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Jennifer’s Restrained Afternoon Part 3 The Finale

by OkmrocksU

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© Copyright 2007 - OkmrocksU - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; gag; reluct/cons; X

continued from part two

Part 3 - Finale

It was about 4:30 PM when I left Jennifer’s house rushing home to get ready for the evening.  I wanted to return early to set Jen free so she had time to get ready for tonight, that is if she still wanted to go.  I was also going to have a little more fun with her before I let her go.  After quickly showering, I put on an evening suit, grabbed my digital camera and headed back to Jen’s house.

Almost exhausted, Jen all but quit struggling to get loose.  She lay there thinking, what was she going to do now.  Her thoughts were jumbled as they were going from what was going to happen when or if I found her, to who was that man who brought her so much pleasure and was she ever going to be with him again.  She wanted him more than anything she’s ever desired before and If he would just come back, she would gladly remain tied up here as his slave.

When I got back to Jen’s house it was just after 5:30 and there wasn’t much time before our date was to start so I had to work quickly.  I played my part, ringing the doorbell and knocking on the door.  After knocking several times I opened the door and peered in and loudly said, “Jen?  Where you at?” 

From the back rooms I heard a faint MMMMMMMmmmmmmmphph.

While walking toward her bedroom I said, “Jen?  Are you all right?” 

I then heard a much louder MMMMMMMmmmmmmmphphph. 

I turned the corner into her bedroom and I shouted, “Jen!  Oh my God!  What hap_________pend?”  I was silent for a few seconds pretending to take in her predicament while she mmphed for help.

Sensing that I discovered her secret, she blushed and mmphed sheepishly, tugging her bonds upward as if to say, please free me.  I sat down beside her on the bed, unbuckled her blindfold and slid it out from under the harness.  Squinting, it was taking a few seconds for her eyes to adjust to the light until she was able to focus on me while I was surveying her bondage.

After getting a good eye full I stared straight at her and said, “You did this to yourself, didn’t you?” 

She could no longer look me in the eyes and looking away as she nodded yes. 

I then said, “Wait here, I’ll be right back.” 

Her eyes got large and she shook her head no struggling and mmphing as I left the room.  While I was gone, she spotted her release key I left dangling inches above her hand.  Straining and wiggling she reached for it but being stretched as tight as she was, she could barely reach it with her fingertips.

I went out to my car to get the camera.  I had left it out there on purpose for effect to make Jen believe that I really found her this way and that I had not planned this at all.  After grabbing the camera I loudly shut the door to my car and rushed back into the house.  As I stepped into her bedroom I noticed she had found the key and was trying to get a good hold on it to pull it down but couldn’t quite get it.

Rushing over I snatched it up out of her grip and hung it up out of reach.  Looking at me with angry eyes and shaking her head no, she screamed a loud mmph at me.  It had been about two hours since her planned release and she wanted out, NOW!  She regained a little of her fight and struggled again, mmphing in her gag and then looking at me with an expression of begging for release.

I said, “I’m sorry my dear, but I can’t let you loose.  I’ve got some pictures to take first.  Besides the guy’s at work would never believe me if I just told them about this.”

She really lit up then.  Frantically struggling with both fear and anger in her face, she loudly mmphed again and emphatically shook her head NO!  Although she liked playing with bondage for sex, it was still private to her and anyone she chose to share it with, not for the whole world to see.

While moving around the bed, I started snapping pictures of her at various angles.  She tried turning her head away as much as she could but I still got some shots of her face.  I also got some close ups of her breasts and of her crotch with the dildo still tied in her.  I picked up the vibrator lying between her legs and said, “Looks like you left something out, didn’t you.” 

Looking straight at me she just angrily mmphed again. 

She watched as I was pretending to study how the vibrator functioned.  Then after reinserting it into the dildo, I turned it on.  Jen jerked, moaned and struggled when it kicked on and I took more pictures of her torso twisting and thrusting as she was being stimulated.  She fought hard not to show me that she was enjoying this as she kept giving me angry looks and loudly mmphing her frustration.  After finishing taking pictures and to let her think she had won, I reached over and turned off the vibrator.

With a let-me-go look on her face I finally took pity on her reaching up and unbuckling her gag.  It took a few seconds or so for her to loosen up her jaw after I pulled the ball out of her mouth.  Then she laid into me, “What the hell are you doing to me?  LET ME GO NOW!”

I replied, “Sure.  Besides, you need to get ready for our date.”

She snapped back, “There’s no way in hell I’m going out with you tonight.  Especially not after you took those pictures of me to show to our co-workers.”

I said, “You might want to rethink that.  You’re the one all tied up, and I could just leave you here.” 

A small surge of fear ran up her spine and she asked, “You wouldn’t do that to me would you?”

“I could!”

“Please, no.  Just let me go.  I still don’t feel like I want to go out tonight.”

“Well, that’s just too bad.  After I went to all the trouble to get dressed up, we ARE going out!  Besides that, I might just give you a chance to talk me out of telling everyone about what you did here.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, If you go out with me tonight like we had planned and you treat me nice and with respect, and maybe a few other things, I may decided to keep quiet about what your in to.”

