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The Cravat

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2016 - Mikel - Used by permission

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It had been delivered the morning Kim’s husband was leaving for a business trip. Kim ripped the package open and stared at the steel restraint she had begged him to get for her. Kim had always been fascinated by medieval restraints because of their simplistic brutalism. The standing stocks had been their first purchase and she had and still spent many hours with her head and hands trapped in the heavy wooden stocks while she was bent over at the waist. The bar across her waist keeping her standing while her ankles remain locked in the lower stocks forcing her legs wide apart. She loved every minute she stood with her legs shaking from the strain normally gagged with severe clamps attached to her nipples alone in the darkened room while he enjoyed a little quiet time.

The next item had been the scolds bridle, the heavy steel head cage with a large steel device that filled her mouth. The unit could be adjusted to not only stretch her jaw but also give her the sensation of her head being crushed by the large steel knobs in the adjustable steel straps that surrounded it. Bruce had also ordered a very heavy ball and chain set that had wide manacles for her ankles and wrists with chains connecting to the large steel balls that would have to be drug around. She was forced to do chores not only inside the house but outside as well all while wearing the scolds bridle and shackles. Kim had spent many days in the hot sun moving rocks from one location to another having to sleep outside chained to a tree until the job was done. Kim still gets wet thinking about watching him drive off each day leaving her chained to the balls and wearing the scolds bridle unsure when he had planned to return and leaving her with the worry of something happening to him and being left chained helplessly outside.

The Cravat had been designed and built by the same small company that had built their other restraints. They specialized in making items as close to original as possible unless asked by the client to do otherwise. The cravat was made of very heavy steel with thick rings that would lock around her thin neck, wrists and ankles. The only thing she had asked for was that there would be two ways of locking it, one near the wrist cuffs so she could restrain and release herself and the other down at her ankles completely out of reach once she was locked in. Bruce had measured carefully so everything would fit perfectly forcing her to only be able to sit or stand bent over. The neck ring was hinged as were the outer wrist cuffs and once the bar was slid through the heavy cuffs around her ankles nothing could be opened. The outer wrist cuffs could be locked with either a padlock that could be opened by the wearer or a pin/bolt setup could be used making it impossible for her to be released without removing the bar at the ankle cuffs.

Kim sat down and slipped her ankles into the cuffs bending over letting the collar close around her neck. Stretching as far as she could she was able to slide the locking pin through the cuffs around her ankles and the long bar attached to the collar. She was already panting from being doubled over and sat wiggling and pulling at the cold steel for thirty minutes before forcing herself onto her bare feet and shuffling to her bedroom. Reaching the room she sat back on the bed and slipped her wrists into the cuffs and let them fall closed over them. They weren’t locked but she slipped part of the pin assembly into the holes and rolled backwards and struggled dreaming that she was locked in her newest toy.

Kim loved the restriction the cravat put on her and the frustration of having so little movement available even though she was held so simply. She lay panting with her eyes closed dreaming of how people used to be locked in the device for days or weeks and almost climaxed thinking about how long Bruce would leave her locked in it. Looking down through her legs she noticed that with the ankle cuffs spread apart the way they were she was available to Bruce to use for his satisfaction and could do nothing to deny him. She smiled when she thought he must have asked for the cuffs to fit the way they do just for that reason really liking the fact he was starting to think like her.

Kim was fully aroused and quickly decided she would play with real locks for awhile and quickly freed her wrists and removed the cravat. Jumping up she dashed around the house straightening it and cleaning the dishes all the while thinking of what she wanted to do and making herself even hornier. Finishing her chores around noon she laid out everything she was going to use to make her evening more entertaining and waited for Bruce to call. Sitting on the bed she stroked the cravat staring at the locks she was going to use and thought about the large ice block sitting on a chair in the kitchen with her keys frozen in it. The long trip to the kitchen would be difficult but she had managed it many times before in much stricter positions usually blind and sometimes with Bruce whipping her the whole way.

After a brief conversation with Bruce about his flight, what she was wearing and if she had completed her chores or not they said their goodbyes and hung up. Kim immediately started getting ready for her challenge by stepping into the medieval chastity belt. This belt was very heavy, with wide steel bands around her waist and another splitting her ass that was hinged to the plate over her pussy.

