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Kate's First Video

by KatieK

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Storycodes: Sbf; fpov; cuffs; straps; toys; climax; bedtie; camera; exhib; cons; X

I'm Kate. I’m 21, tiny at 5’0”, slender, medium length jet-black hair. Small-ish boobs, but on my little frame they catch the eyes. In the last few years I’ve been experimenting with selfbondage. In a sentence, I started with spread-eagle bed bondage and later began experimenting with forced vibrator scenarios. I’ve been adding to my play, going a little further, doing a little more, trying things that renew that edgy feeling. 

My first story describes some early selfbondage experiments. In brief, I’d tie myself spreadeagle to my bed using velcro cuffs, pull-to-tighten straps, ice used as timed release for the wrist cuffs and a rabbit vibrator remote-controlled by an app on my phone. I had arranged a mount for the rabbit, attaching its base to a spring-loaded rod. I’d cuff my ankles, use adjustable straps to tie my legs to the feet of the bed, slip the rabbit home and set the other end of the rod against the footboard. I would then tug the adjusting straps to draw myself against the rabbit. The rod wouldn’t budge, the spring-loading would ensure constant contact and the rabbit would follow any movement. Once I tied my arms I’d be stuck, the vibrator unavoidable until the ice releases melted. Getting myself into something I can’t get out of is how I think of it. I’m doing all of this to myself, but in the moment I slip into the fantasy of being an unwilling, trapped sexual plaything. This became my weekly play for months.

After a while I sought more. More of something. Something to renew that ‘Am I really doing this’ feeling.

Video? Hmm… I have a video camera. And a tripod. Time to experiment!

I mounted the camera on the tripod, set it at the foot of the bed and framed it to my liking. All set to hit the red button, time to get everything else ready!

My ice releases were in the freezer. I grabbed my other gear - padded wrist and ankle cuffs with Velcro closures, adjustable straps that anchor to the four feet of the bed. The ice releases would go in line with the wrist straps so they would release me as they melted. I double-checked everything, grabbed the releases from the freezer, hit the ‘record’ button and paused for a moment. I’d done this lots of times, but the thought of being on camera had me breathing quickly. Hey, the clock’s ticking! Get in gear! I put the two releases in line with the wrist straps, got naked and hopped into bed. I cuffed my ankles, slipped the rabbit between my legs and butted the end of the rod against the footboard. With the rabbit snug I inched my butt down to partially load the spring, pressing against the rabbit. I then extended my legs and pulled firmly at the adjusting straps so I couldn’t unload the spring. The spring pressure wasn’t much, but enough to ensure that the rabbit had the advantage. Silly wording, I thought, but it gave me a thrill.

At this point I slowed again. Avoiding eye contact with the camera, I programmed the phone app that controlled the rabbit. I set it for a three minute delay, five minutes on level 2, fifteen minutes on level 4. I figured to get loose before the end of that, but from experience I knew that with my post-cum sensitivity this would have me struggling! I started the timer, placed the phone at my side, connected the wrist straps while holding the adjustment ends in each hand. Until I pulled out the slack I could undo this. I tugged slowly, bit by bit, teasing myself. A little more, a little more. Because the adjusters took some pull to start, the slack was taken up in small but sudden jumps. Each jump startled and thrilled me. When I could just reach my phone I extended the opposite arm and pulled its adjuster until it was snug. I switched attention to my phone-side arm, tugging a tiny bit, then touching my phone, continuing to tug and check until I could no longer reach it. I then pulled to get my arms even. Done!

I looked to the mirror as I often do at this point. I liked the image. Spread, naked, helpless. I tugged against the restraints with my arms, kicked, rolled my hips and felt the rabbit move with me. Pleased with myself, I stopped and looked straight at the camera. Hamming it up a bit, I made a face as though mad. That’s when the rabbit clicked to life! It was intense even on level 2, pushing me. I stared into the camera, holding still, trying to deny the climax. I felt it rise, tried suppressing it, and then it hit all at once! I’d never tried to avoid cumming before, wasn’t expecting the suddenness and flailed to get away. After a few seconds it hit me how funny that must have looked, as though I’d never had a climax and was scared of it. I laughed out loud, looking to the ceiling, realizing what a scene the camera had just captured. 

Even though I’d set this all up I felt agitated at my situation. I felt some embarrassment with the video-as-voyeur. I’d lost track of how long it had been and was startled when the rabbit jumped to level 4. “No! Aack! Fuck!”

I was in for it now. Naked, aroused, post-cum sensitivity pushing me to resist. I was surprisingly self-conscious about being on camera, felt myself blush and was angered by that as well. All the while the rabbit commanded my attention. I felt the next orgasm build, tried to roll to hide from the camera and felt the restraints deny me cover as I came a second time.

It was still early for the ice releases to give, but I threw myself into trying to break away. I pulled, jerked against the cuffs holding my wrists. I scooted toward the headboard to get some slack, trying anything to get some extra oomph into breaking loose. Not only didn’t this work, but that infuriating rabbit mirrored my every move! Even though I’d set this all up I felt like I was in the hands of multiple tormentors. The rabbit was going to force me to climax again. The restraints were going to hold me down. The camera was going to record it all. I tried to get my knee in the way of the camera shot but it was useless. I couldn’t hide. My voyeur was watching. My stomach taut, legs tense, I craned my head forward this time as waves of orgasm washed over me.

A short while afterwards, the rabbit stopped. I tugged and the ice releases gave with little resistance. All or nothing with those, I thought. I unhooked the other straps, sat forward to stop the video camera’s recording, flopped back on my bed and rested.

The next day I loaded the video on my PC. 

I was immediately surprised at my expressions. Flitting between early giggling, then focused and serious, then pleased with myself, then anxious, pissed, resistant, still later lost in the moment and finally resigned and passive. When I came I fought as though it would help. Trying to escape the rabbit had it sliding side to side against my clit, my labia puffy, red and shiny with the lube and my own wetness. 

It was fascinating, watching myself in the 3rd person. She was visibly trying to find a way out. Trying one escape, then another, yanking and shaking uselessly. The hottest moment as I viewed this was when she tried to get her knee in the way of the shot. The restraints did their job, holding her legs open for the camera. She struggled, embarrassed. She climaxed again and again, the camera capturing it all. She had gotten herself into something she couldn’t get out of.


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