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Dirty Dungeon

by Nakia Kesler

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© Copyright 2001 - Nakia Kesler - Used by permission

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I have always been interested in the medieval times. They were good at restraint and punishment. I had always decided that I too would like to experience the medieval punishment and restraint.  I envisioned myself stripped and shackled and led away to the dark castle dungeon locked away. So I created this dungeon scene, my most elaborate self-bondage I have done yet.

The house that my girlfriend Adonica and I live in was built in the early 1940's so the basement was perfect. It needed to be just right however! I wanted this to feel real and the set had to be prepared carefully! I started by carrying in buckets of dirt that I got from the apartment housing that was going up in the lots across the way from our house. Piles of dirt from the basements were easily accessible and I carried bucked after bucket of black dirt down the basement making a very nice and thick dirt floor in the smallest room of the tiny basement. The dungeon was taking shape. Next I covered the window with cardboard so it would be dark, I cut little slots in the cardboard before placing it over the window giving the impression of closely spaced bars.  The small amount of light that shown in was perfect for day and at night would be almost completely black as I checked it during the night that week prior to my time of confinement. The outside street light was at just an angle from the house that only small slivers of light shone in, just enough for me to be able to glimpse myself in my bondage imprisonment in the late evening and early morning hours.

Now the room was taking shape. Next I got a piece of heavy chain from the garage that was there when we moved in that would be used as my tether. I fastened it to the bottom of the steel support pole that was cast into the concrete floor now covered with black dirt. The pole ran to the ceiling joist of the floor above me. The pole had a hole at the bottom and I found a bolt that would run through the chain link and hole and using a wrench from the garage to secure the chain to, since I didn't want the chain to slide up and down the pole. I tightened the bolt using the wrench. The chain was only five foot long and would work nicely. I had started preparing the basement dungeon on Monday evening and it was almost complete Wednesday night.  I had made my appointment as a dungeon slave to take place on Thursday night since my girlfriend was leaving that morning and would be gone until Monday noon. (She worked as a flight attendant so I knew she would be away on her flight but coming home she would also be my fail-safe since my weekend confinement was going to take an elaborate system of keeping myself locked for an extended period.

Although in the back of my mind I wasn't sure I wanted Adonica to find me like this. We had explored bondage on the web some and played around with the idea only mildly since moving into the house over a year ago but we had never taken it to this extreme.  I took the door length mirrors we had in the house and also stood them up against the walls. They would act as a constant reminder to me of my submissively slaved position when I would look into them and see myself. One more thing that I thought would be interesting for my dungeon and would work as humiliating me in my slavery was to take the garden hose and fasten it to the yard sprinkler system. I ran the hose into the basement through the other room window. I ran the hose through the joist braces and hung it to the top of the steel pole using wire. On the end of the hose I screwed on a small yard sprinkler. I ran duct tape over most of the holes since I didn't want to be thoroughly drenched but envisioned this as my only source of cleaning myself had I been destined to become a real slave in a real dungeon. I likened this to being similar to having the dungeon guard taking a bucket of water and pouring over me. I set the timer on the system to come on at one o'clock in the afternoon  and run for three minutes.  That would be more than enough to completely make a mess of things.

Next came a metal bucket that was to be where I would relieve myself. I wondered about using a chastity belt however knowing I could pee but wasn't sure how if I had to excrete how that would work. I knew that chastity belts were an important part of medieval times and felt I should be forced to wear one to prevent myself from playing with my pussy should I get aroused in self-bondage and wanting enjoyment by rubbing and pleasuring myself... I decided the belt would be necessary and would worry about the other at the time. Last came a metal bucket of water and a slices of bread that I set in the room. This was to be my only nourishment since I was planning on wearing a ring gag that would allow me to get drinks and the bread I would just have to stuff in my mouth and swallow as little pieces, and also I thought it would be safer with a ring gag for the prolonged self-bondage.

Thursday was here and I spent the day fasting. And come evening I started the final preparations. I had an old electric clock that I took the glass cover off and also removed the long hand and bent the hour hand out slightly. I set it at one and hung all the keys on a ring onto the hand. When the clock would start and the hours would pass, somewhere around the time the small hand would approach four the keys would slide off the hand and onto the floor permitting my escape. I hung this up from the joist above my newly built cell and ran the extension cord to a day-night timer. I set the timer to come on for an hour each day. With the clock set at just a little past noon that would make it move till one on Friday, move to two on Saturday, move till three on Sunday and move another hour to four allowing the keys to slide off early the next Monday morning.  That would give me a little cushion to be freed before Adonica got home on Monday noon.  I wanted it a little intresting so I made it come on at ten in the morning so that would be cutting it close. I knew that the air flights were usually late so I figured it would be plenty of time.

Now I was ready as it was about six o'clock Thursday evening. To my closet and out came the bondage gear and down to the dungeon. I first stood in the center of the room. I looked around, my heart pounding. I had removed all my clothes upstairs and was standing there bare foot and bare ass naked in my soon to be home for the next three days. The room was empty with the exception of the two buckets and the bread. I was about to become a medieval slave cast away in a dark dungeon. I checked that all the keys worked to all the padlocks that I had and placed the keys on the ring and hung them up on the clock hand. The timer was plugged in and set. The sprinkler time also set before hand. This was it, the time was fast approaching. I knelt down. I had brought a permanent marker with me and wrote the letters s-l-a-v-e on each foot, one letter above and on top of each toe. Next I also wrote slave across my tits and across the cheeks of my bare ass. This was also to remind me of my status during my imprisonment when I would look down at my bare feet or see myself in the mirror.

