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The Design

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2013 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; leather; corsets; boots; bond; chast; ponygirl; stall; harness; gag; collar; caught; tranported; encased; stuck; cons/reluct; X

Nicki was a very beautiful 31 year old, she had flaming red hair that hung down to her still very firm ass. Her ample breasts were natural and still sitting in their proper places and she had kept her legs shapely and toned as well. She had been the wife of what most people considered an odd man but she had loved him dearly for the ten years they had been together up till his death a few months ago from cancer at the age of 44.

John was odd but in many more ways than the public knew, he had made his millions very young and knew little about how cunning thieves could be and had been taken advantage of by several thieves including several women before he retreated into his own world letting very few people in to it. She had worked for his company straight out of college and met him on multiple occasions before he asked her to travel with him on a business trip and they had quickly fallen in love.

Before they were married John had shown his deviously kinky side to her and explained that if they were to be married she would be required to wear a chastity belt and bra set he would have made for her 24/7 and he would be the only one to have the key to it. She had her own kinky side and had enjoyed their little games they had played and liked him forcing her to wear tight corsets and extreme heels. Nicki trusted John completely and knew he would take care of her so she quickly said yes and went to his favorite designer and her body was measured extensively. While they planned a simple wedding she waited for the set to arrive.

Nicki had picked a beautiful wedding dress, it was a normal mermaid style dress that was altered to fit her tiny corseted waist before he had her send it off to have altered even further. The dress and her chastity belt set was returned to her at the same time. When it arrived she was locked in to it at immediately, once she was locked into the chastity belt she was unsure how long she could stand the tight steel on her body. John told her to give it a month and if she didn’t want to wear it they would call the wedding off.

In two weeks Nicki had already accepted the belt and was even wearing the corsets tighter under it, she really liked the way the breast cups held her breasts tightly inside the steel and that when John wanted to play with her he had to work her breasts out of their confinement by twisting and pulling on the cups until they popped out, this also left her breasts extremely sensitive while he played with her body.

Once the wedding date was set she tried the dress on and noticed it was much heavier as she held it up, as she was laced into the dress she could feel the tension on her body build as her legs were held closely together forcing her knees to touch before falling straight to the ground. The upper body had been restyled to cover her chest completely and rose to a very high neck that had been reinforced to hold her head firmly. The gloved sleeves had been sewn to the bodice down to her elbows not allowing her to raise them or move them away from her body. She had noticed that the hem was too long and was upset until he told her not to worry about it and showed her the new foot wear she would now be wearing full time.

Nicki’s new footwear were all ballet style toe shoes and boots, she had always wanted to try this style of shoe and giggled when she saw them and let him lace and knee high pair on her feet and stood up, with his help, and could see the hem line was perfect. Nicki starting wearing the shoes constantly and learning how to walk in them and soon could maneuver while wearing them as well as she could in her normal high heels. Nicki was now wearing the chastity set, corset and some form of ballet heels 24/7 and loved the way they all made her feel sexy and secure. John had made her wear the dress for 24 hours before and also to the parties after the wedding, making her gasp for air and being unable to move her arms for almost 2 days, then flying her to Italy where the two spent a month at his private estate.

Now she was alone and even though she had gotten the key to her chastity set she had not removed them or her other clothes since his death and let her lawyers work out his business and estate while she tried to figure out what she wanted to do. After a few months she was still securely locked into her belt, corset and bra only removing them when she needed to clean herself and change her corset. She was living in the estate in California when she decided what she wanted to do. She would commit herself to a chastised life permanently, John had already designed another suit for her chastity and with a few changes it could be made permanent.

After speaking with the craftsman she gave him the go ahead and paid him to build the suit to her specifications and when finished he was to install it on her body without questioning or telling her when it was to happen. The new suit was to be made from an alloy that was extremely strong and would surround her body in a thick cage that had small square metal mesh covering her body between the skeleton of the cage. Her breasts would be trapped permanently under the frame work and mesh that would compress them inside the steel, her pussy would be bisected by one of the bars from the cage and covered completely by the steel mesh, her ass would be covered as well keeping her firm ass molded inside it for the rest of her life.

The mesh would be doubled layered across her pussy, ass and tits and would not allow anything to reach them, Nicki would be forced to perform enemas for the rest of her life but she had gotten used to doing that already. Nicki’s thighs would be locked in their own cages as well and held closely together by several small flexible metal rods holding them together, the biggest changes were first all components were to welded closed once on her body and for her feet she had the man build a pair of ballet heels and they too would be forever welded on to her body. She sent the key to her current chastity set to him and knew she would never again be able to touch herself or be touched by someone again.

After living alone for months and only having her steel covered body for company she had amassed a large amount of clothes to cover her current and future body including multiple leather dresses and skirts with tops to mix and match and covers for her en pointe shoes. She had been on a few talk shows and even did an appearance on a popular TV show but found any further attention was unwanted due to her confinement.

She was able to keep up appearances as CEO of his companies until they were sold but found everything she did boring and depressing without him. As her depression deepened she was continuously adding restraints and appliances to her body, the corset that had been locked under her chastity belt had been designed to withstand extended wear being made of mostly plastic and held her torso rigidly.

She had mastered the pony boots as well as her toe boots and regularly worn the pony boots and full pony head harness with a large bit gag and blinders attached while she waited in one of the horse stalls for her computer to release her, eating and drinking as a horse would and even wearing hooves on her hands held closed by magnetic locks that would only open once she was able to return to her home.

Her longest challenge was five days locked into her stall with her bit gag head harness and blinders that covered most of her eyes limiting her eye line to small slits, the heavy leather saddle was strapped to her body and with its multiple straps keeping her bent over and having to use her hooved hands and feet to move around in the small stall, the stiff posture collar had been added at the last minute and kept her head straight and slightly tilted back for the entire time.

