps around her head. Abby had already locked her wrists cuffs on before starting her legs so she quickly reached back taking the chain dangling for her collar running it through the D-rings on the cuffs.

Abby struggled to get the chain back though the collar, managing after a few tries to get it through and pulled down drawing her arms up behind her back. When she couldn’t pull them any higher, she snapped a digital padlock through the chain sealing her fate for at least eight hours up to twelve hours. Abby twisted her wrists, getting as comfortable as she could in the reverse prayer position, unable to see from the blindfold what the members were saying online. Abby had completed her bondage thirty minutes before the members could start playing with her so she lay and whined and moaned as the stringent position began to get uncomfortable.

When the first burst of electricity shot through her body Abby screamed into the gag flailing madly pulling and yanking in the chains and leather. Her members mixed pain and pleasure rapidly for the first few hours enjoying her bound body fighting its restraints as it slowly moved away from the desk. In her blind struggles Abby’s wiggling and twisting caused her to back far enough away for the chain connected to her collar to pull tight leaving her struggling like a dog on a leash. This really excited the members who increased the number of shocks she received tightening the clamps as much as possible.

Abby was thrashing and twisting, all rational thoughts were gone leaving her in pure instinct mode wanting only to free herself and stop the assaults. During her fourth hour break, something she had programmed in, Abby lay moaning and whining with her head held face up by the tight chain running from the leg of the heavy desk. Her hands could clearly be seen thrashing under her pointed toes as her body tried to find a weakness in her bonds. When the members were allowed to start their assault on her again, they had decided to make her cum, maybe. They started with the shocks on med level settings pulsing from front to back with milder shocks in her nipples.

Abby responded by moaning loudly as she pulled at the chain holding her head up. When the vibrations started Abby squealed as she tried to force herself to cum quickly knowing they often teased her before increasing the shocks. The helpless woman was vibrated and shocked for an hour with the members all chatting about how incredible it was to watch her struggling. Abby was getting close to an orgasm as the vibrations ramped up again now believing she was going to be forced to cum when beyond her blocked vision one of the members said, “That’s enough of that!” The sound that came from Abby’s gagged lips was more animal than human as the strong burst of electricity surged through her.

The vigorous struggles bordered on maniacal and excited the members as her frustration from being so close and the increased pain made her fight for freedom. Abby twisted, turning herself onto her side and back again several times only pulling in the chain harder, the pain and the frustration wouldn’t let her think enough to move her body forwards to ease the tension on her neck. The members were chatting about how much she must really like it since she returns every day to allow them to torment and punish her. While the members chatted, no one bothered to lower the shocks Abby was receiving because they were all enjoying watching her thrash and scream so much.

When the power was finally lowered Abby was lying on her side, her head was pulled back much further, the chain to the desk held her chin up while the chain connected to her wrists pulled backwards. The strap connecting her head harness to her pointed toes looked bow string tight as she lay weeping from the pain and the increasing frustration. The members eased into the vibrations, slowly lowering the strength of the electricity as they even more slowly raised the intensity of the vibrations. When the next fourth hour break came Abby was left unstimulated lying on her side panting desperately trying to get them to release her, her attempts to plead with them driving their discussion about keeping their toy for the remaining time.

Abby knew the group rarely released her at the first option, almost always keeping her bound and tormented as long as they could so she figured she was to be their toy for another hour. When the break was finished small bursts of electricity snapped her out of her dreaming making her fight to get back onto her stomach. Abby had just managed to roll over when the vibrations started again slowly speeding up making her moan and squeal as she desperately tried to make herself cum. The group had become very familiar with Abby’s limits and needs, forcing her to fight and scream as her orgasm was slowly building.

Every few minutes the group would increase the shocks for a moment, making her thrash and scream before lowering them and letting her enjoy her bondage. It took an hour and a half before the group watched and listened to the bound object screaming while her restricted body shuddered violently before sagging limply in her bonds. The orgasm had been amazing, Abby could barely gasp fast enough to stay conscious and hung in her bonds whining in pleasure. When she was suddenly shocked brutally hard, she screamed again only to have everything lower to a very soothing level making her relax and hum. Abby couldn’t see it but the group thanked her for the show having decided she should be left for the duration being pleasurably stimulated.