First came the ring gag. I placed it in my mouth and fastened the strap and put the smallest lock in the buckle preventing it's removal, although I wouldn't be able to reach it anyway I wanted my bondage strict and complete. Next the three inch wide leather collar with a D-ring on it was locked around my neck with another small padlock. I knew in dungeon times these would all have been steel but I didn't have steel so I used leather instead. I did have heavy metal ankle cuffs with a one foot chain between them however, I went from my kneeling position onto my ass and attached the cuff to my left ankle, "click" and then the right ankle, "click" The chain that ran between them was fastened to the short chain I had bolted to the steel post. "Click" went the padlock to the chains making me a semi-prisoner. The moment was fast approaching.

What the heck, next came the chastity belt. I first strapped the waist portion on around my waist and locked it on with the padlocks it came with, then the crotch strap. It was made of very stiff and thick leather, I had worn it many times before and knew it did the job effectively. I figured since I would not be going number two I slid in a butt plug in my ass to make me suffer all the more and pulled the crotch strap through the crack of my ass and over my pussy and cinched it up tight in the front and placed the padlock on it. I pulled hard at the belt testing it. The wide leather front also forced my legs open somewhat and being very wide prevented me from any attempt at sticking my fingers into my pussy, I tried but had known from past experience this was impossible. I was wet inside and wiggled around a bit on the floor as I felt the butt plug nestling into place.

It was a little uncomfortable but it was too late now.  Next I padlocked a shorter chain onto the ankle chain and ran it to the D-ring on the front of the belt locking it into place with another lock. I tested the length so that it only allowed me to stand with my knees bent, this would keep me bent over in a submissive position  not allowing me to fully stand should I decide to want to get out early and jump for the keys. However, I had that planned out also. I also didn't want to much movement so as a final humiliation to my bare feet bondage came my favorite thumb cuffs and placed around my big toes of my bare feet. I always felt a complete prisoner with my toes in bondage too.

Now it was time to go all the way! I fastened the leather cuffs around each wrist, it was now getting dark and so I hurried. Each leather cuff was locked in place and connected with a short chain of about six inches in length. This chain was next fastened to the leather collar around my neck so that my hands hung just above my breasts level. I placed my wrists together when I fastened them and locked the chain in place to the collar short enough so that I would not be able to reach down and fondle my nipples on my bare tits. However, this position was a bit more comfortable than placing my hands behind my back as I often do. "Snap" went the final locks and before I gave myself time to think, there I was a sitting there bare foot, bare ass naked, in humiliatingly tight strict self-bondage, in the shadowy darkness of my dirty dungeon. The small slivers of light slowly fading only casting small glimpses onto the shiny silver chains and cuffs that had me a prisoner locked into submissive bondage.

I was a slave now. Left in the dungeon to be punished, for what reason only your imaginations could answer that question but I was there and I wasn't going anywhere for awhile. I felt the isolation and dark but mostly I felt excited with no way of doing any thing about it. I found that the toe cuffs prevented me from straddling the steel post to try and rub myself, I pulled hard to get at my bare breast but was unable to, I rolled over onto my stomach, in the excitement. I was beginning to breath a little heavier and was starting to perspire somewhat as my heart raced harder and harder, The dirt stuck to me where I had sweat. I rolled around more and more trying to pleasure myself anyway that I could,

The anticipation of this made me wet and hot and I could feel my juices running out of my crotch and around the chastity belt  but it was no use. I was very much a slave that was denied pleasure in complete control from the bondage I was placed in. I could catch glimpses of myself in the mirror from what little light I did have, I was a slave all right, I wanted this and I got it. Now what, I wanted to get off more than anything but couldn't, I wanted free but couldn't, I was here to stay until Monday morning and that thought finally hit me after an hour or two of struggling for an orgasm! I was finally exhausted and crawled over to the pole and leaned up against it. "You better get use to it I muffled through the ring gag" to myself. I wasn't getting free, I wasn't getting an orgasm and I would be forced to endure my slavery as the medieval prisoner I had created for myself.

Part Two

I was so exhausted and frustrated not being able to pleasure myself! I wanted to rub my pussy so bad. The initial thought of the self-bondage scene I had created made my head race and spin. However, the dungeon had denied me my orgasm that had built deep inside me. The tight chastity belt locked around my waist and drawn deep, strapped between my crotch was laughing back at me. "You are my slave!" it shouted out to me. The largeness of the butt plug pushed at my ass. No matter how hard I tried to move my legs the toe cuffs held tightly around by big toes and the hobble chain between my ankle cuffs prevented me from moving my feet to far apart at the heels. My hands locked together at the leather collar around my neck positioned my palms to my cheeks as I sat there crouched with elbows on my knees. It was a perfect picture of me in utter surrender and submissive dejection. I finally, somehow drifted off to sleep in the darkness as the small rays of light from the free outside slowly crept away.

