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It All Started With A Roomba

by Canadom

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Part 1

Ana knew that Cassandra would be out for the day, which meant she had hours to play around with Cassandra’s bondage gear. While Ana didn’t have any of her own, she would frequently ‘borrow’ Cass’s when she was away; being a part-time Dominatrix, Cass had plenty of gear on hand.

She said goodbye to Cass as she left for the day to go hang out with a few friends. She listened intently for the ding of the elevator door opening down the hall; as soon as she heard it, she made her way to Cass’s room to begin sorting out the gear she would need. But not before catching a glimpse of herself in the full-length mirror on the way by, her time at the gym was for sure paying off she thought to herself, it was important for someone in their late 20s to keep up with the gym to avoid health problems least that’s what her trainer had told her.

Checking out her slim figure and brushing aside her long dark blonde curls from her face, she gave a smile to the reflection she saw, as she wiped away the last of the sleep from one of her big blue eyes. She ended her gawking at herself with a “looking good!” and continued down the hall of the condo to Cass’ room. She knew exactly where Cass kept her gear, there was a large tote under her bed where some of it was kept and the rest was in a large bin in her closet. She pulled the tote out from under the bed and began pushing aside items until she found…handcuffs and leather wrist restraints, perfect! She continued digging around for the leg irons and keys which didn’t take her long to find. She grabbed a couple lengths of chain, some locks, and a leather collar from inside the tote as well.

Making her way over to the closet she rummaged through Cass’ extensive collection of gags, chastity belts and devices, vibrators and other BDSM paraphernalia, until she found the item she was looking for – a medium sized purple ball gag with a locking buckle. She found a small lock for the gag and set everything out on Cass’s bed. She put the containers back in their respective places, gathered up the gear and left Cass’s room heading for hers.

She had been planning this little session for a week now and had always wanted to involve the Roomba in her play but didn’t have a chance to until today. She was going to put the keys for everything into an envelope and tape the envelope to the top of the Roomba, after an hour or so the Roomba would come into her room to clean it and that’s when she would retrieve the keys, it was a straight-forward plan she thought to herself. She smiled as she walked by Frankie – what they had named their Roomba – as she headed for her room, “I’ve got an important job for you today, Frankie”, She said to the device and chuckled to herself as she walked by.

She knew she didn’t have very long before the Roomba’s cleaning program would start, it had been set to begin cleaning their condo at 11:00am and it was already 10:40, she entered her room and spread the gear out on her bed as well as making sure the keys worked in their respective locks, the last thing she wanted was to get stuck in Cass’s gear and have to explain to her what she was doing locked in it.

Everything seemed to be working fine, she gathered up the keys and put them all in an envelope she had ready on her nightstand. She walked to the kitchen to get some tape from one of the drawers and proceeded to put a little tape on the back of the envelope. She didn’t want to tape the envelope too securely where she wouldn’t be able to pull it off, but secure enough that it would stay on the Roomba while it did its cleaning. Thinking she had found a good balance she closed the envelope and approached Frankie, securing the envelope to the top of the Roomba, she glanced at the clock and saw it was 10:45. ‘Perfect!’ she thought to herself, she would need about 10-15 minutes to get locked in the gear anyways.

Ana made her way back to her room and immediately got to work on binding herself, she started with the collar, a leather posture collar with purple padding inside, she thought it would be cute to coordinate a bit with the gag. With the collar in place, she reached up and brushed her hair aside as she put the first lock through the collar’s buckle *click*, giving the lock a bit of a tug confirmed she wouldn’t be getting the collar off until she had the keys. She decided it was probably easiest to put her hair in a ponytail to keep it out of the way, having done that she did the same with the ball gag, wetting the ball a bit with her tongue before putting it in her mouth and buckling it snugly in place behind her head, threading a small lock through the buckle *click*.

She sighed as she knew the next part of her plan would mean no turning back, she took one of the lengths of chain from her bed and threaded it around one of the rungs of her cast-iron headboard and locked it in place, she took the other end of it and locked it to the ring on the front of the collar *click*, there was now no way for her to leave her bedroom without the keys. The rest of the gear was still within reach, but the chain only allowed her to move away from the bed about 2 feet before she would be stopped. The next length of chain went around her waist, she pulled it snugly and locked it in place at the back *click* she tugged on the chain a little to make sure it wouldn’t move from where she had locked it, ‘perfect, it won’t budge!’ she smiled a little through her gag as she continued. Next, she locked the leg irons around her ankles and made sure she wouldn’t be able to slip her feet out of them.