She had locked her door and firmly attached the reigns from her bit to the wall over her feed trough making it impossible for her to move far from the wall. After the second day she was crying loudly from the pain her whole body was experiencing from the bonds she had forced on it. She tried to stand straight and fought the leather straps holding her bent over, her hands and feet were cramping from being held in their leather hooves and her jaw was aching severely.

As she stomped around the stall afraid she would not be able to get back to her feet if she lay down until exhaustion overcame her and she collapsed and slept until the next evening. When Nicki awoke she could hear someone moving around in the barn and lay still hoping they would go away but she could hear them coming closer and soon the door to her stall opened and someone walk up to her struggling body and said, "Well what do we have here? A new horse?" she could not see clearly and struggled to get to her feet and began whining past her gag.

The voice pushed her blinders closed and then helped her to her hooved feet and then pulled her around the barn by her reigns occasionally whipping the bottom of her ass and legs while she was forced to trot around in a circle. He said very little as she whimpered and fought as much as she could until he moved her back into the stall and tied her reigns much closer to the wall only allowing her to reach her water bucket and left adding a lock and chain to the door before leaving the barn.

Her pony training continued for the next three days until she was able to run and prance on command, he had even taken her outside and worked her sore body in the hot sun until she collapsed. On the sixth day he told her if she wanted to continue her self flagellation he would continue her training but she should be prepared to get even more severe treatment and stay in her pony gear permanently. He also reminded her that if her hands are trapped in her hooves how did she plan on untying her reigns from the wall. He left her, still blind folded and left the door open when he left the barn, Nicki slowly moved towards the house and finally found the front porch and when she got to the front door her mag locks opened and she was able to remove her gloves and open her blinders.

She looked around and could see no evidence of anyone around so she moved herself inside and took off her remaining leather items and took a long hot bath thinking about what the man had said. Wearing her pony equipment daily she waited for a couple of weeks before securing herself in her stall again wearing her new pony head mask and saddle again.

The new mask looked from the outside to be a complete horses head and neck, inside it held her head and neck firmly in a much further back position, the large built in gag held her mouth open and went partially down her throat, the small hole allowed her to drink if she dipped her head into the bucket and then leaned her head and body backwards letting the small amount to drain down her throat.

Her head was completely encased in the thick rubber and kept her absolutely quiet her moans and grunts could only be felt by her. The multiple straps that held the headpiece on ran under her saddle and down through her crotch and wrapped around her latex covered body.

She had applied several additional straps that acted as hobbles making her strides very short and made her expel much more effort just to walk. This had been the first time she had worn the latex suit and soon after closing the door and putting on her hooved gloves she began to feel very hot and claustrophobic, she struggled inside her restraint’s until she was breathless and just stood on her hooves grunting into the headpiece. She was set to be released in 3 days and stood waiting for something to happen, after drifting off several times during the night she was suddenly being pulled forward by the reigns.

She squealed loudly as she stumbled out of her stall and could feel the sun as she was pulled outside and forced into a trailer. She began fighting and pulling on her reigns as she realized she was going up a ramp but was soon pushed deeper into it and could barely hear the gate close behind her. A few minutes later she could feel the trailer being pulled slowly down her drive and out onto the main road. Nicki was scared and pulled and twisted against her reigns that had been tied to the front of the trailer and almost lost her balance when the trailer bounced onto another road. She was trapped inside the trailer for hours as her captor kept driving and she was now terrified what would happen to her.

When the trailer stopped suddenly causing her to hit her face on the wall in front of her, she was shaking her head when he pulled her reins making her turn around and exit the trailer almost making her fall as she was pulled hard down the ramp. She was led around the yard making her fight her bonds trying to keep up with her leader, he tied her to a fence post and walked off leaving her standing in the hot sun sweating inside her latex and leather prison.

As she gasped for air she could hear him say, "You are now my property, you volunteered for this and even dressed for the part, you wanted more punishment for what I don’t know but now you will get it" she tried to shake her head no but it looked like a horse shaking it’s head from the buzzing flies. "You will be treated like a farm horse and will stay in your new skin the entire time you are here, You will do as told and if you stop you will be punished further"

She was then led to a stall and forced to drink a foul tasting mixture before he tightened all the straps holding her equipment on until she was having trouble breathing and then she felt him pulling her hobbles tighter together leaving her teetering on her hooves gasping for air. For the next two weeks she spent all her time either being whipped while practicing running or prancing in the hot sun only to be rinsed off by a garden hose and put away for the night or pulling a small wagon around his property.

Nicki was starting to forget she was ever a person and had accepted she would remain a human horse until she died or someone found out and released her. After another week of being handled roughly Nicki had even gotten used to the large horses tail that had been inserted in her ass the second day of her arrival, she could prance and trot like she was born to it. Her neck had gotten used to being bent backwards and her legs had stopped quivering after the first week of being kept partially bent allowing her hands/hooves to help support her encased body. He had never attempted to have sex with her or tried to arouse her sexually which strangely was never what she had started this for to begin with.

As she stood in her stall for another night and thought about why she had started abusing her body and sent her keys to the belt away she realized she was blaming herself for living and had let the grief from her love dying in front of her drive her into a deep depression that caused her to need to pay penance for surviving. This realization made her start to remember who she was and that she wanted out of the situation she was in and start her life over again. When she started to fight more and more over the next few days she was punished harder and soon her sprit was broken again and she was kept for another month as a horse and had forgotten completely who she was and accepted her new role as his horse.

He had given her something that had made her very sleepy and during this time she felt her bonds being released and her body shaved and scrubbed before being encased again in an even heavier layer of latex and all her restraints and gear reinstalled and adjusted tighter. When she awoke fully she was standing again in her stall and could feel her skin tingling from the rough scrubbing, the next few weeks went by as she was treated more and more like an animal.

Her body had become lean and muscular from her diet and regular exercise and her black latex accentuated every muscle as she was worked for another week. As she was being led to her stall she could feel that she was being led up a ramp and knew she was in the trailer again and soon could feel the trailer bouncing down the road and several hours later she was led from the trailer into another stall and could feel someone releasing her hooved hands for the first time in months she could move her hands but still could not figure out what to do with her new found freedom.