I awoke sometime Friday morning, the light shinning in on my face between the makeshift bars I had fashioned on the window with the cardboard. As I awoke and slowly regained my bearings the totality of my situation hit me! There I was the helpless and hopeless chained up slave locked away in tight restraint in the dungeon. I looked up and saw myself in the mirror. Naked! Shackled at the ankles with a heavy tether chain to my hobble link fastened securely to the steel support post. Toes cuffed together, chastity belted and strapped firmly, wrists fastened together and posture locked to my neck collar and ring gag tight in my mouth. My hair was a tangled and teaseled up mess. Drool had dripped out onto my bare breasts and thighs while I slept, some was semi-dry and some was still fresh.  Where I had sweated there was dirt spots and streaks that clung to me. I wondered how much longer until my hose down period at one o'clock would be. The bottoms of my bare feet were black from sliding about. How would I be able to clean myself some with only the trickle of water from the sprayer spraying onto the dirt dungeon floor?

Basically I would get clean to a point but I wondered how long would it take the water that would turn my dungeon to mud floor to dry? One thing I was now realizing was that the toe cuffs are an excellent way of hobbling a slave or prisoner and the only way I could really move was to scoot around on my ass since it was almost impossible to shimmy using my feet. It was also painful on my toes to try and slide on my feet!
Thinking about my feet, as I looked down at my dirty bare feet the dust and dirt created a thin coating over my once bright red painted toes; now, becoming a dark dirty red. In big letters I had written was the reminder! "SLAVE!" Jumping out at me as if yelling. Yes I was truly the slave of my own desires, my desires of sexual ecstasy that I received from self created bondage. But now I wanted freedom.

Freedom I was not going to soon get. I had never thought about self-bondage for this long of duration and I now realized I was going to be here for three more days! I was not getting free this morning or the next or even the next morning. It all sounded so fun and exciting and I was so caught up in the planning and anticipation that I never stopped to think that four days is a little to long for this! My mouth hurt a little gagged like it was. But I wanted it this way! I wanted to feel the humiliation of being a slave in chains. Stripped of all my dignity and humanity. Next came the realization that I had to pee! I thought about this proposition and could only think of the worst what was about to happen to me. I sat there wondering how long could I hold it? What seemed like hours but probably only thirty or forty minutes, I decided it was time to experience this adventure. As a slave I didn't really have a choice how I would pee so I had to do it as I was. This was going to be interesting.

Bending my knees and rolling onto my shins I slowly slid myself over to the bucket. Rolling onto my naked ass I was able to hop up onto my feet and scoot myself over the bucket. I had a ways to go since I had placed the bucket on the other side of the drinking water bucket I had. Although my tether chain was only five foot long that made a small walk of ten feet.

That's a long way to move when in strict bondage the way I was! I had to kind of spread my knees out and trying to squat at the same time. The toe cuffs made this nearly impossible. I tried to move my heels out to allow me to get positioned over the bucket. This would be an experience. I closed my eyes and let the flow come. I could feel the warmth of my piss but I heard nothing but small drips into the bucket. To my disgust the chastity belt forced the pee to run out on the sides and down the insides of my legs and onto the dirt floor. What was I thinking would happen?

Exactly this! This was a mess! I was a mess! This was a mistake! What was even the point of squatting. Maybe next time just try sitting on the damn bucket I thought to myself. I soon found out that my pee breaks were going to have to come at shower time or as I was realizing now I would have to be humiliated by the stream of my own wet urine until cleanse time! I slid my way back over to the post and leaned up against it. The dust I created from the dirt floor clung to the insides of my wet thighs. What had I done to myself? I had to think better thoughts, something to take my mind of this dungeon hell I had created for myself. I was not getting out of this until the keys dropped and I came to realize this was permanent for the time being and I would have to make the best of my bondage slavery.

As I looked at myself in the mirror and looked down at my naked body strictly in confinement I wanted more than anything to have an orgasm! When I looked at myself in the mirror the sight of my imprisonment it got me going inside. My heart beats built stronger and stronger and my breathing through the gag and my nose was getting heavier and heavier. I could hear myself trying to moan through the ring gag drawn tightly inside my open mouth. The chastity belt was going to make this impossible. I again tried squeezing my legs together real tight trying to get the belt to press against the mound of my pussy. I laid down on the floor and slid myself up against the steel post that had me tethered as its slave and I pushed hard against it. I tried pushing my ass up against the post raising my legs and feet up against it. I tried pulling the tether chain between my legs back and forth by bending my knees pulling on it. All this did was to push the butt plug in my ass deeper and deeper, constantly reminding me of it's painful presence.

My body heat rose higher and my breathing was fast and getting furious. This had heightened my senses and it was to get me hotter and hotter inside and no hope of sexual release! The wetness inside was building and again I felt my warm juices trying to seep out from the edges of my slave belt. I could now feel the mid morning becoming noon and the heat from the outsides summer day was turning my dungeon into a sauna. The sweat was beading down my forehead and my bare chest and legs had trails of sweat running down them meandering like a river. I could feel the sweat running down my back, between the chastity belt and the crack of my ass. I could feel it dripping down my stomach and between the belt and my crotch. The drops  seemed to run past my shaved pussy and tickle my pussy lips causing me only more frustration. I couldn't understand this since I had strapped the belt on so tight.

