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Fantasy Kidnap Mistake

by Mikel

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During Rose’s career she had played the bound victim many times. Rose enjoyed each scene she spent bound and gagged always pushing the prop and stage people trying to get them to bind her tighter. She even convinced them to make sure she was actually bound asking to be left bound while they reset the scene’s using professional reasons as an excuse for her demands. Now financially comfortable and well know Rose has more difficulty engaging in her other passion of bondage. Not wanting it to get out or ever her to be seen as a pervert she often secures herself in difficult positions and struggles around her large home alone. Sitting alone one evening surfing the web while she waited on her ice release to melt and allow her to remove the large gag that has been keeping her silent for the last eight hours. The gag causing her to choke if she stops suckling it and a tight posture collar holding her head firmly erect and keeping her from looking in any direction without turning her body. She had bound her legs tightly together with her ankles tied to the cross brace of the large chair she sits in. The high heels she loves so much that holds her feet in an extreme arch causing her feet and legs to cramp within an hour of donning them dangling slightly off the floor. Typing with her one partially free hand looking for something to distract her from the pain of her tightly pinched nipples that have a weight attached to the chain connecting them tugging her pert nipples with each breath.

Rose’s left hand is tied securely by the wrist and elbow to the arm of the chair with her right attached to the desk by a steel cuff and short chain letting her to reach the key board and allowing her to release it when the key drops nearby. The tight corset has three D-rings on each side and is tied to the chair keeping her pressed into the large pillows holding her at an angle leaning forward so she could read the screen on her computer. The awkward position has made her back and shoulders begin to ache as she sits unmovable forced to continue typing if she wants the vibrator stuffed deeply in her damp pussy to change programs help her to orgasm. The program in her computer picks at random a number of letters and as she nears the correct amount it increases the speed of the vibrator making her type quickly with her one bound hand. The control program won’t accept just typing gibberish if it detects even a misspelled word it discounts all the letters and adds more to the total needed to achieve full speed.

Rose has used this program a lot sometimes using it as her release method having it control the small mag lock. Other times she has used it to give her a combination to open either her safe or the steps she needs to take to find her freedom. Rose grunts as she tries to stretch her sore muscles, flexing her jaw desperately trying to get some air around the thick panel covering her lower face. Almost beginning to choke as the large cock slips further into her throat. She wrenches her head upwards to see the ice cube still holding her key and wishes she had not opened the window near the desk she now sits at. Originally she had wanted to hear the noises from outside. The idea of being bound so close to people moving about excited her but as the evening turned to night the temperature had dropped. So far it had doubled the normal time it takes for the ice to melt and made her nipples try to stand erect harder as they continue to be crushed by the tight clamps.

Having only one hand, being distracted by her bonds and the slow vibrations made typing correctly too difficult so she gave up. Now Rose had just decided to surf the web and hope she gets to the required number or she will wait to free her hand then manually turn the vibrator up. The idea of sitting tied to the chair enjoying her orgasm that she had been waiting on for so long. The cold has made her nipples firm making the tension on them feel much worse. She moans again as the weight drags across the rough fabric of her corset pulling even more on her pinched nipples making the pain radiate from them as she leans forward the fraction of an inch she can and swinging the weight off the corset. The chill in the air increases as she sits deep into the night still typing when she finds a site dedicated to kidnap fantasies and stops to search it. She had always used a kidnap fantasy to help her climax and would love to stage herself one but the worry of someone finding out who she is keeps her from attempting it. Reading about the company that does these she was impressed on how thorough these people were and the options one would have but what really caught her eye was the questionnaire near the end.

Rose filled out the survey carefully using an alias to sign in and once she was finished the company said it would return her e-mail with instructions on when and where she should be. She was told to be prepared to spend possibly several days waiting for the kidnap to happen and per her request spend another week in captivity. Rose smiled under her gag as she completed the forms and sent it all in curious on how far this would go before they asked for money. Rose closed the site only to have her computer screen go blank then a few seconds later it flashed back on. The reset had turned off her vibrator and Rose started to struggle as her frustrations grew and she fantasized more about being held captive and teased and tormented for a week. Pulling hard on her bonds and gasping around the large cock when her orgasm slammed her body making her thrash and scream until it faded.