After about an hour Abby wished something would change, the mild vibrations and teasing shocks were making her extremely frustrated again. She spent the last two and a half hours being teased making her fight her bonds and whine into her gag pleading with them to increase or stop her torture. When everything went silent Abby felt the lock at her wrists pop open so she started to twist her hands fighting the cuffs until the lock hasp slid out of one of the D-rings. The pain from the sudden change of position made her scream rolling onto her side again, quickly reaching around and removing the clamps that had been loosened.

It took Abby a few more minutes to release her other arm then she reached up, sliding the blindfold off her eyes before dragging herself towards the desk enough to unclip the chain from her collar. The group was still watching her as she lifted herself up to her knees in front of the monitor quickly reading the last comments and typed: “Thank you, guys, you never let me down and know just how to make me feel good.”

The group cheered as she turned and drug herself away from the desk going directly to the bedroom grunting as she heaved herself up onto her bed. Before dropping off to sleep Abby took the clip from her collar using it to secure her hands behind her back and slept in her tight hogtie with her head forced back for hours. It took Abby a few days to recover, she reluctantly removed all her gear to be able to take a long hot bath immediately afterwards lacing her boots on before strapping her gag harness back on. The corset was changed and the belt replaced, filling her with larger plugs she had been wanting to try.

When she heard the doorbell, she looked at the camera seeing the large delivery guys standing at the door. Abby couldn’t speak with the gag but didn’t want to miss the delivery of her new cage. Looking around she found a robe she had left lying out grabbing it. She covered her clamped nipples and belted waist as she walked to the door. The men hardly paid attention to her booted feet or the massive head harness covering her lower face, only handing her a clip board and saying “Where do you want it?” Abby giggled pointing to the empty space near her large front window and stepped back out of their way.

The men wrestled the large box in the door quickly ripping the cardboard away exposing the steel cage under it. Abby was excited untying the sash around her waist just to see if she could get a reaction from them. The men quickly assembled the three pieces testing the motors before calling her over to explain how it worked. Abby was shocked at how little they seemed to pay attention to her as they showed her how the cage opened and closed and how the motors could make it rotate, stopping it several times before letting it run in a complete circle. By the time they were finished Abby had let the robe slide off her completely seeing one of the younger men smile slightly. She shuffled behind them, the chain between her ankles rattling as she bowed grunting to thank them and watched them leave.

Abby was locking the door when she heard one man say, “Man she was hot, whoever her master is he’s one lucky bastard!” Abby was giggling at his comments glad they had actually noticed her. She had another twenty-four hours before she could remove anything she was wearing so she studied the cage even stepping into it finding she could actually use it bound as she was. Abby couldn’t resist playing with her new toy, the only thing she wouldn’t be able to use was the ankle cuffs in the cage but she found she could put her cuffed ankles between the mounted ones in the cage. Abby quickly set up her control programs, setting it to hold her for one hour and turned on her cameras.

Abby stepped into the cage making sure her collared neck was in the steel collar built into the cage and that her steel belt was under the clamp for her waist. Feeling comfortable she settled her wrists into the clamps on each side and waited for the front to close. Abby was giggling as the door started to swing towards her feeling excited knowing her members could still tease her with her plugs and vibrator. The door pressed slowly onto her body, she could feel the clamp around her waist pressing hard on her corset but when the clamp around her throat started pressing hard there, she tried to pull her hands out of the cuffs finding it was too late. The motor for the door whined slightly before she heard the humming of the electro mag locks and the door pulled fully closed.

