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The Chase

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2017 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; spandex; heels; harness-gag; cuffs; toys; insert; dog; keys; chase; outdoors; climax; caught; hum; M/f; rescue; bond; reward; cons/nc; X

Lucy was about to go for her daily run, she loved wearing the tight spandex shorts and sports bra that showed how well she kept her body firm. She also liked how all the guys stopped to stare and even whistled sometimes making her feel sexy. As she went to get her running shoes she spotted her favorite high heels, these were her special time shoes she only wore them when she was alone and stringently bound. She loved the super high heels that forced her to walk on the balls of her feet and the thick platforms that made her not feel quite so short. Lucy was five foot tall and had been wearing high heels since she was old enough to ask for them. As she stared at the ridiculously high heels she changed her mind deciding to restrain herself and get her work out that way instead of running.

She had started to undress stopping as she spotted her incredible figure in the tight black spandex that barely covered her ample breasts and hugged her tight ass with the legs of the shorts stopping just below her ass cheeks. “Well I guess I will be working out” and pulled the shorts back up. Lucy grabbed the tall shoes her custom head harness gag and the cuff set and went to her bed shooing her peke-a-poo off the bed smiling as the small dog leapt from the bed. Sitting down the equipment she took her release keys into the next room dropping them on the kitchen floor.

Lucy bounced to her bed already excited about what she was about to do to herself snatching the largest vibrator she owned out of her dresser checking its charge before stuffing it into her damp pussy sliding it in as far as she could. The vibrator was extremely large for her small body always sticking out of her wet pussy a couple of inches making it interesting when she would roll over on top of it and made a small “tent” in the tight spandex shorts. Lucy laid the remote beside her for later and began strapping the tall shoes on her tiny feet. Lucy pulled all the straps tight slipping locks through the last strap then standing and looking at how they made her legs look so muscular. Lucy turned taking the clamps she had recently purchased wondering if she could use them over the spandex.

Lucy locked the ankle cuffs on making sure the locked straps of the shoes were above the cuffs. The cuff set was made of steel with short bars connecting the wide ankle and wrist cuffs. Once the cuffs around her ankles were locked tight the bar between them kept her feet about five inches apart while the wrist cuffs held them about three inches apart just close enough to be able to reach the lock to release them. Lucy flexed her feet twisting her ankles testing the steel around them making sure they were adjusted correctly relishing the tight cuffs and how they restricted her movement. Lucy separated the two one way straps she would be using to connect the cuffs around her elbows and then connect the bar between her wrists to the one between her ankles.

Normally Lucy would hogtie herself in her bed room forcing her to wiggle and twist into the kitchen to get her keys while the vibrator and the frustration of being bound made her climax several times. Lucy snapped the wide steel cuffs above her elbows looping the strap between the d-rings leaving it loose for the time being. Picking up the head harness Lucy smiled and licked her lips as she watched the large phallus built into the harness get closer to her face. Lucy opened wide stuffing her mouth with the gag making sure the cover for her lower face was straight before pulling the straps over and behind her head. The harness was very well broken in from the constant use it got since she had found it in a leather workers shop years ago.

Lucy had loved the look of the harness immediately needing the craftsman to help her try it on pulling the straps tight enough to seal her whole lower face with the thick leather. The gag was designed to not only fill her mouth but completely cover her face from under her nose down to her neck, the mask almost reached her ears having wide straps running from the side of her nose meeting the main harness at her forehead. The main harness was riveted to the wider strap that ran across her forehead and like the ones coming from the mask all buckled in the back with locking buckles. Lucy loved the way the harness encased her head and face making it impossible to make more that muffled grunts. She had worn it with several boyfriends especially if they were at their apartments or in a hotel because she had always been very noisy when she climaxed.

Lucy stretched her neck making sure the gag and harness was correct before cuffing her wrists. Lucy adjusted the straps pulling each another notch before feeling comfortable. Locks were not needed since her hands would be secured behind her well out of reach of the straps encircling her head. Lucy tried the clamps over the spandex finding that even though her nipples could clearly be seen pushing through the tight material the clamps would slip off quickly so she pulled the top up closing the clamps tightly on her nipples hissing as the pain surged though her. Lucy pulled the tight top back down hissing again as it pressed on the clamps forcing them to pull her nipples downwards and holding them there.

