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Computer Timer

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2013 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; corset; ponyboots; collar; cuffs; chain; toys; nipple; electro; stuck; caught; oral; mast; climax; X

Chained to computer desk in a very tight corset dress waiting for the computer to release her, Jane knelt and tugged at the chains that ran from her neck to the thick steel cuffs around her wrists and from them to the large eyehook screwed deep into the old wooden desk. On her feet were pony boots that when she got them she thought they were cute with the horse shoe imprints on the bottoms, but now knew just how hard they were to walk in with her toes pointed straight down and her heels held more than nine inches off the ground. The locked ankle straps of the pony boots were wrapped in chains and attached to the five rows of chain that was wrapped around her narrow waist keeping her hooved feet very close to her ass, the chain belt was also attached in front to another eye bolt screwed into the front of the heavy desk and kept her from moving her body away from the desk.

The heavy leather corset dress she now wore covered her breasts and went down to her knees keeping her thighs welded together and kept her almost arrow straight and allowed minimal bending anywhere, the wide shoulder straps pulled until they were biting into her flesh helped keep her from squeezing out of the top of it and forced her to maintain a perfect posture. The half hood neck corset was laced on snuggly and with her mouth stuffed with a large ball she could only grunt into it but nothing understandable could be heard. Her self-bondage cravings had gotten her into the current situation and for the last twelve hours she had been chained, kneeling in front of the computer typing in numbers off of a list hoping one of the files will have the combination she needed to open the lock holding her hands close to the chain anchored in the desk and allow her to reach the remaining keys sitting just a few inches away and remove the rest of the bonds that held her in place.

Her idea was to be trapped by her own hand and have to type in the correct number sequence that would open the window on her computer to show her the combination to the lock. She had a friend send her the lock open and had them hide the combination in one of the thousands of files on her computer. Once Jane started she would have to go through each one and find the correct combination before she could free herself, she could not call her friend or cheat in any way, she had seen to that but had no idea just how many files there were on her own computer into which her friend could have hidden it.

Jane thought it might take a few hours but now she was into the twelfth hour and could no longer feel her lower legs and feet, her knees were throbbing and the nipple clamps she decided to add were now incredibly painful. To make her challenge more difficult Jane had added bobby traps, some would turn on the tens unit and shock her most sensitive parts and others would turn on her vibrators and keep her distracted for up to three hours making her lose her place but not enough to allow her to cum, the last trap would reset the entire menu making her start all over again, these traps were scattered throughout her computer files and she didn’t have any idea where they were. The only good trap was several vibrate programs to bring her to a climax but when she hit one she hadn’t programed a time or intensity structure so her vibrators would come on full blast making her cum over and over again, the one she had hit so far vibrated for thirty minutes straight making her cum until she was sore, and it was the shortest of the programs.

Jane rested her hands and stared at the large glass of water just out of reach, another torment she had added as she kept punching in numbers and opening files. When she opened up one file a combination popped up and she almost cried as she fumbled with the lock trying the combo several times before looking back up and seeing a message pop up from her friend saying “OOP’s wrong combination keep trying!” Jane was fuming as she started again grumbling to herself about getting even with her friend.

Jane hit a bobby trap and the whole screen went blank meaning she would have to start again and screamed into her gag and twisted and yanked on her chains until the computer prompted her to continue as it gave her a little warning shock, another trick Jane had installed to “keep it interesting”. Jane kept on typing throughout the night hitting several more traps but no more good ones and as the sun rose she was crying as she stared at the glass of water wanting a drink badly but had no way to quench her thirst. Pulling and twisting again she thought it wouldn’t matter even if the hooks gave I still couldn’t get free so she stopped her struggles and kept on typing. Her nipples had gone numb a few hours earlier but during her last struggles she had leaned too far forward and pushed them against the edge of the desk waking the little fireballs with a vengeance and now they were making tears stream from her eyes as she typed.

