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Janice Comes Home

by PShadowPhazer

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© Copyright 2001 - PShadowPhazer - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; hotel; leather; collar; catsuit; cuffs; hood; chast; gag; toys; insert; frogtie; stuck; M/f; D/s; climax; cons; X

She carried herself well through the dimly lit halls of the hotel. Six foot two, blonde hair, brown eyes. Janice was every bit the amazon goddess people thought she looked like. “I can still stop this,” her thoughts echoed in her mind. She had met this man through the internet and he had quickly become her Master. Janice had always been into bondage, mainly of the do-it-yourself variety. She had been looking for a Master/Mistress for a year with no luck. Until she met him and she knew she could serve no other. He had told her to fly out to Seattle and go to a specific hotel, where he had gotten a room so she could finally submit to him.

She was now heading for that very same room. He had told her to put herself into very strict self bondage and wait for him to get there and release her. She stood before the door trembling slightly. Fear, anticpation, happiness? She did not know, but she readily stepped into the room.

Janice turned on the light and let out a small gasp when she saw the elegance and splendor of the room in which she would give herself to her new Master. After walking around the room drinking in the beauty of it she looked at the bed and let out a soft smile. “My, my,” she thought to herself, “what a collection and all for me to play with.” A small note was on the bed with two words on it. “Prepare yourself,” was all it said. She walked the room once again before getting to the task at hand.

Janice stripped out of her one piece black dress, and felt the air flow over her naked body. She didn’t bother with panties or bras when in her dresses. She picked up the leather collar that was to be hers from this moment on. She stroked the leather lovingly a small smile playing across her face. She slowly closed the collar around her neck and closed her eyes as she heard the small ‘click’ when the small heart shaped lock closed locking the collar around her neck.

She looked over the other clothes and “toys” laid out on the bed. After looking over this collection of bondage gear she picked out a one piece black leather body suit and slipped into it. Once it was zipped up and locked she would not be able to take it back off. ‘click’ She started to feel a familiar warmth stir between her legs hearing the small click of the lock on the back of the suit. She ran her hands over her sleek body slipping a finger inside her then she remembered she would have to wait.

Next she picked up a chastity belt with an attached butt plug, and 10 inch vibrator. She covered the vibrator and butt plug with KY and gently pushed them home, filling her up. Smiling she closed the waist belt around her small waist and closed the hasps, next she pulled the crotch strap up between her legs making sure its tight and locking it before she could think otherwise. Although she had never tried anal sex before she wanted to please her new Master, so she wiggled around in the chastity belt getting a feel for the anal intruder. She attached the two control boxes for the butt plug and vibrator on d-rings on the belt knowing that once she was done they would be out of her reach.

Janice decided a frog tie would be a good way to show herself to her Master so she locked a pair of thigh cuffs and ankle cuffs on feeling the pressure through the black leather body suit. She then walked over to a little table and dropped the keys for all the locks and handcuffs on it. Taking a bit of rope she threaded it through the rings on her right ankle cuffs and thigh cuff cinching it tight. Laying on the bed she tried moving her right leg and found she couldn’t. Next she did the same to her left leg, she knew she was almost past the point of no return.

Janice picked up one of the bondage hoods and examined it. It had lacing in the back and an inflatable penis gag with a pumpball attached, once she had it on she wouldn’t be able to see because of the blinders or speak because of the gag. “Should I put this on, or will a ball-gag suffice?” she asked herself and the empty room. Without thinking too long she pulled the hood over her head and tightened it, pulling the laces making sure she could not reach the laces once she was done. She started pumping the gag until it filled her mouth putting pressure on her cheeks, just for good measure she pumped it three more times and closed the valve removing the pump.

Janice tried screaming through the gag, but all she got was a weak little “mmph”. Finally it was time for her to finish her bondage and await her Master. Taking a pair of handcuffs she attached them to a d-ring on the back of the chastity belt. Locking the handcuffs to the belt with a padlock. “Last chance to back out girl,” she thought. Suddenly feeling very brave she turned both the vibrator and butt-plug on high and closed her wrists in the handcuffs. Now she was bound and captive only to be released when her Master decided to release her.

After her fourth orgasm while in her bondage, just as she was about to hit her fifth she heard the door to the hotel room open. Janice froze, then began to struggle inside her bondage suddenly becoming afraid. Then she heard a deep rich chuckling the calmed her. “Do not fear my pet, obey me and you will not be harmed.”

Janice just smiled at herself because here was her new Master, and she knew she would have more fun in the end than in all her life.


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