Lucy sat thinking about the clamps before making the decision to continue with binding herself hoping the extra pain wouldn’t ruin her orgasm. With her ankles locked together and her mouth stuffed with the gag Lucy was ready to pull her elbows together and complete her hogtie. Finding the long tail Lucy felt her elbows being drawn together only stopping her tugging when the d-rings were overlapping. Lucy enjoyed the increased feeling of helplessness that came from her elbows touching and how it caused her chest to stick out further increasing the intensity of the pain from the clamps. Now that her elbows were touching Lucy locked one of the cuffs around her left wrist adjusting it until it was tight making sure it was fitted correctly before preparing herself for the final lock. Lucy was ready to seal her fate snapping the cuff closed on her right wrist feeling the familiar anxiety of knowing she was now helpless to stop the pain from her nipples, speak or do anything until she reached her keys.

Lucy was flexing her hands when she heard some noises from the other room and stopped to listen. Lucy was relieved when she realized it was just the dog playing and was about to lower herself so she could attach the hogtie strap when she heard something that made her freeze and pray she was wrong. Lucy stood and shuffled to the door and couldn’t believe what she was seeing as she watched the dog while he played with the keys she needed to free herself. The dog had found her key ring thinking the cock shaped key fob was a toy and was now shaking and twisting it. Lucy hissed at the dog as she took a step forward stopping when the dog stopped his shaking and stood crouched with his full mouth between his front feet ready to play keep away with her.

Lucy had played with the dog many times and knew what the stance meant and didn’t want to have to chase the dog for her keys in her current predicament. After a moment of staring at each other the dog took off running tight circles around the living room teasing a helpless Lucy before darting out the small doggy door into the back yard. Lucy could do nothing but watch in disbelief, her second set of keys were safely on a high shelf in the closet. In her rush to get ready she had not moved them to their reserve position and now she could only pray the dog would return with her keys and not……bury them! Lucy shuffled and hopped towards the sliding glass door pushing the curtains aside desperately looking for the dog.

Lucy was frantic as her eyes fought to look around the wide straps coming up from her gag on each side of her nose and her hands were flailing behind her back. Lucy spotted the dog near the side of the house quickly turning her back to the door and unlocked it opening it as far as her bound hands could then nudged it open far enough for her to wiggle though it. As soon as Lucy was outside she turned and could see the dog was digging and as soon as he noticed Lucy’s gagged face hissing at him he grabbed the key ring and stuffed himself under the fence and disappeared from her sight. Lucy screamed behind the gag and started hopping towards the gate in the fence banging it open with her shoulder not thinking about how she was bound and gagged and now outside the house.

As the gate slammed closed Lucy was shuffling and hopping after the dog who was running about ten feet in front of her then stopping and waiting until she got closer then would turn and run away again. Lucy was concentrating so hard on the dog she hadn’t noticed the vibrator turning on or the two women walking passed her house stopping as a shuffling, hopping and bound Lucy moved to the side walk after the dog. Lucy continued chasing the dog for several hundred feet stopping when the dog stopped and shook his tail at her then quickly ran off after a squirrel he had seen leaving the key ring lying on the side walk.

Lucy was relieved and shuffled close to the keys knowing she was going to have to lie down to reach the keys and feeling the vibrator bringing her arousal to a fever pitch. The by standers had now grown from two to four with more walking closer to see what the commotion was about. Lucy had dropped to her knees closing her eyes as the orgasm slammed through her making her body convulse and her scream into the gag. The crowd stood watching the beautiful woman bound and gagged in spandex workout clothes and towering high heels orgasm in front of them several of the women grinned and licked their lips as they watched her cum. When the orgasm faded Lucy opened her eyes quickly rolling over onto her shoulder and began searching for the key ring with her bound hands.

As Lucy lay struggling with her bonds she glanced forward noticing the people standing around her staring and froze realizing she had just orgasmed in front of them and was lying bound and gagged near the street. Lucy could feel the keys in her hand but in her sudden embarrassment she rolled to her knees and shuffled to her feet and began hopping and shuffling towards her house. Lucy could hear people laughing and talking about her as they watched her struggle to her gate. Reaching it Lucy banged into it realizing it opened out and the latch was over her shoulder well out of her reach. Lucy’s hands were flailing behind her desperately trying to unlock the cuffs but in her haste she had not been able to find the key holes. While the growing crowd stood and watched the woman shaking and struggling as another orgasm approached the young man that lived next door had pulled up and joined them to see what was so interesting.

