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by Bob Salinas

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© Copyright 2002 - Bob Salinas - Used by permission

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In Memorium - Elaine H. (1949-1999)

Elaine was a morbidly obese slut, but she was a kind, nonjudgmental morbidly obese slut who accepted herself as she was. She knew about all my kinks and bondage in particular; she didn’t really go for them, for herself preferring cuddling and foreplay and enthusiastic fucking, but she accepted what I saw in them. She’d been out of the area for almost a year, and last week she called to let me know that she was returning in a couple of days. We made plans for her to come up from Virginia and visit me at my place in Baltimore this weekend.

Since the last time I’d seen her, I’d been practicing self-bondage- partially because I didn’t know anybody I liked and trusted enough to play my games with (people are too judgmental), and partially because do-it-yourself bondage is a great kick. So I decided to be securely bound and packaged when Elaine arrived. At the very worst, she would giggle and humiliate me before she untied me; at the best, well, who knows?

So, on Friday night before she was to visit, I called her. “Elaine, I have a surprise planned... no, I can’t tell you about it, that would spoil the surprise, silly girl! But do me a favor, just go along with it: when you get near the house, say just as you get off the Beltway.”

“You mean you want me to get off on the Beltway? Won’t that be dangerous?”

“No, my dear little strumpet, I mean when you leave the Beltway and get on route 29 I would like you to call me on my cell phone and let me know you’re coming... I mean that you’re on your way. Okay?” Somewhat puzzled, she agreed and said she’d see me at about 10:00 the next morning.

So about 8 the next morning, I carried a carefully-stocked ‘toy chest’ into the guest bedroom of my townhouse; I’d been planning half the night. I had placed a discretely-folded note on the front door:

Elaine- Thank you for coming! For reasons that will soon become obvious, I can’t meet you at the door with my usual hug. The door’s unlocked and I’m waiting eagerly in the upstairs back bedroom.
Thank you, dear one!


That detail taken care of, I went up the stairs and stripped naked in the master bedroom, carefully putting my clothes away. Then I went back to my makeshift ‘dungeon’. The basic plan was that Elaine was to arrive and find me naked, kneeling and helplessly bound in a self-bondage position from which only she could release me. I thought about setting up a timed-release mechanism, which I had always had to do in my self-bondage games, but that would probably tell her I didn’t have confidence in her. That could wound her feelings, and since I did have confidence in her I decided to forego the ‘failsafe’ mechanism.

I looked at the clock: almost 9:00, time to get moving. First, I set my cell phone near the bedroom door. I went to the closet and pulled out a 4-by-6 foot piece of plywood which was cut and hinged to fold for storage. (I once saw advertised a piece of ‘bondage furniture’ which folded “for discrete storage in case mother-in-law visits!”) I opened it up in the middle of the floor and knelt on its back surface, which I had padded with fake leather, so I could see myself in the mirrored closet door (watching myself always provides an extra humiliating voyeuristic charge). Around the perimeter of the platform were a series of eyebolts and other fastening points, making this a versatile bondage stage. I hung a key ring on the bedroom door, hung a note on its other side (“I await you within!”), closed the door, and pulled a selection of cuffs, a handful of leather straps, and a pair of nipple clamps out of the toy chest. I put the toy chest back in the closet, closing the door so as to provide a full view of myself in the mirror.

Back on the platform, I wrapped ankle cuffs around each ankle and thigh cuffs around each of my legs just above my knees and buckled them securely. (It’s surprising how long the straps have to be to encircle your thighs when your legs are doubled!) I used leather straps to tie a D-ring on each cuff to an anchor at the side of the platform; I was now locked in the center of the platform, my legs spread awkwardly wide, my outstretched balls swaying just above the platform. I thought about a butt plug, but I find that they sometimes interfere with my sexual performance, and that I didn’t want... not this weekend!

Next, my geographical stability ensured, I attached the clamps to my nipples. These were the tweezer type that tightened with a little slider ring; I secured them just snug enough and then tightened them a little bit more, just on general principle. (“If some is good, more is better, and too much ought to be just about right”- a hot rodder’s axiom about boring out an engine block.) The little chain connecting the clamps had a six-ounce fishing weight in the middle; this pulled down on my nipples and twisted them every which way if I moved at all.

Next step: I  wrapped a stiff leather collar around my neck, the kind called a ‘posture collar’. This wide collar kept my head upright and tilted back;. I couldn’t lower my head because the collar kept my chin up.  I couldn’t see my body at all except in the mirror.