Lastly, she took the handcuffs and threaded them through the leather restraints, basically making padded handcuffs with them. It took her a little time but she was able to get the handcuffs threaded between her waist and the chain, ‘Ok, no turning back now.’ She thought to herself as she locked the first of the cuffs around her wrist, then before she could change her mind she did the same with the 2nd cuff locking it in place too. With her hands cuffed in front of her she gave them a little tug as well, she was good and stuck until Frankie arrived to rescue her, she chuckled at the thought and settled down on her bed as best she could and as much as the restraints would allow. As the clock on her nightstand switched to 11:00am, she could hear Frankie spring to life and start his cleaning program out in the kitchen, she moaned to herself as she tugged on the restraints, knowing she wasn’t going anywhere for a little while, she closed her eyes and began stroking herself through her jeans, or attempting to, the handcuffs made it a little difficult but she was managing.

She imagined that she had been kidnapped by Chelsea, her trainer from the gym, she was being held captive for slacking on her workouts. She moaned as she let the fantasy take her, reminding herself how screwed she was without the keys as the tension built and finally screaming through her gag as she had her first orgasm of her session. She could hear the hum of Frankie cleaning away in the main room as she continued rubbing herself and went for round two. It wasn’t long for the second orgasm to take her, again screaming with pleasure into her gag. As she laid there with her eyes closed, she began drifting off and despite being bound as she was, she found it quite comfortable laying like this, and fell asleep shortly after.

Ana was only asleep about 40 minutes before being roused out of her slumber by a chime and a voice from the main room. She began to panic a little, wondering who was in the apartment with her. She strained to hear what the voice was saying,

“Roomba batteries drained, please charge to continue cleaning.”

She went wide-eyed as she realized that without Frankie she would be stuck until Cass got home. She could see the Roomba from her bedroom, Frankie had run out of juice in the middle of the living room, way too far for her to reach, chained the way she was. She was thrashing around in a panic trying desperately to get something to budge so she could release herself, but the handcuffs and leg irons both held firm, keeping her trapped in their metal embrace.

“Oh fnck, sis is ad!” She said through her gag, initially she had thought about leaving herself one of the handcuff keys in case of an emergency, but her loins decided otherwise and convinced her to put all the keys in that envelope. Forgetting that she was chained to the bed, she sprang up from the bed and tried running for her bedroom door, the collar chain abruptly stopping her only a couple of feet from the bed. She almost lost her balance when it happened but managed to catch herself before falling to the floor. She tried tugging on the handcuffs as hard as she could, hoping to slip one of her hands out of them but it was no use! The leather cuffs and their thick padding made it impossible to slip her hands free. Ana sighed, she knew she was stuck and would just have to wait for Cass to arrive and release her.

Several hours went by as Ana laid on her bed and fought with the restraints, but all she managed to do was wear herself out, escape was futile, and she knew it but was still holding out hope that something would give. It was no longer fun for her since she was truly stuck and had been for almost 6 hours now, she just wanted out and had to pee really badly. Shortly after 5pm, she heard the door of the condo open as Cass came home. “Hey Ana, you home?” She heard Cass call from the hallway, Ana was too embarrassed to get her attention though, knowing full well that she would find her in a matter of seconds anyway. Ana always admired how beautiful her friend was, she considered herself hot but thought that Cass was next-level. A gorgeous redhead with long flowing hair and small blonde streaks running up both sides of it, a slim build, and green eyes, she would get men’s attention, although she preferred to be single.

She heard Cass’s footsteps out in the main room, Cass saw the Roomba on the floor with the envelope on it and said, “What on Earth?” Then she saw movement out of the corner of her eye and saw Ana quite thoroughly locked up in her room. Cass immediately began to laugh and said, “Oh my God, that’s hilarious! Ana, did you do all of this yourself?” She asked as she approached Ana’s room. Ana, feeling herself flushed from embarrassment just nodded and through the gag said, “Pmmeas get mmm ouu”,

Cass laughed and having been a Dominatrix for a few years was able to understand most gag talk. “Get you out? Hmmm, no I don’t think I will, not yet anyways. You did such a good job, it would be a shame to release you right away, wouldn’t it?”

Ana was furiously shaking her head. “Cass!! Pmmeas!!” she shouted through the gag; she had enough and just wanted to be unlocked.

Cass, still chuckling just said, “You’re not really in a position to be making demands there, Ana” she approached her and whispered in her ear, “Besides, I haven’t had my fun with you yet.”