“What do you mean, A few other things?”

“Well, we can just discuss that over dinner.”

Jen reluctantly agreed as I was unlocking one of her wrists.  I handed her the key and said, “You better start getting ready if you are going to be ready to go when I pick you up at 7:00.”

Since she was so emotionally wrapped up in what was happening to her at the moment, it never even dawned on her as to why I was here so early.  As she started to unlock her other wrist as I turned to leave.  She hollered, “Wait, where are you going?”

I replied, “I’m running home real quick to print a few pictures.  I’ll be back in time to pick you up.” 

I turned and headed out the door, as she yelled, “No, Wait!”  I just ignored her and went on.  I think she was going to try to snatch the camera back from me and take the memory card but I wasn’t going to give her the chance.  I was already out of the driveway and down the street by the time she got herself untied from the bed, so she couldn’t stop me.

It was a couple of minutes before 7:00 when I got back to Jen’s house.  She did a quick job of getting ready and was just touching up her hair when I arrived.  This gal really cleans up nice.  She was wearing a form fitting short black leather skirt that was trimmed closer to heaven than her knees, a dressy white blouse that was mostly covered with a matching black leather jacket and black heels.  As soon as she opened the door I took one look at her and exclaimed, “Wow, you look fantastic!”

A half hearted grin came across her face as she invited me in while she finished up.  Unknown to me, she had the idea that after our date tonight she was going out to the club to hit on some ‘hot’ guy’s.  What she didn’t know is that I had other ideas.

When she was ready she came out into the living room where I was sitting and I handed her a large manila envelope and said, “Here, you might want to look at these.”  I selected a few of the sexier pictures I took of her and brought them with me.  She pulled the pictures out and though she tried hard to remain expressionless, her eyes lit up as she looked at them.

She then asked, “When do I get the rest of them?”

“What do you mean the rest of them?  I never said that I would give you the pictures.  I just thought you might like to see these.”

“But I thought…..”

“No, I said we would discuss it over dinner so lets get going so we can eat and make it to the exhibit on time.”

We left and headed for a nice restaurant that was somewhat local to our planned date locations.  Upon entering the restaurant I asked the hostess for a quiet table away from the crowd.  She seated us toward the back in a nice quiet booth.  It was perfect for the conversation we were about to have.  After the waitress brought our drinks and took our order I started asking Jen about her interest in bondage.

She was a little reluctant to talk about it but after reminding her that I’ve already seen her in all her bound glory she was a little more willing to talk.  She told me some of what she liked and that she’s had a hard time finding a partner who could fulfill her bondage fantasies.  They either did sloppy work or didn’t care about her pleasure.  She then turned the conversation toward me and asked flat out, “Are you going to tell the people at work about me or what?”

I replied, “That depends on you.”

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean is, if you do what I want to tonight, I’ll not tell anyone about you.”

She paused for a few seconds and then asked, “Ok, what am I going to have to do?”

I said, “Well, I want to have sex with you after our date this evening.”

She thought, with a disgusting, oh great; there goes my night out.  I should have seen that coming.  He’s just like all the other guys and wants to get into my pants.  Oh well, he’s not that bad looking and I guess I can stomach a little vanilla sex for one night.  She then blurted out, “Fine, only if you promise not to tell anyone, and I mean anyone, at work or anywhere else about me.”

I thought for a second and said, “Ok, I won’t tell.”

She then said, “And I also want all the photo’s you took of me.”

“Oh no, that’s not part of the deal.”

“But please, I want them.”

“No!  The only thing I will do is promise not to show them to anyone, nothing more.”

“Yeah sure, you want to keep them so you can blackmail me into sleeping with you anytime you wish.”

“No, I won’t.  I’m just fulfilling a fantasy.  With your attitude, being with you once will be plenty and I will have the photos for souvenirs, and besides that, I have something else in mind for the photos.”

“What’s that?”

“I’ll tell you later tonight.”

About then the waitress brought our meal.  There was not much conversation after that and after we finished eating, she paid the check (it was supposed to be her treat for me to escort her to the exhibit) and we left for the Gallery. 

Upon entering the Gallery, Jen quickly turned into a social butterfly, acting like everything was perfectly normal, chatting with several of her friends as we toured the exhibits.  She even treated me kindly in front of everyone, which surprised me a little considering our dinner conversation. 

After a couple of hours we left the Gallery and headed to her house.  I was getting very excited over what I was about to do to her and she had no idea what she was in for, which made it even more exciting for me.  As we entered her house she asked in a ‘let’s get it over with’ tone, “Ok, how do you want it?”

I thought she’s back to her bitchy self and replied, “That’s not very nice.  I told you earlier today that I wanted to be treated with a little respect.”

She said, “Oh, I’m sorry.  How about this?” Then she asked in a nicer tone, “How and where do you want to have sex with me tonight?”

“Thank you, that’s better.  Well, after finding you like I did this afternoon, I think I’d like to try a little bondage.”

Looking at me with a little more interest, she asked, “What?  You want me to tie you up?”