The belt was never meant for long term wear and became uncomfortable quickly around her waist and hips then between her legs the thick steel plate rubbed harshly on her thighs. Kim had figured since her legs were to be spread it would be much more comfortable than normal and she loved the “hook” as she called it that went into her firm ass. The hook was part of the main belt and made sure nothing would penetrate the wearer’s rear and also made it impossible to slip or twist in the belt. The hook was not necessary and was added by whoever had built the belt but it was her favorite part of it now. Kim slid the large ball on the end of the hook into herself moaning as it slipped deeper inside her and once it was fully inserted she pulled the waist belt together in front exhaling as she squeezed hard hearing the loud click of the latch closing.

Kim smiled and lay back running her hands over the steel she was now trapped in knowing that if she couldn’t make herself climax while bound it would be at least two days before he would be home to free her from the torturous device. Kim knew the key was in the house somewhere but she also knew he would never tell her unless it was an emergency. There were no provisions for her body functions while wearing the chastity belt so if she had to relive herself it would be very messy and uncomfortable, she had performed her morning enema and knew she could go at least three days without needing another one. After she felt more comfortable in the belt she leaned forward grunting from the tight belt pulling the hook deeper into her and locked the cravat around her neck and ankles. Kim was standing her head locked in the steel collar, her knees bent and her bare ass sticking up behind her. Kim noticed that with her head pulled towards her ankles not only was her pussy and ass available but her face was in the perfect position to service Bruce’s cock giving him another reason to keep her locked up.

cravat belt and cage.jpgKim leaned against the bed panting trying to get accustomed to being bent over with the tight steel around her waist. Kim struggled to straighten up and ease the increasing pain around her waist and in her ass. A mild panic attack hit her when she realized she was stuck in this position and she yanked and pulled on the cravat for several minutes before calming herself and continuing with her plans. Kim was smiling as she carefully adjusted the nipple clamps onto her breasts, tightening them beyond normal while she thought about the wonderful feelings of helplessness she had just experienced. Pulling the scolds bridle over her head and adjusting the gag to her maximum before tightening the knobs on the straps until she could take no more pressure. Kim stood on her bare feet enjoying the heavy steel she was now trapped in while she fought for balance.

Kim was ready to lock her wrists into the cuffs making sure the two collars of the bridle and cravat would not pinch her neck in any way then quickly turned the knobs on the gag and head cage a few more turns each and twisted the clamps several more turns. Kim was almost screaming from the pain in her nipples as she locked her left hand in the steel cuff. Without hesitation she slipped her right hand in its cuff and struggled with the lock having to open her eyes again to see which way to slip the lock hasp in and pushed it closed. Kim was still adjusting to the pain in her nipples, staring at her feet unable to look up or turn her head when she tried to lean back against the bed. As soon as her weight was on the side of the bed she felt her feet starting to slip out from under her.

Squealing Kim fought the heavy steel but couldn’t stop her momentum feeling her ass sliding past the mattress and hit the floor driving the hook up further. Kim was now sitting on her filled ass with her legs held open looking at the wall whining and moaning from the sudden shift of her position and the substantial increase of pain she was in. Kim’s body was instinctually fighting the restraints, twisting and turning while her hands and feet flailed uselessly in front of her gagged face. Kim sat struggling for twenty minutes finally stopping to rest and try to figure out how she was going to get to the kitchen. She had not thought about if she got stuck on her ass but knew she didn’t want to scoot the whole way to the kitchen, the carpet burns alone would ruin the whole experience.

After another half hour Kim tried to straighten her leg that was cramping and had another panic attack when she realized how truly helpless she was and flailed and twisted making the chain on the clamps swing while she fought the gag in her gapping mouth. Kim’s orgasm slammed into her struggling body as she felt herself falling to one side and lay on her shoulder letting the waves of pleasure wash over her. When Kim opened her eyes again she saw the wall was now tilted and began struggling to right herself from her prone position. The frustrations from the restraint holding her wrists, neck and ankles so firmly in place made her fight even harder until finally she felt herself rolling back onto her ass.

She had thought pushing herself back to her feet would be a simple matter of using the bed and stretching her legs as far as they could go then “walking” backwards until she was upright again but she found out quickly after several failed attempts that it wasn’t going to work. Each time she slipped back to the floor the hook was driven deeper and the clamps bounced making her whine loudly and stop to let the pain ease. Kim was in tears of frustration as she sat twisting her wrists and ankles in the wide steel cuffs then with her last desperate burst of energy she pushed backwards throwing her head back as far as she could and pushed with her folded legs.