She had been left alone, and for two days she stood on her hands and still hooved feet before hunger forced her to move herself and begin to release her bonds and as her head slowly emerged from her horses mask, Nicki had to let her eyes adjust to the low light since she hadn’t seen any light in months and couldn’t believe she was back at home in her own stall.

It still took Nicki several hours to be able to walk to her house and she had to walk on all fours while still holding her head back and mouth open, her muscle memory making it impossible for her to stop. Once in her house she unstrapped her equipment and when she got to the latex skin she could not find any way to open the suit, she couldn’t see behind her and going to a large mirror she finally could see that it had been glued shut.

Still unsure what to do with her freedom she walked to the kitchen still swaying her thick tail and found her refrigerator had been stocked with food and found a note saying eat carefully and don’t eat too much to start. She knelt on the floor and began to lap it out of the bowl, when she was finished she wandered around trying to figure out what she was supposed to do, finally going out to her stall wearing her bit and gag head harness she reapplied the hooves onto her hands and stood against a wall and fell asleep.

The Installation

She was awakened by two men entering the stall and grabbing her and quickly binding her wrists and ankles and carried her outside and put her latex encased body into the back of a truck and closed the hatch. Nicki didn’t struggle because she hoped it was her trainer again and lay quietly and waited to arrive at his farm. After a short drive the two men pulled her out and carried her to a table and began to strap her down to it. After she was strapped down they began removing her bonds, starting with her hooved gloves, pausing to figure out the locks then cutting them off her wrists, her latex skin was cut from her as another man removed her pony shoes.

Nicki’s head harness was removed and she was asked if she wanted to continue with the applying of her final suit, Nicki was still thinking she was at his farm and nodded her head. The voice said, "No we have to hear it from you that you want us to continue to apply the suit you ordered". Hoarsely Nicki said, "Yes I want you to continue". As soon as the words left her mouth a tight gas mask was pulled over her head and a large gag was shoved into her mouth. Nicki was once again in darkness and unable to speak as she felt her chastity belt being unlocked and pulled from her body.

Suddenly she was aware of what suit they were talking about and realized it was the chastity belt people that had taken her and not her trainer as the men now roughly twisted and pulled her trapped breasts from their metal cups. She began to fight and thrash on the table not wanting to be forever chastised anymore and unable to repay her trainer for his kindness.

The craftsmen left the room as a young lady entered and spoke softly to Nicki and closed off the hose allowing Nicki to breathe saying, "You must remain still while I shave and prep your body. They have been waiting for days for you to get home and are not in the mood to be nice to you". Nicki calmed down after almost passing out three times from the girl cutting off her air and let the girl perform a treatment to permanently remove the hair from her lower body.

When the girl was finished she covered Nicki’s hairless body with lotion and Nicki began purring into her gag as the girl rubbed it deeply into her skin. The men returned and soon had Nicki’s body lying in the back half of her new prison, the girl carefully guided the steel tubes into her lower orifices as the men had to bend the top part over her body and clamped it together on the other side.

Once they had the main body closed Nicki could feel them applying her thigh cuffs and how tight they were going to be. When she felt her feet being forced into her new permanent toe boots she began to struggle until someone blocked the hose again and she passed out. Awaking as she was being lowed into cold water, Nicki could feel the tension on her lower abdomen had increased along with the tension on her trapped breasts as she was slowly lowered deeper into the icy water.

She could not move any part of her body, they had tied her to a rack keeping her from moving anything but her hands. Nicki heard a loud voice saying, "If you start fighting us again we will block your air hose and keep you unconscious and hopefully not suffocate you in the process. You will need to remain still while we seal the cage". Nicki was scared about suffocation and decided to let them finish even though her neck and jaw muscles were screaming with pain from being forced to remain straight and closed.

The workers started the final process and two hours later Nicki was raised out of the water and quickly dried off and warmed by powerful blow driers. Her mask was removed and replaced by a blindfold as the voice returned and said, "We are finished, as you and your husband requested you have been permanently sealed into a body suit with thigh enclosures and knee high ballet boots. Your arms have been enclosed from shoulders to elbows and from elbows to your first knuckles. Your arms have been chained to your body suit allowing for minimal movement and you boots have been chained to each other allowing you to step only to the maximum stride the thigh cages would allow. This completes our contract, we will return you to your home, you will not have contact with us again nor will we ever acknowledge we ever met or had anything to do with you in any way".

Nicki was so stunned she asked why as she raised her arms as far as she could, "Your husband’s idea, part of the original request asked for them to be done this way and since you didn’t ask us to change that part we continued with his design, he must love you a lot to want to tend to your every need forever." With this she was carried back to the truck and taken home. When they arrived she was pushed out of the truck and they quickly sped off leaving her wobbling in her drive way.

Nicki could not believe what had happened, she slowly took a step and found she could only move her bound toes a few inches before she was stopped by the chains. She reached up to remove the blind fold but her arms were stopped by their chains leaving her hands even with her breasts unable to be raised any further. She screamed as she realized how trapped she was and slowly eased herself forward until she found the porch.

Groping with her caged and chained hands she found the railing and tried to bend forward to rub the blindfold off and found her neck was completely inflexible and had to move her body at the hips to reach the railing. After twisting and bending her knees for 15 minutes she was finally able to rub off the blindfold. Being able to see again she could now see the steps and knew she had no way of making it up them standing. She began crying as she rubbed her steel encased body, feeling her skin pushing through the tiny holes in the cage.

She moved close to the steps and soon let herself fall backwards onto the highest step, grunting as her body shifted and moved the plugs deeper into her. Forcing her feet as close to her body as possible, she then pushed and hopped slightly making her butt slip up onto the next step. Repeating this three more times Nicki was gasping for air as she made it onto the porch, resting for a few moments before rolling over until her whole body was on it and then she tried to stand.

