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Hunting Property 3: Slave Kate

by The Rook

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© Copyright 2015 - The Rook - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; outdoors; naked; cuffs; chain; rope; gag; nipple; toys; insert; spreadeagle; caught; M/f; hum; cons/reluct; X

This is a ongoing story, however at least the first two chapters can be read separately. Hope you enjoy again feedback will be greatly appreciated as this is a first time story. Story continues from part two

Part 3: Slave Kate

I walked back to my truck to get my camera. Once at my truck I open my toy bag. I grab a hood with a locking collar a leash and a 12" chain. Not wanting to leave my captive too long unattended I head back to the clearing.

When I got back to the clearing there Kate was having a massive orgasm, her body convulsing like a fish out of water in her self-imposed restraints. Her nostrils’ were flared, her breathing a staccato of pants with a stifled moan coming from her. I took a few pictures and then reached down and shut off the vibrator letting her come back down to reality and let her catch her breath.

Once her breathing came back to normal I took a few more pictures as she tried to hide from the camera to no avail. Then I showed her the key was only half melted. I told her that she was still stuck for awhile. I told her we needed to talk. I said, "I will take the gag out of your mouth. If you scream it goes back in and I will turn the vibrator back to high and leave you." She nodded that she understood. I then removed the ball gag.

I gave her a drink of water since she was sweating so much, I was sure she hadn’t intended to have the vibe full blast on her. She then asked what I was going to do to her. I told her that was up to her. I could call the cops but that would bring too much attention to my property and I do enjoy self bondage myself. We talked about what all could happen with the police in a small town, the publicity she would get, and what the judge probably would do to her. I told her I could just leave her for her safety to come get her. When I said that she all but freaked and I realized she was practicing self bondage without a net. I watched as the reality of her situation hit her. Then she asked me how long she would have to be my slave.

I thought for a moment then told her 30 days. After the 30 days if she wanted to stay my slave that was fine but the first 30 was for the trespassing. After which if she didn’t want to stay that was fine and she could use my property for her adventures as long as she called me and told me she was out here, how long she'd be bound and I would check to make sure she didn’t get stuck without a last resort release.

I then re-inserted her gag and told her I would let her think about it some. I reached down and untied the crotch rope and pulled the vibrator out of her. As it came out I could see she was still dripping as she squirmed as it came out, her clit was still hard as it rubbed on the vibe. She even bucked some like she wanted it back in.

The smell of her musk was getting to me I reached down and started slowly drawing circles up the inside of her thighs making sure not to get too close to her clit but enough stimulation to keep her aroused and wet. She moaned as I played and explored. My hands caressed and played. Seemed everywhere I touched was the right spot as she squirmed and moaned. I ran the tip of my finger over her soaked swollen pussy lips she all but bucked trying to get more of my finger. She tasted so good.

Every time I would stop you could hear a groan or a whimper out of her gag. I took her vibe set it to low and ran it around her nipple clamps as she shuddered. She was definitely on the edge of orgasm again. I lifted the chain on her clamps slowly watching the clamps lift her breasts as I slide the vibrator slowly in and out, her breathing becoming faster and faster. You could see the lust in her eyes as her need grew.

I then looked down the ice had melted. I showed her the key. I reached down and undid her gag. Looked at her and said, "Well what is it going to be?"

I was pretty sure what she was going to do but her response surprised me more than I expected. She looked at me with pleading eyes, as she said, "I am yours. Do what you wish with me. Take me as your willing slave for as long as you want me!"

The look on her face was as if she was afraid I would not take her. I smiled as I undid her hands, helped her to sit up then pulling her hands behind her back and locking them. Then I undid her ankles attaching the chain to the ankles so she was hobbled. I put her in a kneeling position and put the hood and collar on. I opened my pants releasing my cock from its place.

The head of my cock no sooner touched her lips and she opened taking me deep without a word. 'Damn she was good!'

My cock throbbed as she sucked as if her life depended on semen. My cock exploded as I shoot string after string. I pulled out and put the gag in her mouth. I reached down and removed the clamps, she let out a scream as I massaged them to help the blood return to her sensitive hard nipples. I picked up the leash and lead her to the truck.

Putting her in the truck I drove home and lead her to the playroom of my house. I placed her in the middle of the floor attaching a fifty foot chain to her collar. The other end attached to the wall. I removed the hood so she could see her new surroundings. The chain glistened as she looked around seeing my toys.

There is more coming I had to start this three different times. Hope you enjoy it thanks for all the positive feedback.

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