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How I Met Her

by Turbo Bruin

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© Copyright 2009 - Turbo Bruin - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; naked; outdoors; discovered; M/f; bond; rom; toys; cons; X

This is how I met my girlfriend. She is a very fun loving girl, caring, and loves to enjoy life. We have been dating for a couple years now, and marrying once we both are out of college. One question everyone ask us is how we met, mostly we just say we met at a club and sat next to each other at the bar. That is not the truth of the matter, we did sit next to each other at a bar, but that was the night, after we met. How we really met is a much more interesting story, that we have kept secret for the years.

A little over two years ago.

I was a big outdoors person, camping, hiking, and some sports. This day in particular I was hiking to a place I loved to sit down and relax. I drove out to an old abandoned parking lot, today however I saw another couple cars. I looked over and a small family was relaxing in the shade of the trees having a picnic. I walked past them and went into the woods on an old path that was now covered by the grass. When I walked past the family I said "hello" and continued on my way.

I was very relaxed, walking in the shade of the trees. I was in a tee-shirt, some shorts, and tennis shoes. The wind blew in my hair, I kept my hair short which felt even better. It took me an hour to reach my destination, a couple of times I stopped and took a drink from my water bottle I kept in my back pack. Even stepped off once to use the restroom. Then I finally reached my destination, a clearing in the trees.

This place use to be very busy, my father would take me our here and we would see maybe ten other families relaxing or having picnics. It is a lot less busy, but still is very beautiful place to be. In the middle there was a single post that had on it N, E ,S, and W facing north, east, south, and west. I now a days like to sit against it and relax away stress. As I walked towards it I noticed someone was already there, so I guessed someone else sees it as a relaxing place.

As I got closer I noticed that it was a woman, who sat on the north side, as I came from the south. Then even closer I saw she was naked and her arms were cuffed behind the post. I did not know what to think, but she could be in trouble so I walked up to the post. She eventually heard me and looked back at me with a shocked expression, she was not happy to see me.

"Miss are you okay? What is going on?" then I felt stupid seeing a ball strapped into her mouth. I knelt down next to her dropping my bag on the ground. She turned her head away so I said, " don’t worry I’m not here to hurt you. I got worried once I saw those straps on your wrist." she turned her head back to me, she was starting to cry. My best guess was she was just about twenty years old, maybe younger.

She tried to talk to me, but everything was muffled. I reached around her head and removed her gag. "Sorry, I thought you were going to hurt me. I am not really in the position to fight back and you never know with people now a days."

"No, I came out here to relax, work has become stressful and add in school I need a place to escape, here. Oh by the way my name is Matt."

"I’m Emily, I came out to relax and have a little fun."

"So you did this yourself, mind if I take a look." I thought for a sec, take a look to a naked woman, "sorry if that sounded wrong, I meant take a look at your situation."

"I guess, but please don’t judge me, I love doing this. When my last boyfriend found out he called me a freak and ran out."

"Everyone is a freak, and its his loss, you have such a beautiful face, and sorry for looking at your lovely body. And I don’t judge people everyone has something wrong, some secret some not." than I began to look at what she was doing.

She was bound naked with leather cuffs on her wrist, behind the post. A strap around her waist and torso, above and below her breast, kept her body against the post. Her legs were bound together, with a stake in the groung holding them in place. She could move enough to look behind her but not much else. Up on the post was a hook with a string and key attached to it, quiet a bit a had melted it looked. Then once I was done looking sat next to her.

"So how long you been out here?"

"Last time I saw my watch it was about nine a.m."

I looked at my watch, "so about an hour and a half, where did you put your clothes or did you come out naked."

"I have a bag over there." she pointed her head to the left, "all of my stuff is in it, most locked in the main pocket, the keys are in my car."

"Mind if I take a look?" she shook no, so I went over and grabbed it. Like she said the main pocket was locked, the second one I opened. I found a bottle of water, car keys, and some sun screen. "You came prepared, I saw you had all the keys to your, uh... situation frozen in ice, and you don’t want to be sun burnt."

"Nope, made that mistake last time."

"Well I am going to do what I came out for, relax, do you mind?"

"No, but can you do me a favor, and put my gag in my mouth, make sure it is tight."

I put her gag back in, and let her be I lied down next to her and closed my eyes. After a while I fell asleep. I could not help but dream about her, she was too sexy. Eventually I was woken up when she started to thrash around. I got up and saw a group of people coming into the clearing from the north east side, some being kids. I quickly broke the string and unlocked her binds, she darted off with the gag still in her mouth. I grabbed the bags and followed her to the south, dropping her bag on the way.