Suddenly she could feel her weight on her feet again, leaning forward while she shuffled slowly back she struggled and fought until she was standing bent over again saliva running from her gagged mouth squealing over her achievement. Kim’s excitement passed quickly as multiple pains from her struggles hit her and she started moaning and whining and trying to stand perfectly still. After a few minutes Kim had gotten control of her body and shuffled one bare foot forward whining louder as the chain on her clamps started swinging again. Kim twisted her wrists in the steel rings desperately trying to reach the swinging chain or clamps that were so close to her hands but no matter how she twisted and or pulled she could not reach either or the tortuous clamps. All the movements had shifted the collar of the cravat against the head cage’s twisting it up wards yanking her head and making the steel gag push up on the roof of her mouth.

She quickly brought her other foot forward and stood gasping while she cursed herself for not checking how each piece worked together before locking herself in them, and smiled knowing the walk was going to be much more difficult and painful than she had thought. Each small step was twisting and pulling on her caged body making her wince and whine as she eased towards the door while she stared at her bare feet. It took over thirty minutes to reach the door of her room and Kim started almost screaming when her feet bumped into the door frame. Kim stood staring at her feet seeing that each foot was several inches outside the door opening and cursing around the steel phallus in her mouth that she hadn’t checked to make sure her feet would fit through the door once locked into the cravat but before she was helpless.

Kim stood on her bare feet forced to remain bent over from the thick steel around her neck that was connected to not only the rings around her wrists but the cuffs around her ankles. The position was getting extremely uncomfortable making her back ache and her legs tremble but both of those pains were overshadowed by the tight clamps on her nipples and the pressure she had placed in her head by tightening the steel straps of the head cage so tight. Even the pain from her gapping mouth with the steel gouging into the roof of her mouth seemed slight compared to the head cage and clamps. Kim stood looking like she was freezing by the way her body was trembling desperately trying to figure out a way to walk sideways in the cravat.

After a few attempts to shuffle her feet to one side or the other she forced herself to her toes and for the brief time she could stay up she managed to tip toe far enough through the door so when she dropped back onto her heels she was able to drag her feet forward and out of the door way. Kim stopped to rest and catch her breath bending her knees a little more to try and give her back a break from holding up the heavy head cage while she leaned her bare ass against the wall. Kim was moaning steadily as she watched the drool drip from her mouth onto her feet and her pinioned hands as they continued instinctively to twist and fight the steel holding them.

For two more hours she struggled to move to the kitchen having to stop and rest whenever she came near a wall or door to lean against. When her feet touched the tiled floor of the kitchen she squealed into the gag knowing her long ordeal was almost over. Even though she was in more pain than she really wanted to be and was almost completely exhausted her mind was still thinking of ways to make her next challenge more difficult. Kim continued to drag her feet forward until she saw the legs of the chair she had set the bowl with the ice block that held her keys in it on and squealed again as she carefully eased up to it. Kim reached for the bowl and found she couldn’t quite reach it, grunting and moaning a thoroughly frustrated Kim stood whining with her hands flailing uselessly above the bowl.

Kim calmed herself and knew the only way she would reach it was to lean much further forward and in turn her hands would be lower. She also knew that she had been barely able to keep herself from tipping forward from the awkward position with the added weight on the steel scolds bridle. Kim began rocking, each time she increased the angle forwards a little more finally she could just touch the edge of the bowl but could also feel if she went much further she would not be able to stop herself and would fall face first on to the floor. Slowing herself she tried to think of another way then made a plan to at least grab the key ring if she started to fall so if she didn’t break her neck she could finally free herself.

The aches and pains were increasing, the wide band of steel around her waist and the ever deepening hook in her ass was starting to become intolerable so Kim made up her mind. Her rocking started getting further as her trapped hands strained to reach the key ring each forward pitch Kim could just see the edge of the bowl enter her line of sight and feel this was going to be the time she fell. Kim’s fingers caught the edge of the bowl dragging it back towards her a little giving her hope and also making her more desperate.