9:45- now I waited: I had to wait for Elaine’s call before I took the next steps. I waited quietly and used the time to good advantage: I played with myself! Three times in a row I carefully remembered the last time I held Elaine’s bulky body in my arms and slowly stroked myself to a massive rigid erection, let it subside, and started again. Ohhh....

Finally, on the fourth upward cycle, just as I was working my way toward ‘incredibly hard’, the phone rang. I let go of my cock and grabbed the phone, forgetting for a moment the weighted nipple clamps. “Hello, Elaine! Are you coming?”

I heard her chuckling and then a fake bass voice,  “Hello, this is Reverend  Smith. Are you ready for your pastoral visitation?”

“Oh, stop that, wench! Where are you?”

“I’m pulled over just at the city limits sign on 29 with my dress up around my waist; can you hear the truckers honking? Are you as ready for me as I am for you?” I smiled.

“Yes, I’m ready, as is your surprise. I’ll see you in about 20 minutes, then?”

“I’ll be there!” 

Okay, it was time to move quickly; only two more things to do- gag and cuffs- before I waited bound for Elaine. I picked up a fat dildo which I had cut off and screwed to a trimmed-down old belt. I opened wide (the only way to go with this creation) and slipped it into my mouth. I wrapped the belt around my head and buckled it behind my head; this left my mouth filled and the dildo pressed almost deep enough to gag on but not quite. (Gagging is a ball but upchucking is not erotic.)

And now the least step: I picked up the handcuffs-and-belt combination, a wide leather belt to which I had bolted a pair of chrome-plated handcuffs. I buckled the belt around my waist with the handcuffs in back and locked one cuff around my right wrist. Then I took a deep breath and ratcheted the other cuff down on my left wrist. I was immobile and trapped! 

I squirmed enough to torment my nipples and slap my cock from side to side. Yes, I was hopelessly bound; I would remain here, locked to the platform, with no hope of release before Elaine arrived. Just the thought was enough to give me a furious hard-on but the struggling wasn’t enough to trigger an orgasm. I wanted to save all of my juices for later, anyway. Most of the time I just waited. Maybe I should have laid out something to look at? No, I would be content just waiting for Elaine. I listened to the traffic and a couple of times thought I heard a car out front. Maybe next time I’ll plug my ears for even more suspense.

Finally I heard the front door opening downstairs and after a brief pause I heard Elaine (at least I hoped it was Elaine!) downstairs. Then silence, and then I heard the toilet flush, so I figured she was ‘freshening up’ after her trip. Then I heard her coming slowly up the stairs. 

There was a brief pause while she read the note. The door opened. There was a second’s pause: ”Oh, my goodness!” and a cheerful chuckle. I tried to turn my head (the door was directly to my left), but without too much success because of the ‘posture collar’; I could just barely see her out of the corner of my eye. I just waited until she stood in front of me.

Please don’t get me wrong: Elaine was fat, about 5 foot 6 and on the high side of 250 pounds, maybe 300,  but she wasn’t ugly. She was, as usual, wearing a shapeless shift dress; she looked pretty bad in pants, if they made any her size, and didn’t have much of a shape to show off. But I was used to the shape she had, which included a rear end that was both round and rather shapely, and she had a bust somewhere in the ‘colossal’ range. Besides, to quote an old ‘male chauvinist pig’ line, once you turn off the lights, a lot of that disappears!

She stood in front of me with her hands on her hips and a big smile on her face. “Wow... what a package, Bob! You told me you were into bondage, but this do-it-yourself angle is a new one on me! Well, as long as you’ve gone to all this trouble to package yourself for me, I suppose it would be ungracious of me to ignore it.”

She set down the paper bag she was carrying and kicked off her shoes. “I brought some of the stuff you bought for me the last time I came up.” (I’d taken her on a shopping trip to the big-and-sexy corner of the Lane Bryant shop and bought her a long-gartered teddy thing and some stockings.) “But you owe me a trip back to the store tomorrow!” She giggled, and I was glad to see that she planned on spending the weekend.

She pulled her dress over her head and stood before me, wearing only her bikini-cut but still big cotton panties and a matching big red cotton bra. (Everything she wears is big!) She turned to display herself for me; she wasn’t at all shy about her body, at least with me. As she turned, she tugged up on the back of her panties, wedging them up until they disappeared between her ass cheeks. When she completed the turn I saw the front had disappeared between her lips. She knelt before me, cupping and hoisting her heavy breasts while I leered. I smiled behind my gag and nodded my head appreciatively.