Finally opening her eyes Rose saw her key lying on the desk not even hearing it drop and reached for it. Rose soon had her hand free and immediately turned her vibrator to high and sat fighting her remaining bonds through another climax before releasing herself completely. As the sun rose, she unstrapped and pulled the large cock from her mouth leaving it on the desk. Moving carefully to her large bed she lay back and went to sleep still wearing the collar, clamps, corset and shoes. Around ten she heard someone knocking and jumped up to her aching feet grabbing a short robe as she carefully walked to the door, her heels clicking loudly on the floor.

She walked not thinking about how she was dressed or the fact that all her equipment was still out on the desk she stopped short of the door feeling her nipple clamps tugging and looked at herself in the mirror by the front coat closet and saw herself. Rose blushed as she saw the red marks from the gag straps across her face. The sheer robe covered very little of the corset under it, or the large clamps with their weight that she currently held in her hand. Moving to remove the clamps Rose stopped knowing the pain of removing them would at the very least make her moan she stepped into the closet and grabbed a long coat and quickly wrapped it around her. Stepping back in front of the mirror she could now only see her feet and the dozen straps holding each foot in the high arch, each buckled tightly and each would have to be undone to release her feet from the strict shoes. As she stood trying to decide if she would answer the door or not she heard “Come on Rose open the damn door”  “Shit!” Rose cursed to herself it was her friend Julie as Rose remembered they were supposed to go out and do some shopping.

Rose clicked her way to the door and slowly opened it letting her friend in and saying “Come in and have a seat I’m not ready yet so please forgive me while I go and get dressed”. Rose was walking as fast as she could when her friend said “Nice shoes, can’t wait to see the rest of the outfit!” Rose waved at her and went to her room cursing again, now she would have to wear the shoes so Julie wouldn’t be suspicious. Rose removed her clamps while she bit down and screamed into a thick towel then peeled the collar from her neck leaving her neck red with lines around it as well. Rose began applying her make up to cover all the marks on her face and neck.

Once finished with her makeup Rose searched for something to wear that would go with her shoes while Julie wandered around her house eventually finding her desk and seeing all her bondage gear laying there along with the large cock gag. Julie smiled and said to herself “I knew it!” Julie sat down and began going through Rose’s computer finding the link to the kidnap site and sending all the info to herself before closing it all down and moving to the kitchen and fixing herself a cup of coffee. Rose found a long leather dress that she knew would fit over the corset and with the length of the skirt and sleeves would cover the remaining evidence of last night’s adventure. The dress fit Rose tightly down to her knees then flared into a mermaid style and would allow her to walk comfortably but still cover her shoes most of the time. The high collar would help hide the marks from her posture collar as well. Easing into the kitchen she found her friend sitting sipping her coffee with an odd grin on her face, Rose fixed herself a cup and the two sat chatting about what each did last night. Rose lied of course as she sat flexing her cramped feet and feeling her sensitive nipples rub the rough leather.

Julie made the day very long for Rose as she led her on a shopping spree making her walk constantly noticing Rose’s face as she would say “Let’s go in here”. Rose had intended on making it a short trip but mistakenly agreed to ride with Julie instead of taking her car and now was at the mercy of her friend. Julie commented regularly at how impressed she was that Rose could walk so well in shoes with a heel like those. Around four o’clock Julie took Rose home and helped her carry her shopping bags in the house. The two said their goodbyes and finally Rose could release her feet from the tortuous shoes. Shuffling as quickly as she could to her room she peeled the leather dress from her sweating body and raised each foot in turn and unbuckled the many straps moaning as she pulled the uncomfortable shoes from each foot.

