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Buried Treasure

by M

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© Copyright 2006 - M - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; naked; mud; enclosed; outdoors; cuffs; gag; chast; toys; wam; stuck; surprise; cons; X

I hid behind a boulder in the forest and listened for the rumble of an approaching garbage truck. A hundred yards away I could see the bright yellow trash bag sitting by the side of the road. When the garbage truck came by, as it almost always did at this time of day, they would probably see the bag and, assuming it was trash, take it with them. There was a chance they wouldn’t come by today, or not see it, or not want to stop to pick it up. If that happened I would go back and retrieve the bag, which contained my clothes and sandals, and not go through with this adventure. But if they did....

Naked and pressed against the rough, cold stone, my bare feet enveloped in crackling leaves, I began to have doubts that this was a smart thing to do. Just on the edge of running back to get the bag, I felt more than heard the grumble and clatter of the truck. My heart at once sank and soared, knowing that this part of my plan was out of my control and the decision to continue would be arriving any second. I crouched down behind the rock to make sure I couldn’t be seen. The truck’s rumble got closer and, to my ears, seemed to slow down. I could feel my excitement growing with the stiffening of my nipples – what would be the decision? Suddenly, the engine roared to life as the truck accelerated and sped away down the two lane country road without stopping.


Looking through a break in the trees, I watched the truck pull away, the man on the back of the truck fiddling with something inside the hopper. I waited until they were out of sight before getting up to go get my clothes and go back to the house. Getting up from behind the rock, I brushed dry, scratchy leaves off my legs and butt and started walking towards the yellow bag – the yellow bag that wasn’t there! The garbage man had apparently grabbed the bag while the truck was still moving!

Retreating into the dark safety of the forest, I paused a moment to take stock of my situation and plan my next move.

My husband Dan and I enjoy a creative sex life. We have mutual interests in bondage and messy fun and our sexplay usually revolves around one or the other or both. For a while I fantasized about being Dan’s pet which resulted in a couple days as a ponygirl for him; and a long night as his pet dog. Now Dan’s birthday was here and I thought up a plan that would make him work for his present - me!

This section of forest is across the road from our house in the hills of Vermont. The road is a fairly busy country road and, being nude, I would have to be very careful if I wanted to go back to the house. But of course, this is part of my plan. It’s easier for me to continue on into the forest rather than risk being seen naked out in the open. Besides, I’d been planning this adventure for a while and I wasn’t ready to quit now.

I picked up my knapsack and continued through the cool woods, taking time to apply bug repellent to my bare skin. The ground under my feet changed from crunchy leaves to sharp twigs to soft needles and, finally, to damp, cool earth. I was approaching the area Dan and I called the “pigpen”: a flat, empty stretch of low ground devoid of greenery but highlighted in bright July sun. A small stream runs through the area, forming a 10'x20' muddy patch that Dan and I have used often to cool off on hot days – days very much like today. From previous experience I knew the mud was about 12 inches deep and, after a hot day, starting to thicken. This, too, was part of my plan so up to this point everything was going very well.

I pulled a towel out of the knapsack and laid it on the ground. After emptying the knapsack’s contents onto the towel, I threw the bag in the brush as far as I could so it couldn’t be seen. On the towel lay 2 pair of thick leather cuffs, a brown leather head harness with a built-in penis gag, 2 short pieces of stout chain, a leather collar and chastity belt, a black rubber butt plug, and a rather large dildo with a built-in vibrator. The buttplug and dildo I had modified by gluing loops of leather to the ends that would be sticking out of me. A set of locks, two keys, and a tube of lubricant rounded out the collection.

Now I began to dress for Dan’s birthday.

The previous day I took a co-worker, Marta, into my confidence. She knew Dan and I were adventurous in the bedroom, though I never gave her a lot of details. I told her about Dan’s birthday and how I wanted to do something special. I asked her to take a permanent Magic Marker and write the combination to a lock on my bare back. She gave me a long look then laughed and agreed to do it. Then she asked, "Why your back?”