Abby was already wiggling and whimpering from the added pressure around her waist and throat gasping and choking from the tight steel pressing on her collar. The members had no idea what was going on and began tormenting her immediately, finding they could make the whole assembly turn. Abby was nearing full panic made from being choked when the vibrations and movement distracted her slightly as she watched the floor getting closer. For the next hour Abby barely stayed conscious as the group had fun spinning her in every direction and rarely leaving her straight up.

When the hour was over the machine returned her to vertical and the door popped open then slowly opened all the way letting her stagger out on her chained and pointed feet. Abby sat down gasping for air realizing her mistake was wearing the thick posture collar instead of the stainless-steel collar she had measured for. Still gasping she looked at her build sheet and saw she had measured with her fourteen-inch corset on instead of the sixteen she had been wearing and cursed herself for being so stupid. The group loved her thrashing and gasping having no idea it wasn’t for show she was being strangled by her own eagerness.

The next morning Abby locked her fourteen-inch corset on with her belt clamping the steel collar around her throat, dropping all the keys into her safe for the next three days. Her ballet boots were already locked on but she had removed the chain between them so she could use the cage's ankle cuffs. The corset she had chosen supported her breasts having openings for each that pushed them up and squeezed them tightly giving her the ability to use her strong nipple clamps with a weighted chain. Before closing the clamps Abby coated both erect nipples with white glue, this would make it so the clamps would not come loose as she was moved.

The head harness was changed to a new design she had ordered that filled her mouth but completely covered her lower face to stop her drool from running all over her. Abby didn’t want to have her spit running in her eyes or down her breasts loosening the glue. The new gag spread her mouth much wider, having an insert that held a tube that could be pushed deep into her throat if she wanted. For today’s adventure Abby chose to leave the tube out of the gag using the thick plug to fill the hole. Abby had pulled long leather gloves up to her shoulders to help protect her arms and wrists while trapped in the steel clamps. Both of her plugs had been fully charged so she would have at least three days of tormenting available for her members.

When she was ready and before the tightness of her corset and collar forced her to stop, she stepped into the cage tapping the close button two full hours before she had told the members she would be ready. When the door closed Abby was much more comfortable than the first time, the clamps around her legs, waist, arms and neck fit perfectly reducing her ability to move to only her hands and slight wiggles from her legs. Abby was enjoying being forced to stand erect inside the frame of steel knowing that there was absolutely no escape until the power was turned off. She hoped if there was a power outage it didn’t happen while she was being rotated. Abby knew the latches had small levers that would hold the door closed if it was inverted more than forty-five degrees. These were a safety item to keep the occupant from being thrown out or dropped on their faces if the mag locks lost power suddenly.

Abby stood feeling the tightness all around her realizing she had left all the limits off again, she strained her neck trying to see if she had set the time limit but couldn’t see it or remembering to set it. This was not the first time she had forgotten to set the limits, she grunted wondering if her mind did it on purpose and she really wanted to be stuck bound and helpless forever. She knew when the plugs batteries died the program would automatically stop and free her but that meant if she hadn’t set it, she could be caged for three to four days depending on how much the group used the plugs. Abby was glad she hadn’t used the electric nipple clamps this time but was becoming worried by being trapped in a cage that could be rotated.

Abby felt a jerk in the cage as she was slowly rotated backwards seeing the ceiling then the top of the large window noticing as she continued to rotate, she had left the curtains open. “Dammit!” she mumbled into the gag seeing the darkness outside knowing if anyone came up her driveway, they would see her lit up like a Christmas tree under spotlights. As she was turned the heavy chain of the clamps slid up and onto the clamps pulling and twisting them until it slipped off them yanking the clamps harshly. Abby squealed into the gag impressed with how much it silenced her as the rotation stopped leaving her fully inverted. Abby hung looking up at the open window and had just started to wonder what was next when she got shocked violently in her pussy and ass.