Rose continued her daily routine and on special nights she would play with herself never wondering why she had not heard back from the kidnap company figuring they were not for real anyway she went about her playtimes like always. Julie had invited her to a girls weekend and Rose reluctantly agreed having plans on trying some new equipment she had gotten but deciding she could try some of it out at the hotel. Rose packed the new hood, corset and shoes in her bag along with several other items and the two drove to the hotel to spend three days being pampered and shopping.  Rose retired early the first night leaving Julie flirting with two men in the hotel bar. Rose wanted to try her new toys out on a night where she wouldn’t be expected to wear a bikini or be nude the next day and locked the door and stripped down. Rose cleaned herself before pulling the vibrating panties up her legs, these panties were latex and had two large vibrating phalluses built in, Rose had been especially horny the night she had ordered them opting for the largest plugs and strongest vibrators.

Working the large plug into her ass made Rose grimace but once it popped past her tight sphincter she sighed with relief and pulled the latex up over her hips. Walking around the large room Rose let the intruders settle into her before pulling her new shoes out and inspecting them again. Rose knew she was a shoe whore, loving every pair of high heels she ever saw but when she saw these she had to have them. The shoe bottoms were made of steel, but not clunky like other steel shoes she had seen, these looked like normal shoes but with seven inch stiletto heels that would force her to walk almost on her toes. Each shoe looked like a gladiator sandal having buckled straps starting at her toes and going all the way past her ankles. Each strap had a small latch built into it making it necessary to have a key once they were buckled tight.

Rose checked each strap before wrapping them around her feet and ankles feeling hornier with each click. Rose laughed as she stood in the steel shoes and tried to walk almost falling with the second step and thought to herself “Well I didn’t buy them to walk in” and sat back down. Opening the new corset she breathed in the heavy leather smell and adjusted the straps that were to go over her shoulders and opened the laces for the two openings for her full breasts. The corset was thick leather with no front opening, the laces would be covered by the locking panel and it had four locking straps around the entire corset. The shoulder straps would be pulled tight to keep her body from sliding up and the two straps that went between her legs would keep in from sliding down.

When Rose had seen it on the web she was almost scared of its intimidating look but when her pussy got wet thinking of being locked into it she ordered it eagerly. Knowing she wouldn’t be able to reach her ankles once it was laced on Rose took her leather cuffs that had a short chain connecting them. They had another short chain leading from the middle for later use. Rose buckled them tightly around her ankles slipping small locks though each. Taking another pair of leather cuffs she locked them on her wrists before carefully standing and easing her way to the nearest door and stepping into the corset. Rose had to be very careful in her shoes to keep from falling and as the pain grew from them she quickly began lacing the corset closed.

The laces were made to slide easily through the eyelets and in a few minutes she had it pulled as tight as she could. Rose then slipped the loops over the door knob and began walking away from it pulling the corset tighter. Rose guided her large breasts into the openings in the corset wondering if the warranty would cover any damage she might cause to her implants. Rose continued to pull on the laces as she fondled her breasts until finally realizing she had closed the corset completely. She stood gasping for air watching her breasts heave in and out of the openings. Tying off the laces she tucked them into the cover and snapped it closed, getting a huge burst of panic as she stood gasping. Realizing the key would not be delivered to her door until six am almost ten hours from now.

Rose stopped panicking as she looked at herself in the long mirror, her tiny waist and extreme heels making her look much thinner and incredibly sexy. She stroked her compressed waist and chest thinking she no longer had a choice if she could take it or not since she didn’t have the key and pushed past her worries. Pulling the straps up between her legs she buckled them tightly opting to go ahead and lock them as well since the waist of her panties were trapped under the corset keeping her from removing them anyway. Still standing Rose pulled the shoulder straps tight forcing her body deeper into the corset and making any bending except at the hip impossible. Snapping the locks closed she stepped up to the mirror and began working on the laces at each breast.

Pulling and twisting inside the corset Rose tightened the opening around the bases of her breasts making each swell and quickly turn red. Rose looked at her breasts smiling choosing not to lock the small straps over the laces just in case they get to painful or turn purple not wanting to damage herself.  Now with her body encased and locked into leather, her ankles locked together in tall shoes and all the keys to the restraints frozen in a small cup of ice in the room’s fridge. The keys to the corset and heels were at the front desk waiting to be delivered in the morning making Rose pant with excitement. Rose took tiny steps to the bed and sat down with a gasp.

