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Castle in the Swamp

by Steff

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Storycodes: Solo-F; castle; explore; discovery; boots; dress; panties; dildo; insert; magic; armbinder; bond; books; spell; curse; choice; submit; collar; tease; climax; cons; X

It was another hot and muggy day for the expedition. Amanda continued her trek through the thick swamp. Her objective was an ancient castle located deep in the swamp. She was heading to the castle to do some research for her History class. She thought that her freshman college professor would be impressed if she added pictures of the actual castle into the report.

Just like she had predicted she arrived at the castle about 2 hours before sun set. She took some pictures of the outer wall then set up the base camp. The night was hot but Amanda slept well and after breakfast she decided it was time to explore.

Amanda went left which took her straight into the castles entry. The main entrance looked like it would have been very grand and attractive. Now, however after decades of neglect and the humid air, the place was in ruin. The once beautiful tapestries were nothing more the rotten smelly piles of fabric. The painting was destroyed and the furniture was also rotten. After taking pictures, she moved further into the structure.

She spent the next couple hours taking a lot of pictures of the remaining rooms. They were all in the same condition of ruin as the entrance however she was getting a lot of great pictures. Towards the back of the castle she discovered a sealed door. The door itself looking like it was made from oak or some other hard wood and was reinforced with some kind of banding. Amanda was able to use some of her lesser known skills and was able to pick the lock. The room beyond the door was entirely different from the rest of the castle.

Beyond the door was a stairway that headed up. After thinking about her location, she released the stair led up to one of the better-looking towers. She walked up the round stair to the next level. There was another enacted door but since it wasn’t locked she entered. This room was obviously the room of a woman. The most impressive thing was that everything in here was in great condition. It all looked brand new in fact. The large bed was covered in a think comforter and silk sheets.

The dressers were full of the under clothes worn by women of the time. There were three doors so Amanda opened one. This was a closet that had formal dress and several other dresses that were obviously designed to be more sexual in nature. Opening the second door she discovered a bathroom that contained a large tub and several large fluffy towels neatly shacked on a counter near a sink. The third door opened up to a stairway that led further up.

Following the stairway up she found the next level to be filled with books, a large table and comfortable looking chair. After glancing around the room, she tried to open the other door figuring it would be stairs but the door was locked. Despite her best efforts she wasn’t able to pick the lock.

Since it was getting late she figured it was time to head home. Looking at her watch she figured she had plenty on time to make the 5 miles walk before it got dark. After about an hour the sky opened up and started pouring rain. The rain was cold and the temperature was dropping fast so she turned around and headed back to the castle. By the time she got back she was totally soaked and cold.

She returned to the tower. It felt good to get out of the wind but it was still cold. She went to the bathroom removed her clothes and dried herself off. Since her clothes were wet she draped them over the edge of the tub to dry. She checked her weather app of her phone and it looked like the storm was going to last all night. She was glad she had brought enough food for a couple days but she was still cold.

Amanda went to the closet to see if anything would fit. She wasn’t used to the styles but it looked like the clothes would well enough. Amanda looked online to figure out how the outfits would look and go together and she picked out one of the more provocative ones. She picked out a long gown made from leather. The gown had a corset with a push-up bra type top. It was boned all the was to the knees so once it was laced she would have a hard time walking because she could not separate her knees.

She looked in the dresser and found panties of matching color and material. The panties also had dildo in the crotch and small pouch that was positioned to accepted her clit. She stepped into the panties and slid them into place. The dildo filled her full and like she thought her clit slid easily and comfortable into the pouch.

Walking around in the panties was an adventure of its own. The dildo and panties wanted to move as she did but the pouch seemed to have tightened enough on her clit that the moved pulled and massaged it. After walking around the room a few times, the cold was starting to get to Amanda again so she went into the closet to get dressed. Since the dress she was going to wear would prevent her from bending much she wanted to put on shoes first.

After finding leggings she inspected the shoes but all she could find that fit was a pair of knee high ballet heeled boots. After slipping her feet into the boots they started to lace themselves up. She freaked out until the lacing stopped and she was able to untie the laces like normal. It took her a few tries learn to walk on her toes since the heels forced her to keep her feet pointed straight down. With her naturally good balance and the added support of the well-made boots she was soon able to walk like a champ.

Next, she sat down in a chair and slid herself into the stiff dress. She had to almost lay down before she was able to get the dress pulled up so she could stand and get it positioned correctly. Once it was positioned the dress started to lace itself. Amanda didn’t freak out this time because was expecting it. She was not expecting the dress to tighten up so much. The dress tightened so much it took 6 inches off her waist, her breasts were pushed up and squished against her chest so they looked like they were ready to pop out on the top and her legs down to her knees were squeezed so tightly she could not separate them at all. She moved around for a few minutes getting used to the tight dress and ballet boots together. Once she felt she could walk without killing herself she walked, taking short steps out of the closet to a mirror and looked herself over.