Abby struggled fruitlessly, held almost motionless inside the steel bars of her new prison, whining and grunting as she fought to free herself and stop the onslaught. When the sun was coming up Abby had been spun around about a thousand times and even though the rotation was slow, she had started to feel like she was on an amusement park ride. The punishment by her plugs had come and gone but it seemed that every person in the group wanted to take their turn at spinning her upside down and leaving her there while they punished her again. Abby could feel the heat rising on her back knowing the sun was now shining directly on her naked body wondering what kind of tan she would have with the bars of the cage surrounding her body.

After more punishments Abby was flipped upside down again and the electricity was cranked way up making her scream and thrash in the cage entertaining her group. Abby was hanging on the verge of consciousness unable to express or show her true pain as the torture continued. When Abby felt herself being rotated again being stopped when she was face down the vibrations started while the heavy chain worked itself out of the bars pulling on her nipples. Abby was really starting to enjoy herself wiggling and twisting in her prison when the cage was rotated again leaving her upside down with the chain still outside the bars.

Abby was on the edge of a massive orgasm hanging with her eyes closed feeling the cage moving again squealing as the chain fell downward it twisted her nipples pushing her over the edge. Abby was screaming with her body spasming as the orgasm slammed through her body. Abby was in heaven even as the plugs burst inside of her again making her scream still enjoying the afterglow of the massive orgasm. Abby’s torture continued for two more days. Each day she was forced to endure the heat concentrated by the large window sweating profusely as she was shocked and vibrated but never being able to orgasm again.

When the cage set itself upright and the door opened Abby almost fell from the open cage dragging her exhausted body to a nearby chair and collapsed on it. The group watched her struggling to breathe becoming worried as her head seemed to be rolling around out of control. Abby regained enough strength to stand and stagger to her bedroom stretching out on her bed dreaming of her time caged and how much she had enjoyed even the most difficult time. When Abby recovered, showing herself the next day still gagged corseted and her nipples still clamped on her site.

Abby typed a thank you message both for the concern for her but mostly for providing her with a truly wonderful experience that she hoped to repeat soon. She described her next project of finding a way to feed and water herself while bound so she could remain under the group's control longer than ever fulfilling her dream of living restrained and controlled for as much time as she could for the rest of her life. Abby spent a few days never removing the gag, corset or boots only reluctantly removing the nipple clamps and belt but replacing it immediately after cleaning and adjusting it smaller to fit tightly over the corset again. Abby researched finding the company that made the gag also made a machine that would use it to feed her through it.

The machine was actually made for the medical field for coma patients giving her more ideas extending her research into long term muscle stimulation. The more Abby researched the more she got excited quickly ordering the two cages she had been interested in the first night she saw them. Abby started forcing the tube for her new gag deeper into her throat until she could easily place it so she could be fed directly into her stomach. The breathing tube had been more difficult for her to adjust to installing but soon she was able to keep both inserted with no issues.

Abby was now wearing the gag harness, smaller corset and a much more secure chastity belt twenty-four seven with her newest ballet boots made from stainless steel. Abby had searched everywhere before finding a company that built almost anything from steel, unlike other companies their boots were not made as a novelty. Abby now had everything she needed to remain bound and gagged indefinitely spending days at a time in her cage being tormented and teased using corded plugs and probes so power concerns were not a problem. Now she had a base program to release her after five days if the group didn’t let her go before that.

Each time she was released all she could think about was climbing back in her cage, even being melted by the hot sun became something she craved. By the time the next cage arrived she had been thinking of nothing else but locking herself into it hoping it could make her feel wonderfully safe. The newest cage was smaller, just big enough for her to be able to sit hunched over and lay on her stomach with her legs folded over themselves. Abby spent her first night locked in it alone, none of her members were allowed to watch and as soon as the door latched, she felt wonderful again.

Abby started binding herself in different positions the next day, loving the idea of having her body locked then being bound inside a locked cage. Abby had never felt as comfortable as she did bound and gagged inside her small prison. The members indulged her fantasies, teasing and torturing her, surprised that the new settings in their game would only allow pleasurable stimulations for one hour a day. By the end of the first month Abby was caged twenty-four seven, her body encased by her chastity belt, corset with a firm steel posture collar locked around her neck. The harness with its long tube down her throat keeping her silent and her breathing tube were connected to the machine that fed and controlled any extra air she needed.