“No.”  I replied.  “I want to tie you up.”

With that remark she felt herself instantly getting wet.  She thought to herself ‘looks like mister vanilla sex wants to try to be kinky.’  But then she thought it is probably going to be another night of disappointing sloppy ties and only his pleasure.  She then asked, “Ok, How do you want to do it?”

“Well, first, what kind of stuff do you have to play with?”

“Here, I’ll show you.”  We went to her bedroom and she pointed out the things she was tied with earlier still laying on her bed.  She then pulled a large dresser drawer open and it was filled with everything from lots of different kinds of rope to handcuffs, shackles, blindfolds and gags.  Pretending not to act like I knew what I was doing, I picked up a ball gag and a few coils of rope and said, “Well, I used to be a boy scout and I can tie a few knots so I’ll start with these.”  Then we headed back to the living room.

In-between Jen’s living room and dining room is an open room divider which is nothing more than a picket style fence with a post in the middle and a post at the end of the fence leaving a six foot gap to pass between the two rooms.  I decided I was going to tie Jen to this post but I need one more item.  I then asked her, “Do you have a step stool?”

A little puzzled she replied, “I’ve got one in the pantry.”

After retrieving the stool from the pantry I discovered it was the perfect size at 12 inches wide, 24 inches long and 8 inches high.  I am 6 feet 4 inches tall, which makes me 6 inches taller than Jen.  I put the stool in front of the post and had her stand on it with her back against the post.  The step stool put her at just the right height for me to have sex with her standing up without squatting down.  She asked if I wanted her to get undressed first and I told her no because I wanted to strip her after she was bound. 

She thought, hey this is getting more interesting by the minute.

Jen put her hands behind the post as instructed and I securely bound them by looping the rope several times around her wrists and a few loops of cinch between them.  I had her step apart with her feet to the edge of the stool.  I tied one ankle, fed the rope under the stool across to the other side and tied the other ankle and then secured the stool to the post.  This healed her feet about 18 inches apart.  Moving back up I securely tied her elbows to the post.  She then pulled and tugged against the bonds and realized she was securely tied, something which no one has ever done to her like this before.  She started to wonder if I was really the amateur I was pretending to be.

After opening her blouse and bra, I tied a rope bra above and below her breasts, cinching the rope between them and tying the ends over her shoulders and behind the post.  I also tied a couple of strands of rope across her nipples, which gave her tingling sensations up and down her spine. 

There was nothing to tie her knees to, to keep them apart, so I left them alone.  I did however give her upper thighs a little attention.  Reaching up under her skirt, I looped about six strands of rope slowly around one thigh rubbing her crotch through her panties while feeding the rope around them, around the post and then looped the other thigh the same way.  She pleasurably moaned as I was rubbing her and she was already wet.  Pulling this rope tight spread her thighs and gapped her nicely for easy assault. 

She said, “Damn, for an amateur you sure know how to tie someone.”

After picking up the ball gag and inserting it into her mouth, I said, “What makes you think I’m an amateur?”

That remark startled her.  Her eyes got big and she mmphed a little worried protest.  Though she dreamed of a man who would tie her tight and give her endless pleasure, she also had read storied of guys who ruthlessly torture their slaves which she was not into and wasn’t sure whether I was either.

As I was unzipping and removing her skirt I said, “I’ll now tell you why I’m keeping the pictures.  You’re right, I am going to use them for blackmailing you but not in the way you think.  I’m keeping them so you won’t go to the police.”  And then I changed my voice to a whisper and said, “So you won’t tell them what I did to you this afternoon.”

It took about three seconds for it to sink in and for her to recognize the voice.  Her whole face lit up and she mmphed, “MMMMAAAAPP  MMMMUUSSSS  MMMOOOO?”

I replied, “It certainly was.”   

She let out a pleasurable, MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmphphph.

Seeing me picking up a pair of scissors to cut off her panties Jen started struggling.  She was now really excited and ready to play.  After snipping off her already very wet panties I started fondling and groping her.  Then kneeling down in front of her I stuck my nose right into her muff and started tonguing her clit.  This really stimulated her as she shook and shuttered and made little moaning noises.

After a while I stood up and fondled her again.  While making short mmph’s in her gag, she pulled and tugged hard to get free to no avail.  She knew this would turn me on which it did.  I quickly dropped my pants, slipped on a condom and penetrated her already well-lubed love tunnel.  She moaned loudly in her gag as I started stroking in her slowly, picking up a little speed after every 8 or 10 strokes.  She was almost ready to cum when I started so it didn’t take much to put her over the edge and she quickly exploded with struggling fury.  That turned me on so much that shortly after that, I came too.

I leaned against her for a couple of minutes as I was coming down from my high.  While still hard inside her I reached up and unbuckled her gag and pulled the ball from her mouth.  After passionately kissing for a couple of minutes she pulled back and said, “I’ll tell you what.  I promise not to go to the police and tell them what you did only under one condition.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

She replied, “You have to keep me tied up and drive me wild, ALL weekend.”

With great enthusiasm I said, “It’s A Deal!” 





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