The drool from my ring gag mixed with the sweat of my body as I rolled around thrashing about! I was again becoming covered from head to bare toes by the dirt off the dungeon floor. The floor that days ago I had spent so much time preparing. I collapsed in a dirty mess on the dirty dungeon floor. The "dirty dungeon" was becoming just that, literally! Not only was I becoming a filthy mess but it was already starting to imprison me mentally inside also. I knew that I must stop becoming aroused since this was pure frustration and humiliation. I prayed for the sprinkler to come on and give me some relief from the heat and to cool my hot wet pussy! I was beginning to stink of sweat, saliva, pee, dust, dirt and mud. I crawled to my water bucket and stuck my face in it to try and wet my mouth that was drying from breathing so hard and fast. I was trying to moan but couldn't do that very well either. All that came out were aughhhh type sounds that were faint and slobbery. I wanted free. I wanted my parole. I wanted out. I wasn't getting free. 

No parole until monday, I wasn't getting out! Were the answers that came to me. I was trapped, I was had and now I would suffer the consequences. After all I wanted to feel what it would be like to be locked away in the medieval dungeon and that's exactly what I was getting. That's me, the little barefoot naked slave girl locked up in chains, cast away in the depths of a dark dungeon, a prisoner of her desires. Finally the water came on and I rushed and rolled to be under its spray!

Part Three

I could hear the water force its way through the hose and the sudden jerk as the pressure built up against the sprinkler head and the small trickle of water build to a steady steam, I quickly inched my way under its flow and rocked my trussed up figure into a standing position under it. I raised my head up and felt the cool water run down my face, my shoulders, down my tits and back across my chastity belted bare ass checks and backs of my legs and the tops of my thighs to my knees and down to my shackled ankles, cuffed toes and onto the dirt floor. The water was coming out at a good steam even though I had taped some of the nozzles. I knew the flow would only last for three minutes as I had set the timer. The floor quickly was turning to mud and I could feel it as it seeped up between my bare toes. I used my hands to rub my face the best I could in the posture lock position I had placed them in. My hair was completely wet and hanging down limp and dripping. I was beginning to feel considerably better. The spray soon stopped and I stood there.

I wasn't able to completely stand straight since placing myself in my restraint I had fastened a short chain from my tether at the hobble on my ankles to the center d ring on the chastity belt. This was to keep me bent over in a submissive position.  A position all the more to add to my humiliation as a slave locked in chains.  The floor was really quite muddy and with the toe cuffs I wasn't able to really walk too well. If I got down on my knees or my ass I would become even more dirty than I had been before. I decided to stand and see how long it would take for the floor to dry. It was really warm inside even though it was a basement. I was getting tired of standing but soon I forgot all about that when I heard the distinctive slam at our front door!

I quickly crouched down wondering who was in our house! As if crouching down would help but it was more a reflex action than anything. I could hear what was high heeled foot steps across the wood floor above me. I could think of only one thing. ADONICA! It must be her! What is she doing here so soon! This was awful I had only wanted to use her as a last resort in case my escape plan had failed and I had done self bondage so many times that I hadn't really planned on that happening and having to deal with her discovering me. What was I going to do now? The wheels quickly turning, I would make up some ridiculous story that I knew would be totally unbelievable as I looked up at the keys and the clock, the shower, the buckets, the dirt floor. No story I could tell was going to be believable. I was had! I had trapped myself with no way out of discovery!

I had now become a slave of my desires completely force to endure its torments. I would be real quiet and maybe she wouldn't find me. I couldn't talk out anyway with the ring gag still pulled deep in my mouth forcing my lips open. This was really embarrassing! Then the dreaded sound of the basement door being opened and the footsteps coming down the steps. I heard the bang of the washer door being opened. I was only a room away from being totally humiliated being found like this. It was Adonica alright, I could hear here softly singing to herself as she often did when doing house chores. She was doing the laundry.

Maybe she wouldn't find me. If she did, I'm sure she would understand. I was thinking all these thoughts to myself trying to comfort myself inside. Wanting to reassure myself of my humiliating trapped position I had place myself in. My heart was pounding so loud that I feared she would hear it. Adonica knew my interest with bondage! I assured myself, it would be okay! We looked at some bondage sites on the web when she became curious why I had handcuffs and a ball gag in my dresser she had found one day putting some of my clean clothes away for me as I explained to her what they were used for. While after all one time I took my pantyhose when we both got drunk and silly together while playing around and hogtied her and tickled the soles of her bare feet with a ball-point pen. Just playing around of course! But then I thought to myself and saw myself in the mirror and the cruel coldness of myself, the dungeon slave. I could clearly see the big letters I had severely written across my bare ass and bare tits that shouted SLAVE!

How was I going to explain all this. This was the first sight she would see if she found me and what a sight that it was! This was terrible! I closed my eyes as I heard her voice ring out. "Nakia" she said as she went up the stairs. I just melted. "Nakia. Are you home?" I heard her question as I heard her footsteps across the floor in the room above me.  Then it got quiet. The washer water was now full and had stopped. I could only hope my discovery would be avoided. There was nothing in this room for her to want to explore anyway.  I could just disappear until Monday morning and free myself, clean up the evidence and succeed at pulling off the dungeon slavery.

