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The Knots Experiments

by Prof. Challenger

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© Copyright 2003 - Prof. Challenger - Used by permission

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The Knots Experiments
by Prof. Challenger 
The Knots Experiments, by Prof. Challenger ([email protected])

Since researching self-bondage on the Internet, I've become aware of a number of different ways to delay release. One of the most simple, yet with a number of intriguing subtleties, is the use of a rope with multiple knots.

Variation one: Standing, hands over head.

To prepare, I took about an eight foot piece of nylon clothesline rope, doubled it, and slid a heavy-gauge two-inch diameter cock ring down one end to hang at the center. I then left about a six inch loop at the center with the cock ring trapped within it, and knotted the ropes to close the loop. I then put seventeen more "post office" knots into the remaining length of the ropes, so that each one would have to be undone in order to free the ring from the rope.

I readied myself by stripping down to garter-belt and hose. I pushed in my large butt plug and locked on a leather 'chastity belt' that held it firmly in place and enwrapped my genitals in restrictive straps. I put on high-heeled pumps with ankle straps so that I could not kick them off (or lose them--). I sorted out from my bondage drawer a pair of steel handcuffs, a pair of thumbcuffs, shackles with chain shortened to about nine inches, a blindfold, and a leather gag.

I then went down to our basement, where I had cleared an area of floor below some sturdy ringbolts set into the rafters. I put the end of the rope loop through the eye of a ringbolt, and made sure it ran smoothly until the cock ring fetched up against the bolt. Good.

I bent down and ratcheted the shackles closed around my ankles, then put the gag in and snugged it tight. I buckled the blindfold and set it on my head. I closed one handcuff around my left wrist, and the thumbcuffs around the left thumb. I then reached up and put the right handcuff through the rope loop and held it there with my left hand while I pulled the blindfold into place and tightened it. I put my right hand over my head and locked on the handcuffs and thumbcuffs. Complete!

I pulled against the rope. It held firm. My hands were held above my head about four inches from the ceiling bolt. With my hands held above my head, I could not remove the gag or blindfold. I could not move more than a mincing step in any direction—really only a few inches.

Since the knotted end of the rope hung down from the ringbolt, it was a simple matter for me to capture it, even with my bound hands, and to pull up the outermost knot. Initially, I did not find undoing the knots too difficult, even with the thumbcuffs on, although I could hardly say that I was dexterous about it. Even then, It took me at least a minute to undo each knot, and the process grew more tedious with each one. As the length of unknotted rope grew, it was a lengthy procedure to pull it through the knot I was working on a few inches at a time. I also had to periodically pull the full length of the rope through my fingers in order to clear out any subsidiary tangles that had occurred. As I worked, the exposed ratchet teeth of the thumbcuffs chafed the base of my thumbs somewhat. Working against the handcuffs was also wearing after a while, and working with one's hands over one's head is wearisome at the best of times.

I had to take a couple of short rests--during which time I concentrated on other discomforts, such as my feet in the high heels, which I has never stood in for such a long period. I wasn't using a timer, but I estimated it took me at least forty-five minutes to undo all the knots.

I was, of course, still handcuffed and shackled, but was able to remove the blindfold when my hands were freed from the ceiling ring. i had to make my way back up to the second-story bedroom to get the keys to my bondage, which I did without trouble.

Ideas: Possibly make more difficult by adding gloves or connecting wrists to collar? Or, find a way to lock blindfold on, so I have to find the keys without sight--.

Some time after my first experiment with the knotted rope release, I ended up with an odd vacation day. My partner had to work that afternoon, and she urged me to do "something fun" on my own. 

To me, this means more self-bondage experimentation, so I began to plan what I would do. I thought of redoing the basement tie with variations, but the basement area I had used was now stacked with boxes, so for the first variation, I decided to move to the bedroom.

I laid out a spreader bar with buckling ankle cuffs, which I attached to the foot of the bed, handcuffs, rope, a black spandex hood, black spandex gloves, butt plug harness, and cock restraint. I also procured a length of strong string.

I prepared the rope using six post-office knots--fewer this time since I intended to glove myself and didn't want to over do it. A large padlock through the rope acted as a stop when run through the eyebolt at the head of the bed.

I stripped myself and put on my usual garter belt and stockings, the butt plug, harness, and cock restraint. I attached the string to a d-ring at the end of the cock restraint.

I climbed onto the bed and bucked my ankles into the cuffs at the end of the three-foot long spreader bar. I tied the string from my cock to the bar. Then, I laid back to deal with the wrist cuffs. Whoo hoo! Did the string pull on me! Just changing the angle of my pelvis from sitting to lying really tightened up the cord. I hastily checked the rope at the head of the bed to make sure I had enough slack, then slithered my hips toward the foot of the bed half an inch or so, which reduced the tension to a teasing but bearable level.

