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The Chastity Files

by Otto Dix

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The Chastity Files of Otto Dix

Monday, April 23, 2001:  Day One

Cock cages and chastity belts always turned me on.  The idea of being prevented from masturbating for a week at a time, or longer, seems like an unbearable sentence.  I sometimes fantasize about being made to please a woman repeatedly with oral sex while never being let out of my cage.

Fortunately, I do have a couple of weeks to experiment with self-imposed chastity.  I was recently transferred, and the new house won't be available for another 2 and a half months.  Until then, I am living alone.

I was looking at some cock cage designs on the net, and came across one I really liked.  It was in two pieces.  The first was a metal loop that wrapped around the testicles and penis.  At the top, the metal was bent upward and had a hole for a lock.  The two vertical pieces came together and closed the loop, and you could put a tiny lock through the holes to keep it shut.  The second piece was a case for the penis.  At the top of the opening was a tab with a slot for the vertical pieces of the lope to go through.  The loop would prevent the case from being lowered off the penis, and the lock would prevent the case from being taken off the loop.  The case had an opening at the bottom for urinating, and was bent downward, to keep the penis in a curved downward position.

I looked at than and said, "I can make one of those!"  I went to the hardware store and got the following supplies:

One angled ABS pipe about 1.25 inches in diameter.  It was a full 90-degree angle, with one larger end used for inserting another pipe.

One ABS cap to fit on the small end of the angled pipe.

ABS cement

One long (7 inch in diameter) metal pipe fastener.  I don't know their official name.  It has a bolt at one end and the metal has slots on the other that thread into the bolt.  When you turn the bolt, the loop closes and tightens around the pipe.  I wanted a long one, because I just wanted the metal part without the slots.

One small lock.

One roll of electrical tape.

To do the project, I needed a hacksaw, a drill, and a pair of pliers.

First, I made my loop.  I measured around my testicles and penis and came up with a 7-inch circumference.  I cut a portion of loop that was 8.5 inches long.  This would give me a 7-inch loop, and two vertical tabs, each ¾ inches long.  I bent it into shape, and drilled a hole through the tabs for the small lock.  I then wrapped electrical tape around the metal loop (but not the tabs) so that it would not cut into the skin.

I tried on the loop, and found that I could slip one testicle at a time through the loop when not erect.  I shortened the loop to about 5.5 inches, but that may have been a mistake.  Once the pipe is installed, there is very little room for the testicles to pass.  I suggest making a couple of sizes and trying them out with the pipe to see which one is most comfortable, and still does not allow release.

Next I made the penis case.  Using the hack saw, I removed most of the larger end of the pipe.  On the outside curve of the pipe, I left about 1.5 inches of the edge of the large part of the pipe for the slot for the metal tabs.  I didn't bother with the cap.  I figured I would wait to see if I needed it.

At first, I had one slot, for both tabs to go through.  I used a small drill bit to make a series of holes, and then I cut off the excess with a penknife.  However, I found it impossible to install.  I could not hold the tabs together, and put on the pipe over my penis, and put the tabs through the slot.  I tried for an hour and gave up.  Then I had an idea.  About 1/8 of an inch beside the slot, I used the hacksaw to cut a thin slit that went from the edge of the pipe to the same depth of the slot.

To install, and put hand cream in the pipe to help the penis slide in.  Then I held the loop from under my balls and held it almost shut (from under, I could not hold it closed completely).  I slipped the pipe over the penis, and then put one tab in the slot, then I moved the other tab over to the slit, and slipped it in place.  I put the lock through both holes.  With the lock in place, the tab in the slit can not move back at all, and stays in place.

I tried on a pair of baggy causal pants, and they concealed the cock cage very well.  With the pipe in place, the loop was very tight around my testicles, and I knew I would have to make a larger size when I had a chance.