Cass turned around and left the room for a minute, she came back with her phone and the envelope. She was laughing as she took a few pictures of Ana trussed up the way she was and then rummaged through the envelope to retrieve the key for the gag. She went over to Ana and unlocked the ball gag, pulling it out of her mouth and setting it down on the bed.

Ana moved her jaw around for a moment and thanked Cass.

“Don’t thank me yet, like I said I’m not releasing you at the moment, we’re going to have a lot of fun together first.” She said with a mischievous grin.

“I do have a few questions though before anything else happens, firstly: How long have you been stuck like this?”

Ana, heeding Cass’s words from earlier and knowing she wasn’t able to be making demands, decided it was best to just answer her questions truthfully. She calmly said, “Since 11:00 am, the plan was that Frankie would roll in here around 12 and I would get the envelope and release myself, but we know how that went…”

Cass chuckled and nodded her agreement, “Mhm, quite the situation you’ve gotten yourself into.”

She continued with her line of questioning, “Secondly: I’m assuming that given how long you’ve been locked up, you really need to use the washroom, am I right?”

Ana nodded eagerly, “Yes! I’ve been trying to hold it the last few hours but I’m about to burst!”

Cass smiled and said, “One more question and then we can do something about that: Have you done this sort of thing before? Answer truthfully, lying won’t help you in your current state.”

Ana just sighed, knowing that Cass already knew the answer and said, “Yes. I sometimes play around with your gear when you leave the condo. I’ve just never gotten stuck before.”

Cass nodded her agreement once again, “I know, I’ve found things out of place when I’ve gone into my bins at times, and I suspected you were tying yourself up. You’ve used up a lot of my tape too, broken buckles on some of my leather items, the list goes on! So, I set up a hidden camera in my room and sure enough, last week you were caught in the act of pilfering through my stuff.” The smile faded from her face, “Well, I know you’re into bondage since you keep borrowing my equipment, but I’m not sure you’re going to enjoy what I have in mind for you.”

Both women stared at each other in silence for a moment, “Now, let’s get you to the washroom and then I’ll tell you what’s in store.”

Cass unlocked the chain from Ana’s headboard and began to lead her out of the bedroom and down the hall towards the washroom, she helped her undo her jeans and onto the toilet before giving her some privacy. While Ana was giving herself some much needed relief, Cass went to prepare a few things of her own, she thought that Ana could be a little more secure.

She went to the large bin in her closet and retrieved a chastity bra – which looked more like a corset - and chastity belt, both of which were sleek black metal and had custom locks that required Cass’s fingerprint to open; she didn’t dominate many women and didn’t get to use them yet so she considered this a treat that she would finally be able to put them to use, the belt had D-rings all around the outside for various attachments. They both had little USB-C ports embedded in them for charging as well, she next retrieved a timed lockbox from the top shelf of her closet and set it on her bed. She went back to the bin and took out a butt-plug, dildo, a head harness, a leather body harness as well as several leather restraints, putting everything into a pile on her bed. Lastly, she retrieved a few short lengths of chain from the container under her bed and added those to the pile as well.

She heard the toilet flush and made her way back over to the washroom, waiting for Ana outside the door. As soon as the door opened, she grabbed the collar’s chain before Ana could try anything, “Come along, slave.” She said with a chuckle, leading Ana to her bedroom.

Ana went wide-eyed as she saw the pile of gear on the bed, “Is that all for me?” She asked, somewhat stupefied.

“No, I just like to air out my bondage gear sometimes.” Cass said sarcastically, “Of course it’s for you, you’ve been naughty for going through my stuff and need to be punished.”

She locked Ana’s collar to one of her bedposts and stood in front of her with her phone, showing her the pictures she had taken earlier,

“So Ana, here’s what’s going to happen. For the next week, you are going to be my plaything. You will do everything I ask you to do, or I’m going to send these pictures and the video from last week to your parents, your relatives, your friends, everyone. Understood?”

Ana, knowing she didn’t have much of a choice, just nodded her head in agreement,

“Good. During this week you will also address me as Mistress, or Mistress Cass, either will be acceptable. Is that understood?”

Ana said, “Yes, understood.”

Cass looked at her and asked, “Yes who”?

Ana shook her head slightly and corrected herself, “Right, Yes Mistress, understood. Sorry.”

Cass nodded and with a slight smile said, “You get one, don’t slip up again or a day will be added to your sentence each time.”

Ana, now looking defeated just said, “Yes Mistress, understood.”

Cass turned her attention to the pile on her bed and said, “Alright, it’s time to get you geared up”, she picked up the envelope and started unlocking Ana from her restraints, leaving her chained to the bedpost via the collar for now.