With her arms held so close to her body she could not use them to help raise herself up and soon pushed herself to the wall and began to slowly walk herself up using it to get her body erect. When she was on her knees she knew her only option was to lean back and stand at the same time and prayed she could do it and not fall backwards down the stairs.

Grunting she threw herself back and soon found herself on her toes and tried to steady herself and stop her backwards motion. Standing she rested and regained her breath before easing herself to the door, wincing with each step from the pain the extra tight toe boots were causing. Nicki was able to open the door and enter her house even though the steel covering her hands made gripping the door knob difficult.

As Nicki moved slowly to the bedroom she tried to flex her wrists and found they too were held rigidly from the steel wrapping them tightly. Arriving at her bedroom she turned towards the full length mirror to see what had been done to her. She stood amazed at what she saw, her neck now seemed much thinner as the cage held it tightly wrapping around her ears and followed her jaw line down under her chin Nicki could see how tight it was by the skin pushing itself thru the fine mesh of the cage.

Nicki also realized she could barely open her mouth because of the way the collar wrapped around her head and neck. Following the mesh down she could see her breasts were squeezed tightly into the double layer of mesh covering them and when she touched them she could feel no flesh with her fingers or any added pressure on her tits.

She looked at her hands and could see the mesh and the steel skeleton start where her fingers met her hand and flowed up to just below her elbows with two chains attaching them to the frame of the main skeleton of her body cage, she was unable to flex her wrists or twist them any further than the short chains allowed.

Her upper arms were held in the same tight mesh as the rest of her body and had two chains holding them as well. The skin was puckered above each opening showing just how tight the steel was on her. Looking back at her body she finally understood why her ribs and waist hurt so badly when she saw how the steel was squeezing her ribs so tight they tapered dramatically to her tiny waist. She couldn’t measure it but guessed it had been pulled down to 12 or 13 inches, as she marveled how the steel flowed out to her hips before going down between her legs and back up over her ass covering her entire upper body up to and over her shoulders.

She could just make out the two small holes that were to be used for body evacuation built into the suit. She had to lean forward to see her thigh cages and how they too were so tight that the skin on the top and bottom of each cage was puckered out around the edges. When she could finally see her feet she noticed the boots started just below her knees and held her calves tightly then forced her toes to be held en pointe inside the steel mesh.

She became light headed as she grasped the full sight of her steel encased body and staggered back to her bed and lay down. She fell asleep exhausted from her recent activities and slept restlessly for the next 24 hours. When she awoke her whole body hurt as she tried to sit up finding that she could not and began thrashing in her steel trappings until she calmed herself and lay panting on the bed.

Working her bound legs off the side of the bed she slowly was able to sit up, her neck was aching as she reached to rub it, she was reminded of her limitations by the chains stopping her short. Remembering now what had happened and how limited her movements were. She rubbed her torso and ribs trying to make the aches fade but could not feel anything on her body.

She needed to pee so she rocked herself up to her pointed toes and winced as her full weight was supported by them and their extra tight casings. Making her way to the bathroom when she got in front of the bathroom mirror she stopped and looked at herself again, she noticed how her hair looked like a rats nest and her face was sunken in and very pale, as she studied the suit in the brighter light she could just see her skin was turning a very pale pink and itched all over.

She noticed the small port in front of her pussy and remembered reading that the wearer could not relieve themselves without opening the valve located at the end of the inserts she tried in vain to reach the valve but the chains holding her arms did not allow her to reach that far. She began to cry and decided to see just how "sealed" the plug was and released her bladder, she watched as nothing came out. She was truly sealed after all. She wept as she walked into the kitchen and was just able to reach a bottle of water in the fridge and sat down to drink it.

Nicki cried harder as she found she was unable to open the tight lid with her restricted hands and just sat in her steel prison crying. If she only knew who her trainer was he would help her Nicki thought. After sitting for several hours Nicki came up with an idea and carefully walked to her office and wrote "HELP ME" on a large piece of paper and walked with her tiny steps out to the front porch and hung it over the railing.

The warmth from the sun hitting her body made her feel better and as she stood there soaking it in she twisted and pulled her body inside her steel sheath making her body adjust some more and easing some of her smaller pains. She paced back and forth on the porch for several hours before getting very hot a sweating profusely and went back inside to cool off.

She wanted a shower and thought she could manage to get in the walk in shower in one of the guest rooms and gingerly walked towards the nearest one. The pointed toe of her boot was just able to clear the small lip of the shower stall and she stepped in and reached for the water controls. Finally able to push the knob up turning on the shower head and allowing her to not only rinse her body off but get a drink as well, letting the water flow into her narrowly opened mouth.

She stood in the shower for over an hour letting the hot water flow into the metal mesh covering her body and trying to force herself to pee. After wrestling with the water controls she was able to turn off the shower and stepped out and began rubbing her encased body against a towel hanging on the wall nearby. She stood looking at her wet face and hair wishing she could dry them and brush her once beautiful hair.

Nicki walked around the house for hours letting her body adjust to its confines until she needed to sleep and went to her bedroom and lay down, Nicki noticed not only was her body hurting less but her feet had stopped throbbing and now only had a steady ache. She worked herself onto the bed fully and quickly fell asleep. Nicki woke hearing someone banging on the front door and as quickly as she could swung her legs over the edge of the bed and bounced herself up to her feet.

Nicki tried to yell but the small amount she was able to open her mouth made it sound more like a grunt as she forced herself to take her tiny steps as fast as possible. Reaching the door she pulled it open and found no one there, she went out to the porch and could see a truck in the drive but saw no one, she grunted some more and began pacing the porch looking for anyone.

Hearing some noise from the side of the house she leaned over the railing and could just see someone out of the corner of her eye next to the house. He turned when he heard her grunting and watched her closely as he started walking towards her. As he got close he could see she was wearing something that shined like steel and that it covered her entire slim body, she had a long thin neck and an incredibly thin waist.