Then I heard the foot steps once more coming down the basement steps. I tried to get as quiet as I could almost completely down to my breathing, practically holding my breath. As I heard the clothes basket drop against the wood door that separated me and Adonica from total humiliation. As it dropped it leaned against the door and hitting the door it slowly swung open. My heart stopped, I think it actually sank to my stomach. There was Adonica standing at the doorway as she leaned up after releasing the basket full of clothes. She looked straight at me and her eyes got bigger than I have ever seen them. I turned so red with embarrassment that I think my legs even matched the color of the red polish on my toes. What humiliation I was about to go through. "Nakia!?" she screamed out both in exclamation and a question. "What in the world is going on?" she inquired as she slowly stepped over the basket and took a step inside my dungeon and stepped directly into the floor that had been turned to mud only moments before. She stopped and looked at me as she also looked down at her feet standing in the mud.

The curiousness of her look had diminished somewhat and she was not really laughing but I could almost see the look on her face as she seemed to be putting two and two together. I looked down at the floor and pointed with my hands to the keys hanging from the clock. She looked up but didn't take them until I pointed again and then put my hands at my gagged mouth.  Then she figured it out and removed the keys and slowly and uneasily walked over to me. I mouthed out "The gag. Take it off" the best I could. Adonica sort of stepped behind me and taking the keys started trying each one in the lock on the gag. As she did she was asking me... "Did you do all this to yourself?" I knew you were into this bondage thing." She was telling herself as the gag popped loose from my jaw. I closed my mouth that was really sore. I could only imagine how much it would have hurt by Monday morning. I timidly replied. "Yes, I'm afraid I did." And immediately started to tell her my story, the whole story, leaving nothing out. Of how I loved the feeling of bondage, how I had bought all this stuff and liked to use it on myself. How I would pleasure myself and bring myself into wild orgasms while I was tied up and how I was afraid to ask her to tie me up so I did it to myself and how I always wanted to feel like a slave locked away in a medieval dungeon. I told her how the thought of it made me wet inside.

I was so embarrassed and humiliated. I even added as if to help win her to my side. "You should try it sometime." She slowly stepped back as I went on and on with my story. I could see her slowly start to smile a little bit as she just stood there trying to take it all in.  She was just shaking her head a little bit. Sort of in amazement. When I was done talking Adonica spoke up. "Well this is really something. I'm really amazed at all this." she said. "You thought of all this?" She asked and I told her yes very embarrassingly. "Wow" she replied and then inquired. "Well how is it being a slave?" 

In a tone that sort of reassured me that everything might turn out okay after all. My heart beat slowed somewhat and I looked up at her and said. "Well, it was kind of fun except I planned it a little too long since I wasn't due to be free until Monday morning." I explained to her that four days was way too long to have done this to myself and that I had made a big mistake and was really glad she was home and could let me go since I wanted out now. Adonica only looked at me and laughed.

"This is so funny." She said. "I just think this is all so funny." She said hysterically as she walked back into the other room and started putting the clothes into the washer, acting as if nothing had just taken place. "You got quite a little imagination Nakia. I knew you were a little different with this bondage thing..." She said not finishing her sentence and leaning up against the doorway and suddenly saying to me. "Now what!" but not in the tone of a question. I looked up almost puzzled and almost as if saying to her without the voicing of the words what do you mean now what.

"Let me out I quess?" I said to her in a tone meaning that is what you will do isn't it? And then looking up at her with such a humiliated look on my face I saw her leave, walking up the steps I heard her reply.

"You wanted to be a slave so bad! BE ONE!" She said harshly.

Now my eyes got big! Did I hear her right? I immediately looked up at the clock and the first thought that hit me was that she had the keys.

"Adonica!" I shouted. "Come back down here and let me out now... please?"

I shouted to her. I could hear her steps on the floor above me and worse I could hear her just laughing and saying to herself. "Poor little Nakia! the dungeon slave."

Now I didn't know what to think. Not only had I totally humiliated myself but Adonica was doing a good job of adding to it. I just sunk down to the floor and sat there bewildered and throughly exhausted from the ordeal that had just taken place. Not only had I imprisoned myself with self-bondage in this dirty dungeon but now I had a guard keeper too! I leaned up against my pole and closed my eyes. All sorts of thoughts raced through my head. I just dropped my head down and dozed off maybe hoping that when I awoke all this would become a nightmare. What I meant was I would wake up from this nightmare! This bad dream I was having!

Part Four -- Conclusion

I awoke to a bright flash of light! Blinking my eyes and looking up at Adonica standing there with our polaroid camera, clicking and spitting out pictures of me!  Adonica was laughing and replied. "I have decided to play along with your little game." She said. "I think we can have a lot of fun together, what do you think?" Saying as another photo of my humiliating position popped out of the end of the camera.

"Only one thing..." she said, "I'm going to make up the rules since you're the slave... wouldn't you say!"  As she held up the keys shaking them that I now noticed were on a very small necklace chain she was wearing around her neck. "And just to make sure you do as I say, which I'm sure that you will, I'll just take a few of these pictures as insurance! Agreed?" Adonica said as she walked up to me and grabbed me by my messy hair pulling my head back so that I had no choice but to look up directly into her eyes. "After all." She added. "This is what you wanted isn't it?" And before I could finish as she let go of my hair at the same time pushing my head down and shouted. "GOOD! That's what I thought you would say!"

