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The Hangup

by Dana Sauter

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© Copyright 2001 - Dana Sauter - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cuffs; stuck; caught; F/m; cons; X

“Sweetie, I’m going to get some wine for dinner, I’ll be back in an hour or so,” I hollered down to my husband working in the backyard.

“OK, dear,” came up from the backyard.

“Oh, and I left a little surprise for you on the kitchen table, hon. A little something for you to think about maybe for this evening,” I added, glancing back at the handcuffs and key I left on the table. 

“OK, dear,” again, from my husband. 

I can't help wondering if he really heard me. And I wonder he'll remember to finish putting the picnic table together; I think I’d like to get laid on it tonight. I can imagine being outside and underneath him getting my head screwed off on the picnic table - wow. And we’ll see how creative he can be with my little surprise. The thought gave me a warm tingle down there.

* * * * *

“Honey, I'm home! Sorry I took so long.” I hollered from the front door. No sounds back to me. Strange, I wonder where he is? Hey, and no handcuffs on the table, either. I wanted to show him what else I got besides the wine: black stockings and a garter belt- his favorite. 

“Hey my darling, are you down there?” Strange again, his clothes in a pile, what’s going on here? I went down the steps to the back door.

“OK, help me, I'm stuck.” Came my husband’s voice from the patio, tiny and distant. 

Looking out the window I see my cute husband buck naked and backed up against the back door. 

I go out the other door to check him out. “What in the world are you doing?” I giggled. “Wow, look at Mr. Penis!” He had an enormous, swollen erection and he’s on his tiptoes with his butt pressed up to the doorknob.

“I'm stuck, I handcuffed myself to the doorknob and I can’t reach the key. Please help me get off. ” He said rather timidly.

“I’ll help you get off alright,” I laughed pointing down there. “This was pretty clever. You handcuffed your penis? Boy is it huge!”

“I was playing. And I thought I’d see what it was like to put the handcuff around my dick," he explained meekly. "Then I put the other end between my legs and cuffed it to the doorknob. Only now I can't get free!”

“Oh look,” I said smartly as I picked it up, “here’s the key! You should have put it a little closer so you could reach it.”

I couldn’t stop staring at his penis. The cuff was around the base of it behind his balls and it was gigantic. I wanted it; I suddenly wanted it, badly. 

And suddenly I had an idea.

“I’ll be right back. Don’t go away,” I pointed my finger at his dick as I turned and ran back up stairs.

“Wait,” I heard him plea. No you just wait I, thought. 

I unbuttoned my blouse as I ran up the stairs and took my bra off. I just couldn’t take my mind off that huge penis. I grabbed my packages and could just barely get the wrappers off fast enough. I scurried to our bedroom, hiked up my skirt and yanked off my panties. I slipped the stockings up my legs and hooked the garter belt around my waist. I fastened the clasps to the stocking tops, grabbed my sexiest fuck me pumps from the closet and paused admire myself in the mirror. This will drive him wild.

My hands were shaking and my legs were wobbly as I hurried back downstairs, boobs bouncing. My pussy felt warm and slippery. I unzipped my skirt and went back out to the patio. The image of my husband naked and pinned to the door, his penis pointing at me, gave me the shivers between my legs. 

“Hi there, big boy,” I said to his penis as I slinked up to my husband and let go of my skirt. It slipped down to the floor and I threw back my shoulders and wiggled my bottom at IT, turned around once and slowly kneeled in front of him. Mr. Penis was right in front of my nose and I wrapped my fingers around it and held it like a microphone. It was like holding a club. 

“I want you inside me, Mr. Penis,” I spoke to it. Then I very carefully put my lips around its head and slowly licked the underside. I felt a stiffening shudder go through my hand to my mouth and I closed my lips a little harder. There was another shudder and a moan from my husband. 

“Ok, OK, you can let me go now,” he begged.

“Not yet big boy,” I said as I backed away to my husband’s obvious dismay. 

I turned around and wiggled to him. “Who's your big friend?" I asked pointing. "How about us doing the doggie dance?” and I backed into his big dick. I bent over and leaned my elbows on my knees and felt his dick prod me. His hands grab my hips. Suddenly he was in me. I leaned towards him and he went in deep. He filled me up and when I tried to pull away he yanked me back. We did that three more times. Just three times; three long, huge thrusts, and I felt his fingers grip and spasm and pull hard on my hips as a huge shudder went deep into me. 

After a seizure that lasted an eternity he loosened his grip and I slid off him in a heap; like sliding down a banister.

“I need some more of that, buster,” said to my spent husband as I rolled over and slowly got up. Seeing him stuck there, naked and partially erect, made me hot again. 

“You can let me loose now, OK?” he said. 

“I think I’ll make dinner now. You can hang there and make yourself ready for my turn. I’ll let you go when you’re big and hard again.” 

“Oh no, don’t go! You’ve got to let me loose! Please this is humiliating!” 

“Oh yeah?” Let you go now? I thought, when I’ve got you just where I want you? I think I like it like this. 

“Look what you’ve done! I can’t let you running free. What if you overwhelmed me and took advantage of my innocence? Had your way with me?” I teased as I sauntered away.

“Hey, you finished the picnic table! Good boy,” I said and walked over to it.

“So reward me and let me go,” he offered.

And I notice there’s a couple eyebolts screwed into the tabletop. One had a handcuff hooked to it! There were a couple of pillows lying there, too. “Maybe I will. Just maybe I will reward you, sweetheart.” 

So, he has been creative with his little surprise, I thought as I slowly turned around; maybe I’ll get my wish tonight after all.



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