It was late, about 11pm, when I was done.  I decided to see if I could sleep with it on, and thought further about my self imposed imprisonment.  I knew I would not wear the cock cage at work, for fear of discovery.  Also, I knew that I would never be masturbating at work.  I figured that I could use the security of the building I worked in for the self-imposed chastity.  I needed a pass card to enter the building after hours.  I could leave it behind, with the keys to the cock cage in my desk.  If I installed the cock cage faithfully after work every day, I would have to wait until the next morning to release myself.

With a plan in mind, I tried to sleep.  Every time I thought about not being able to touch myself, even in the shower, my penis became erect inside its prison.  The hand cream avoided chaffing, and the aloe couldn't hurt.  It did feel very warm at first though.  I tried to sleep on my back for awhile, and then rolled on my stomach.  Every time I tried to rest on my stomach, the cock cage would get pressed into my crotch, and my penis would engorge.

At about 3 am, I woke up with a tremendous hard-on, and I had decided to remove the cock cage.  I had slept on and off all night.  It felt good to remove the devilish device, and I fell instantly to sleep.

Tuesday, April 24, 2001:  Day Two.

In the morning, I immediately reinstalled the cock cage, and went for my shower.  It felt weird not being able to fondle my penis with soap while I showered.  I got dressed and took the keys with me to work.  I walked comfortably to the bus stop and waited.  My trench coat covered the slight bulge that the cock cage created under my dress pants.  I mounted the bus, and sat very carefully.  Sitting was a little uncomfortable, but not impossible.

Once at work, I went straight to the men's room and released myself.  I wiped off the excess hand cream and put the cock cage in my coat pocket.  For safe keeping, I put one key for the lock in my filing cabinet.  I didn't know if I would leave both keys behind tonight.  I wanted to make certain I could go the entire night without removing it, and still get a descent night's sleep.  I also figured I should try a larger loop to be more comfortable, yet still inescapable.

As the workday neared its end, I got more excited.  I knew I would be making another loop tonight, and trying it out.  I was hoping to make it though the night tonight.  If I could sleep most of the night, I might just leave the key and pass card at the office tomorrow.

At 4:30, I got ready to go.  I grabbed my overcoat with the cock cage in the pocket, and went to the men's room.  I locked myself in, and adjusted myself to make as small a bulge as possible.  I didn't have any hand cream or other lubricant with me.  I would have to have some at work, since it would be at the end of the day that I would be installing the cage, not at home.

When I got home.  I removed cage, and got to work on a slightly larger locking loop.  I made this one about 6.5 inches in diameter.  Using the larger loop, I put the cage back on.  I went about my regular evening activities; supper, dishes, laundry, watch T.V..  The new loop was much more comfortable, but at about 9 p.m., I noticed that it had loosened.  I went to the bathroom and inspected the cage.  One testicle slipped out, and I could remove the cage without the key.  I was very disappointed.  This meant I had to do with the small, less comfortable loop.

That night, I installed the cage with the smaller loop.  This time, I took the key and put it in the basement of the house I am temporarily living in.  This would dissuade me from releasing myself, since it would be hard to explain to the other residents why I would be roaming the house in the middle of the night.

As I lay in bed, I fantasized about being locked in by my wife, and she would hide the key.  She would then have me do wonderful things to her body.  In-between orgasms, she would rest, and I would experience a great deal of sexual torment, as I would not even be able to satisfy myself.  The more she ignored my obvious discomfort, the more turned on I would get.  When would I get relief?  How many orgasms is she going to want before I get mine?  Would I even get one tonight, or would she eventually get too tired, and decide to wait until morning to release me?

I brought one hand down to my imprisoned penis, and placed a finger up into the opening at the bottom of the angled ABS pipe.  There was plenty of hand cream in the tube, and I vigorously rubbed the tip of my penis, on the bottom smooth side.  I felt very nice.  If fact, I was getting quite a bit of relief from this activity.  I knew that I had to do something to prevent myself from continuing this activity.  I retrieved the 1.25-inch ABS cap I bought with the pipe.  I had already drilled drain holes for urine in it.  I also grabbed the bottle of ABS cement.  I applied a thin coat to the inside edges of the cap, and slipped it on the pipe, still locked on my penis.  The cement seals almost instantly, and the cap was on permanently.  Now I couldn't even give myself a limited amount of relief.