Adonica walked up to me and ordered me to stand and I did. Next she tried the keys in my wrist cuffs locked to the posture collar and undid them at the collar allowing me to bend my arms down. Oh that felt good to stretch. She started trying the keys to the chastity belt and finding the right one took it off. Holding it out in front of her saying. "So this is a chastity belt. A little hard to take a dump wouldn't you say? Well you better hop on over to your little bucket and do your duty because it's going back on!" She said coldly. And let me tell you I didn't waste any time getting there either since I was getting cramps inside from not being able to go for the last two days. I realized never lock a chastity belt on without being able to remove it for that long of time.  I forgot all about the embarrassment and felt so much better after emptying my insides. I was also nice not having to pee all down the side of my leg.

"I kind of like the idea of having a slave." She said as I sat there grunting. "The more I got to thinking about it the more I liked the idea of having some one do everything I order them to." Adonica remarked to me. "As a matter of fact I have been making a little list of how much I'm going to enjoy having you." She said laughing. "I think I'll make your little slave session real exciting. Just think how much fun it will be to really be a slave! Now get your belt strapped back on." As she tossed it and the locks over to me. "I want it just like you had it." She commanded. "Since I'm not quite the expert you are at all of this."

"I'm sure you will learn from the sounds of all this." I replied.

"You better watch that little mouth of yours or we can put that ring back in it to shut you up." She threatened. I also told Adonica that although I was in no position to argue that maybe she could just let me go and I would make it up to her.  This was all fun but the interjection of another person was sort of ruining the whole idea of self-bondage and it was mainly at my expense from the well thought laid out plans that Adonica must have for me. As I pled my case Adonica just walked up the stairs shouting back. "You better have that belt locked back on when I get back down here!"

I did as she told me.  The butt plug hurt without lubrication and I had to work it around and around pushing to get it back in my tight little asshole. I quickly locked the waistbelt and pulled the center strap between my legs, fastening my short chain from my ankle hobbles to the center lock and click went the lock securing the belt once again to my waist and crotch.  I was in such a hurry to get it on before she came back that I completely forgot about the chance I would have had to rub my little pussy to orgasm. I sank to the floor in frustration once again, in compete denial, realizing now how hot I was getting inside thinking about it, waiting for her return. Adonica came back down and ordered me to put my locked together wrists back up to my collar at which time she quickly snapped the padlock on locking them in place again.

Basically that is how I spent the rest of the day and night down in the dungeon alone with myself since Adonica never came back until morning. She must of shut off the water since the spray never came on when I assumed it should have. All day I sat there just looking around at myself in the mirror, trying to imagine what kind of living hell Adonica could make for me. I was seeing a side of her that I didn't think existed. I was thinking that her curiosity for my little game was probably getting the best of her.  It was amazing what people will do when given the opportunity to try new things. Saturday morning I awoke to the cold splash of water that sent me jumping up until the chain went taunt pulling me down again. There was Adonica standing there with an empty bucket that had contained the water that she had just dumped on me!

"You stink you dirty slave girl! I thought I would clean you up a bit since you didn't get your shower yesterday. Yep, I turned off your shower." I heard her say as I flipped my head back to throw the wet hair out of my eyes and face. "This is more fun anyway." She laughed.

"Why you little bitch." I replied then realizing what I had said. 

"You what.... what did you say little slave girl?" Adonica replied as she walked up to me dropping the bucket as she did. 

"I think the little slave girl has a dirty mouth!" Said Adonica as I noticed her approaching and stepping behind me.  In her hand was the red harness ball gag that I owned, now being forced to my mouth and pressing against my lips. "I figured we couldn't leave that little dirty hole of yours open so I went looking around in your dresser and look what I found. Open up you naughty little slave! I think this will look so much better on you. And besides, I want to see how it works." She said as she pinched me right on the end of my nipple hard causing me to gasp and scream out allowing her the opening she needed to force the ball into my mouth.

I could feel the back strap being pulled tight, forcing my jaw open wide and I could see the front strap being pulled up over my face and top of my fore head also being pulled tight.  I could hear Adonica saying. "How do you work this thing anyway." But not acting as if she didn't know how to put it on since she almost had me completely gagged. Last she pulled the strap under my chin pulling and cinching it tight. I struggled with her but it was no use, Adonica was not much bigger than I, she was about 5-8 in bare feet and weighed probably 120 pounds naked and soaking wet but she used it all to her advantage since I had no leverage to use against her bound as I was. She had one of her legs wrapped around my waist stuck between my thighs and her bare foot pushing against my belted crotch. Her other leg pushing against my back sort of holding me in a semi-scissors hold. The element of surprise was also to her favor since being abruptly awoke from my slumber like I was.

I sat there making mmmppphhh sounds as Adonica just stepped back admiring her work laughing all the time as she did. 

"Now what did you say? Something about little bitch? That is gonna cost you! Just for that you're gonna stay gagged for the duration of your slavery." She said. I tried giving her the look like you just wait until I get even but she just stood there looking at me laughing. I didn't stand a chance.  I was about to become a real slave and was sure that I would completely have to surrender totally as I was in no position but to accept the punishment that would hopefully gain my release. Next I was ordered to lay down on my back which I did.  As I did Adonica walked down and grabbed my hobble chain between my ankles and pulled my bare feet up into the air where she was able to try the keys in the thumb cuffs that were locked around my big toes.  She also took the lock off that held the chain that had me tethered to the pole.

