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Electrical play and Self-bondage

by Otto Dix

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© Copyright 2003 - Otto Dix - Used by permission

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Hello Gromet. I have a separate "story" to submit. I've been getting requests for electircal play information. I thought I would write down what I know from my personal experiences. It is a "How-To-Manual" with a short scenerio at the end. I'd appreciate it if you posted this as well. I know its alot, but I don't think you will be hearing from me for awhile after this.


Dear fans of electrical play and self-bondage.

I have had many people ask me for specifics regarding the electrical play that I refer to in my self-bondage stories. I usually skip much of the technical information in the stories for the sake of making it more interesting to read. However, considering how many people have asked about creating an electrical play system, I felt I ought to share what I have learned through trial and error (sometimes very painful errors). However, I would also like to warn people that electrical play could be very dangerous. Personally, I follow the general rule of never applying any electricity above the waist. Any current passing through or near the heart can cause a heart attack. IF YOU HAVE A HEART CONDITION OR PACEMAKER, PLEASE DON'T DO THIS. Also, I have no idea what the long term effects of electrical play are. I keep the amount of electrical play I do to a bare minimum.

First, what equipment will you need?
You need a computer and a sound editor to make specific sound wave files. Demo sound editors are available, I recommend CoolEdit2000. You need a sound editor that allows you to GENERATE TONES, not just be able to sample sounds.
You need an amplifier. A regular stereo amplifier will do. You could also try an oversized CD/Cassette player. However, you really won't experience the deep reverberations of the really low frequencies. These frequencies need more power to travel through the body. You need terminals. These attach to your body and deliver the current.

1. The Sound Files.
The sound files you create using the sound editor are the signal source that is amplified and delivered to your body. The amplitude, frequency, and shape of the wave all have an impact on the sensation you perceive.
Amplitude is the loudness of the sound. The louder the sound, the stronger the electrical shock. You can control the amplitude two ways. The first is the volume control of the amplifier. The second is the amplitude of the sound wave itself.
The frequency is the number of times the current changes direction each second. This is called the frequency of the alternating current. A typical low frequency would be about 50hz (alternates the direction of the current 50 time each second). A typical high frequency would be about 300hz. Low and high frequencies result in very different sensations. 25 to 50hz results in a low humming sensation. 100hz will make you go "Ohhhhh". 150hz will make you go "Ahhhhhhhhhh!" 200hz will start to make you wonder if this was a good idea, and 300hz will cause pain. Of course, my experiences have involved applying electrical stimulation to my penis using two cock rings as terminal. I don't know what the sensations would be like on a woman. It could be too painful. Perhaps even lower frequencies and low amplitudes are need for a woman's anatomy. Of course I wouldn't know unless I had someone to play with. Such is life.

The amplitude you use DEPENDS on the frequency of the wave. Low frequency waves need MORE power in order to pass through the body and be felt. The higher frequencies need LESS power. Hence, if all your sound waves are of equal amplitude, the low frequency waves will be felt, and the high ones will be too strong. As a rule of thumb, the higher the frequency, the lower the volume. Now, since you are tied up at the time, you won't be able to control the volume knob on the amplifier. Hence, when you make your sound files using the sound editor, maximize the amplitude of the lowest frequency wave, and gradually DECREASE the amplitude of the subsequent higher frequency waves. This way, you only need to put the amplifier at one volume setting for all the sound waves. As a rule of thumb, for every 25 Hz that I increase in frequency, I lower the amplitude by 5 %. Hence, 25Hz is at full strength, 50Hz is at 95% of full strength, 100Hz is at 85% of full strength, and so on. During a self-bondage session, I will include a mixture of frequencies and volumes. I always include a couple of high frequency waves at high amplitude to induce extreme pain.

The shape of the wave is a VERY important aspect that affects the sensation of the electrical stimulation. Typically, sound editors allow you to generate a couple of standard shaped sound waves. Sine waves are the typical wavy shape. The current gradually goes from positive to zero to negative and back again. With a sine wave, the current remains at its highest amplitude for only an instant before going back down again. I have found that sine waves result in a "pinching" uncomfortable sensation.
Another typical wave form that most sound editors make are SQUARE WAVES. Square waves are flat on top and bottom and almost instantly change polarity. I find that these waves give a much more pleasant sensation. You can feel the vibrations right to the middle of you penis. The lower frequencies make you moan in pleasure, and the high frequencies make you beg for mercy.