I lay on my back and tried not to fantasize anymore in order to get some sleep.  Surprisingly, I drifted off.

At 3am, I awoke in considerable pain.  I had a full erection (as full as one can have while trapped in a tube), and my testicles were sore.  Despite the electrical tape, it felt like the edge of the loop was cutting into the underside of my testicles.  The combination of pain and need for relief was too much.  I put on my robe and went to the basement to get the key.  Back in my room, I lay in bed and gently released myself.  First, I felt a shooting pain as the loop was removed, then tremendous relief as the tube was removed, and my penis expanded to its full size.  With plenty of hand cream still on my penis, I massaged and masturbated until finally satisfied.  I felt a little disappointed.  I thought I would be going much longer with touching myself.  I was too tired to think about the problem of the loop that was too tight to be comfortable, and went right to sleep.

Wednesday, April 25, 2001:  Day Three.

In the morning, I was not interested in putting on the cage again.  Not until I could find a secure and comfortable way to keep it in place.  On the bus ride to work, I figured that it was the edge of the loop that caused pain.  Maybe if the loop had a rounded edge, it would be more comfortable.  Perhaps a section of I.V. tube big enough to slip over the loop.  The ends would be cut at an angle to avoid an edge of the tube digging into the testicles, and then covered in electrical tape again.  I would only put it along the bottom edge of the loop, since it would interfere with the installation of the tube if at the top.  I would have to use a larger loop since the tubing would reduce the diameter.  Perhaps the 6.5 inch loop would be the right size for this modification.

After work, I took the long way home and went by a local hardware store.  I bought one foot of clear plastic tubing.  When I got home, I went right to work on the adjustment to the 6.5 inch loop.  The tubing was not large enough to go over the metal loop, so I cut it down the middle and wrapped it over the loop, with the cut side facing out.  I covered the ends with electrical tape to hold it in place, and cover the rough edges.

I put on the cock cage and was impressed with how much more comfortable it was to wear with the tubing.  I wore it for a couple of hours and I found I could move about very easily.  After a while, I decided to see how secure it was.  I laid down and gently tried to work a testicle out of its prison.  With a bit of steady pressure, and a little discomfort, one testicle slipped out.  Once one testicle was out, the other had enough room to slip out easily, and I was free, and a little disappointed.

I was not about to give up.  I inserted some cotton padding inside the tubing and reinstalled it on the loop.  The cotton held the tubing away from the loop, and reduced the circumference a little bit more.  Perhaps, just enough.  I reinstalled the cage.  It was still very comfortable.  It did feel a little bit tighter, but did not cut off any circulation.  I wore if for about an hour before attempting to get free.  This time, I could not manage to get a testicle out.  I left the cage on, and decided to see if I could make it through the night while wearing it.

This time, I lied on my side, and put a pillow between my knees to hold them apart.  I found this position very comfortable and I slept very easily.  Like the two previous nights, I awoke at 3am again.  I had a massive hard-on, but it was trapped in the tube.  I felt mildly uncomfortable, as it is supposed to be, but my testicles were just fine.  No throbbing, no cutting, no pinching.   I rolled over to the other side, and quickly went back to sleep.

Thursday, April 26, 2001:  Day Four

At 6 am, my alarm went off, and I reached for my key on the dresser and removed the cage.  I examined myself and found that I suffered no ill effects of the cage.  I resisted the urge to satisfy my released prisoner, and headed for the shower.  I cleaned my penis well, imagining that for a week at a time, I might not get the chance to fondle myself in the shower.  I would have to bring a face cloth to work to give myself a quick wash in the men's room for hygienic reasons.  I would also need a tube of hand cream for when I installed the cage at the end of the workday.

I didn't wear the cage to work that morning, I figured I would put it on later that evening.  However, I did take the key with me with the intention of leaving it at work.  It was Thursday, and  I would imprison myself tonight, and not be able to release myself until Friday morning when I went to work.  It would be a test run for next week.  Next week, I would commit to going the entire week in the cage, removing it only while at work.