“Ah, good, I’m glad you’re happy to see me!” (Doing ‘it’ with big broads has the added advantage that they’re very thankful.) She reached between my legs and played with my balls for a moment. Then she took my half-hard cock in her hand and squeezed it; after a minute it was hard and eager. She played with it for a while, bringing me to the edge as skillfully as I had (yes, she knew my cock well) and then let go. I moaned behind my gag as she stepped over to the bag and pulled out her camera! “I bought this for my last trip- it takes good pictures and I don’t have to worry about the kid at the camera shop inspecting what I take pictures of!” She snapped several pictures of me from several angles. Then she put down the camera and returned to playing with my cock and balls until I almost screamed behind my gag.

“Ah, you like that, huh? You like what Elaine does to you, don’t you?” She examined my gag for a moment and then unbuckled it.

“Thank you, Mistress Elaine! Yes, I am very happy to see you!”

“Where’s the rest of your toy collection?”

“It’s in the closet, Mistress.”

She slipped the gag back into my face and hefted herself to her feet before she went to the closet and poked around, returning with a fat vibrator she’d played with before. Big though she is, her pussy is as tight as a drumhead.

“Now you get to watch for a while. Of course, I can see that you’re not about to get up and walk out on me. But I’ve been driving for a long time and I’m going to put myself in the mood for some serious game-playing.” She pulled off her panties, revealing her lightly-furred bush, and knelt in front of me. She stuck the vibrator in her mouth to wet it. Then she turned it on and screwed its realistically-phallic head slowly up into her waiting pussy. In a minute or so her eyes closed in eager lust. Her free hand pulled down the top of her bra cups and she began to play with her nipples (which she had once told me were wired directly to her clit). Then she stopped, removed the massive toy and got to her feet, observing on the way that my cock was quite rigid.

She stood over me and removed my gag. “Stay quiet... I want you to use your mouth for me, not to talk with.” With the camera in one hand, she stepped forward, her legs spread; this placed her twat directly in front of my mouth. I knew what to do: I leaned backward, she stepped forward over me, and I immediately began to service her damp and fragrant twat while she took a couple of humiliating pictures of us as I humbly tongued her twat. She was halfway there because of the vibrator, and in a couple of minutes she squealed and doused my face with her juices.

“Damn, that was good. Good performance!”

“You’re welcome, Elaine!” She turned her back to me and bent over; I figured out quickly what I needed to do and kissed my way down between her broad cheeks to her asshole. Then she went back to the toy chest and brought back a ball gag with which she silenced me again.

“It’s good that you pay your respects properly.” Then she picked up her panties, pulling them down over my head and positioning the damp crotch over my nose before she took yet another picture. She knew all my kinks!

She reached into the paper bag and pulled out a handful of condoms.

“I came prepared- I hope you’ll share that thing with me! I mean, getting tied up and then jerking off is fine, but I have to get something out of this, too.” I nodded my head as vigorously as I could.

She knelt down in front of me and held the bits of rubber under my nose- I don’t know why the smell is a turn-on, but it is. Elaine carefully sealed my cock in first one, and then a second layer of latex. Then, turning her big butt to me, she backed up until she could reach around to maneuver my hard, sheathed cock between her big cheeks and into her pussy. “Ohh... that feels good! Yes, I want to feel your cock deep inside me. A shame you can’t move much, but that was your choice, not mine.”

I watched from my helpless position as her ass came back and impaled itself on my dong. In the mirror I could see her face, smiling and eyes closed, over her heavily-dangling boobs. Because of the size of her asscheeks, I didn’t get buried all the way, but it felt damn good, even through the layers of rubber. I noticed that she had the vibrator in one hand and pressed up against her clit; she got off before me, and pulled off before I came. Shit! But she was obviously cheered by the interlude.

“Okay... now I want to use your cock for real. I need more!”

She went to the closet and returned with a pillow; she folded this and placed it around my cuffed hands to protect them before she pushed me to my back. She stood over me and knelt, slowly inserting my aching cock all the way deep into her hungry pussy. She leaned forward and rubbed her heavy breasts over my face. After a bit of this, she decided she wanted my lips more than my silence, and she removed the ball gag so I could orally service her nipples. Pleased, she again lowered her tight cunt onto my cock and fucked herself happily. Periodically, she stopped fucking herself and covered my face with her tits; I chewed firmly on her nipples.