Nicki was babbling as he drew closer and waving her bound arms when he said, "Calm down and tell me what is going on here". Tony joined her on the porch as she tried to explain what had happened, Tony stared at her captured body as she paced back and forth telling him her story watching her walk on her toes and the way she was forced to sway her hips as she walked, her could almost see skin under the steel mesh and noticed that he could not make out any details around her breasts or pussy areas through the mesh covering them.

Nicki stopped in front of him holding her arms out showing the chains to him as he continued to stare at her, she asked him if he would please get the small hose on the kitchen table and hook it to her suit, pointing to her pussy, "Please!" she begged. Tony jumped up a quickly went into the house and found the strange looking hose and returned to the porch.

Nicki asked if he would install in from behind her as she turned facing the railing of the porch, he didn’t understand but reached around her and fumbling with the hose he was finally able to push it into the hole and suddenly he could feel and hear water rushing through it and hitting the ground.

Nicki moaned from the relief as Tony began feeling her body through the mesh and inspecting her encasement for ways to open it. He inspected her well past the time it took for her to relieve herself and she just stood there letting him run his hands all over her body. Tony worked his way down her thighs and to her tiny feet and was awestruck when he could just make out her crushed feet under the mesh holding them in their impossible position.

Nicki asked him to remove the hose which he did quickly and thanked him feeling much better she asked him to come inside and they could talk about helping her out of her situation. Once inside he watched her carefully sit down and said, "I don’t see any latches" Tony stated, "It looks like it was welded closed." She told him of the water tank and he said, "That’s how they welded it closed without burning you, they must have had a liner running under the seams as well" she looked at him down her nose since her head was still forced slightly backwards and asked him if he knew a way to cut her out?

"Not without burning you to death" he said Nicki slumped in her bonds as she heard this. "But I might be able to cut the chains" Tony said brightly as he jumped up and headed to his truck. Nicki waited for him in the chair until her returned carry large bolt cutters. Tony asked her to hold her arm out and placed the jaws around the first chain and squeezed hard. After grunting and moving the cutters for several minutes he gave up and said, "I will need much larger cutters" Nicki stood up and went to her purse and pulled out a credit card and said, "Get anything you might need" as she handed him her card, "I’ll pay you ten thousand dollars if you help me get out of this thing."

Tony took the card and said, "I’ll see what I can do" he smiled at her as he left the house and drove off. Nicki felt hope for the first time in days and roamed around the house yanking and pulling at her chains. The next day Nicki was standing on the porch hoping she hadn’t run Tony off when she saw his truck pulling up. She squealed when she saw him pull a large device out of the bed and walk to the barn.

He waved her to the barn and didn’t understand why she just stood at the top of the steps until he remembered her leg chains and ran to her and asked if she needed help. Nicki smiled as he reached up and pulled her over his shoulder and walked to the barn carrying her like a sack of potatoes.

Tony laid her on the ground and began covering her legs with thick blankets before pulling the machine up to the first chain. "It may shatter them is why I covered your legs", he said. Nicki was staring up at the ceiling unable to look down and just grunted as he explained what he was doing.

Nicki heard the machine start and soon could feel something moving and heard the machine begin to strain before hearing a loud snap and Tony saying "that’s one". Tony quickly moved the machine up to the next chain and made short work of that one as well. Tony readjusted her blankets and wedged the machine tight between her knees and started it again, the machine grunted as it cut the first thigh chain but finally she could hear another snap and knew it had cut that one as well.

Tony stood back and tried to figure out how to get the short jaws to the next chain and walked off leaving Nicki stuck on her back on the dirt floor unable to speak or see what he was doing. She could hear him moving around and them the clanking of chains as he hung the heavy machine just off the ground and then dragged her prone body through the dirt under it. Tony positioned the cutter over her pussy and lowered it until the open jaws was over the last thigh chain and started the motor.

As he adjusted it and began to cut the chain the vibrations of the heavy machine sitting directly on her aching pussy had began to excite her as the vibrations increased she started panting as she was aroused more and more, not even noticing the snap of the chain breaking until he turned off the motor. Tony was sweating and said he needed some water and left her lying in the barn as he went to the house.

Nicki lay there and slowly raised her legs glad to be able to separate them by more than a few inches. Tony returned and offered her a drink but she was unable to open her mouth from her head being pressed into the dirt and just lay there and grunted. Tony rested before wrapping her upper body and head in the blankets and drug her body into position and started the motor, he cut the chains off her right arm and while cutting the last one the machine stuttered and quit just as the chain snapped.

Tony worked on the machine for 15 minutes before she reached up and pulled the blankets off her sweaty face and sat up using her one free arm to support herself and asked what happened? "I don’t know," Tony said he continued to work on the machine until he said, "I give up " and pushed it away.

Nicki was still sitting and, "Asked what do we do now?"

"You need to go take a bath, I will go back to town tomorrow and see if I can get this thing fixed." With some effort Nicki was able to stand by herself and hugged Tony with her one free arm and thanked him for saving her life.

Tony blushed and watched her walk towards the house and almost bounce up the steps waving to him as she went inside. He loaded the truck and went into the house to check on her only to find her in the shower, he yelled through the door if she was ok and she told him to come in calling him silly, "It’s not like I can be undressed in here" she was getting out as he came in and saw her wrestling with the towel and helped her finish drying off. She began to brush her long hair but was having difficulties with that and looked at him with pleading eyes as she handed him the brush.

Tony spent the next 10 minutes brushing her hair while she held the blow drier until she turned it off and thanked him, fluffing her beautiful red hair with her free hand. Tony blushed again as she said that felt so good to have her hair brushed again, Tony was getting good at understanding her mumbles and said he would bring her supplies if she needed anything, she walked into the kitchen and started trying to make a list but was having trouble holding the pen so he took it and began to write as she told him what she needed. Tony left as she stood on the porch waving at him and could think of nothing but her as he drove to town. He dropped the machine off and went home to wait for the call when it was ready.