“Strip”, she said to Ana, who took a second to process what she was asked and then began taking off her clothes.

Cass helped her out of her shirt and bra while Ana pulled down her jeans and panties. Now standing completely naked other than the collar, she was handed the leather body harness by Cass as something to wear. Cass helped her into it and navigated the straps to the proper places they were supposed to go, once everything was in place Cass locked all the harness’ buckles other than the ones near Ana’s breasts and crotch. She picked up the chastity bra and belt from the bed, installing the butt-plug and dildo in their respective slots inside the belt and then approached Ana with the belt and bra,

“Lift your leg Ana, let’s get this belt on you.”

Ana was reluctant to cooperate, not wanting to be locked in a chastity belt for a week and refused to lift her leg.

Cass pulled out her phone and said, “Do I need to send the pictures?”

Ana sighed and lifted her leg,

“Good girl.” Said Cass as she slipped the belt between Ana’s legs, moving it up to her waist and not so gently forcing the plugs inside of her, Ana winced as Cass plugged her, Cass locked it in place and gave the belt a tug to make sure it was secure.

She helped Ana into the chastity bra and locked it at the back, again giving it a tug in a few areas to make sure it wouldn’t come off on its own.

She opened an app on her phone that worked with the belt and bra and began typing in a few settings, Ana heard whirring from inside both devices as they began to tighten,

“What are they doing?” She asked, somewhat panicked.

“They’re securing themselves”, Cass said in a matter-of-fact tone. She showed Ana her phone as a graphic spun on the screen, eventually it changed to a green checkmark and said ‘Locked!’ As both devices beeped. Ana continued to read as the checkmark disappeared,

“Tamper-Proof: Active, Constrictor: Active, Mandatory Minimum: 80%, Setting Roulette: 7 days, Pleasure Mode: Torment.” She looked at Cass and asked in a panicked tone,

“What does all of that mean, Cass?”

Cass began to explain, “Well, you see that little black plate on the front of the belt? It requires my fingerprint to unlock it. Same goes for the bra, there’s a black plate at the back of it that requires my fingerprint too. As a backup, I can also enter a 12-digit code into the app that will unlock both just in case my fingerprint doesn’t work. But Tamper-Proof means that if you try to open them yourself or get someone else to *bzz!* you’ll get shocked. It also means trying to shove your fingers into the belt or bra to pleasure yourself will reward you with a shock as well, so don’t do that either. Every time you try to tamper with them, I also get sent a notification alerting me of your indiscretion, and each time you try…I’m adding a day.”

It was finally sinking in to Ana that this was all very real now, “Cass, please! I’ve learned my lesson, I promise I won’t touch your gear anymore, just please get me out of these.”

Cass just smiled and said, “You forgot to address me as ‘Mistress’, one more day.”

Ana shouted, “What?! No! Please let me out!”

Cass just grinned again and said, “Another. We’re up to nine days now as my plaything.”

As frustrated as she was, Ana didn’t want to say anything else and make things worse, so she just stood in silence and let Cass continue.

“And to address your point, no you haven’t even begun to learn your lesson yet, but don’t worry only...8 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes until you’re out!” Cass said playfully.

“Now, where were we…oh yes, Constrictor! So that makes the bra and belt basically act as a corset, over the next several days they are going to gradually squeeze you down to a certain circumference that I’ve set in the app. I would imagine it’s going to get quite painful in a few days, but you’ll just have to be a good slave and endure it, won’t you?”

“Y-yes Mistress.” Ana answered gingerly.

She cleared her throat and continued, “The next one, ‘Mandatory Minimum: 80%’, means that I can’t even unlock you from these until you’ve served 80% of your about 7 days if my math is right? I can use my fingerprint and enter the 12-digit code all I want but it won’t do a damn thing until you reach that 80%.”

“Next is Setting Roulette: 7 Days, which means every 7 days the app will activate a new setting that you’ll have for the remainder of your sentence. It has over 100 settings to choose from, so it’s not going to run out of options.”

Cass went on to explain the last setting from the app, “Pleasure Mode: Torment”, she stopped to give her mischievous smile again, “well, if I’m being honest, these next nine days are going to be hell for you because of this one setting. At random times, the bra and belt will both administer shocks for no reason at all, along with that the butt plug and vibrator will turn on at random intervals and get you juuuuuust to the edge and then shut off again! Never letting you have an orgasm. You’ll be begging me to remove these after a day, not that I could anyways, can you imagine having to spend 9 days locked in these? Well...9 assuming you behave yourself.”