I realized I had some freedom now but escape was entirely impossible, besides, what or where would I escape to? Then suddenly as I had began to think of escape Adonica approached me and was looking for the key to the chain that fastened from my ankle hobble chain to the chastity belt. Off came the padlock and as I was ordered to squat down on my knees which I did without protest she reattached the chain so that I was practically forced to be in a constant kneeling position. 

"Just to make your next little chores a bit more interesting." She said as she stepped back. "Let see you try and stand up little slave girl!" She ordered mockingly. I did try and stand but was pulled over by the chain in a very bent over position. She had locked the chain very short only allowing about two feet from the belt to my ankles.

"You know the kitchen floor upstairs?" Adonica questioned. "I want you to take your little bucket here and march, or should I say crawl up there and scrub it for me!" Adding the exclamation to her statement by throwing a small scrub brush into the empty bucket. Adonica walked over to the bucket, picked it up and walked to the sink by the washer. She filled it with soap and water and brought it back setting it down for me. "Now pick up your bucket and get upstairs and get busy slave girl!" She shouted and then adding, "Don't you dare spill any of that water, and you better do a damn good job or I have some more dungeon time in store for you." She threatened. When I didn't get moving fast enough to suit Adonica I felt the sharp sting on my ass as she swatted it with the wooden cooking spoon she had taken out of her back pocket of her short cut-off jeans.

As a matter of fact she spanked my ass all the way up the stairs as I had to slowly crawl since the chain that held my ankles was only about eight to ten inches long and prevented any big movements, as did the chain from my hobble chain to the chastity belt. As I crawled up the stairs with her right behind me trying to manage the bucket I could even feel the volley of her blows striking the bottoms of my bare feet!  That really hurt! I said but words only coming out of my mouth in very unrecognizably "Mmmmppphh's". I could feel the sting on the soles of my bare feet when I finally got to the top of the steps and tried walking across the floor, each step sending tingling sensations of pain through my feet. I quickly got down on the floor and off of them. It was hands and knees so to speak scrubbing the floor.

The scrubbing project was hard to do. I had to bend over practically with my face to the floor since my hands were locked together to the thick posture collar I had locked around my neck. I held the brush with both hands. When I dipped into the bucket my hair would fall down into the water making it almost impossible to do the job correctly. Adonica ordered I do it right or it would be more punishment, or more dungeon time I think was how she put it. After the floor project came the dusting. I was given a cloth and the dust spray and ordered to dust the entire house. And as encouragement to get started I was again given a thrashing on my ass from Adonica and her wooden spoon. The blows stung and even brought small little tears to my eyes but I held them back and attempted my next duties as a slave.  As I was finishing the dusting out came Adonica pushing the vacuum towards me. I didn't have to wait for the next blows to my ass, I quickly jumped to the cleaner and started pushing it. This was also almost impossible while being bent over in such a humiliating position from the short chain.

All during my work Adonica went from room to room making sure all the curtains were pulled wide open, obviously more humiliation was the thought of knowing anyone driving by or walking by could probably look in and see me. Chores that would have ordinarily taken probably an hour or two to do was becoming an all day ordeal for me. The more I was forced to work the more I wanted to just get it over with and return to the dungeon. As I did my chores Adonica just followed me around sitting in a chair or standing in the hallway watching me. She would say stuff like, "I like having a little slave. I think I might keep you locked up like this all the time." or she would ask me, "Are you tired of being a slave yet? Too bad, I'm not through with you by a long shot."  I was given the comet and sent to the bathroom and made to clean the tub and toilet bowl. And as Adonica put it, "This is too easy." She said as she took my scrub brush away and handed me a toothbrush! Again laughing all the time. While in the kitchen Adonica was cooking and eating and as I went around the house she would pour herself a drink dirtying glass after glass and dish after dish. As I completed my chores she marched me into the kitchen, ordering me back down to my dungeon cell. On the way past the sink full of her dirty dishes she laughed remarking. "Tomorrow you are dish slave, and a lot more for you to do too."

Once back down in the dungeon Adonica removed the belt so I could use my bucket which I quickly did. It was also stinking a bit. I knew the belt was going back on as soon as I was finished. As I got off the bucket I was ordered to lay down on my stomach with my feet at the end of the steel post. I knew that I was about to be tethered to the post by my hobble chain for the rest of the evening. As I laid there however, I felt Adonica straddling me and grabbing my feet and pulling them so that each foot was on each side of the steel pole. Next I felt the thumb cuffs circling my big toes again but the tether chain wasn't used. It didn't need to be. I was locked to the pole by the cuffs on my big toes and the hobble chain between the ankle cuffs with the pole between the two.

"This ought to keep you for the night." Adonica said as she stepped up to where my head was. I looked up at her and as I did she placed her bare foot on the back of my head and pushed it down into the dirt floor as she walked behind me and started locking the chastity belt back on my waist. Next came the butt plug as I felt it ramming my ass and hearing Adonica saying "Whoops, better not forget this" Finally pulling it from the front through the cheeks of my ass and locking it on in back very tight. She sat there, turned around and sitting on my back pulled my head up to her and asked if I was enjoying my slave session and she also added that we were just having fun, and so on and so on, wondering if I was enjoying my stay in the dungeon. Rubbing it in telling me how much fun she was having with me. Hoping I wasn't getting to upset by all this.  I thought just wait til the day I get even honey! I'm a pro at this kind of stuff and you will regret it. And then in leaving she shouted out, "Don't go anywhere! I'll see you tomorrow." As she pulled the door shut and walked up the stairs.