While I waited for the bus, I began to wonder why I was waking up at 3 am each morning.  I didn't usually wake up at 3 am.  Each time I awoke, I have a massive erection.  The first two nights, it caused quite a lot of pain as the loop dug into my testicles, but the third night, I felt fine.  I always assumed that I have regular  erections while sleeping, the majority of men do.  I just didn't know I could set my watch by them.

I had shopping to do Thursday evening after work.  I had some stuff to get for the weekend, and I was leaving town Friday night.  I decided to wait until going to bed to put on the cage.  I figure this would be a warm up for next week.  While shopping, I picked up extra metal ring fasteners to make other locking loops, and clear plastic tubing that was big enough to go over the loop.  I was determined to make at least one appropriately sized loop that was comfortable and secure.  My experience last night confirmed that it was possible.  I was amazed at the low cost of the project, and how well it was working.  I wondered if I should go with an even smaller pipe for the penis case.  It would be more discrete, but less comfortable.  The 1.25 inch ABS pipe was very easy to install, even when half erect.  It might be possible to go smaller.  I was getting hard, just thinking about it.  This weekend, I would be visiting a place with a shop, and I would have a reasonable amount of privacy to quickly make some new loops and a new small penis case.

I left to go shopping right after I got home.  While at the hardware store, I looked for another curve pipe that was slightly smaller and would still do as a penis case, but found none.  I grabbed two more pipe fasteners to make more loops, and did the rest of my shopping.  Back home, I grabbed some supper and thought about the rest of my evening.  I was quite tired from the restless sleep I had the past two nights and figured I would go to bed early.  At 9 pm, I went to my room and prepared myself.  First, I applied some hand cream as lubricant.  This worked well to avoid and chaffing as my penis grew and shrunk within its cage.  Next, I held the loop around my penis and testicles with my left hand.  I held it from underneath my testicles, with one foot on the bed.  Next, I slipped the ABS pipe over my penis, and put one vertical tab of the loop in the slot.  Holding on to that tab and the ABS pipe with one hand, I used the other to bring the other tab over the slit in the pipe.  The second tab slid right up to the first tab, and they were about an eighth of an inch apart.  I threaded the lock through the holes in the tabs, and got in bed.

I laid still for awhile thinking about the fact that once I closed the lock, I would have to wear the cage until I got to work the next morning.  I lowered one hand and held the tiny lock.  After a couple of deep breaths, I closed it shut with a quick sudden movement.  Immediately, my heart rate and breathing quickened, and my penis instantly enlarged.  I was obviously aroused by this imprisonment.  My penis covered in hand cream slid forward in its prison.  I was desperate for relief, and if I could, I would have satisfied myself right then.  Late evening and early morning were when I was most likely to masturbate.  With this system, I would be prevented from doing so at my most vulnerable moments.

Friday April 27, 2001:  Day Five

Eventually, I did fall asleep, but I did wake up three times that night.  Once around 1 am, again at 2am, and of course, at 3 am.  The next time I woke up was to the sound of the clock radio at 6 am.  I usually stay in bed for as long as another 50 minutes, until I absolutely have to get up so as not to be late for work.  However, this morning, I had incentive to get out of bed right away and hit the shower.  I can't think of a better motivator to get into work than an engorged penis screaming for release, and the only keys are in your desk at work.

I missed the 6:30 bus, and the 6:45 was missing.  At 7:00, I was finally on my way to work.  The bus ride is short, normally I can walk to work faster if I just happen to have missed a bus, but with the cock cage, I was interested in doing as little walking as possible.  The cage didn't chaff at all, but my testicles were a little sore.

Once at work, I retrieved the key and headed straight for the men's room.  I moistened a face cloth and went into a stall.  It felt so good to remove the penis case.  If I were at home, I certainly would have masturbated.