Resting for a few minutes she remembered the cup of ice and carefully rose to her feet again and inched her way across the room retrieving the ice cup and sitting it on the floor in the middle of the room. Back on the bed Rose sat gasping against the tightness of the corset and debated whether or not to continue. Her breaths where short and shallow and already making her light headed so she lay back on the bed until she caught her breath. Then Rose pulled herself into the middle of the large bed and continued with her preparations. Locating the remaining locks and her new hood she laid them close by. Rose then snapped her clover clamps onto her swollen nipples squealing as she set each one before pulling the large ball gag into her mouth. Rose buckled it tightly behind her head, her augmented full lips wrapping tightly around the large sphere. Still gasping from the pain in her tits she found the remotes and turned the on to medium with a 30 minute start delay before wrapping her head in the new leather hood.

Once the hood was on Rose could already tell the difference from her other lighter hood. The thick leather with its added pads over her ears, eyes and mouth was already blocking the sound and making her close her eyes. Rose struggled with the laces before she had the hood tight enough and tucked them in behind the wide collar before buckling it snuggly and locking it closed. Now Rose tested her hood and found that not only did it block all light and most sounds the leather pulled her mouth even tighter onto the ball in between her teeth making it impossible for her to open her mouth at all and pressing her lips tightly onto the ball. Her small upturned nose fit well inside the hood and offered no concerns of it being closed by the tight leather as she panted through the tiny holes under it.

Rose ran her hands all over her body and head enjoying the feeling of the tight leather and the isolation the hood provided. Feeling very aroused she was ready to finish her entrapment. Rose took the connecting chain for the clamps and attached it to the collar of the hood before rolling onto her side and slipping her arms behind her. With the final lock in her hand she swung her chained together ankles up towards her ass until she was able to reach the short chain between her ankles. Pulling the chain up Rose struggled to get the hasp of the lock through the chain and the D-ring of her cuff having to rest twice. Finally feeling the two hook together and then quickly slipping the other D-ring into the lock and closing it. Rose was now trapped in a tight but not extreme hogtie lying on her side in the rigid leather corset.

Rose lay on her side testing her bonds, she had never been held so inflexible by a corset before and even as she gasped for air she thought about how great it would to wear one this tight all the time. From the front Rose’s body looked fantastic, her legs folded up behind. Rose’s exaggerated hips pressing into the mattress while an opening between her narrow waist and the bed made her look unnaturally thin leading up to her compressed chest touching the bed again. Rose’s two red and swollen orbs protruding from the front of the black leather each with a shiny clamp dancing on her erect nipples. The stiff collar holding her head straight up from her shoulders with the tight leather hood making her pretty face a featureless black mass with only quick pants being heard from the holes in the center of it.

Rose pulled on her cuffs as she waited for the vibrators to start and began to think about that she hadn’t noticed how high the bed was from the floor. She remembered sitting down and even in her tall shoes her legs were still angled down making her think the bed may be higher than she had expected making her forced trip across the floor for the keys much more challenging. Rose decided to begin to move to the edge now before she got distracted from the vibrators and rocked herself onto her stomach. Forgetting the clamps until her body had them smashed under her swollen breasts making her howl with pain and struggle to roll back over. Fighting for a few minutes to get off her screaming breasts before accepting that her position and the soft mattress was not going to let her roll back over. Rose began twisting her body desperately trying to move towards and edge.

After several minutes of struggling Rose lay gasping for air, her futile struggles leaving her almost where she had began. The vibrators had started and quickly proved to the bound woman that the medium setting was still too high. Her bound and frustrated body rocketed to a mind numbing orgasm leaving her breathless and absolutely helpless to stop the next orgasm already building. Rose lay gasping for over an hour, every time she would move the pain, frustration and vibrations would send her over the edge and leave her wriggling and moaning as the orgasm washed over her. Rose was almost in a full panic attack as she fought her bonds trying to get purchase on the bed covers and move herself towards the ice cup and freedom.