Ana broke down after hearing how screwed she was in the bra and belt, “Cass please!!! I’m done playing around, get me out of these now! I’ll pay you whatever you want, I’ll sign something agreeing to never touch your stuff again, anything, just please remove the bra and belt!”

Cass just shook her head and said, “Oh honey, you haven’t listened to anything I’ve said, have you? I can’t remove them, not for...well I guess 8 days now, you forgot to call me Mistress again so your sentence is up to 10 days.”

Ana was beside herself at this point, “Just don’t add the fucking days then, Mistress!! This sounds like it’s going to be bad enough as it is, why make it worse for me?!”

Cass told her now very concerned plaything, “I have no control over it, if my phone’s microphone picks up your voice and you’re not addressing me as ‘Mistress’ the app adds a day on its own.”

Cass’s phone buzzed, “Uh oh, looks like it picked up your swearing too.” She showed Ana the new notification,

‘Profanity directed at Dominatrix detected, 3 days added.’

Ana was slumped over onto Cass’s bed and was sobbing at this point; the bra and belt were terrifying to her, and she was stuck with them for almost 2 weeks!

After a few minutes of Cass comforting her, she regained some of her composure and wiped away her tears, “So, I can’t do anything out of line with these on can I, Mistress?”

“Nope, not at all.”

Something occurred to Ana, “What’s the maximum time that my sentence can be, Mistress?”

Cass looked as though she was reluctant to answer, “There is no maximum time Ana if you’re not careful you could be locked in these indefinitely. I suppose now is a good time to tell you the name of the belt and bra. They're called ‘Hell’s Gate Chastity’, I got them online and they were quite expensive. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to use them, and you gave me the perfect reason.” Cass was grinning from ear to ear as she said this.

“I know it seems scary right now Ana, but as long as you follow the rules, you’ll be out of them in a couple of weeks.”

Ana was just staring blankly at her friend, she wasn’t sure how she would get out of this on her own, if at all.

Cass broke the silence, “Now, shall we continue getting you geared up now that you’ve calmed down a little?”

Ana reluctantly nodded and said, “Yes Mistress.”

Over the next few minutes, Cass continued with locking Ana into more of her bondage gear, she locked leather cuffs to her wrists and ankles, locking one of the short chains between the ankle cuffs and using the other two to lock the wrist cuffs to the rings on the outside of the belt. The chains allowed Ana about 18 inches of reach before they would restrict her movement.

Ana screamed in pain as the first set of shocks coursed through her, she didn’t like the idea of having to endure the torment for weeks.

Cass saw Ana squirm and started to laugh, “Oh what luck, looks like the vibrators have kicked on too!”

Ana’s breathing became more laboured as she could feel the pleasure building up, just as she was about to get over the edge, both toys abruptly shut off, leaving her incredibly frustrated.

Cass laughed again and said, “Yup, these 13 days are definitely going to suck for you!”

She picked up the head harness and fitted the large red ball into Ana’s mouth before buckling the rest of the straps around her head. Once she was satisfied that Ana wouldn’t be able to remove it, she locked all the buckles just to be sure. She stood back for a moment to admire her work,

“Oh! I forgot one thing!” She said, rushing back over to her closet. She pulled a metal collar out of the bin; it was made of the same black metal as the belt and bra. Ana was shaking her head, not wanting anymore of the devilish devices locked on.

She unlocked Ana’s collar from the bedpost and fitted her with the metal one, the collar beeping as it locked. Cass’s phone buzzed and a confirmation from the app showed that it detected the collar,

‘Collar detected, activate virtual lead?’

Cass let Ana read what was on the screen and with a grin pressed ‘Yes’.

‘Virtual Lead: Active’

“Sorry Ana, I just had to! That means if you stray too far from me, or more accurately my phone, *zap* and you get another day.”

Cass once again admired her work, and nodding to herself said, “Very nice, you look great all trussed up like this, being a plaything suits you.” She said with a chuckle.

She collected up the keys and put them all, except the ones for the head harness into the timer box. Cass knew she would have to remove the harness to feed her, etc.

She showed Ana that she was setting the box’s timer for 13 days, same as the sentence her chastity had given her. She pressed the button on top of the box, and showed Ana the numbers on the screen, ‘5…4…3…2…1’ there was a mechanical whirring as the box locked itself, a little lock icon on the screen confirming it as the box’s timer began to count down.

Cass leaned in beside Ana’s ear and quietly said, “There’s no escape, you’re mine for the next two weeks.”

Ana was fighting back tears, regretting that she decided to play around with Cass’s equipment, she asked herself internally how she had gotten herself into this predicament? Right, it all started with a Roomba.


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