Several minutes later, I mumbled around her boob-meat, “Damn.. You’re making me cum, Mistress Elaine!”

She squealed happily (she loved knowing that she was responsible for my orgasm) and began to slam her cunt around on my cock. I bit hard at her nipples as I felt the start of an orgasm. Her hands dropped to my nipples and played happily with them for a bit until I opened my mouth and roared out my orgasm. She came with me and almost collapsed on top of me. 

After a few minutes’ recovery time, she asked, “So this is how you do yourself. If I hadn’t been here, how would you have gotten loose?”

“If you hadn’t been here, I would have arranged some way for the keys to be locked away for a while- a timer or something.”

“But right now?”

“Right now, I have no way to get loose. My only way out is if you let me loose. The keys are on the doorknob and I can’t possibly get to them. You’re it.” She smiled and unclipped my ankle cuffs from the platform. Then she got up and went for the keys. She helped me to my feet and unlocked my wrists. Then she pulled me to my feet and hugged the hell out of me, caressing my ass as she squeezed!

I walked her down the hall to the shower in the master bedroom, where I peeled off the swollen condoms and got both of us cleaned up. Then we lay down on the bed for a while, relaxing and giggling and talking. Then I asked her if she wanted to go shopping; she grinned and agreed. We got dressed and drove down to the mall and Lane Bryant, where she conquered her embarrassment and happily selected several items of lingerie  and stockings. Then I bought her a pair of high-heeled shoes before we went for a late lunch and spent the afternoon ‘conventionally’.

We got home about 7, after dinner at a nice restaurant, and headed for my study/computer room- the next bedroom over. We offloaded the pictures from her camera onto my PC and checked them out, giggling as we went, reliving the experience. “You really enjoy the humiliation, don’t you”

“Yes, that’s a big part of it, but damned if I know why! Anyway, Elaine, you see how I get my jollies when you’re not here. They’re pretty damn intense jollies, too. Would you care to try it out?”

“Hmmm... I’m not really into it but I’ll give it a shot. As long as you guarantee that I’ll get off somehow!”

“You got it, babe! Follow me.” This time I led her down to the basement/my real dungeon.

“Would you like to bind yourself, or would you like me to bind you?”

“You bind me... I’m not into binding myself and I wouldn’t know how. Don’t get me wrong, you know I ‘jill off’, but not by binding myself.”

“Okay, I’ll do the honors. First get naked for me.” She cheerfully got naked- it was never hard to talk her out of her clothes! While she was doing that, I picked out a long piece of rope and proceeded to weave a ‘rope bra’ for her. I put the center of the rope (pre-prepared by a felt-tip marker) around her chest below her breasts and then wound the rope in a figure-8 pattern over and under her breasts. By the time I was through, her massive breasts were bound into tight, high, widely-separated globes and her nipples were eagerly rigid. 

Next, I wrapped another rope around her waist and proceeded to wrap it around and around her waist, diving between her ass-cheeks and carefully placing the strands between her pussy lips. (I used 1/4" sisal rope because it’s cheap, strong, and prickly.) She was hot and squirming by the time this was done. She slipped her hands between her thighs and played with her imprisoned twat for a moment before I pulled her hands away from her pussy.

“None of that, my slave! You will feel pleasure at my pleasure!”

I tied her wrists crossed behind her with a short piece of rope. I added another piece of rope to hold her elbows close- she wasn’t limber enough for them to touch, but it had the usual effect of making her breasts and nipples protrude. “Notice how vulnerable your nipples are!”

“Yes, I’ve noticed. Won’t you play with them for me?”

“No, I won’t- at least not more than a minute, I have work to do. Besides, delay of your pleasure is important here.” I lowered my face to her breasts and gave her the minute, after half of which she was squirming and her thighs were visibly wet.

I found another length of rope and fastened it to her ‘rope bra’ between her breasts, which pulled the rope bra even tighter. I pulled that rope through an eye-bolt in the ceiling, pulled it tight so she was forced to stand erect, and tied it off to a support beam. Then I took yet another length of rope and tied it around one ankle. I ran the rope around some convenient hooks on the walls (my basement has plenty, for some reason) and tied it to her other ankle so her thick legs were spread wide, her heavy thighs totally separated. This left her almost hanging from her rope bra, and she let me know she was uncomfortable.