It was nighttime again as Jane was barely able to type from her body and mind being exhausted, she had been typing all day and been shocked and vibrated so many times she couldn’t remember but knew she couldn’t take much more. She thought about the fact that even once her hands were free and she unlocked her folded legs the mail would not bring her the keys to allow her to release her pony boots, corset or neck corset until she is able to get to her laptop and send them the request to restart her mail that she had asked them to hold for her, if she got the request in early enough they had told her it might be the same day, if not maybe two days so the faster she gets free of the desk the faster she gets her keys. Even though the trip to her mailbox would be difficult she thought she could make it and back without too many problems.

As Jane rested again she thought she heard something behind her, she tried to look but her bonds held her tightly, she sat and listened until suddenly she had a blindfold pulled over her eyes and heard a man say, “Well I didn’t expect this!” Jane struggled pulling hard on the chains and squealing loudly but they held her firmly in place. She struggled until she was out of breath and heard him laughing then he said, “I guess that answers that question, if you could get loose you would have.” He moved around her room and inspected her collection of bondage gear laid out on the bed, Jane trying to keep track of his location with her ears, leaned and twisted her body in the direction she thought he was and continued to struggle against the chains.

“I came here knowing you had stopped your mail and thought you might have something I could sell, but now I think you can help me out a different way!”

She heard him pick up the keys from the desk and unlocked the chain connected to the desk. Jane pulled hard against him but could not stop him from pulling her hands down to her waist chains and locking them there pulling the chain from her collar taunt. She struggled some more and listened to him laugh before he unlocked the chain connecting her waist to the front of the desk and quickly spun her around on her sore knees, Jane squealed into her gag because of the sudden movement before feeling him relock the chain behind her back forcing her to lean away from the desk. As she leaned rigidly outward she knew she was in the perfect position to have her mouth used and was now glad the collar was locked on by the heavy chain.

After a few minutes he spoke again, “Now I’m going to remove the gag and if you say anything or scream I will replace it and leave you, how long do you think you can last tied up the way you are, Huh?” he continued, “Once I have the gag out you will suck my cock and swallow every drop of my cum, if you do it well enough I will turn you back around and leave you as I found you, I assume you have a release of some kind set up and we will both be happy.”

Jane thought about it and smiled under her half hood while she was thinking good luck getting the gag out before grunting her consent, the continuing vibrations were now joined by the warning shocks making her jump slightly but was also exciting her from the feeling of helplessness she was sensing due to her inability to stop whatever was about to happen .

The intruder made quick work of the lock at her neck and unlaced the half hood and pulled the large foam ball out of her mouth, taking the glass of water and putting it to Jane’s lip she greedily drank it down. As Jane was stretching her jaw muscles he quickly shoved the large o-ring gag into her mouth saying, “Wouldn’t want you to bite now would we” as Jane turned her head and fought to keep him from being able to buckle the gag making him hold her head still by her hair until he had it buckled tightly.

Jane’s mouth was now held wide open and she was whining slightly as drool began dripping onto her heaving breasts and she knew she had no choice but to accept her fate and hope he would be satisfied. She heard him unzip his pants and soon after felt him stuffing his cock through the gag, he pushed it deep into her mouth and said, “Let’s go” and began pumping her face as she tried to suck and message his dick with her tongue. He began going deeper into her and with each pump forced his dick further down her throat until her nose was being crushed against his pelvis, Jane fought her gag reflex and tried to time her breaths in between his thrusts until she felt him tense up and he pushed hard against her face sealing off her nose and held her there until he finished pumping his cum down her throat. She was just starting to struggle and whine as he released her and pulled his softening cock from her mouth and allowed her to take a deep breath.

Jane hung her head causing more spit to run from her mouth and heard him zip up his pants and say, “Not bad, but in your position I wasn’t expecting much!”