That little bitch I thought. The way she had me cuffed to the pole I was forced to lay there on my belly. I could only turn a little to my sides. She had me good, locked to the pole like this was infuriating. It added to my humiliating situation I was in. And to add to the humiliation I heard the hose flex and felt the spray of water come on turning the floor where I laid to mud, leaving me to lay there covered in mud where I came in contact with the floor. I held my head and face up out of the mud but knew I would have to lay it down when I got tired and fell asleep.  Damn Adonica she knew that too! I just gave up in surrender! The whipped little slave girl locked in the dungeon. I laid my face down sideways in the mud and closed my eyes. I was exhausted and fell asleep not looking forward to Sunday!

Sunday morning arrived with Adonica standing in the doorway shouting for me to awake. "I suppose this will be the last day of our fun," she added telling me she was going out on flight in the afternoon. She unlocked the cuffs from my toes and I sat up. The mud I was in was now dried on dirt covering the front of me from my toes to my face. The dirt was dried on in my hair and all I could do was look up at the make-shift shower and point hoping she would realize my intentions. "You're right Nakia." she replied. "We can't have you running around a clean house looking like you do getting it all dirty again." Said Adonica as she walked up to me and pulling me by my hair into the next room and standing me under the real shower.  She turned on the water and pushed me under it's spray with no hot of course.

"Clean yourself slave." She ordered. I quickly did as she had commanded. Only being able to rub my legs over the other trying to get the dirt off the best I could. I had new life thinking that I would soon be free as she was leaving for work. After I was left standing for a time to drip dry it was off to the work program she had for me. I was marched to the kitchen sink where I was made to do the dishes. Wrists still fastened at my neck.  I was again made to scrub the already clean kitchen floor and bathroom. This time using only the toothbrush since Adonica said she couldn't remember where the brush was.  Out came the dusting rag and spray and also the vacuum. Adonica told me she was thinking about making me wash the windows but thought that that would be one sure way to bring the police over if someone happened to see her like she was. I shook my head in agreement!

As noon arrived I could see that Adonica had her uniform on and was getting ready to leave. I was ordered down to the dungeon one more time. Adonica removed my wrists from the collar allowing me to stretch. I was given my bathroom or bucket break. The belt and butt plug went back on. This time she locked my arms at the wrists behind my back and to the d-ring on the back of the chastity belt.  I was again ordered on my stomach with feet to the pole. Adonica locked me to it like she had before using the thumb cuffs on my big toes. I wondered if she was leaving, when was the part where I was getting out.

"This has been so much fun Nakia." She said to me.  I was looking up to her. "Now I have to go to work and won't be back til Wednesday so you will just have to stay in your little dungeon just like you had planned before I so rudely interrupted your little self-bondage game."  I saw her walking over to the clock with the keys. Noticing that the hand was on three as she hung them back there. Great I was going to be here like this another day but then I would have freedom. I wanted out now but there was no way I was getting out. I was helpless to do anything but lay here. I couldn't even beg with Adonica since the harness gag still had me effectively shut-up.

Before she left she walked up to the clock and looking down at me shaking here head and saying. "Oh dear, an hour." She said. "We gotta stay here longer than that."  As she pushed the hand back to the two! I was shaking my head trying to shout out no! NO! NO! but nothing was coming out of my gagged mouth. I was moving, threshing about on the floor. The was terrible, it meant two more days in the dungeon! "Now you be a good little slave." She said leaving adding I'll see you home on Wednesday. "By the way, I turned your shower back on again. Bye-Bye slave girl!" As she closed the door behind her and walked up the steps.

I just dropped my head to the floor listening to her footsteps across the kitchen floor and out the door. My mmmppphing screams had long since stopped as she trotted up the steps. Oh well! Here I was again the dungeon slave in my self-bondage that was given a little help from Adonica. I looked up at myself in the mirrors again and tried to push back the thoughts of arousal seeing myself hogtied to the pole. They quickly left when I heard the sudden jerk of the hose and spray of cold water hitting me and the dirt floor again. I just put my face down in the mud, a whipped little puppy! I had to completely surrender to the helplessness of my predicament.

For the next two days I thought about my situation. The keys finally did drop and I was able to free myself. The belt came off and to the bucket I went, still cuffed at the ankles and collared. After getting off the bucket I cuffed my hands together in front and I wildly jumped down on the floor in a frenzy and brought myself to the wildest orgasm I had ever experienced with self-bondage. I rubbed my pussy sore and came five times over and over rolling around on the floor. Looking back on my ordeal now it wasn't so bad but I decided never again like this!  My fires inside that had overwhelmed me to try the dungeon scene had been extinguished! Finally released from my sentence in the dungeon I walked upstairs and collapsed on the couch, dreaming I'm sure of my next adventure in self-bondage. Also in the back of my mind planning my revenge for Adonica


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