“Okay, this is a pretty good position for now. Were it me, I would set up a TV and VCR and watch a bondage video or something... that really gets me turned on. For you, a novice, I will supply all the stimulation manually.”

“Thank you, Bob.” 

“Master Bob, if you please. And I can see you will have to be gagged!”

I plugged her mouth with a handy pair of my (clean) shorts and a strip of Duct Tape. She squirmed and whined, so I started in on her. I got naked and held her to me, firmly probing her asshole and her pussy with my fingers. I chewed on her nipples and felt her hips pumping against me. Then I let go of her and sat back to watch her vain efforts to get off. I stroked my cock to a firm erection and let her watch as I played with the cock she wanted but couldn’t reach. I also took the opportunity to go upstairs for her camera and (against her strenuous but futile objections) took half a dozen good shots of her struggling in her bondage. Like many or most big women, she was embarrassed about being displayed naked, and especially about having that displayed nakedness captured photographically for later microscopic review.

Eventually I got up and found a vibrator. She continued to squirm as I slipped it between the ropes that spit her wet crotch; the ropes held it in position, and that was worth another couple of pictures. “You know, dear, that vibrator sticking out of you looks like you grew a cock!”

“Mphhh mphhh mphhh...” I  turned the vibrator on and went back to my seat to watch her squirm. Twice, when she was about to cum, I turned the vibrator off and watched her complain loudly behind her gag. “Mphhh mphhh mphhh...” Finally, just as she approached an orgasm, I pulled the vibrator out and laid it on the floor; she cursed me big-time! Then I loosened the support rope and put her on her back. I slipped a condom onto my throbbing cock and took my position over her. I slipped my cock slowly into her pussy and began to gently fuck her, resisting her attempts to fuck back. Finally, I felt my own orgasm (the second of the day) approaching and began to pound her heavy hips vigorously. Just as I was about to cum, I heard her shouting out her own cum through her gag; that inspired me to my own cum. It lasted for about 20 minutes, it seemed, and I almost collapsed on top of her still-bound body. 

After a minute’s recovery, I sat beside her and removed her gag. “Damn, that was powerful. Thank you! I’m not sure it’s better than ‘regular’ sex, but I got so hot I was ready to lose my mind!” I grinned and proceeded to release her as we talked about how sensitive her nipples became when she was bound. Then we went back upstairs and lay together for a while before sleeping.

The next morning, I woke up with my face buried in her bulging breasts. When she woke, we played around for a while and then, “Are you game for some more self-bondage games?” She was, as usual, but after a naked breakfast.

I first had her start dressing, putting on a pair of high-heeled shoes, fishnet stockings and a very large but sexy long-line corset with six garters (the more the better) and push-up bra cups. She looked good, and I think my actions displayed my pleasure- my cock definitely did! She whined because the corset and heels weren’t comfortable, but I explained that this was necessary, part of the ambience. She wanted to please me and looked forward to the results, so she went along with the discomfort.

I marched her into the living room, where I let her wait while I put the massager in the recliner. First, I pushed the corset’s crotch aside, pushed a pair of Ben-Wa balls deep into her pussy, and replaced the nylon retainer. Then I had her take a seat and bound her to the recliner. I tied her ankles on either side of the footrest, keeping her thighs spread and exposing her girdled crotch. Finally, I folded down the corset’s bra cups and played with her for a couple of minutes. Then I let go of her breasts and took the remote control; I slowed it down to the ‘slow’ position, and her eyes opened as she felt the sensations shaking her innards. Medium- wordless sounds came out of her. I slipped it to ‘high’ and her eyes closed. Then I turned it off, and listened to what I figured were curses. I kept this up until finally I felt charitable enough to leave it on ‘medium’ until she finally went ‘over the edge’ and came gangbusters!

A while later, I asked her if she was ready to ‘try the flip side’. Yes, she was, and I marched her (slowly, she was still wearing the heels) down to the basement. “I have a new self-bondage scenario to try; I’ve never tried it because I couldn’t figure out a good escape mechanism. I’ll explain as we go.”

When we got to the basement/dungeon, I had her sit on the one chair while I set things up. First, I got some boards and set up an eight-foot piece of 2X8 on two stacks of short scraps of 2X4; this made a shaky but usable bench. Then I got out a drill and fastened three eye-bolts in the ceiling joists, one over the platform and one maybe three feet to either side of it. (The joists are pretty well honeycombed with holes and fasteners, but so far not so much as to endanger the structural integrity of the house!)