Amanda admitted she looked better than she thought she would. The dress made her look super sexy with her small waist and breasts that looked like they were ready to pop out of the top. The lower part of the dress looked good too. Between the boots, unyielding and tight dress her hips and legs looked awesome. As she turned she noticed a pair of flaps on the back that formed a “V” with the small end at her ass going all the way up to her shoulders. Since she couldn’t figure out what they were for she ignored them and them, taking small steps, walked to the window and peeked outside through the shutters. The sky was so bad it looked almost like night outside.

Now that she had dried, warmed up and had time she decided to go upstairs and check out some of the books. Climbing the stairs was extremely difficult because she could not separate her knees and the ballet boots she wore made balancing tough also. Taking the steps one at a time she finally made it to the top. She hobbled over to the table in the middle of the room and tried to sit in the chair but she could only get a very little of her butt on the edge because the boning and tightness of the dress prevented her from bending. It was however enough to let her rest. She thought it was strange, but liked the fact, that her toes were not the slightest bit sore from walking on them. Amanda examined the book on the table and noticed it contained advance mathematical formulas and symbols she couldn’t recognize.

After a few minutes she got up and looked at the books on the shelf. Most of them were written in a language she could not read. In fact, there were only 4 books she could. The first one called “The Beginning” she brought to the table and read it. The book talked about an age of magic, wizards and witches. One of them was kind, caring and enjoyed normal people. She was not liked by the other wizards and witches because she wanted to share and help non-magic people. Ultimately, she was cursed to be locked in her upper tower forever.

The next three she scanned through talked about various inventions and ideas the writer had made. Amanda was surprised that the books talked about the dress and boots she was wearing. The auto lacing was also mentioned. Finding that she looked more in-depth and discovered the flaps on the dress would wrap around the arms or the person wearing the dress is she were to stick both her hands into the pocket at the bottom of the “V.” The wearer would be held for 4-6 hours her arms would then be released. The boots she had already figured out would prevent her toes from getting to sore and taking damage from walking on them.

By the time she finished reading about the dress and boots it was getting late and she was tired. Looking around Amanda realized it was dark outside but this room was still well lit. She got up and worked her way downstairs. Again, the stairs were tough because she had to take them one at a time. As she was so exhausted be the time she got to her stuff and eat she just laid down on the bed and went to sleep. In the middle of the night she was woken up by thunder and realized she was still dressed, wasn’t sore at all and like the book said she had no desire to use the restroom. Since she was still tired she decided to stay dressed and in the nice soft warm bed.

Amanda woke up and hobbled to the window. Looking outside the storm was still in full swing and her weather app told her it would last all day and into the night. As she turned around she noticed her reflection in the mirror and again admired herself. The dress made her look really good. The only thing minorly wrong with the whole picture were the flaps on the back. “Why not,” she thought and then reaching behind her she put her palms together and slipped them into the pocket at the bottom of the “V.” The flap quickly overlapped each other and were immediately tight enough so Amanda could not remove her arms even if she wanted to. The flaps then began to slowly, gently but forcibly tighten up forcing her forearms to be squeezed together. That pulled her shoulder closer together and made her breasts stick out more. As her breasts were forced out more they popped out of the dress cups. Amanda figured the dress was designed for this because her breasts were comfortable supported. She wiggled and struggle, as much as she could, wearing the restrictive dress, soon figured out she wasn’t getting out.

She figured she would head upstairs and finish reading. It was even harder to get up the stairs this time. In addition to being hobbled by the dress and walking in ballet boots she didn’t have the use of her arms for balance or support. She finally made it up the stairs and sat on the edge of the reading chair for a rest. When she sat down the dildo attached to her panties, buried deep inside her pussy started to vibrate and her clit started to gently get messaged. The activity felt gentle and really good. Amanda knew it would take her a while to get there but she figured she would be able to orgasm.

Amanda looks at the books on the table and realized she wouldn’t be able to read them since her hands were restrained behind her back. Suddenly the last book she could read opened on its own. She began to read the book but it got harder and harder to concentrate the closer she got to orgasm. As she finished the introduction the panties vibrations increased and she was rocked by her first bondage orgasm. The wave of pleasure rolled over her and all she could do was enjoy them.

The intensity of the vibration slowed and Amanda took a few minutes to recover and catch her breath, not an easy feat with her waist so tightly laced into a corset. She returned to reading the book. It took the whole 5 hours her arms were stuck in the flaps of the dress to read the book. This is because every time she completed a chapter the panties forced another orgasm on her.