As Kim forced herself to move forward again she pushed a little harder and felt her momentum carry her caged body past the tipping point and screamed as she fell forwards into the chair. As she fell her hands tipped the bowl splashing her naked body with the cold water as they groped for the keys. The cold water made her squeal loudly around the gag then she felt her caged head hit the back of the chair. Instinctively her hands pushed down on the chair, her hand movement with her body’s reaction of crouching as far as it could and her toes pushing up with all her strength started her moving backwards again.

Kim was relieved for a split second as she realized she wasn’t going to fall forwards but then she could feel she was moving too fast and was going to fall backwards. Her hands were trying to grasp anything as they drug the empty bowl off the chair and she screamed again as her body fell onto her filled ass. Kim landed with a grunt then another scream as the head cage was forced up by the collar of the cravat shoving the steel gag not only up but back further into her mouth. Kim pushed her ankles away from her head yanking the collar down and making Kim fall back onto her shoulder. Kim lay on her side, her legs spread wide, the strong steel around her ankles digging in while she let her body stabilize and tried to catch her breath.

After a few minutes Kim opened her eyes and could see the predicament she was in, not only was she now lying on her side she was on a tile floor now covered in water making it very slippery. Every time she moved her body just slipped the wrong direction and she desperately tried to figure out a way to get back to her feet. For thirty minutes she struggled fruitlessly only succeeding in making her feel defeated and ready to give up. Kim was gasping from her struggles and starting to feel how all the steel seemed to be getting tighter from the new position and tried to look past her hands that had been gripping the connecting bar tightly.

As she studied the small area she could actually see she caught sight of something around one of her fingers and squealed as she opened her hand to see the key ring! Kim couldn’t believe it, she had grabbed the ring and not realized it in all her struggles trying not to fall. Kim was almost laughing as she let her body relax and roll onto her back the steel around her head banging on the tile floor. Kim fought the locks around her wrists for several minutes before both were free and she was able to stretch her arms out for the first time in hours. She lay on the floor with her ankles still cuffed to her neck with her arms laying a out to her sides moaning as the erotic feelings returned making her reach between her legs stroking the steel covering her pussy and groaning as she remembered she was locked into the steel belt until Bruce returned.

Kim carefully unscrewed the clamps a little easing the tension on her screaming nipples before stretching and removing the pin holding her ankles to the cravat. Kim had to hold the cravat up as she stretched her legs out humming and moaning from the relief of being able to stretch her legs again. Opening the cravat up fully she removed it from around her neck and lay it beside her prone body. Kim loosened the clamps on her sore nipples a little more before turning the knobs on the head cage easing its grip on her head. Kim didn’t want to remove the gag before freeing her nipples knowing it would help suppress the sound of her screams slightly while the blood flow returned. After lying still for a few minutes Kim slowly unscrewed the clamps freeing her nipples and moaned loudly past the gag while she gently rubbed her tender nipples.

Kim unlocked the head cage and left in on the kitchen floor as she got up taking the cravat with her to the bedroom. Kim cleaned her sweat soaked body, the exhaustion quickly making her long for her soft bed. Kim swallowed several aspirin and two sleeping pills and went to the bed lying down next to her favorite new toy. Feeling her desires swell inside her steel covered pussy she closed it around her neck stretching again to lock her ankles in the steel. Lying back she felt the connecting tube bang into the plate of her belt making her moan again as she shifted her position into the center of the bed and made herself comfortable. Once she had prepared herself Kim smiled and slipped her wrists into the cuffs and locked them in place.

Kim would sleep deeply until the next afternoon only waking slightly during brief fit of struggles before calming and going back to well earned deep sleep. When Kim finally awoke she struggled briefly until her memories returned and her head cleared and lay on her side smiling and purring. Suddenly Kim jerked her head around and started looking for her keys not recalling what she had done with them. Kim was rolling back and forth on her bed desperately trying to work herself to the edge hoping she had left her keys on the nightstand.

Kim was standing next to the bed once again looking at her feet but able to look up since she wasn’t wearing the head cage and began her slow walk to the kitchen, the need to relieve herself was becoming desperate but she knew she could do nothing about it until she located the keys somewhere in the house and freed herself. Smiling as she took her first steps she wished she had the scolds bridle on again as her hands were already flailing uselessly in front of her and shuffled to the door for her first challenge of the day.

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