Pushing passed the crowd he pulled the bound girls arm moving her out of the way of the gate yanking it open and pulling her through it. He drug her into her house slamming the door as the bound woman stood gasping still struggling to free her wrists. He turned to her and asked her what she was thinking scaring her and making her back away from him. Lucy had always found him attractive and enjoyed the talks they had shared always thinking she might like to go out with him. He had always wanted to ask her out but the first time he saw her practicing her bondage games in her back yard he knew he did not have the knowledge he needed to accommodate her needs so he had been studying up and buying some special equipment to use on her.

Now the two stood face to face both wondering what the other was going to do neither really sure what they should do. Lucy fumbled the keys dropping them and grunted knowing she was going to have to get down on the floor again. He stepped forward moving her to one side and picked up the key ring and walked into her living room making the bound woman have to shuffle behind him. He walked around her house with her following him whining at him wanting him to stop moving and give her keys back. After reaching her bedroom another orgasm washed over her making her scream again as she started to fall to her knees. Quickly he moved close and caught her holding her close as she whined and shook all over. Lucy had her gagged face pressed into his chest gasping around the gag until her orgasm faded then looked up into his eyes and giggled into the gag.

John smiled at her as he held her upright easing her backwards sitting her on her bed then said “Stay” and walked into her closet leaving her to squirm in her bonds feeling another climax building. John searched her closet finding her bondage gear enjoying what he found knowing he could do anything he wanted to the bound woman. John walked out of the closet carrying several items he had found saying “I wonder what we could do with these?” Lucy’s eye got wide as she saw what he had suddenly her arousal increased along with the feeling of fear knowing she could do nothing to stop him. John sat next to the squirming woman straightening out the leather hood humming to himself. John continued to prepare his finds listening to her breathing increase as she became more excited.

Lucy felt the orgasm growing closer as she tried to get away from John thinking he was about to increase her helplessness when he laid everything down and asked “Would you like me to free you now, or leave you as you are so you we can have more fun?” Lucy stopped struggling stunned by his statement. Lucy wiggled her hands at him getting him to unlock one of the cuffs so she could bring her hands in front. As she sat flexing them she felt the strap between her elbows pop letting her pull her arms apart. Lucy quickly squeezed the clamps releasing her tortured nipples squealing loudly into the gag as the blood returned to them. John sat watching her rub her spandex covered breasts. John was getting aroused himself so he handed her the key ring saying “Don’t lose it, come over later so we can talk about what we are going to do about this”.

Lucy watched him walk out of the room hearing him open then close the front door before jumping to her cramping feet and yanking her shorts down pulling out the humming vibrator before she was forced to cum again. Lucy unlocked and removed her remaining restraints remembering her adventure turning red as she thought about all her neighbors that had seen her and what she could tell them. Dressing herself in loose sweat pants and top she got herself something to drink sitting in the kitchen when her door bell rang. Looking through the peep hole she saw John standing at her door with her dog, smiling she yelled through the door “Just keep him, I have to move because of him” both of them were laughing as she opened the door taking the dog from him.

John looked at her with a sad face making Lucy ask “What?” John answered “Oh I hoped you would still be in the running shorts” laughing again he said “Call me when you’re ready” and walked off. Lucy was petting the dog as she closed the door planning what she would do to herself before she called him seeing herself sealed in leather and steel leaving the keys on the kitchen table with a note saying “For saving her she was his for the night” and hoped he would be able to please her. Lucy was showering as she continued to plan her night’s attire seeing herself in the full body catsuit with zippers over her crotch and breasts her arms bound tightly behind her back. In her mind she was wearing the hood he had picked out with the large gag stuffed deep into her mouth and the towering heels locked by steel cuffs that would be connected by a chain that had snap clips so they could easily be removed.

Lucy was ready and called him asking if he would come over at seven, he said he would so she told him her door would be unlocked and she prepared the note leaving it next to a bottle of wine with one glass and a cork screw next to it. As Lucy dressed she was excited about the night’s possibilities and hoped the cute young man would turn into the one who would not only tolerate her but could control her as she had always wanted. John was preparing as well gathering up his own equipment dreaming that she would give him a chance to test his freshly learned abilities on her.

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