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A Good Girl

by S M Ackerman

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© Copyright 2012 - S M Ackerman - Used by permission

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I am sat in my lounge with my skirt pulled up to reveal my groin, using a light weight metal file to try to hack through the body of a hardened steel heavy duty padlock, with a concealed shank. The lock has a guarantee of being the toughest lock in the world to open and that guarantee is accurate. It has been used to lock a metal chastity belt around my waist and it is effectively denying me access to my sex and my so desperately desired relief. There is also an egg timer ticking away five short minutes as I desperately rasp at the metal of the lock. I am also eager to make a telephone call but not until the lock has been removed.

* * * * *

Where do I begin with my tale, perhaps it would be best to commence with a little history. My name is Rachel and I received my first and only ever spanking aged six from my mother, for doing what I can’t remember, but I hated it at the time. Later after it was all over I found myself having quite enjoyed the after effects of being mummies nice little girl again and with my punishment supposedly forgotten. I even remember being given ice-cream and jelly later before going to bed.

I was always a good girl; I never was one of those that got into trouble. I was not so popular during my school years with my school mates, but I survived the occasional bullying. My teachers considered me nice helpful and intelligent and that I was set firmly on a pathway to being a model citizen. Or so they thought.

I somehow managed to cajole my first boyfriend into putting me over his knee like my mother had done that one time, but frankly it was just not the same and so I remained a punishment virgin.

I had married but that was a disaster, he was simply putting it a nice man, and no matter how much I hinted for him to be more dominant with me he just could not grasp what I wanted. The problem for me was quite simple, I wanted to be disciplined; it didn’t matter how, so long as I apparently had little choice and felt that I was being punished somehow.

The marriage ended abruptly when I came out and said to him one day, please punish me. It offended his ideals of a wife and from that point on we were doomed as a couple. Sex which had always been infrequent ended as he withdrew from me and our marriage. Finally one day out of the blue he had packed a bag and departed, two weeks later I was served with divorce papers, and within the year I was single again.


I was now fast approaching being thirty years old and still single and a punishment virgin and still in need of being disciplined. That was when I discovered a web site called Gromet's Plaza, and realised that I was not the only woman who wanted to suffer. I also realised that it was possible to enjoy real pleasure whilst doing so.

I am of course referring to self bondage etc, which I started doing in the normal way with rope and belts and as usually happens I progressed to more elaborate escapades.

I have taken a number of ideas from the site and added my imagination and then written them down. These single sheets of fantasy punishments I then folded and placed neatly into a box on their edge, very well jumbled up so I could use them as a draw. Whatever was written on the letter would be my punishment for that day. For it to work effectively I have had to put a few unpleasant things in with the nice, and one really scary one as well!

It was on a Saturday and as I had the weekend off and desperately needed punishing. I was sat fully dressed before the box trying to let my excitement at what might be going to be self-inflicted build. All I had to do was open the box and withdraw from within a single letter and I would be committed. With hesitant hand I open the lid seeing for the first time in a month the neatly folded pieces of paper, all waiting to pass judgment on my arousal and frustration.

I reach forward to riffle the letters; with each touch I enjoyed the electricity of an impending orgasm which flashed from my fingertips down to my groin. Just that simple act had already made me wet, not damp mind you, but really really wet!

I picked one eventually having dragged out my choice as far as my frustration would allow. I then placed it next to the box on my lounge table and closed the lid. I had an order for doing things, a way of stimulating the events to their maximum and closing the lid was just the start. Next I stood and took the box over to my concealed wall-safe, which I opened and then placed the box inside of it; just so, in its allotted place, before relocking the safe again.

Next I walked to the kitchen and made a hot drink, which I took back to the lounge and placed next to the still folded single sheaf of paper that constituted my letter, and would set my fate. The coffee cooled as I watched the paper, all the time wondering at its contents, all sorts of thoughts flashed through my brain at that point. I knew the content of every single letter quite clearly, what I did not know was which one lay before me?

The coffee was nearly ready to drink, so it was time for a punitive touch. I left the lounge and went to my bedroom and there I remove a single cigarette from a half-empty packet, I took it and my one lighter back downstairs to my waiting letter. I placed both the cigarette and lighter next to the paper, the electricity of fear flowed through my fingertips as I had so nearly touched the paper.

