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The following kinky situations have popped into my head.  Some I have done.  Some I will do.  Some I hope will never happen.  Oh the possiblities.

Imagine-  Getting home after dark.  You have stripped naked in the parking lot at work and locked everything but your ignition keys in the trunk of your car.  Now you padlock a chain around your waist and around the steering column.  As you drive the dimly lit streets you masturbate to an orgasm.  Your padlock key hangs from a string inside your garage.  Just drive in, roll down the car window, grab the key and your free.  Approaching the garage you push the remote control button  of the garage door opener to discover it's battery has gone dead!

Imagine- Laying down on a king size bed thats covered with a black rubber sheet.  All four corner posts have eyehooks threaded with four ropes.  After your ball gag is tightly strapped in, you fasten wide leather ankle and wrist cuffs in place.  You spread your legs as far apart as you can and tie each ankle rope with three very tight knots.  Laying back down, you work the wrist ropes to the wrist cuff D-rings.  Now in one full sweeping motion, you jerk your legs and wrists and topple the four balanced concrete blocks off of their pedestals.  The weight of the blocks pulls your body in a taut spreadeagle.  Only sheer strength and will power will get you free!

Imagine- You're sitting high up on one end of a teeter totter.  The combined weight of several bags of ice are holding down the other end of the see-saw.  A warm breeze blows across your naked body, but still you shiver in anticipation.  You're blindfolded, gagged and your hands are cuffed in back.  No other bondage was necessary because you have to sit quite still, otherwise fall to the ground and risk breaking something.  Now you patiently wait for the ice to melt and seep out of the holes in the bags and start your slow descent into the mud pit below where the precious key is buried!

Imagine- You're naked in a motel room and seated in a strong wooden chair with arms.  Your ankles are pulled back and up with ropes and your knees are held wide apart exposing your sex.  Strong ropes criss-cross your chest and waist holding you firmly to the back of the chair.  Your arms are bound at the elbows and wrists to the chair arms.  Tape seals your lips holding the foul tasting mouth packing in place.  To escape, you must work the combination lock that is holding the sissors handles closed.  Then using  the sissors you can eventually snip the cinch ropes securing the rope coils around your wrist.  You have waited three hours for the timer to turn the light back on so you can see the dial on the lock.  Suddenly you notice the dim light that was filtering in around the window curtain has disappeared.  Oh no, the power to the motel must be off!

Imagine- A soft rug in front of a warm fireplace.  You have locked your leather ankle cuffs together and now kneeling you manage to get a doubled up belt up around your elbows.  With a hard tug, the slip knot cinches the belts middle, forcing your elbows together.  The long veterinary style latex gloves reach all the way to your shoulders.  You manage to ratchet the handcuffs closed around each wrist and then work a padlock around the connecting links on the cuffs to the ankle lock.  All the keys are in the next room.  Slowly toppling over on your side you grab for the cotton balls and clinch your fists tight around the balls soaked in super glue!

Imagine- You're laying on a wide plank.  The board is long and has a pipe attached under it and sticks out into supports at each end.  Leather straps go around the board and fasten tight your ankles, knees, hips, waist and chest.  There is even one that goes across your forehead.  You reach under the board and lock on your timed release ice cuffs.  On each side of you stands a long row of candles burning brightly.  Suddenly the timer clicks on and the geared motor begins slowly rotating the plank, turning you like a piece of meat on a barbecue spit.  Other gears now tip the candles inward and hot wax begins dripping, splattering you from head to toe.  You scream into your gag, "happy bondage birthday"!

Imagine- Laying back on a lounge chair next to the pool.  You tie your ankles with several loops of rope and cinch them tightly.  You do the same below and above your knees.  A waist rope followed with crotch ropes comes next.  Picking up the page of die-cut stencil letters, you peel off  S L A V E and stick them across your forehead.  Finally you pin your arms to your side with a chest rope and cinch it under each arm.  Rolling on your side, you work your hands down under the tight waist rope and around the crotch ropes. Then with some effort, you manage to get the handcuffs on.  The key is just over on the other side of the pool.  Too bad you forgot about the bistering heat on the concrete but what a great day for a tan!

Imagine- All the room covered in sheets of plastic.  You are kneeling on the bed and spreader bars are attached between your ankles, knees and wrists.  The ankle and wrist bars are  fastened to each end of the bed.  You're going nowhere.  Ice is melting and will eventually  drop a key near your fingers so you can unlock those leather cuffs.  The ceiling fan has been hooked up to a security type motion detector, which just now got activated by a timer.  A paint brush hangs by a nylon cord from one blade of the fan.  Buckets of paint, oil and hot pepper sauce are below the fan just waiting for the fan to start up and perhaps stop with the brush dipping into one of the nasty buckets.  Hold real still!

Well have I got you thinking?  Here are a couple more quickees.

Imagine- Tied to a post and waiting for the key to drop in your hand but just to make things interesting you have cubes of ice melting that will release a heavy weight and jerk those nasty pinching clamps right off your numb nipples!

Imagine-  Now no cheating on this one.  Your handcuff keys are on a loop of string.  The string is big enough to slip on and off your head easy.  No problem.  With the string now around your neck, simply lock on the handcuffs with your hands behind your back.  Can you stand on your head? Ha!

Isn't the mind a marvelous thing?  Now try to think up even more kinky selfbondage things to do.  Write a story of your own and submit it to this web site and your ideas are always welcomed by me.  Maybe I will even try them myself.  I couldn't imagine not trying them!  

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