I would not be wearing the cage over the weekend, I was visiting people and the risk of discovery was too high.  I figured that I would use the weekend to rest from all my experimentation, and then commit myself to a full week of cock cage imprisonment.

Saturday and Sunday, April 28 & 29, 2001:  Day Six and Seven

Over the weekend, I had access to a shop, and I took advantage of it to quickly make another metal loop.   I started with an 8 inch strip of metal from a pipe fastener.  I filed down the edges and corners to be very smooth.  I measured ¾ inches from both ends, and marked them with a pencil.  These would later be bent upwards to make tabs.

Next, I drilled one hole at each end of the metal strip for the lock to go through.  I drilled the holes about 3/8 of an inch from the ends, so that they would be in the middle of the tabs.

Next, I slipped a clear vinyl tube over the metal strip.  I bought a small section of it that was just wide enough to fit over the metal strip.  I put a piece about 5.5 to 6 inches long on the metal strip.

Next, I bent the metal tabs upward, at 90 degrees to the metal, and bent the metal strip by hand to form the shape of a circle.  Finally, I used electrical tape to cover the rough edges of the tube.  With the tabs bent up, the metal loop had a circumference of 6.5 inches, but the vinyl tube reduced the circumference.  For me, this was big enough to be comfortable, yet small enough to not allow myself to escape.

As an added bonus, I found that with the new loop, I could easily put both tabs in the one slot.  In order to install, I would first cover my penis in hand cream to avoid any chaffing.  With my left hand, I would hold the metal loop from underneath, and close it as much as I could around my testicles and penis, with the tabs upward.  Next, I would slip the penis case over my penis (it has to be non-erect) and put the left tab in the slot.  Then I grab the tab and penis case with the left hand, and maneuver the right tab under the tab of the penis case until it is under the slot, and slip it up into the slot, adjacent to the left tab.  Once both tabs are in the slot, and the lock is in place, the cock cage cannot be removed and you can't touch yourself.

Over the weekend I wore the cock cage whenever I took a shower.  One evening, after a very long day of hard work, I decided to take advantage of the whirlpool tub.  I installed the cock cage, and left the key in my room, and went to the luxury bathroom for a nice long soak.  The jets were very stimulating, and it was frustrating not being able to touch myself.  I would turn the penis case upward and let the air out of the holes at the bottom and the hot water would rush into the case.  It felt very hot at first, and I was powerless to do anything but wait for my penis to adjust to the hot water of the tub.  I would roll over and place the penis case near a jet, and it would cause it to vibrate strongly.  I felt my penis engorge inside the case.

When it was time to leave, I wondered about wearing the cock cage Sunday night, and not being able to release myself until Monday morning.  But I had one of the keys with me.  The other was still safely stored in the filing cabinet at work.  I decided to leave the key I had in the shop.  I put it in a can of bolts I was using for one the projects currently underway.  I left Sunday afternoon, with my new loop and a tiny lock still open, waiting for me to lock myself up later that night.

I got back home and spent some time with my housemates watching TV  At 10 pm, I excused myself and went to bed.  I installed the cockcage and threaded the lock through the holes in the tab.  I left it unlocked at first, scared to commit myself.  Tomorrow was the last day in April.  I wondered about not renewing my bus pass for May.  I would save the money, and walk to work in May.  The weather was nice enough, and it would be an extra torment to have to walk back and forth to work.  The thought made my penis engorge.  While aroused, I reached down and gently pulled and rotated the penis cage.  Then, without giving it much thought, I closed the lock and committed myself to be trapped in the cage until I got to work the next morning.  My erection got harder inside its prison, and it was mildly uncomfortable.  I tried to relax and go to sleep.  I put a pillow between my knees, and lied on my side and tried to go to sleep.

Monday, April 30, 2001:  Day Seven.

Today was the first day of my weeklong entrapment.  I woke several times during the night, but managed to get some sleep.  I eagerly hopped in the shower at 6 am, and walked to the bus.  This would be my last day using the bus to go to work.  I was getting more and more use to wearing the cock cage, and I didn't think I would have any trouble walking to work with it on.  I just had to keep my over coat on to hide the slight bulge it made in my dress pants.