With that done I turned away again and fetched my only ashtray from the kitchen and returned placing it before me on the table, neatly between me and the letter, I studied it all carefully. That ashtray I had bought at great expense to my peace of mind from an adult sex shop.

That day had been the first and only time so far that I had entered into one of these places. I had been looking for something but nothing in particular and then I had seen the ashtrays and mirrors neatly placed on a shelf. Each had a picture emblazoned across it or a decorative moulding. Each was different to any other, but each clearly conveyed a very clear and public message.

My choice had the image of a naked woman shackled to a wall, her legs pulled wide to reveal her all, whilst her hands were tightly stretched above her head. She had a gag fitted in her wide open mouth and a blindfold, she appeared to me to be waiting to be abused or tortured or as I thought of her punished.

I related to the image irresistibly and after quite a while I had plucked up my courage enough to remove it from the shelf. Eventually I walked up to the counter and paid a young man for it, whilst trying not to make eye contact with him less I blush.

He of course had glanced down seeing the image but he said nothing to me, he just wrapped it up and smiled up at me as he handed me my change.

I had paid with cash because I did not want him to know my name, and that was clearly written on my Visa card for all to see. I had departed instantly after saying thank you to him, so it was that I had purchased a perverted ashtray, which now resided before a letter that would see me torment myself shortly.

I picked up the cigarette and the lighter and lit the tobacco forcing myself to inhale the bitter disgusting taste; I let it fill my mouth with its dirt which made me feel sick. You see I do not smoke; it was for me just another step along the way to my self imposed discipline. I had to smoke the cigarette in full and drink the now cooled coffee before I was allowed to learn my fate.

My hands were shaking with excitement even as I had picked up the mug. I draw again knowing that I will cough and I do, but I had to concentrate to avoid sloshing myself with coffee at the same time. I drank it down and finally allow myself to stub out the cigarette, having replaced the empty mug on the table first.

The taste the cigarette had left was quite disgusting, but at the same time the having to do all of that had turned my arousal into a raging inferno. I was desperate to drive my fingers deep into my love slot and release my pent up emotions, but that could not be allowed, yet.

My thighs I had crushed together squeezing my sex, which was the most pleasure I would be allowed until I had completed the content of my punishment letter. I pick up the folded sheet with both hands, closing my eyes as I open the letter. Having first felt the indent on the top right hand side so I knew that when it was opened I would be looking at the sentence I had passed upon myself. A single deep breath and I opened my eyes, words swirled before my face as I read the contents. That letter was the one letter, the single most horrendously humiliating letter I had in my little box. That was the one that carried the most risk to me and I had drawn it; I had no option but comply if I ever want to be allowed to feel pleasure again.

I had one special lock; a hardened steel safety lock, which once closed cannot be opened as I have thrown the only keys off a bridge into deep water. That lock was the ultimate punishment, it fitted neatly through the clasps of my chastity device, and the letter ordered that I fit the device during my discipline only if I did not comply fully with the letters instructions. If I failed to obey would have to fit that lock without the keys and remain chaste, potentially for the remainder of my life. Quite a threat I can tell you and one that I would comply with fully if I did not earn my reprieve through my total obedience and completion of my letters instructions in full.

You reader might wonder why I would comply should I fail to obey the sentence I have drawn fully, the reason is quite simple, what point would there be to my punishment if I had any control or choice in the outcome. Any feeling of reality would be removed if I could pick and chose. The punishment had been set and must be complied with or I had to face the consequences of my disobedience.

Saturday morning found me in the garden next to my shed placing the only keys to my restraints beneath a rotten piece of wood. The punishment sounded simple, a walk through the woods starting on the far side, get to my shed, recover the keys, release myself and enter my home, my punishment over. First though that walk had to be done in broad daylight and naked bar my chastity belt and restraints.

I had placed everything I would need in a carry all and had driven to the woodlands main entrance and parked my car. The car keys I left in the boot having locked the car securely, I had a spare set at home so that I could recover the car later. The woodland was thick and densely overgrown and it had a number of trails running throughout it, which are often used by walkers and soon one good girl.