When her arms were released she struggled her way down the stairs and into the closet. She removed the dress by just loosing the laces. The boots followed and lastly was the panties. She went to the bathroom to discover the large tub full of hot water. She also noticed a few different bath oils next to the water. She found the scent she liked and got into the tub. She wasn’t sure how long she stayed in the tub but when she got out she was refreshed. She put on the softest bath robe she had every worn and returned to the closet to clean the thing she had worn only to find them already cleaned and put away.

Since the storm was still going she went up stairs again. She sat down and reread that last book. It was written by the witch’s best friend. It had taken his whole life but he figured out the loophole for the curse and enchanted the witch’s tower. According to the book the curse would be broken by someone, it had to be a woman, who was willing to give herself over to the witch’s ultimate desires. The witch’s ultimate desire is to have the woman totally submissive to her and her perversions. The witch was into restraints, sex and dress up. The book also said that only such a woman would be able get into the tower and the witch’s clothes would fit and work on her. The woman would have to agree to become a sex toy to the witch.

Amanda thought about everything that happened and how much she enjoyed it all. She also thought about how she never really felt anything more than friendship with guys. Surprisingly the thought of becoming a bondage sex toy was exciting. She looked up the name of the witch online and discovered there was someone by that name and she was known to be kind and caring. That is what the first book Amanda read said. Making a decision Amanda decided to go for it. After all she had 2 weeks more of Spring Break before school started again so she had time to kill.

Once the decision was made the book turned to another page that Amanda swore wasn’t there a minute ago. The book told her put on one the outfit she wore while reading the book but not to restrain herself. She got up and ran down the stairs and into the closet. Removed the dress and boots she lay them on the bed and then goes to get her panties. She steps into the panties and pulls them up. The dildo slides easily into her already wet pussy. The boots go back on next and Amanda is not surprised as the laces tighten themselves again. She finally steps into the dress and is glad that it to tightens all by itself. This time she lifts her breast up so they aren’t trapped inside the top of the dress. The corseted dress tightens until she has again lost 6 inches from her waist and cannot separate her knees.

Once dressed Amanda slowly ascends the stairs. When she reached the top the dildo inside her begins to vibrate. She goes to the book, noticed the page has turned so she reads the new page and follows the directions. She opened the drawer of the desk that she hadn’t noticed and removed a wide metal collar. The collar was about 4 inches wide and had a “D” ring attached to the front. It was hinged to open on the side but there was no noticeable lock on it. Taking the collar Amanda walked to the open area in front of the desk and looked down at a tile that was a slightly different color then the rest of the floor. The tile had 4 indentions in it. From reading the book the indentions were designed to hold the toes and heels of the ballet boot she was wearing.

“Here I go,” Amanda thought as she placed both her boots into the indentions. She then positioned the metal collar to her throat with the D ring in front and closed it. Then, just like book said, a clip connected to a rope was lowered from the ceiling which she connected to the collar’s D ring. Slipping her hand palms together into the pouch on the back of the dress she said, “Come Mistress your sub awaits.”

Right after the words were spoken the flaps along the back of the dress tightened around her arms forcing them tighter until her forearms were squeezed together. That also forced her breast to stick out more then they already did. The rope clipped to the collar retracted until she was forced to stare straight up. She tried to move her feet to a more supportive position but discovered the toes and heels were locked into the indentions. The dildo inside her pussy vibrations became really intense and her clit started to get vibrated.

Amanda is kept on the edge of orgasm for what seemed to her a long time before she is finally pushed over the edge. The orgasmic pleasure consumes her totally. The explosions of ecstasy rock her body and she willingly gives into them. She stands there wiggling, twitching and writhing and the orgasm rocks her body. Finally, her orgasm recedes but the vibrator inside her keeps her excited and begins to push her up towards another orgasm.

Clapping and giggling startles Amanda then a voice excitedly says, “Not only am I free but have such a gorgeous woman willing to give herself over to me.” A pair of hands reach around from behind Amanda and begin to play with each breast. Amanda’s breasts are squeezed, groped and massaged. After a couple minutes Amanda nipples are squeezed, twisted and pulled. This in addition to the vibrating dildo forcing Amanda to again get wracked by another orgasm. This orgasm rocks her for a long time and just keeps going. Wave after wave was over Amanda’s body consuming every fiber of her being.

Finally, the orgasm receded and Amanda is given a chance to catch her breath. Somehow Amanda knows the witch she has yet to see will not ever hurt her. Amanda is also aware the she will be happy with the witch and her kinky desires.

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