The next thing was to cut several lengths of 3/8" rope and tie loops in the ends. I pulled the chair below the eye-bolts and secured the ropes to the eye-bolts, two ropes each. Then I measured the ropes, securely tied snap-hooks to each of the ropes, and then unclipped them so they hung loose. Finally, I tied a length of rope to the eye-bolt in the ceiling joist overhead.

“Okay, we’re almost ready.” I asked her for the longer two of the four pieces of rope lying on the floor and carefully tied them to my ankles. “Now the other two ropes, if you please, Mistress.” I tied these shorter ones to my wrists, wrapping each rope around my wrists at least six times before I tied the knots. Then I pulled the long rope behind my back, forward between my legs, up through the center eye-bolt again, back down between by legs, and back up to the eye-bolt, where I tied it securely. While I was doing this, Mistress Elaine distracted me by kissing my belly and playing with my tits and my fat cock.

Mistress Elaine could see what was coming: I would be spread-eagled against the wall with the rope from the ceiling and between my legs supporting most of my weight. I carefully reached out to clip the hooks from my ankle ropes to the eye-bolts in the ceiling. I managed to do the same with one of the ropes tied to my wrists, but when that was done I couldn’t reach far enough to fasten the last rope. “Okay, Mistress, here’s where I need your help. Were I to do it myself, I would have to use some kind of tool to clip this last rope to the eye-bolt. Also, of course, I would have to work out some way of getting loose; I think I would arrange for a knife to swing down within reach of my hands so I could cut a rope and free myself. But for today, you’re it.”

“Thank you for your confidence  in me, slave!” She pulled her chair over, climbed slowly up on it to make sure it would hold her, and clipped the last hook in place.

Mistress Elaine climbed off the chair and stood back to survey our handiwork; I was loosely spread-eagled again the wall, and she ‘took advantage’ of my helplessness by playing with my balls and stroking my cock until it was a furious purple. “I think I want to add a few decorative items!” She dug around in my dungeon toy box (a large version of the one upstairs) and pulled out a head harness with an attached pump-up penis gag! I had some misgivings about being gagged during this scenario but decided to trust her. She slipped the gag between my lips and strapped it in place. She then pumped up the gag until my mouth was full. I pleaded with her just to verify that I was effectively muffled; she smiled happily.

She stepped back and surveyed our handiwork. Then she looked around in my toy chest and spotted a pair of her panties! “Ah, a souvenir collector, huh?” (Not too many girls wear scanties in her size.) I blushed as she rubbed her panties through her crotch (“Just to freshen the scent for you!”) and pulled the mass of cloth over my head, considerately leaving me a clear field of view; I took a deep whiff of her scent. Then she went back to the toy chest and pulled out a short length of rope with a two-pound weight at one end and a leather ball-stretcher. She wrapped the ball-stretcher around my ball-sack, buckled it securely, and tied the loose end of the weighted rope to the D-ring attached to the stretcher. This little toy pressed my balls to the bottom of their sack, stretched the skin snug across them, and left them woefully vulnerable and sensitive. She gently paddled them, and I could feel the impact to the top of my head! Elaine set the weight on the platform between my feet. Oh, shit- when I was suspended, the weight wouldn’t reach the floor, it would hang from my balls! “Yes, slave- just what you wanted, isn’t it?” I nodded in agreement.

Mistress Elaine stepped back and pulled the chair back for a good view. She pulled her fleshy boobs free of her corset and flicked her nipples until they were stiff and erect. Then she spread her thighs,  put her feet up on the rung of the chair, and gently stroked her crotch through the fabric. “Are you sure you wouldn’t rather come down here and play with this? No? Well, maybe later.” She stepped to the corner and pulled over a full-length mirror, placing it so I had a thoroughly humiliating view of myself. After positioning everything, she took a couple more pictures of me in my submissive position.

“Okay, slave of mine! I suppose I could do this for you, but as you’re a self-bondage fan, I want you to knock yourself off that makeshift bench. Don’t worry, I’ll be here in case something goes wrong. Of course, I’ll have to be the judge of how wrong is wrong, but that’s the way it is.” 