Abby had locked her wrist cuffs over the long leather gloves linking her ankle cuffs together before threading a chain between her wrist cuffs and the chain between her ankles. The hog tie wasn’t tight but effective at limiting her inside the cage adding the large chain from her collar to the end of the cage stopped her from accidently pulling the tubes from her gag. Abby lay helpless in total blackness every night, the program for the site disconnected her for six hours every night leaving the other eighteen hours a day for her training. Most of the time she spent alone bound and gagged but for hours each day she was used for entertainment by her guests who seldom cared if she felt any pleasure.

The final cage was to be delivered two months after the last cage, Abby had ordered it thinking it would be a good punishment cage but after two months of binding herself more stringently she began to think it might at last be the perfect cage. Abby was released from the cage the day before the next delivery, she fought her desire to remain inside the cage for an hour before forcing herself to climb out. Even as she was walking away fighting the chain between her ankles and the aches and pains she kept stopping and looking at the cage longingly. Abby didn’t understand why but she felt the cage was where she was meant to be and more importantly wanted to be. When the delivery guys arrived this time, she didn’t cover herself at all, opening the door still locked in her gear, waving for them to put it near the window.

The second cage had been dragged to the other side so she would have plenty of room for the new cage and its base. The new cage was much smaller than the second one, designed to be just big enough for her to squeeze into. The cage had multiple restraints including a tall collar that once closed would hold her motionless inside the thick steel frame. Abby watched the men assemble the base, bolting it to the floor before setting the cage onto it and bolting it together making it so neither the cage nor the base could be moved. They quickly demonstrated how the cage opened and closed asking if she wanted to do a test fitting.

Abby giggled waving them off showing them a note that said “Thank you.” Escorting them to the door locking it. The cage was beautiful to Abby. She wandered around it stroking the bars feeling how secure it was, unable to stop thinking about how wonderful it must feel to be locked inside it. Abby had ordered it with every option the company offered, power door all the supports built in with a crossbar for her elbows. She wanted to climb in right away but needed to get a few more things lined up and check out her auto feeding system. Abby had checked on a service that is normally for pets but would come to the home and refill empty food containers for people who are out of town.

The service would walk and play with your pets if you wanted but they also would come and refill the food containers only. The company had been around for several generations so she knew they would be in business for many years to come. The workers she had hired had built a small room just outside her kitchen running hoses through the wall so she could easily hook her feeding and water hoses to them. Now she inspected the room moving her jugs of water and nutritional mix out to the room setting them up before connecting her hoses to them. She rolled her breathing machine near the cage connecting the power for it to the same connection of her computer, the cages and the feeding system.

The last thing she had done was to have two backup generators hooked to the house, they were fully automated and could even contact the company when they needed service. Abby felt she could now start her next adventure returning to the house and removing all her gear except the steel ballet boots. Abby spent the evening naked, she bathed herself for a couple of hours before using lotion to smooth her skin, indulging herself with a lot of pampering. Abby had wanted to eat a large meal but since she hadn’t in a long time, she had read she shouldn’t and didn’t want to make herself uncomfortable.

The newer belt was fitted with plugs that she could use for her bodily functions, she had only tested them out previously but now set up the machines that would regulate her enemas and remove her urine pumping both into the septic system for her house. The machines could also be activated and the amount of flushing liquid could be changed remotely so her guests could use them as more torments. During the two days before Abby climbed into the cage for her first time Abby tested the fit of it making sure the corset she would wear would work and not cause her pain. The first time she got in she was wearing her favorite corset under her belt with her boots just to make sure everything would work correctly.

She was shaking from excitement as she knelt on the raised support platforms for her lower legs, the platforms were made from shining steel elevated an inch or so from the bottom of the cage floor, they had cuffs placed around her ankles, just below her knees with more for her thighs. She knelt in them, closing the cuffs for her lower legs before settling back into the ones for her thighs. The platform forced her pointed feet straight back making ballet boots perfect for it, she could have gone barefoot but loved her boots too much and actually couldn’t remember where the keys to the boots were anyway.