The duration of the sound files is up to you. Personally, I can endure low frequencies for 7 to 10 seconds. The really painful frequencies I keep to about 1 to 5 seconds.
Finally, I always fade in the first 0.1 second of the file, and fade out the last 0.1 second. This avoids and nasty TICKS the file might make if the current starts too abruptly. Fading in means that the amplitude changes from zero to full, and fading out means that the amplitude goes from full to zero. This avoids any abrupt start of currents.

2. Automating the Sound Files.
Typically, I use Power Point to play my sound files. I create many different slide shows that play a series of files and have resting periods in-between. I connect the output jack of the computer to the amplifier and connect the wires of one of the speakers to the terminals. This way, I hear the tones through one speaker, and feel them in my penis. If I have to move the amp to another room, I typically leave the speakers behind.
I make many slide shows so that I don't remember the content of the one I am using for the specific torture session of the evening. Some slide shows are more torturous than others. Typically, I give myself 5-second shocks of different frequencies continuously for about a minute, followed by a two-minute rest period. This continues for about 40 minutes.

An alternative is to record the slide show on cassette tape and then just play the tape. This is useful if you can't do the self-bondage in the same room as the computer. However, the longest tape available is 45 minutes on one side. I usually use a timer to delay the starting of the tape cassette, since my usual length of self-bondage is two hours (the time it takes for two icecubes to melt enough to give me my release key). I plug the tape deck in the timer and set it to begin in an hour or so, I set up my release mechanism and maybe an emergency release mechanism (Bucket of water with key tied to handle, and handle tied to rope. I pull on the rope, the spill water, I release myself, and then spend next three hours cleaning up the mess). I press play on the cassette player, put on my cockrings, and do my self-bondage. I then wait 45 minutes for the timer and shocks to start.

3. The Terminals
I find that two cockrings on a dry (no KY) penis does the trick. I could never get used to using a butt plug terminal and a cock ring. I really irritates my anus. Wrap thin speaker wire around the ring and cover the bare wire with a strip of electrical tape. You do not want a single bare wire in contact with your skin. You want an even contact all around your penis.
I have read on the net of how to fashion terminals for women. Using an appropriately sized phallic shaped object, wrap a solid thin wire around it many times, keeping the wires tightly wrapped with no spaces in-between. Cover the bare end of the wire with electrical tape and avoid and kinks in the wire. This will serve as a reasonably large surface area to use as a terminal. You can insert it vaginally, or lay it between the lips. You need two contact points. I have read of people wrapping tin foil around one ankle as the other contact, or making a vibrator with two separate coils, or one vaginal contact and one anal contact. I have no idea what the sensations would be like. If it hurts (too much), stop.

If you want more information, just give me a BUZZ! Get it, a "buzz". I am especially interested in figuring out what will work well for the ladies. I could use some feedback.

My latest experience.

After having people preview the story "Self-Bondage Master", one long time acquaintance asked if I would oblige as a remote master for him. What the hell. I prepared a new set of sound waves (I haven't done any electrical play for awhile, my self-bondage opportunities are far and few these days). I did have the house to myself that weekend, so I tested the files. I make a tape with 12 sessions on it; each session played about 50 seconds of shocks. Each shock lasted between 5 and 7 seconds. Each session had a mixture of shocks, some sessions were more painful then others.

In addition to the usual self-bondage rituals, I also decided to video tape it. This really gave me a rush. I set up the camera on a tripod and shot from a high angle. I was going to tie myself to a futon in a small spare room. I put the camera over my right shoulder. It took forever to position it just right. I used a remote control to start and stop the camera, and to zoom in and out. I positioned the camera so that on a wide shot, it captured my bound legs, and up to my head. My chained wrists are out of the shot. When I zoomed in, it went right on to my penis so I could get a close-up of my penis reactions to the shocks.
I started with two pairs of black nylons. I can't deny it any more; I have a nylon fetish. I prefer them on women, but I didn't have a woman to tie up at the moment (speaking of women, I would tell you about how I introduced my wife to bondage, but that's not a selfbondage story). I cut a hole in the crotch and pulled through my penis and testicles.