I had no option from the second I had locked the car but to comply, the thought of not doing so terrified me because of the consequences written in my instructions. The chastity belt I had already fitted and with the belt went an expensive battery powered butt plug, which had been extremely hard to insert and a large battery powered vibrator. Neither was currently turned on as I entered the woodland seeking a suitable place to continue my preparations for my discipline walk.

I pushed through the undergrowth having stepped off the main track and had found a gap in which I could remove my clothes. I call them clothes but in reality they consisted of a pair of short shorts showing my butt cheeks as well as the chastity belt to some degree, and a loose fitting T-shirt. On my feet were sandals. I stripped off my limited coverings and stood nearly naked in the woods. Beyond waited three miles of pathways leading to my fenced in garden with its little gate, which I had checked was unlocked, and beyond it waited my keys.

A hobble was the first place to start; I had ten inches of free chain between my feet to walk with, the rest was locked around my ankles to secure me. I removed a leather ball-gag from my carry all bag and having opened my mouth as wide as I could, I forced the ball in until it was wedged by my teeth. For safety there was a hole drilled all the way through the ball so that I could breathe, but I could do little else. Twin straps fed around my head and snapped shut with Velcro adhesive.

Next I took a length of rope and bound it around my medium sized breasts pulling it tight with a slip-knot which squeezed the flesh of my boobs upward and outwards. My nipples had already swollen and my slit was dripping in excitement.

I put a dog collar around my neck and attached the shortest free end of my breast rope through the D- ring and pulled down, it lifted my breasts quite efficiently. The rope chaffed my tender skin as I let go, but the idea had worked.

Next I tied a loop into the end of that rope through which I could feed another cord through. This I took from the bag and affixed to the middle link of my hobble, I then fed it through the loop I had created. I stooped over slightly and secured it so that when I stood up the pull would painfully lift my breast, and as I walked they would bob up and down in time to my steps.

To that rope I secured a round metal ball with a tether affixed to a ring cast in its top, so that as I walked forward the ball would drag behind me and pull against the rope which in turn would pull against my breasts.

To finish my breast perfectly I took out a pair of clover clamps with sharp teeth and I clipped them to my nipples, I then attached a weight to the thin chain that joined the clamps. My nipples would be pulled and stretched as I walked; the faster I tried to move the worse the accrued effect would be for me of my bondage. I took out the letter that had ordered me into this position and a red marker pen. The letter I folded up and using a metal clip I attached it to the rope just beneath my breasts. The marker pen I used to write ‘please read’ with an arrow on my stomach which pointed to the letter.

I suppose that even at that point I could have opted to chicken out, but then I would have to face the keyless padlock or forever hate myself for being a coward. I removed the last but one item from my bag; it was a pair of ridged police type handcuffs that would not allow movement once locked. One cuff I locked in place to my left wrist the other I delayed fitting, as there was one other thing I had to do.

I removed the controller to my vibrator and butt plug, I had pre-programmed them to movement sensitivity and the faster I moved the harder they worked within me. I switched the device to on and attached it to my chastity belt by the hook I had glued in place.

As I let go of it, it dropped slightly causing my vibrator to pulse once only but that was enough to force me to catch my breath. Thankfully it stopped after the one pulse. So as to remove any last option for freedom or cowardice I locked the other wrist cuff to my right wrist, and that was that, I was committed. The only way to escape was to walk through the woods and reach my keys undetected and to face the very real threat of consequences if I was discovered and caught.

What value my reputation for being a good girl if that happened? At least I could not be raped if discovered, but there were a great number of other horrors that could await me I knew.

The quicker I set off the sooner I would be safe and free, I departed my protective covering returning to the main path. I had to start there because the only route that led to my home branched off of that path.

My clothes and the carry all I left hidden behind to be collected later, my sandals I had eased off and were also left behind. With every single instruction contained within my letter complied with I turned left onto the path, and slowly so as to not jerk the ropes that bound my boobs or the clamps that bit into my nipples I shuffled forward.

The ball dragged behind me tugging against the rope and was hurting much more than I had expected, but what choice did I have. The path would meander as all such track ways meander and I had no option but to ease myself forward along it.