At work, I retrieved the key and headed for the washroom to release myself.  It always felt very nice to take that penis case off.  I replaced the key in the cabinet and got to work.

At the end of the day, I  could not bring myself to put the cock cage back on right away.  I had something scheduled to do with other members of the household just after supper.  I decided to wait until after that to install the cage.  I left my pass card behind so I could not re-enter the building, and double-checked to see that the lock for the cock cage was open.

At around 7 pm that night, I decided to experiment with some stereo-electro-stimulation.  A month earlier, I was experimenting with new files, and was surprised by the fact that an orgasm was building as a result of certain files.  By accident, I had a tremendous electrically induced orgasm.  Since then, I have been trying to replicate the incident and capture it on videotape.  I think I need to be highly aroused and in need of an orgasm for it to work.  I stimulated myself with sound files for about 15 minutes, and I was coming pretty close.  I made a mental note of how to adjust the files to perhaps have a better impact, and put my terminals away.  For about 15 minutes, I was on the brink of orgasm, and I wanted desperately to finish myself off, but I resisted.  As soon as my penis went placid, I covered it in hand cream and installed the cock cage.  I didn't hesitate to close the lock and I instantly went rock hard.  This would be the longest I was ever trapped in my cage.

Tuesday, May 01, 2001:  Day Eight

I slept surprisingly well.  I was getting very used to wearing the cage, and my testicles were adjusting to the loop. I even slept-in a bit.  When I did get up, I remembered that I would be walking to work this morning, as my old bus pass was no longer valid.  I found that walking was very comfortable and I was feeling quite proud of my homemade cock cage.  At work, I went through the regular routine to remove the cage and I got down to work again.

As the end of workday came around, I once again had to decide what to do.  This time I may no plays to do anything with anyone, and warned my housemates I would not be home this evening.  I decided to actually put on the cock cage at work and leave the key behind.  I grabbed my coat, hand cream, and cock cage and headed for the men's room.  I quickly installed the cock cage and returned to my office.  I put the key in my desk drawer, along with my pass card to get back in the building.  It was 5 pm.  If I got back in around 8 am, that would be 15 hours with the cock cage on.  I wasn't worried about my testicles any more, the loop was very comfortable.  I was a little worried about the hand cream not lasting long enough.  On my way home, I stopped in at the drug store for some personal items.  I also picked up a plastic syringe that came with a 4 inch tube,  It was used for giving infants medicine.  I could fill the syringe with hand cream and insert it in the penis case with the tube.  As I walked around the store, I passed the condoms.  It occurred to me that I could wear one or two condoms, and that might help protect me as well.  The hand cream was working very well, and as long as I could add more, I was sure I would be fine.

I also passed the nylons.  I do have a nylon fetish.  A big one.  I prefer to see women's legs in nylons, all bound up, but without a willing victim about, I usually wore them myself while doing self-bondage and self-torture.  I did a quick pass and noticed the ones I wanted and then went back when all my shopping was done.  I grabbed two pairs of black silky nylons, and one pair of stay-ups.  I never wore stay-ups before.  I paid for everything and went home.

At home, I let the other housemates know I was on my way out, and not to plan any supper for me.  I went upstairs to my room and quickly stripped from my dress clothes.  I put on the stay-ups, and was very impressed.  They felt and looked very sexy.  I would love to fuck a woman in these.

I got dressed in casual baggy pants that hid the slight bulge made by the cock cage and went out wearing the stay-ups under my pants.  They felt very nice.  I hung out at the mall and window-shopped.  I finally headed for a movie and I was headed back home around 10:30 pm.