With her legs locked in place she looked down at the lower half of the clamp for her waist. The wide steel clamp would squeeze her narrow waist holding it firmly in place by the steel bars running to the sides and floor of the cage. The steel cages for her breasts sat just in front of the waist clamp looking incredibly threatening. The breast cages were supported by steel rods running from the sides of the breast cages to the floor of the cage; they had been made from her specific measurements including her nipples. In the center of each cage was three steel fingers that as she lowered herself into the cages the fingers would close onto her nipples.

The fingers, like everything in the cage, were controlled by electromagnetism, being fully adjustable from light clamping to painful, each being able to twist and pull just enough to cause pain. The breast cages would also contract around the bases when the magnetism was activated squeezing her breasts making them bulge in their cages. In front of the breast cages was the lower half of the wide steel collar, like the cages it was supported by steel rods extending down to the sides and floor. The part that intimidated Abby was the lower half of the steel hood made onto the top of the collar. This had been her favorite option. The hood made from thick steel blocked all light and most sound eliminating her ability to gauge the passing of time.

All her machines were set up to do their functions at random times and durations making it impossible for her to figure out a schedule and track how long she had been incarcerated for. Abby didn’t want to be able to tell if she had been locked up for five minutes or five years so total sensory deprivation was required. Abby smiled, releasing the small tab holding the bar for her elbows back against the side of the cage and leaned forwards forcing her mouth around the rubber coated mouth piece. As soon as her breasts were in their cages the spring-loaded bar swung across her back snapping to the bar on the other side.

Abby was bent forwards letting her arms hang loosely over the bar behind her back wanting nothing more than to hit the start button and lock herself in the cage. Her right hand found the open cuff first, setting itself into the lower half followed by her left, and as soon as her left wrist was in its place, she pushed a button near her right thumb. Abby could feel the motors start to run waiting to feel the cuffs and hood close onto her.

A few seconds later Abby felt the top of the hood touch her head, at the same time the upper half of each cuff started pressing on her wrists. The back of the collar surprised her as it pushed her neck down further forcing her breasts deeper into their cages and making the clamps bite harder. When everything had been seated the motors stopped running and Abby was trapped in the small cage. Abby pulled at the cuffs around her wrists finding she had no movement, the bars of the cage pressed on her elbows the perfect amount to force them to be immovable as well.

Abby tried to twist or flex any part of her body finding even her toes were held firmly in place by the platforms. Abby couldn’t believe how absolutely motionless she was. Abby had never felt so well bound as she was now locked in place inside an extra strong steel cage. The feelings of peace and calmness washed over her as she flexed and adjusted in her new position. After a few minutes she felt the bottom of her corset starting to dig into her, Abby making a mental note to look at where the marks were as soon as she could sit up. The longer she knelt in the cage the less she wanted to get out and knelt wondering why she felt so comfortable locked up and why this position felt ideal for her, almost like she was perpetually bowing to her master.

As her mind drifted trying to make sense of her strange desires the cage door opened freeing her wrists and elbows lifting the hood and collar from her head allowing her to slowly sit up. Abby looked at the deep lines of the corset before unlocking her legs and climbing out. Abby couldn’t stop smiling or giggling each time she thought about her new cage hoping it would be as perfect as it felt so far. The belt was opened enough to replace the corset, lacing it until it was closed then locking the adjusted belt tightly around her. The new corset had a much shorter bottom hem eliminating where the other dug into her. The only thing was the corsets material was thicker so she had to tighten it further.