Thoughts of discovery filled my mind, fear drove me to override the pain my shuffling created, and so it was that I had progressed about a quarter of a mile.

High above me and unseen the clouds formed together black and bleak, shortly my walk turned wet as the rain commenced to fall. I trudged on; I could see the path bend in front of me and so knew that my turning point was close.

Thankfully I could hear because I distinctly heard the distant bark of a dog and the sounds of people approaching in a hurry. I had no option but to turn off the path and hide, I turned entered and slipped down a short slope into the dense brush; from there I eventually reached a tree behind which I could hide as the sounds closed.

I heard a woman’s voice telling a child to hurry up as they were all getting wet. She should be so lucky; I was naked and wet and could not stand up properly or even walk normally. I listened as they passed my hiding place, I heard them move on and away and still I waited wondering if they were really gone.

Eventually I had to be brave and return to the track and that was when I discovered that the slight slope I had slipped down was now a wet sloppy mud slide. It was only two feet long and the path waited just in front of me, but trying to climb back up bound as I was led to my first disaster of the day.

I fell forward as my feet slipped back casting me face first into the mud. I jerked my head up trying to avoid having it thrust into that mud, it worked but it also lifted my breasts horrendously. I screamed in agony into my gag, I didn’t want too scream out, I knew I needed to remain silent to avoid detection but the pain overrode my intent and so I screamed. My body from boobs to groin hit the mud, my face protruded out onto the path, I squirmed feeling my nipple clamps drag pulling and stretching adding to my agony, the vibrator pulsed.

I pushed down with my feet only to feel them slip back. I dug my toes into the wet clingy mud and again pushed down and backwards that time feeling my body move slightly forward. The climb of that two foot long slope drove me into desperation my poor nipples exploded in independent agony as they were hauled through the mud.

That was when both vibrators burst into life filling me with swamping erotic stimulation! I orgasmed as I pushed forward, the pain was bad enough but it was the vibrations within my chastity belt that finished me off. I felt my orgasm explode and take control over me; something that I had not expected to happen during my walk.

How long I lay in that gooey mud swamped by pleasure and pain I could not say, but it was a while, when I finally returned to a more normal state I was already well on the road to being exhausted.

I pushed myself up and back onto the track and covered in mud I struggled once more to my feet. Not the easiest or most pain free thing I could do, but the only one that would lead me to my freedom.

The rain fell harder, which though it was cold was a God send as most of the thick cloying mud that covered my front was washed off, before it could dry.

I tried to stand up straight but somehow the ropes that restricted my doing so had twisted and shortened, making my stooped over position more intense. It also restricted the distance that I could look forward and hence the time I would have to hide if I needed too. I began to shuffle forward again, eagerly looking for the narrow path which would lead me to my home and freedom.

There was a bad moment as I entered the track, it was lined for twenty feet by thick blackberry bushes all loaded with vicious thorns, and the track was too narrow for me to walk normal so I had to turn sideways. I side stepped my way through the troubling patch receiving a few good scratches to my thighs and boobs for my trouble. At one point a clover clamps caught on a bush and the only way to get free was to pull back hard. The agony of feeling the clamp ripped free sent shivers down my legs and twisted into my guts. The throb continued until well past the bushes. It was only later that I realised that my thighs were burning with tiny thorn cuts, but by then I just didn’t care.

There was a noise in front of me and heading my way, a dog barked followed by a male voice telling the dog to go get it girl. I immediately headed off the track way; thankfully there was no drop down which to slide, only dense bushes to push into and through. The dog closed as did the man accompanying it. I waited trying not to pant past my ball-gag but I failed. Soon he had walked past where I had taken cover, as to the dog I had not seen it.

That was when the bush in front of me moved and a dark long nose poked through it. The dog had detected my scent and had come to investigate. It pushed right into the centre and put its cold nose on my thigh, it lifted its head as it tried to see more of me.

The man called, but the dog remained, he called again, and still the animal refused to leave me. I tried to shoo it away, but gagged and bound as I was I made a poor job of it. Soon the man had returned and he was on just the other side of the bushes calling in a loud voice for his dog. It ignored him and was still looking at me, which was when it began to bark, and that was that for me.