Obediently, I braced myself against the ropes and the wall behind me. I pushed out with my feet. Sure enough, the stack of lumber tumbled down. I plunged a couple of inches until the ropes through my crotch stopped my fall. The ropes at my wrists pulled my arms firmly out, and the ropes at my ankles pulled my legs uncomfortably far apart. And most noticeably, the weight fell until the rope stopped it with a definite jerk at my outstretched balls- that hurt! When everything stopped moving, Elaine was sitting there watching me spread-eagled against the wall, my balls dangling vulnerably below me, my cock pointing stiffly at her. 

She smiled at my helpless position (“Oh, what a picture!”) and pulled the chair up closer, She took several pictures of me and then stepped beside me and took another couple of pictures in the mirror with her, posing sternly as my Mistress, another with my cock in her hand. She tried to get a third of her sucking my cock, but she had to aim backward at the mirror and only got part of the action. Oh well, it was the thought that counted. Besides, she was an excellent cocksucker! Mistress Elaine dug around in the toy chest for a piece of heavy twine and tied a slip knot in one end. She looped this around the head of my cock before she sat down and enjoyed herself by pulling on the cord. If she pulled really hard, she could see my entire body sway out from the wall! Of course, half of that was because I had to push out with my upper body to keep her from pulling my cock off. That was worth another picture. 

She leaned back in the chair and put her heels up on the side rungs; this spread her thighs wide. She reached down and snapped the corset’s crotch loose. (“Almost all ladies’ shapewear has a snap crotch; otherwise you’d have to get undressed just to pee. Or to jerk off!”) She picked up a vibrator and began to pleasure herself, running the head of it around her clit. I watched from my helpless position, wishing I could get my hands on her or my cock into her or at least get my hands on myself! She saw me watching, smiled, and merely took another picture.

A long time later, she moaned loudly. She slid forward on the chair and slipped the vibrator into her cunt, shallow at first, then deeper and deeper. “Ohhh... I’m not sure which is better, vibrating my clit or fucking my pussy with the pole. I bet you wish you could push your cock into me right now, don’t you? It’s a shame you tied yourself up so you can’t get at me!” She kept up a stream of dirty patter for a long time, getting hotter and hotter as she went. Much later, she finally heated up to the point of incomprehensibility. “Ohhh... damn... I’m coming for you! Watch me cum!” She crammed the dildo so far up into herself I thought it would disappear, her thighs slammed together, and she let go of the dildo to grab her tits as she screamed out her orgasm. I almost came myself, I was so excited, but that wasn’t to happen. 

Finally, five minutes later, she decided to finish me off. She stepped in front of me and began tweaking my nipples with one hand while she played with my rigid cock with the other. After a bit she announced “Hmmm- I need a bathroom break!” I mumbled something about her knowing where ‘the facilities’ were, but she ignored my advice and walked carefully across the floor to the far corner as I watched her massive cheeks trembling. She brought back a pewter beer stein and a smile. She tweaked her nipples and stared into my eyes as she set the stein on the floor.

“Is watching me a turn-on for you?” I nodded as she squatted over the stein. She loosened her snap crotch and reached in to spread her lips apart; I struggled to show my eagerness. Elaine ‘let go’ and as I watched half-filled the stein. She wiped her pussy on the back of her hand, stretched her crotch out and snapped it before rising and approaching me. First she wiped the back of her hand on my face; then she held the stein full of warm pee under my nose. Gagged as I was, I had little choice but to inhale the scent. After several deep whiffs, she set down the stein and massaged my aching cock with both her hands, displaying expert ability to back off when I approached an orgasm. Damn!

After another half hour or so of restrained frustration, she put the bench back up and loosened my ankle bonds so I could stand up and released one of my wrist cuffs. After I was free and standing on the floor, she locked my hands behind my back and marched me to a flattened cardboard box in the corner, where she rolled another sensation-deadening pair of condoms onto my cock and allowed me to service her from behind. This time she allowed me to have my orgasm!

After a minute or so to let the erotic haze fade away, Elaine had a seat on the chair while she peeled the condoms off my swollen cock. Holding the sloppy mess in her right hand, she released the air from my pump-up gag. She loosened its straps enough to pull the gag out, pushed the wad of latex and cum into my face, and then gave me a drink from the beer stein. She popped the gag back in and pumped it back up! I didn’t have much choice: I swallowed the whole mess. Ick! Then she led me back upstairs and freed me from my bonds so we could shower together. We spent most of the rest of the day in bed watching TV and made love one more time before she headed back to Virginia with an invitation from me to ‘cum again’.

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