She ran straight into the tree lines, me slowly catching up to her. Once we stopped she took out her gag, "Thanks, that would be worse than you finding me."

"Well we have a problem, I just noticed I dropped your bag in the field."

"Crap, do you have any spare clothes, so we can look for it"

I actually did, I was planning on going to a friends house after words who lived on a lake shore. "Your lucky day I do." I pulled out some shorts and handed them over and took my shirt off and gave it to her.

"You're saving my naked butt, if you had not come a whole family would have seen me. I am going to make sure we didn’t loose anything at the post, can you find my bag?"

"No problem!" we went back into the clearing and looked around. Once I found the bag in the tall grass I saw she was talking to the family at the post, trying to walk away. When she got back she had a key in her hand.

"Must have dropped one when you released me, you have the others?" I pulled them out of my pocket, "good, they are all here."

We walked back on the same path to our cars, we would talk about all the things that could have happened to her. She laughed at a couple jokes I told her. She was very grateful I had some spare clothes, even if they were huge on her. The shorts had a pull string that she had pulled half of it out. The shirt was so big it went past the her waist, so she tied a knot in the bottom. We walked together all the way to the parking lot. She got in her car, and changed her clothes, handing me back mine.

"Thanks again, I really need to repay you."

"Don’t worry about it, if you want we can go on a date tonight, and get to know each other better."

"Okay, where do you live?"

"In town, on high street, in the apartments just off campus."

"My friend lives there, her names Samantha."

"Don’t know her, must live in another building, here I’ll write down my apartment number stop by any time, I’ll be there all day."

"Or I could follow you and repay you once we are there. I can’t finish my game at my place, my roommates are there, could you do me a favor and let me finish it at your place?" she had a huge grin on her face.

I smiled back at her, "Okay follow me, I live alone, my roommate just moved out for the summer."

She followed me back to my apartment complex. I parked in my parking spot and directed her to the visitors lot. I met her out by the main building and walked her back to my place. She set her stuff down in the main room, while I picked up my bedroom real quick, and closed all of the blinds on the windows. She came up and was already in her underwear.

She handed me her bag with all her restraints. I looked in as she sat on my bed, some cuffs for wrist and ankles, some straps, locks, her gag, a vibrator, butt plug, and a tube of lube. We began to set up, her spread out on her back, and me pulling straps around the bed post. First I locked her wrist, then stopped as I had an idea.

"I have a game for you."

"What is it?"

"How about, I ask you five questions, if I think they are right I continue with your binds, if they are wrong or I don’t like the answer, I leave you as you are now. How does that sound?"

"Weird, seems backwards."

"No, I want the truth and you want to be bound, the other way you wound lie to be bound up."

"Okay, I get it!"

"First one, for the leg to be bound, how old are you?"

"Nineteen, be twenty in a month." I bound her legs to the bed.

"For your clothes to come off, are you straight, a lesbian, or bi-sexual?"

"More bi-curious." I reached around her and unhooked her bra, and undid the shoulder straps. Then went down to her panties, skimpy little things, held together by a knot on each side, then threw everything on the floor.

"Do you like being plugged up?"


I took my time and lubed up her butt plug, I lifted up her back and worked it in. "Sorry if this is uncomfortable, I have never seen one of these things."

She grunted back, "its no problem, they are never very comfortable at first."

She was relieved it was done, "question four..." I held the vibrator in front of her, "are you a virgin?"

"Yes, that’s why I like bondage, I can fantasize, but never let it happen." I thought for a sec then slowly pushed it in, leaving the end out.

"Last question, what do you think of me?"

"Sexy, fit, and very generous, can you please turn it on, I am getting to be too horny."

"Well, if you are going to talk like that, I am keeping it on low."

"Please turn it up, please, I really need to finish up." she continued to bed.

I pulled out the gag, and as I worked it on her said, "you need to calm down, we have a date tonight, I want you to be playing on the edge until we go out, think of the fun we will have, also think of places we could go out."

I left her like that all afternoon, then unlocked her for dinner. After we ate she asked if she could have some time to ‘finish up.’ I told her not to and to wait until after we had a good time at a club. She really didn’t listen, but what I said was a suggestion.

She left to go home and change, and we were going to meet at a club at nine tonight. We met at the bar, I was sitting down waiting, when she sat next to me. She looked spectacular, and wore a dark skirt and top. We danced and had some fun, until we got too tired to continue. We were walking out and chatting at the same time.

She asked, "Can I stay with you tonight, one of my roommate’s family is in town. I don’t really care to see them."

"Sure, but are we going to play another game?"


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