Once she started tightening it, she decided to close it, cutting the laces off before adjusting the belt to fit her smaller waistline, “I’m going to lose weight anyway, maybe the corset will stay tight now,” she mumbled to herself. With the corset problem figured out Abby slid long tight gloves up to her shoulders. The gloves were fingerless with small connections on the top of each, with the gloves stretched on her arms she carefully slid more tubes of the same material up each leg to her thighs. The wires matched the ones on her sleeves and the ones on the top of her corset and would be used later. The part she wasn’t looking forward to was the insertion of her breathing and feeding tubes.

She had practiced for months with long tubes but these were designed to work with the hood in the cage and once fully inserted would be covering her nose and mouth completely. The tubes would be pressed into the fittings in the lower hood making it extremely difficult to breathe without the machine running. The breathing machine Abby had purchased had an automatic backup and the ability to call for service if it started to have difficulties but the idea of being slowly suffocated while locked in the cage was both exciting and terrifying to Abby. Abby checked the machines and her programming going to the window and looking out one last time.

Abby stood thinking about the reflective tint she had installed making it so no one could see in during the day and making the window much stronger, limiting the chance of it breaking. Looking up at the two spot lights overhead she knew when they came on, she would be a very bright display. Abby had loved the idea of someone watching her, being bound, chastised and locked in a cage made her feel very safe and unconcerned what someone might do if they spotted her. The security system with its alarms and fire control almost guaranteed if someone was to break in the cops would be here long before they could cut her out of the cage.

Abby giggled as she stepped into the cage, she went through her mental checklist wondering how long it would take the members to find her changes to the system. Abby closed the cuffs around her ankles and below her knees reaching back she pushed both the tubes into the connections of her belt twisting them until they clicked. With her evacuation tubes firmly attached Abby closed the cuffs around her thighs, the long socks made all the cuffs tighter arousing Abby more as she leaned forwards letting the cross-bar swing across her back and snap on the bars. Abby carefully worked her breasts into their respective cages feeling the fingers grab her nipples.

Abby had adjusted the finger up slightly making them grab her nipples harder to begin with giving her a slight pain as she settled her face into the helmet. Abby struggled to push her head down enough to get the manifolds of the tubes to click into place, she wanted to make sure they were fully set before the hood closed just to make sure she wouldn’t have any issues. After a few push-pull motions the manifolds snapped into place allowing Abby to slide her wrists into the waiting cuffs and press the button. The cage slowly closed pressing on her elbows giving her time to find the cut outs for them before the motors hummed louder and the cage strained to press itself closed.

Abby could feel the pressure on her waist increase, squeezing her much tighter than before, at the same time the collar was getting tighter around her neck as the helmet started closing around her head. Abby had pulled her hair through the hole in the top of the helmet leaving her long red ponytail hanging down in front. As the cage closed her breasts were pushed deeper into their cages and the fingers gripped her nipples much more firmly making her whine slightly from the extra pressure. Abby could feel all the clamps being closed, all of them felt much tighter making her hum into the gag now spreading her mouth further than before.

When she felt the motors stop humming, she knew she had done it and could now live her fantasy. The machines had all powered up when she hit the button and the first feelings Abby got was fresh air being pumped into her lungs. Abby tried to squeal when the fingers went through their test mode, pinching her much harder as they twisted and pulled all at the same time. Abby noticed right away that her squeal was silent, with the hoses she was now incapable of making any sounds, even her grunts and panting could not be heard due to the thick steel surrounding her head.

Abby thought how truly helpless she was as the muscle stimulators in the sleeves went through their test modes making her body flinch and twitch as they increased their stinging. Abby’s mind was racing, she had been her many times but this time was different because she knew she might never be released and because of her new settings she might never have another orgasm…ever. Abby started trying to fight her bonds, thrashing the tiny amount she could with her fingers flailing uselessly at the end of her pinioned hands.

Abby’s struggles slowly faded as her mind accepted what she had done, this is something her whole life had been leading up to and now she had accomplished her dream. She was now bound by stainless steel restraints, locked in an overly tight corset by a thick steel chastity belt keeping steel phalluses mounted to it inside her. The phalluses can be used to tease and torment as well as flush her body both by the machines programming or at the whim of her guest masters and mistresses.