Nicki was relishing her new found freedom and was finally able to feed and take care of herself as she inspected her bonds more fully and wondered if Tony could remove the dangling chains that were hanging and rattling from her body. Nicki waited all day for Tony to return before lying on her bed and falling asleep. Tony got the call and found out it would be two days before the new jaws would be in, he asked for them to order several sets and to ship them as fast as possible and call him when they got in and headed out to Nicki’s house after stopping for groceries. Nicki had been asleep most of the next day only waking up just before Tony pulled into her drive, she met him at the door and let him in hugging him for coming back.

Tony was unloading her supplies and said he would fix them something to eat if it was ok with her, Nicki said that would be great but make sure it can be cut into small pieces, Tony laughed and said it would take him a while so she should have a seat, Nicki asked if she could have a bath while she waited, he said sure I’ll come get you when it’s ready. Nicki moved to her bathroom and turned on the water and put some bath salts in and climbed in and let the hot water wash over her sore body and relaxed in the tub.

Tony cooked the meal and when he went to her bathroom he found her asleep in the hot water, he studied her body carefully and was still amazed at the construction and the way it held her body tightly inside its skeleton and mesh work of steel. He looked carefully and could finally figure out how they got her into it finding a slight difference in one side from the other where the main framework had been welded together. He studied the arm and leg cages closely and found the same welding on both, realizing one side was made solid and the other had been welded to look like it was solid. He gently raised her foot and was studying the mesh and staring at her crushed toes inside them wondering how she had ever learned to walk in them.

Nicki woke up as he was staring at her foot, she smiled and said, "Are you a foot guy?" He turned his head and smiled and said, "Just trying to figure out how this was done and how you are able to walk in these?" "Well?" she asked. "Nothing yet" he answered. "Would you wash my back? Please" she asked handing him the scrub brush. He smiled and said sure as she leaned forward he scrubbed her metal covered back until he had scrubbed it all, she was loving the attention and was purring while he scrubbed.

When he finished her back she held up one leg and said, "Please" he smiled again and said "Gladly" taking her leg into his hand and began scrubbing working his way down to her pointed toes and back up the back of it before picking up her other leg and repeating the process, listening to her low moans as she was really enjoying his scrubbing. When he had finished she was drifting off again so he left her and got her dinner and brought it to her to eat in the tub.

He asked her if she was hungry and she said she was and sat up straighter in the tub as he sat the tray on the tub, she asked him to warm up the water as she ate and he set next to the tub and explained how he thought he might be able to cut the suit but it would take a while and he didn’t know if it would hurt her or not. Nicki sighed and said she would be happy if he could just cut the dangling chains. "Don’t you want to be free of the rest of it?" he asked.

"I haven’t decided yet" Nicki answered, "I had planned to be chastised for the rest of my life, I had no hope of ever finding someone like my husband, but now I’m unsure" Nicki continued. "Well I would like to at least give you the option if possible" Tony answered

Nicki finished her meal and Tony helped her up and dried her steel encased body and helped her brush her hair again and asked if he could inspect her cage closer, Nicki agreed and Tony knelt beside her and began rubbing her cage. She could feel his breath on her skin through the mesh and could feel her pussy get wet as he moved around her body rubbing and pulling on the cage and even tapping on certain parts. After his inspection he said, "They double layered every area that might be touched, they really did not want you to get off in this did they?"

"That was the idea" Nicki answered.

Tony left leaving Nicki still naked except for her steel to ramble around her house practicing walking in the steel boots, the boots wouldn’t allow her ankles to bend so she had to learn to walk again and decided she needed to walk longer than the house space so she went to her closet and pulled her long leather hobble skirt out and then realized she would not be able to wear a top because of her one arm that was still chained to her side so she wiggled into it and decided that would have to be good enough, and headed outside to take a long walk.

Nicki spent several hours strolling around her property enjoying the hot sun and the tension the suit put on her body as she walked, the skirt pulled tight across her body and the steel framework under it could be seen clearly in it. When she reached her fence line she turned and headed back to the house she could feel the grass that was poking through the mesh on her feet as she walked and decided to walk through her shallow pond so she could feel the mud through her shoes.

Reaching the edge of the pond she wiggled out of her leather skirt not wanting to ruin it and laid it on the bank, Nicki carefully waded into the pond until the murky water was up to her waist stopping to enjoy the cool water on her hot body. She could feel the mud seeping in and around her feet, trying to wiggle her toes to let it seep in between her toes but her feet are compressed too much and she couldn’t move her toes at all.

Nicki stood for several minutes enjoying the water before trying to take a step, her feet had sunk up to her calves in the thick mud and caused her to fall forward splashing face first into the dirty water. Having only one free arm and the heavy steel covering her body she sank and rolled around on the bottom trying to get to her feet. She raised her head out of the water gasping for air and trying to clean her face off. As she sat up with the water up to her neck she began laughing, the first time she had truly laughed since her husband had been diagnosed.

Slowly she drug herself towards the bank unable to get back to her feet in the soft mud, when she climbed out she was completely covered in the thick mud from her neck to her toes. After resting on the bank she struggled to her feet picking up her leather skirt and began the long walk to the house. As the mud dried it broke off leaving a thin layer on her body and the steel encasing it causing her to itch badly and being completely unable to scratch. She had been sweating profusely from the afternoon sun as she reached the house she needed to rinse off the mud so she went into the barn to wash off with the hose. As she was washing she saw her favorite stall and went into look around and got that old feeling of being someone’s horse, and tried to figure out if she would ever be able feel that again.


After showering again and scrubbing off all the mud and dried her hair and body then lay down and quickly fell asleep. Tony woke her the next afternoon asking her if she was ready to have her other chains cut, she smiled and said yes and followed him to the barn, and he helped her to lie down and was soon cutting the remaining chains holding her arm to her side. Once he was done with those he cut the others as close to the metal skeleton as possible, he was able to cut the chains closely on her arms before the machine stalled again and he said he would have to change the jaws.