I then lay back and pulled the long nylon gloves onto my hands—they blunt my fingernails and sense of touch, and give a nice bondage-y feel. I then pulled the black spandex hood over my head, reached for the handcuffs, and clipped one around my left wrist. Making sure the chain of the cuffs was through the rope loop, I locked the second cuff on my right wrist. I was now quite thoroughly bound. My spread ankles were lashed to the foot of our very sturdy bed frame. My cuffed wrists were (I tested) securely tied to the head of the bed. A rubber plug was held up my ass by a tight leather harness that also encircled the base of my cock, and my penis and testicles were strapped into a device that was tied guitar-string tautly to the ankle bar, which definitely discouraged writhing around.

I cautiously felt for the knotted rope that held the handcuffs and began to work at the first knot. I found that the thin gloves did not hinder me much. What did surprise me was the extent to which gravity had been my friend in the previous scenario. Then, if I let go of the rope, it would conveniently hang straight down, and even, to some extent, untangle itself. Also, once I had a loop of unknotted rope started, the weight of the rope eased the process of pulling more of it through a knot. Lying in the plane of the bed, the rope lay inertly wherever it was, and I needed to manipulate every inch of it through my hands to undo a knot. Tangles remained as they were with no gravitational coaxing. Ultimately, I was glad I had only put six knots into the rope instead of the eighteen I had used standing up.

When the last knot was eventually undone, it took a firm pull to get the rope through the padlock and eye at the head of the bed, but at least I had some freedom of movement. I pulled the hood off with my cuffed hands.

I sat up and reached down to unbuckle my ankles, when I became aware of a further complication. I had tied the penis restraint to the spreader bar with nylon string, which was too fine and now too tightly knotted for me to unknot. Fortunately, I was able to unbuckle the restraint with my gloved and cuffed hands. Had i used my locking restraint--which I had contemplated--I should have had to reach over the foot of the bed to unhitch the spreader bar in order to get off the bed and get the handcuff keys. Doable, but hazardously awkward.

I was then able to free my hands from the cuffs. i lay back down to take my ease, but found that the butt plug harness interfered with my "release" in unexpected ways. I tried to remove it, but found that getting the metal ring that went around the base of my aroused genitals off was not practicable. However, that particular harness could be unsnapped from the ring, which permitted me to "finish".

This experiment, with it's quirks and discoveries, was quite enjoyable. The only drawback was that the extra strain left my anus sore for two days afterward (no tearing or bleeding, fortunately), which was a small enough price to pay for an erotic experiment.

The 'soreness' I had experienced after my last knot experiment caused me to combine business with pleasure for the next one. I had previously discovered that this particular problem could be rapidly alleviated by direct vibrating massage, so I endeavoured to 'treat' myself to a little therapy session. As before, I prepared a knotted rope, but with only three knots this time since I had a limited amount of time. I knelt on the foot end of our bed, and hitched my stockinged ankles into the cuffs attached to the spreader bar. I knelt "as a pleasure slave"--ie with my knees spread open, as a consequence. I was facing the head of the bed, as I intended to tie myself face down for a change. I picked up my best leather gag and strapped it into my mouth. I picked up my Bianchi handcuffs and locked one around my left wrist. I grasped the vibrator, turned it on, and thrust it deeply into my already lubed ass.

I gingerly sprawled forward, put the remaining handcuff through the loop, and locked it on my other wrist. I tested my bonds. I was secure! I tugged against the rope that held my hands "above" mu head. Secure. I stretched my ankles apart (an additional inch or so), then tried to move them together. Secure! I writhed ecstatically. The actions of the muscles of my buttocks moved the vibrator within me. I ground my pelvis deliciously into our velveteen coverlet. When I had had almost—but not quite--as much electrical buggery as I could stand, I began to undo the ropes a bit at a time. Being able to see what I was doing was a help and made it quite a bit easier.

Although the rope that secured my handcuffs was now loose, I was still far from free. My hands were cuffed and my ankles still strapped to the spreader bar and tethered to the foot of the bed. I pulled enough of the rope through the eyebolt to allow me to slither down and clamber off the foot of the bed. My feet were now on the floor, still spread and shackled, and still tethered to the bed frame. I was bent over the end of the bed in a "spanking" posture, my hands stretched out before me, the vibrator still humming away. I then stood up straight, clenching my buttocks to keep the vibrator from sliding out onto the floor. I then discovered that, with my spread legs and cuffed hands, it was physically impossible to bend down and free my ankles without loosing my "grip" on the vibrator. I then had to reach behind me as best I could with my wrists cuffed and catch the device as it slid out of me, and then drop the contaminated object onto a paper towel I had provided for just such a purpose.

I then freed my feet and carried the dildo to the bathroom where I cleaned it up (while still cuffed and gagged). I then repaired back to the bedroom where I released myself from other impediments and obtained my "release".


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