I plugged in the cassette player and set the timer for 45 minutes. I pressed the power button on the amp and cassette, and pressed play on the tape player. I had previewed the shocks before and on this particular amp, I was able to take about 8.5 out of 10 on the dial. That was painful, but I felt it was tolerable. I knew I would not be video taping myself for a very long time, if ever again. I looked at the dial and imagined watching myself later being severely tormented and squirming helplessly on the futon. I raised the dial to 9.5 out of 10. For those of you that know volume controls, they go up exponentially. That means that a raise of one notch at the high end is a very large increase in amplitude.

Then I set up a release mechanism. The typical icecube in a stocking method. I only went with one icecube. I wanted to be released before the 2-hour tape ended so that I could masturbate on camera. I opted for no emergency release mechanism. With all the electrical stuff on the floor, and the room was so small, I could not risk a spill of a bucket of water.
Next, I applied a rope harness around my waist, down my ass, up both sides of my crotch, and back again and tied it off in back. I kneeled on the futon and started the camera. I did a tight shot of me putting on the cockrings, and then I put on a stocking mask to help hide my identity. At the moment, I have NO intention of releasing the tape, but later, who knows. I turned around and continued my bondage. I put two webbed packing straps under the bed. One end had a hook, and the other then had a ratchet and hook for tightening the strap. Each was 15 feet long. The hooks were on the bed at the foot. I put two screws at the foot of the futon. The screws stuck out about a quarter inch. I placed the webbing on the outside of the screws. 

The screws would prevent the webbing from traveling inwards and giving me some slack. I also put two screws at the top of the bed for the same reason. I wrapped the webbing twice around each ankle and put the hook around the strap. I took up the slack and pulled my feet outward towards the corners of the futon. I laid back and took the hook with the ratchet and hooked one of the ropes of the waist harness. I did this to both sides of the waist harness and cranked the ratchets to take up the slack. I as I cranked, m legs were pulled down, while my waist harness was pulled up. The ropes of the harness dug in deep to my crotch and ass. My legs were pulled taught. To prevent myself from undoing the webbing, or taking off the cockrings, I chained my wrists to the head of the futon. I gave myself enough slack to pull my stocking mask on and off. For the tight shots, I wanted to see the viewer on the camera to make sure the shot was good. For wide shots, I put the mask back on.

I raised my hands and offered a bit of commentary, and locked my wrists in place. After all this effort, I was not going to bail out. I waited 30 minutes for the tape to finally start. The first set of shocks is very interesting to watch. I had a tight shot of my penis before the cassette player started. After 30 minutes of waiting it had gone completely small and limp. When the tape machine started, my penis immediately reacted and went half-erect. This is a perfect example of classical conditioning. When the bell rings, the dog salivates. When I hear the cassette player start, I get a hard-on. In a couple of seconds, the first shocks would start. Even only half erect, the shocks were very strong (not a good sign, they would only get stronger as I got more erect and had better contact between my penis and the rings). I moaned out loud, and tensed up. Within seconds, my penis went fully erect. You could see the rings getting tighter and tighter as my penis filled.

The second set of shocks made my penis become fully engorged. I alternated between tight and wide shots. The wide shots captured my struggles as the shocks made my body contort with pain. As the sessions progressed, sweat facilitated the electrical contact and the shocks continued to be more and more painful. In the middle of the last session, my keys fell. I was helpless to do anything until the shocks stopped. Once over, I unlocked my wrists. I tighten up the webbing a bit more and put some KY on my penis. It helped the rings to slip off. I then proceed to pleasure myself and cum for the camera. Exhausted, I pointed the remote at the camera and turned it off.

The next morning, I was disappointed to hear that my self-bondage acquaintance had a heart condition. He finally decided to tell me despite the fact that it would mean that I would refuse to participate in any electrical play with him. Imagine that, I went through all that for nothing ;->. However, for the next couple of months, we will look into other methods of applying pleasure and pain for him. I'm not going to give any hints though. I will probably have him write and submit the stories himself.

Enjoy, and for the God's sake, be careful.
Otto Dix

Copyright April 2001, Otto Dix
[email protected]

Please take care if attempting to use any electrical device!


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