She lay in the dirt and watched him work on the machine waiting for him to set it on her pussy again hoping maybe she could feel the vibrations again. She told him of her adventure in the pond and he scolded her for almost drowning and said it was going to take him awhile if she wanted to go inside she could. Getting to her feet was much easier with both hands free and she went into the house with an idea to excite her further. She found a small gag and was able to shove it past her teeth, being unable to bend her wrists she couldn’t buckle it but being her collar made her bite down on it so hard she didn’t need the strap anyway.

Nicki found her hand cuffs with a long chain between them and slapped one around her wrist hard making the cuff close tightly on her steel covered wrist, she laid the key on her night stand and walked back out to her stall sneaking in behind the still working Tony to her favorite stall and walked up to the post she normally tied herself to and swung her cuff chain over the high hook attached to it. She lay the wide belt next to her body hoping he would figure out she wanted him to whip her with it hoping she would be able to feel it.

Nicki reached high over her head and grabbed the cuff and slapped it around her other wrist leaving her twisting from the chain held above her head. Tony had heard the cuff close but continued to work on the machine until he had it completed. He looked around for her before going in the house getting something to drink before coming back out to the barn and finding her chained in her stall and grunting while she twisted her body on the chains.

He saw the belt and the loose gag straps and walked up behind her and pulled the strap tight forcing the ball deeper into her mouth and forcing her to open her mouth further straining her jaws against the high collar harder. She squealed as he pulled it tight then giggled as he pulled the belt from the shelf and said, "Is this for me?" She grunted and he said, "Do you think you will be able to feel it?" Nicki grunted again as he pulled back and gave her a light swat across her back.

She giggled and Tony swung much harder making her squeal, he whipped her until she was panting hard into her gag and starting to moan. Tony stopped and walked out of the stall leaving her hanging by her wrists, her back a bright pink and the skin swelling slightly through the mesh.

He returned with the machine and began cutting the extra chains between her calves making her spread her legs causing her to stretch her arms further to keep her balance. When he had the lowest two cut he told her to spread wider but she only grunted and stood still, "Oh I see you want to make it difficult" with that he left the stall returning a few minutes later with a long 2 by 4 and some leather thongs and tied her ankles to the ends making her hang with her toes slightly off the ground.

She was grunting and panting through her gag and trying to twist her body but could not move it enough from the steel holding her tightly, the steel cages around her wrists keeping her from feeling the tight cuffs holding her off the ground. Tony ignored her grunts and began cutting the remaining chains between her legs and soon he was grinding the small stubs left from the chains off, running the water hose to try and keep them cool as he ground them down.

Nicki was enjoying the vibrations the grinding caused to radiate through the entire cage especially in her pussy and tits and began thrashing and moaning as her orgasm grew. Tony had been watching her looking for any indication of pain but noticed she seemed like she was enjoying herself and continued to grind and even whipping her back and legs again until she screamed into her gag and her body convulsed until she hung limply in her bonds.

An hour later Tony was finished and released her legs and picked her up and unhooked the cuff chain from the hook. He moved the machine to his truck as Nicki slowly began to recover from her orgasm and watched him load the truck. He came in and asked if she was ok and she grunted and Tony said, "Well I have to go, give me a call if you want to have dinner and I’ll call when the equipment I ordered comes in" Nicki waved goodbye as she leaned against the wall sweating.

As Tony drove off she began walking towards the house reaching up to the gag and realizing she could not reach the buckle holding it tightly in her mouth. She grunted and tried to catch Tony but he was already out on the main road. She began flailing and twisting trying to reach the strap causing herself to fall down and roll around in the gravel. She sat in the dirt again trying to figure out how to get the gag off, it was beginning to hurt her head as it pulled it tight against the back of the tall metal collar.

Nicki worked herself to her pointed toes and stumbled into the house wanting something to drink, she found out there was no way to get any water into her mouth that was tightly clamped on the rubber ball between her teeth. She moaned and began struggling with the strap and her wrists cages, finding no solution she sat defeated in the kitchen chair. Nicki could feel the dirt sticking to her body and decided another bath would feel good and headed to the bathroom, looking at herself as the water ran in the tub she could see she was truly a mess again, her hair although trapped under the gag strap was matted from her sweating and her whole body was covered in gravel dust, there were clumps around her damp pussy and her once pink skin now looked gray.

Nicki banged on her steel shell with her metal covered wrists out of frustration and thought she might have been able to deal with the suit but the steel gloves and uncomfortable arm cages were too much as she began to cry wishing he was here and also wishing she could just be a horse again and forget about all her problems. Nicki soaked in the hot water and scrubbed herself as much as she could and finally stood up and turned on the shower and let the water seep into her mouth quenching her thirst before washing her hair. She felt better and after she dried off she went to bed and quickly fell asleep.

Waking the next day her jaw screaming with pain she stumbled into the bathroom and tried to get a pair of scissors under the strap, there was no place that her skin wasn’t puckered around it to work them under that wouldn’t cut her face and the wrist cages wouldn’t let her manipulate the scissors well enough to get them under it anywhere else. Frustrated she threw the scissors and went and texted Tony. Nicki sent three texts over the next hour and got no replies before trying to call him and got his voice mail. Nicki grunted in the phone and hung up. Nicki stomped around the house hungry and thirsty before she went to the bath room and put her head under the shower head and drank her fill again. As she wandered around the house she saw her new pony gear she had ordered before all this started and opened the boxes.

Inside the box she found her new hooved gloves, these would cover her arms all the way to her shoulders and were made out of very thick leather. The bodysuit was made of the same thick leather and would cover her body completely from her pointed toes to the top of her head, the entire suit had laces running up each limb and from the back of the hood down to her narrow waist. At each shoulder the gloves could be attached making them impossible to be removed by the wearer and the hole in the faceless hood would allow her hair to pulled through it. The suit had d-rings placed around it to attach the new saddle/corset to it and hold the rubber horses head on as well forcing her to remain in the proper pony stance and be unable to stand fully erect again unless her trainer allowed it.