Back in my room, I was very horny.  I lied in bed wearing nothing but my cock cage and the stay-ups.  I didn't want to take them off ever.  I could wear them under my clothes and not worry about the waistband showing.  I was still experimenting with sound waves, and I had a new one to try.  But with my penis in the cage, I would not be able to put the cockrings on.  Instead, I fashioned two band of metal using the left over strips of metal from the pipe fastener.  I covered the ends with electrical tape, and taped a speaker wire to both bands.  I slipped the bands into the penis case and started the sound files.  They felt nice, but I was not getting the same effect that I do with the rings.  After about 15 minutes of electrical stimulation, I called it a night, and put away all the gear.  I didn't take off  the stay-ups.  They felt too nice.

Wednesday, May 02, 2001:  Day Nine

I woke again at 3 am.  I was feeling very horny.  I ordinarily would have masturbated and went back to sleep.  I almost forgot that I could not.  As I reached down, I was reminded that I was a locked out of my own house (so to speak).  This made me even hornier.  The penis case was beginning to feel uncomfortable, so I pulled out the syringe and tube and used it to give myself a fresh supply of hand cream.  It felt cool and comfortable.  I massaged the penis case back and forth to spread the cream around, and then went back to sleep.

I woke again at 5 am, desperate to get out of the cock cage.  I think that early mornings are always going to be my worst time.  I wondered if I should head into work this early, but then I remembered that without my pass card, I could not get in until after 7 am.  I settled back into bed and tried to get a bit more sleep.

I woke with the alarm and got up right away, eager to get to work.  I was getting used to urinating with the cock cage on, and it always gave me a bit of a thrill.  I don't know why.  I showered, dressed, grabbed something for lunch, and headed out the door.  Walking to work was going to be good for me.  I good stand to lose some weight.  Once at work, I did the standard routine.  Washing myself off with the warm face cloth felt so good after being a prisoner for 15 hours.

During the day, I got a call from a housemate asking me to help move a large bookcase upstairs.  That meant I would not be able to install the cock cage before leaving work.  I was looking forward to another 15-hour stretch of confinement and frustration.  Before leaving work, I reached into my coat pocket and pulled the key from the lock and put it in my desk.

After helping my friend move the bookcase, I retrieved the cockcage and retired to my room.  I was about to strip and get ready to install the cock cage when I notice that the lock was closed.  This was a switch.  Usually I was locked in and unable to get out, now I was locked out, unable to get in.  For the past three nights, I have had near constant erections and a constant supply of pre cum trickling from the tip of my penis.  I was suffering from blue balls from the build up of sperm, and I really wanted satisfaction.  I knew that I would not be able to resist the temptation to resist.

Instead of masturbating, I decided to try electro-stimulation.  Months ago, I had an orgasm from just electrostimulation, and I was hoping to do it again.  I had a new sound file ready to try.  It was a 75 Hz square wave that was amplitude modulated.  The modulation frequency was 0.5 seconds, and the amplitude went from about 60% to 100%.  I made the sound file 180seconds long, or three minutes, and I had Power Point loop the sound over and over again.  I taped it for about 20 minutes.

I had a stiff erection from the moment the file started and the erection stayed for the full 20 minutes, but no orgasm.  I rewound the tape and played it again.  This time I varied the amplitude, always raising it as high as I could stand it.  Eventually, I felt the orgasm build.  As it built, my threshold of pain rose and I continued to increase the volume to very intense levels.  My whole pelvis vibrated with the electrical current.  I pumped my hips aiding the orgasm along, and then it finally came crashing over me.  The electrical currents caused very strong contractions during my orgasm, and they didn't seem to stop until I finally lowered the volume.  I was panting and drenched in sweat.  I fell asleep with the cockrings still on me, and connected to the amplifier.

When I woke up, I was stiff and sore.  The muscles along my inner thighs felt like they had been through a workout.  I was covered in sticky sperm from the larger than usual orgasm.  I took a quick shower and inspected myself well.  The intensity of the current was not without its consequences.  I had two small electrical burns on my penis, and they would have to heal before I did any electrical stimulation again.

I decided to terminate my chastity trials, since I knew that it worked well, and I had a good idea as to where and when I could use it.  At the moment, my weekends are always spent with people.  However, in the future, when I get a weekend all to myself, I wouldn't mind having someone else in control of when I get released.  Maybe someday.

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