With every flex or twist the covers slipped under her leaving her in the same place and no closer to freedom. After another orgasm slammed into her she started rocking from side to side stretching her arms and legs until she finally rolled over onto her side again. The effort and motion making her clamped nipples scream with pain as only muffled grunts could be heard outside the hood. Rose rested as another orgasm built quickly, trying to catch her breath before trying to scoot herself again. After the orgasm faded Rose was now facing the wrong way. Rose twisted and pushed herself to the edge of the bed feeling it with her knees and luckily able to stop her motion before she rolled off onto the floor.

Another large orgasm rocked her mind and body as she flexed her knees forward and could feel her body twist as it slid off the bed. Grunting loudly Rose rolled onto her tortured breasts as her knees slid off the bed and when they touched the floor she was now leaning against the bed standing on her knees. Her trapped and pinched breasts stretched up with her body’s full weight pinching them harder against the bed. Rose was moaning as she smiled around the ball in her mouth happy that she was able to reach the floor without free falling and now wondering how to have a controlled fall to her side.

Resting again Rose let another orgasm wash over her as she gasped and moaned through the hood flexing her arms and legs trying to find a weak spot in her bonds, knowing there was none. Almost two hours had passed since her vibrators had begun to torture her and Rose was gasping and sweating profusely as she tried to slide backwards on to her folded legs. Using her head against the bed to stabilize herself she pushed back finding she could not bend her head or waist far enough to keep her fall under control. As her body lost contact with the bed Rose screamed as she felt herself twist as she fell ending up facing the wall next to the bed and totally disoriented. Rose lay gasping as the vibrators and the scary fall drove her to another orgasm this time making her black out as she laid on her side her swollen breasts pressing into the wall.

Rose awoke finding herself on her stomach, her clamped nipples screaming with pain and tried to roll over only to realize she was now in a much tighter hogtie and could not move at all. She began screaming and twisting but could not move herself any where then noticed she felt like she was floating. Calming herself she listened and could swear she could hear the dinging of an elevator but couldn’t really tell. Then she felt like she was floating again only this time she could feel bumps and rough vibrations and figured out she was being rolled across pavement. She was outside! Rose began to scream and thrash but from the outside no sound could be heard through the large duffle bag she had been stuffed into and the motion was so small nobody would notice.

Julie had set her up and the two men roughly tossed the duffle bag containing their captive into the back of the SUV and laughed saying they never had a kidnapping be that easy. Already bound up and ready to go as they climbed into the truck and drove off leaving Rose to struggle as she slid from side to side in the back of the truck. Julie watched as the truck drove off saying to herself “She’s going to have so much fun”. In Roses room an envelope was slid under the door and across the room a small glass of water was spilled onto the carpet the keys once trapped in ice now scattered under the chair and night stand waiting to be found by someone.

Julie would take care of payment for the room so no one knew Rose was missing and would remain under lock and key for the next five days before being returned to her room and allowed to free herself and tell Julie about her wonderful adventure. The kidnappers only knew that Rose was a willing participant and that she had requested to remain hooded throughout her ordeal and to be tormented and teased each day. What they didn’t know was that Rose had no idea of what was happening and that she had not prepared herself for the kidnappers. She had no desire to wear the gag and hood much less the corset and shoes for the next week. Because of the kidnap mistake she would not be released from the corset, shoes or hood not only did they think she wanted to wear them they didn’t have the keys to release them.

Rose moaned into her large gag praying this wasn’t a real kidnapping but in the back of her mind she wondered if somehow her dream of being kidnapped that she had put on line had been discovered by someone and they were behind her abduction and in a few days it would be over. Either way she now had no choice but to remain a helpless captive and try to survive if it was real and enjoy herself when she could. Rose wished the kidnappers would have replaced the batteries in her vibrators before putting her in the bag, but that and much more would come later and push her endurance to the limit over the next five days.  

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