Nicki smelled the new leather and dreamed of being placed in to it and being her anonymous trainer’s show pony forever. She wrestled the suit up her body but could not lace it, without pulling the hood up she looked at her body in the long mirror and knew the steel encasing her body would only enhance the suits appearance. Slipping her horse head mask on she walked around in the loose leather bouncing and practicing her prance dreaming of being a pony again.

Tony had gotten her texts and gagged message and had returned in time to see her prancing it the outfit and when he cleared his throat she dropped the head and started giggling at him as he stood staring at her. "You called?" Tony said. Nicki mummphed and ran up next to him and turned around so he could remove the gag. Tony remained still until she whined and tried to remove the gag again showing him she couldn’t reach it when he finally unbuckled it and put it in her hand.

"I think you’d look great in that but I can’t be called back out her every day to help you in and out of things." Tony said. Nicki was rubbing her jaw and said, "I would love it if you would help me into the whole outfit, you could just leave me out in the barn until you want to come back, I mean if you wanted to make me your pony?" Nicki said seductively.

Tony let her eat and drink her dinner before agreeing to lace her into her suit, Nicki showed him how everything worked and how to install the accessories and was giggling as he looked puzzled at some of the things she wanted him to put on her but he said he thought he understood and began lacing her tightly into her leather suit.

Nicki was getting excited as she felt the leather tighten on her body, once he had the initial lacing done he forced the inflatable horses tail into the small orifice in her cage and pumped it up tight, she could not feel the bladder being pumped up but could see the tail swish as he removed the pump and hose from it leaving her ass completely plugged. Tony pulled the leather over her head and fed her long hair through the hole before pulling on the laces making the mask pull tightly over her face leaving only two small grommets over her nose and a hole over her mouth open.

Tony continued to work the laces of the suit until every curve and brace of her steel covered body was visible through the thick leather, Nicki was really feeling the tension of the leather and could tell that until she broke it in bending her arms and legs were going to be difficult. Tony was done lacing and closed the zippers over the laces and locked each one, making the laces disappear and the whole suit appear to be formed onto her body.

Tony stood back and admired how the leather made her look thinner and watched her try to twist her body under it. Tony pulled the thick gloves up her arms and made sure she closed her hands inside each hoof before lacing her wrists closed and zipping the covers there as well. Nicki now had two layers of thick leather over her steel covered arms, her hands were curled around the support bar inside each hoof and her elbows very stiff.

As Tony pulled the laces at her shoulders tight, taking all the slack out of her gloves and making the leather smooth from her hooves to her shoulders Nicki could feel her ability to move her arms disappearing. Tony slipped the horses head down onto Nicki’s head making sure he forced the thick gag tube into her barely open mouth before forcing the mask down onto her shoulders, this forced the gag deep into Nicki’s mouth making her gag on it before she started swallowing and relaxed her throat.

Nicki could not make a sound nor could she move her body enough to get him to understand she was having difficulties so he continued to strap the head on her. As he pulled the straps tighter it forced her head back against the tall steel collar and she started to remember how it felt to under someone’s complete control and unable to make any decisions of her own. After securing the head Tony wrapped the saddle/corset around her body and pulled all the straps tight, forcing her to begin to lean forward more and pulling the head straps even tighter under it.

Nicki’s transformation was now almost complete her red hair flowing down the horses neck and her tail was swishing with every move of her body, she was bent at the hips unable to stand up straight, her body was covered from her pointed toes, that were now encased in thick leather and looked like hooves, to her arms were kept partially bent with her useless hands trapped inside leather hooves as well. Tony stepped back watching her stomp her feet and turn in a slow circle and listened to her gasping for air through the tiny holes over her nose and was amazed at her conviction to the pony.

Nicki was fighting for breath inside her new pony skin, the tight steel cage surrounding her body making getting enough air through her nose very difficult, also her head was now being pushed hard into the tall collar and was quickly becoming uncomfortable. Nicki pawed at the head mask but could do nothing to relieve the tension, she tried to whine but no sound was heard outside her mask, the large gag and feeding tube that was forced down her throat doing their job keeping her quiet.

Tony saw her pawing at her body and began applying the last of her restraints, he took the wide steel cuffs and locked one around each ankle connecting a small cable between them leaving her with only about a one inch step. Grabbing one wrist he applied another wide cuff around it and pulled it behind Nicki’s back and tied it off to the horn on her saddle, repeating this with the other wrist.

Nicki was now permanently bent slightly at the waist, her ankles hobbled and her wrists pulled tightly behind her back making her shoulders ache from being wrenched so far up her back, she was unable to communicate, see anything and her hearing was greatly diminished by the thick rubber of her horses head mask.

Tony pulled Nicki’s reigns and slowly she shuffled in the direction he pulled until she reached her water trough, Tony forced her head down into the water letting her know where she was before tying the reigns to the post and closing and locking the stall door. Nicki was pulling against the reins and grunting, desperately trying to get Tony’s attention not knowing he had already climbed into his truck and was leaving her house.

As Tony drove off to get his trailer hooked up so he could come pick up his new pony he thought about how well she had taken to the training last time and hoped she would adapt to her new life just as easy, he knew she wanted this and would give her what both of them wanted, a life time of being his pony, whipped and trained until she forgets who she was forever. Tony had been getting her affairs in order for the last few weeks and would maintain her ranch until he was sure she was fully trained just to keep people from asking to many questions before selling it off and making Nicki the person disappear forever. Nicki settled down and let her body begin to adjust to her new position and hoped her trainer would come and take her back to his ranch and keep her locked up forever, little did she know that was exactly what the plan had been the whole time and that her dreams were now a reality as she stood in her stall.

Her body still pulling on her restraints locked in a leather body suit that was not only locked on by the hidden zippers but by several steel bands around her body and limbs that would never need to be removed even if they could have been because as Tony drove down the country road towards his place he tossed all the keys one by one out the window sealing Nicki’s fate.


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