The man pushed aside the bushes, he saw me and then with a quick glance around him he stepped in to join me. His eyes looked me over from tip to toe and then he saw the letter attached just beneath my breasts by the strong clip. He took the letter of me apparently having read the please read scrawled on my rain washed clean belly. He then opened it, reading the contents whilst occasionally looking up at me.

That was the point that he nodded his head and before I realised what he intended he had clipped his dogs leash to my collars D-ring, and was leading me out of my concealment.

“You live that way don’t you!” He stated.

I nodded which was all I could do, not just because of my bondage but because of the shock and realisation that I had been caught. The dog pranced around us but he did not slow down. I followed, led as a humbled helpless slave, one that was genuinely frightened by his presence and terrified of what was to become of me.

The first thought I had was that of rape, but then I had on the chastity device so that passed. The next was murder, had I been caught by a maniac out hunting for a victim? He continued to lead me until he reached the bottom fence of my home. He obviously knew who I was because he led me through my own gate and up to my shed.

He found the rock and removed my keys, after looking at them he walked towards my secluded home dragging my reluctant self after him. He opened the back door, then he removed the dogs leash from my collar and fitted it to his pet. Telling it to stay, before he indicated that I should enter. He led me into my lounge and then he looked around until he found an old newspaper, neatly folded in half and in a paper rack, which he laid out on the settee before indicating that I sit down.

“Now listen very carefully girl, I am going to remove your gag but you are not going to talk unless I ask a question”. He held my letter in his hands and read it through again nodding his head as he neared the end.

With the gag removed my jaw slackened and the instant agony drove all thoughts from my mind for a while, he waited until I had settled down before asking me his first question.

“Do you think you have completed your punishment fully?”

I looked at him, realising for the first time that he had a nice face. I looked down shaking my head in resignation, I had not complied fully, but only because his dog had led him to me.

“Ok , then where is the lock with no key? He asked gently.

I told him and then he vanished, leaving me to wonder what was going to happen next.

“Stand up!” He ordered me on his return.

I like all good girls obeyed his dominant command. He had the dreaded padlock in his hand and the key to my chastity belt as well. The chastity belt lock popped open as he twisted the key, I realised that rape was quite possible now. To my surprise he placed the lock on my table carefully and then clamping the front sections of my chastity belt together with two fingers, he slipped the other lock, the evil lock through those clamped eyelets and with a decisive click he sealed the lock to my belt and me with it.

“Where do I find a pen and paper?” He asked me, I told him and he went away again leaving me feeling very confused. When he returned it was with a neatly folded piece of paper which he placed on the table. He told me that he would return my keys to the garden where I had left them so that I could, when I felt up to it release myself. He made me promise not to try to read the letter he had written until I was free of my bondage. Then as an after thought he had said ‘not the chastity belt of course that you will have to free in accordance with the punishment dictated by your letter,’ he stated.

Then he was gone, leaving me alone, still bound, frustrated as hell and desperate to come again and helpless to do anything about it and with clear instructions for me to follow.

Like all good girls I like to follow instructions and to please my betters, and so it was that I ignored his letter until I had released all of my bondage that I could release.

An hour later I had a mug of coffee and his letter before me, I was ready. I opened it slowly; annoyingly it was upside down but I swiftly turned it around, I then read its contents.

You looked so beautiful and so vulnerable all bound up like you were. I would dearly like to get to know you on all levels, but I realise that to do so without you having first paid your penance to the letter would not be right. Buy a small file as depicted and release yourself in line with your punishment, then and only then if you would like to join me for dinner I would be honoured to take you out. I will expect your call in a week or two because that is how long it will probably take you to file through the lock on your chastity belt with only five min’s per day as set by your egg timer. Have fun.

Ps I am a nice person really, and I will look forward in hope to receiving your call.

Pps I do understand your need, I hope you know that. All the best Tom.

And there was a phone number to call him on neatly printed at the end of the letter.

That is how and why I am sitting in my lounge with my skirt pulled up, filing like crazy at a chastity belt pad lock. I have only got a short time left today, and that means even longer before I can call Tom and accept his invitation… God knows I am horny!

The End.


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