Abby’s body is bent over at her waist that is clamped by the cage's cuff, holding her bent over her folded and cuffed legs. Her feet are now permanently locked in stainless steel ballet boots making it impossible for her to even wiggle a toe. Across her back is a thick steel bar that holds her elbows firmly as her wrists are held to the sides of the cage by wide clamped cuffs. Her head is encased in a thick steel hood eliminating all light and sound with machines controlling her breathing, feeding and evacuation she now has become nothing but an object and part time toy to be used to entertain her guests. The hood is part of the wide collar anchored like all her other restraints to the thick steel bars of the cage.

Around the restrained thing is a cage made just big enough to contain the toy locked inside so even if by some miracle she could free herself from the restraints she still could not get out of the cage. The cage until now had been held closed by the strong electric motors and electromagnets, on the last command Abby had set the latches like the ones on the standing cage to close meaning even if the machines loose power she would still be held firmly in the cage. Abby’s body was now only able to be teased and tormented by the large plugs inserted into her, they could shock and pulsate and since she had left all the limits off everything there was no stopping it when it became too painful. Abby had also added the stim sleeves on her arms, legs and built into the corset that could be used to punish her as well.

Even her enemas and breathing control could be used to make her time in her prison more uncomfortable allowing her guests to hopefully stay interested and get creative as they play with their toy. Abby would never know who or how many there were using her as their entertainment with her only sensory input would be the temperature of the sun baking her body as it rose and set. Abby knew that the only way she could be freed was when the site had no users for thirty days, only then would the computer send the signal to the cage to open and release her. The users would find out in a few weeks there were no limits on time and that the button to end the session was no longer on their screens.

Abby had hoped this would encourage them to continue to use her as their entertainment since they would know she had given herself to them for the sole purpose of being their toy. As an added bonus Abby made a contest for her members to see who could make her black out and orgasm the most. If they won, they would get a special prize from her. The members didn’t know what the prize was but all worked really hard to win it. The first few days were the hardest on Abby as her body adjusted to being kept in the cramped cage, forced to kneel in a perpetual bowing position. Once Abby’s back and legs adapted to the unnatural position, they were forced to maintain Abby stopped struggling for freedom still struggling fiercely when being punished, accepting her fate of being caged and safe for the rest of her life, finally free to enjoy and serve her masters.

Abby was punished by the members limiting her air and increasing her enemas in an attempt to win the blackout part of her challenge. After a few weeks a winner of that challenge had been established and they switched to trying to make her orgasm. What none of them knew was the program was working against them, limiting their abilities to stimulate her while automatically adding more torments the longer she was pleasured. Abby had wanted to make it extremely difficult for her to cum knowing it would have to come from her frustration more than being stimulated. It took two more months before the program announced a winner with two orgasms caused, sending an e-mail to the winner deleting all information of who it was as each step was completed.

The delivery service got the notification and sent the package to the winner. The winner was requested to never tell what the prize was since they now possessed the only keys to everything Abby was locked into meaning the steel collar, corset, chastity belt and ballet boots could never be removed without them. Also, if Abby didn’t beg the group persuasively for the keys to be returned in one year, then they were to destroy them. Then they could tell everyone what the prize had been and that she was now their property to do with as they pleased…permanently. The users became very adept in punishing their new toy using every tool she had given them to torment and tease her into total submission, just as she had hoped for.

Abby had adapted to her position feeling extremely safe and comfortable, except for when she was being punished, the group accepted the new challenge the computer had activated, trying daily to get her to orgasm only being able to bring her close to one to only to have the computer send large bolts of electricity through her to shut it down. Abby was now being teased daily feeling the pleasurable sensations as her orgasm grew nearer, having it abruptly changed to punishment leaving her screaming in her mind at the frustration she felt. Even though Abby knew she would be denied she couldn’t help but feel hope she might cum each time leading her to even more frustrations until finally her mind decided her masters knew what made them happy and teasing her was it so she was happy to be able to please them.


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