Jane caught herself being irritated by this comment knowing she gave good head and couldn’t believe she was thinking about her qualifications at giving head to someone that just essentially raped her. He stuffed the foam ball in her mouth without removing the o-ring gag then laced the half hood back on her pulling it much tighter than she had making her head tilt back slightly from her mouth being forced open by the gag. He turned her around and relocked all her chains leaving her less slack than she had before and before removing her blind fold he said , “I enjoyed our time together, hope you enjoy your time alone as much.” he pulled the blind fold off and quickly left her house.

Jane knelt in front of the desk even more restricted than before, the collar was now on the edge of choking her and she could no longer look down at all, her chains had been pulled much tighter leaving her barely enough slack to reach the keyboard and then only if she stretched her fingers, her nipples were screaming with pain and her knees and legs had also been awakened by the recent movement and were throbbing again. The shocks were increasing and had gotten to the point of being painful as Jane sat squealing with each pulse and thought about what had just happened. She was looking down her nose at the keyboard wishing she had never come up with this idea and feeling very sorry for herself when she noticed the computer screen had been covered by a piece of paper. Jane started to cry thinking this was another torment set up by her rapist as she tried to make out the typed message on it through her blurry eyes.

It was an e-mail but she couldn’t quite make out what it said but she could see hand written on the bottom was a combination, she thought about it for a minute before deciding she really had no choice and tried to work the lock upwards where she would be able to see the face. Jane was struggling violently when she found there was no way for her to move her head down enough or the lock high enough to be able to see it from the tighter chains holding her hands and the much tighter neck corset holding her head slightly backwards. When she had struggled long enough to tire herself out she slumped towards the desk not caring about the shocks or the fact that her nipples were being crushed under her weight against the desk and sat panting until she noticed the new slack in the chains and easily held the lock up high enough to see it. Jane was starting to cry again as she turned the dial to each number and felt the hasp open.

Stunned she dropped the lock and was slowly able to stretch her arms out in front of her for the first time in days. She turned off the computer and suddenly all was quiet inside her cocoon. Making short work of the remaining locks holding her to the desk she fell backwards. After some struggling she was able to unlock her cramped legs from her waist letting them flop to the floor as she whined though her gag from the relief.

After lying on her stomach relishing her new freedoms and flexing her stiff body parts for almost an hour she drug her body over to her bed and forced herself to stand on her pointed toes wincing from the new pain as she struggled to take tiny steps to her laptop sitting on the kitchen table. Arriving 20 minutes later she tried to sit forgetting about the stiff corset dress still encasing her body keeping her from being able to bend her body and opened her laptop to see another piece of paper and opened it and read, “I hope you are ok, and thanks for the invite and the service you performed for me, I stopped by the post office and picked up your keys and mail but decided I would only leave you the keys for the collar, the rest I will mail when I get home, call me when you are free of the gag, Tom”

Jane smiled under her hood as she realized it was her friend that had helped plant the combo in her computer, she had asked him to be her safety backup but since he lived over three hours away he had asked what was in it for him if he had to drive all the way there and she had told him she would let him use her in any way he could if he had to come over. She found the key to her collar and removed the chain, unlacing the hood was difficult with her hands cuffed together but soon she had it and the o-ring gag open and was able to pull the soaked foam ball from her mouth. Jane didn’t understand why none of the keys on her ring had not opened the lock holding her hands together but didn’t care as she relished how wonderful it felt to be able to move and breath through her mouth again.

After talking with Tom for almost a hour she found that since he had been nice enough to let her remove her gag and collar he had taken the keys to cuffs in exchange, he had already dropped the remaining keys in the mail and figured they would get there in two or three days. Jane scolded him teasingly and before hanging up told him he would have to try her mouth again but without the gag and see what he thought of her abilities then, she hung up leaving him with a huge hard on and lay back on her bed and thought about what she should do for the next two days. After sleeping until the next afternoon Jane knew she needed to practice walking in the pony boots and forced herself to stand and began cleaning up the house.

