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Fun Weekend

by Selfbound Latexsub

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Fun Weekend

I had a fun weekend this weekend. My wife was away for the day, so I decided on a bit of self bondage to pass the time. Lately I have been tending to play with hogties all the time, so something different was in order, and Matt's recent post was on my mind. 

So, after dressing in lots of latex (Studded vibrating butt plug set to random start, Hot Pants, Padded Bra with nipple clips under, Sleeveless top, Opera gloves, Ultra Mini-skirt) along with stockings and black high heels, I got out the ropes, straps etc. My emergency backup's are a full set of keys in a bucket of red dye on a shelf in the wardrobe with a rope hanging down to ground level, and of course my wife getting home at about 6.00pm. 

After placing the main set of keys appropriately, I tied myself up in the following manner - locking ankle cuffs, knees with white rope, locking bondage belt with handcuffs locked at the back and a two foot chain locked at the back of the belt also, then finally my latex hood (full face coverage except mouth and nostrils), a locked on bit gag and locked on posture collar. Kneeling on the bed, I attached the loose end on the chain to my ankle cuffs. Click on the handcuffs behind my back, and I was secure. 

Now, all this may not sound too difficult, but the interesting part is where the keys are. First, after a while of struggling around on the bed, I decided to go for the keys. A quick slide/tumble to the floor, and then a slow struggle to the other end of the house where the keys to the hogtie chain are on the floor. Until you have done a hogtie struggle along the floor with nipple clips attached and vibrating butt plug coming on at random intervals you can't begin to imagine the experience. 

Once there, I released the hogtie chain, which is the only key there. Now being able to stand, I use the sofa as leverage to get up to my feet. Next, a long hop all the way back to the bedroom, where there is a key up on top of the dressing table. Picking up this key, it's another long hop back to the living room. However, halfway there I dropped the key in the hallway when the vibrating butt plug cuts in again! 

So it's a controlled fall down to the floor, pick up the key, then struggle along the floor to the living room sofa, and back up to my feet. Then it's only a short hop to the locking Cash Tin on the living room chair, which I open with the key from the dressing table. Inside is the key to my handcuffs - off they come, but by no means am I free. I remove the rope from around the knees, so that I am able to shuffle about two inches at a time back to the bedroom. There I pick up key off a shelf in the wardrobe - the shelf was just a bit too high for me with the handcuffs on, but now i reach it easily. then it's a shuffle back to the living room, where the key releases a key padlocked to a chain dangling from the light fitting. This key releases the ankle cuffs, so I then walk back to the bedroom wardrobe (I'm still blindfolded by the latex hood during all of this, remember) and as my ankles are now released I can climb the steps I had left out, which allows me to reach a key at the back of the top shelf. 

With this key it's back to the living room, where it releases yet another key chained to the light fitting. This key unlocks the posture collar (what a relief!), and taped to the inside of the posture collar is another key! So, back to the bedroom (still blind as the bit gag harness is still locked over the hood) to unlock a key attached to the light fitting there. This key finally unlocks the bit gag, so I can then take off the latex hood. Looking in the mirror, my face and hair are drenched in sweat. Taped to the inside of the gag is the key to the bondage belt - off it comes, I can then take off my shirt, bra, nipple clamps (Ouch!!!), hot pants, and finally remove the butt plug, which feels like it has been getting bigger the whole time. 

Free at last, I masturbate to an massive orgasm, then I loo08/10/01k at the clock. I started at 9.00am, and it's now 11.50am - I've been going for almost three hours! I have some lunch, plenty of water to rehydrate myself, new batteries in the vibrator, then clean, dry and talc the latex. 

It's now about 3.30pm, and so I start dressing again - exactly the same scenario as this morning, except this time there are no other keys except for the emergency back up - not an easy option as we have new carpet! 

Just before six my wife got home, ready and raring to go as I had told her this morning before she left that I would be "waiting" for her to get home! After that - well, that's a story for another day!


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