Learning to swing her hips as she forced her welded together thighs to fight the tight leather for each step in her corset and thinking corsets must have been why women like Mae West walked so seductively the way they did in the movies. After vacuuming all the carpets she felt comfortable with her ability to walk in the tight dress and pony boots and ate a small dinner. While standing in the kitchen she noticed it was dark again and still feeling randy she looked outside the front door and could see no one out so she eased herself out the back door and walked around her back yard only stumbling once before she went through her gate and walked down the drive to her mail box.

The night air and the thrill of being outside while bound and technically hobbled aroused her even more, she hadn’t even wore anything to cover her corset so her heaving breasts could be clearly seen in the streetlights near her home. The pony boots made a neat clopping sound as she wandered down the sidewalk with her cuffed hands hanging in front of her waist. Wishing she had worn a gag as the vibrators slid around inside her exciting her further she continued to walk and even tried to prance but the tight corset around her thighs prevented her from lifting her knees high enough. She continued to walk not realizing how far from home she had actually gone when a cars headlamps startled her back to where she was and what she was doing. Glancing around and moving as quickly as she could behind a parked car and watched breathlessly as the speeding car passed her by.

Jane looked around and realized just how far she had walked and nervously headed towards her house, her excitement building with each step as she started to get lost in the feelings again. Her feet had stopped hurting and she was glad she hadn’t been able to remove the nipple clamps enjoying their distracting pinching as she walked and twisted in the corset. Jane was growing weary as she was nearing her house and spotted several cars out in the street with people standing nearby them, and thought at first there had been an accident but after watching for a few minutes she knew that the family two doors down from her was having a party and it seemed to be mostly young people that had no interest of going inside the house.

Jane was standing next to a van parked in the street and knew she couldn’t stay there long, but didn’t know if she had any options or not because all the houses had fenced in back yards and the only other way was to go around the subdivision to get to the other side of her street. Jane thought about it for a while before hearing a nearby dog start baking and the prodded her to get moving. She was now very aware of how helpless she was if anything happened and her arousal had faded completely as she continued to walk as fast as the tight dress and shoes would allow.

Jane was out of breath and needed to rest so when she found a darkened corner she leaned against the street sign to catch her breath, she thought about the subdivision and hadn’t realized before how big it was but hoped that if she turned down the next street it would take her around the party and back to her house. After walking another hour she still had not found any streets leading back to hers and was getting nervous, she had almost been spotted twice and still had no idea where she was in relation to her house as her breathing became more and more ragged as her corset seemed to be getting tighter.

Still pushing herself she continued to walk and soon found another street and turned left hoping this would bring her home. The street she had taken seemed to be very long and had a lot of curves in it and she was worried again that she had gone the wrong direction, as she clopped along in the dark she started to relax again and get back into her rhythm of walking before she began thinking about what to do if she couldn’t make it home by daylight, the thought of her hiding somewhere all day really turned her on and soon she was feeling a building climax as she strolled along in a daze again.

Jane barely noticed the street ending at the main entrance of the subdivision but just automatically turned towards her house and continued to walk, her chest heaving while she gasped for air, each step getting shorter from her body tiring of the perpetual fight for inches as she walked and continued to struggle with the steel encircling her wrists and fantasizing about what the young boys would do if they found her. She knew the corset was locked on but she also knew her mouth was available and that thought made her even wetter as she continued to gasp for air and pulling her thighs hard against the thick leather of the dress as she walked.

Nearing her house she could not see any of the cars that had been out front of the neighbor’s house but still walked carefully, now wishing the clopping noise wasn’t so loud and keeping an eye out for any movement. Finally reaching the gate in her fence she could just see the sun starting to rise and thought, 'That’s why they are gone, I have been walking all night'.

Now safe in her house Jane got a much needed drink and a light snack, she was still feeling the desperate need to cum after having been so close much of the evening, so she hooked up the wires for her vibrators and inserted the foam ball then pulled a panel gag on her face to keep the ball firmly inside and fell back on her bed. While waiting for the vibrators to bring her to a climax she was thinking about her night’s adventure and was unsure if she would ever repeat it or not, well at least not without her gag anyway, she grinned just as her vibrators started humming.



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