I explained that I didn’t want to know the combination so I couldn’t set myself free. She laughed again then said, “Why not make it more interesting and put it on your butt?” This time I laughed and agreed. I handed her the unopened combination lock package, a wide Magic Marker, and pulled down my pants. The ink was cold and she was done in a second. I thanked her and offered to buy her lunch but she said she was busy. She walked off, tossing the paper with the combination into the trash.

I started with the ankle cuffs, locking them on comfortably but securely. The keys for all the locks except two were in the distant house so I would only have one chance to get the restraints on right. Wrist cuffs were next - click, click. My excitement grew as I lubricated my anus in the warm sun. The plug was slightly larger than I was used to and it took me several minutes to work it up into me. When it finally settled in place, I gave a sigh of relief and rinsed my hands off in the stream. The dildo was next and, as I was already lubricating freely, it slid in with little effort. The feeling was filling and exciting and I couldn’t wait to turn it on – but that would have to wait a bit.

Next, I locked the waist belt part of the chastity belt on snugly making sure nothing pinched. The crotch strap was actually a length of smooth chain which I ran down between my butt cheeks and through my shaved, glistening pussy lips, passing it through the loops of leather on the ends of the intruders thus locking them into place inside me. The final chastity belt lock was the one whose combination was written on my ass. I shivered knowing I now could not free myself of the butt and vaginal plugs without Dan’s help.

The head harness was next, its penis gag filling my mouth with the feel of a man’s sex and the taste of smooth rubber. It was arousing, distracting, and humiliating and I loved it. Three small brass locks made sure I would remain gagged until Dan needed my mouth for his pleasure – click, click, click! Last came the wide leather collar. A pink metal tag attached to a ring on the front of the collar read “Dan’s Birthday Present”. Along with the tag was a small brass bell which tinkled merrily as I locked the collar around my neck. Finally, I picked up a snaphook with the two keys attached and snapped it onto the collar ring.

Now dressed for the occasion, it was time to wrap Dan’s present.

The evening before, I visited the pigpen to make some final preparations. I brought along two metal ground anchors. These are corkscrew shaped rods that you screw into the ground to tie your dog to when you’re in a park. Once at the muddy patch, I plotted out carefully where I wanted the anchors to go. I screwed each one into the mud so they were about three feet apart and their top loops were a good eight inches below the surface. It was hot, dirty work and when I was finished I contemplated taking a nice, cool mudbath but settled for a refreshing dip in the stream. Sitting in the cool running water, thinking about Dan and the look on his face when he got his present, I let my fingers wander down into my bathing suit bottom. My cry of pleasure joined with the other forest noises, echoing unheard through the trees.

I teased the wet mud with one bare foot, enjoying the last sensations of cool, dry air and hot sun on my skin. In a few minutes my world was to become one of wet earth, leather, rubber, and steel. Now I stepped down into the brown muck, feeling it ooze up voluptuously between my toes. It was the consistency of wet cake batter, dark brown in color, and smelled of the deepest, darkest secrets of the earth. It was, in a word, heavenly.

Stepping around in the goo, I searched for the near anchor and found it pretty much where I thought it was. Taking a three foot step (and nearly falling in!) I quickly found the far anchor. Now with my feet on either side of the far anchor, it was time to get really dirty. I squatted down as far as I could, just letting my butt touch the cool wet mud. I thought of the numbers written there, soon to be hidden by the brown muck. My pussy and ass were occupied and sealed off until those numbers were revealed by my lover who would then be free to use them for his own pleasure. In a fantasy haze of lust, I rolled back into the welcoming mud.

Cold, yes, and slimy as it squeezed between my butt cheeks and thighs. My legs and lower body were quickly enfolded, disappearing into the depths of the wet earth. I took a few moments to savor the feeling of the sucking, farting mud in which I sat – pudding-like, it’s surface quivered with the motion of my legs as I adjusted my position to get comfortable. Aware of the late-morning sun heating up the pool, I moved on to the next step.

Reaching over to the nearby towel, I picked up two locks and one of the foot long lengths of chain. I had sealed the openings in the locks with tape so when I plunged them into the mud, their mechanisms would still work (I learned this trick from a previous muddy adventure that ended up with Dan cutting some expensive leather cuffs off me. I got a good spanking for that one!). Manoeuvring under the mud, I locked my ankles together with the chain. My breathing was getting heavier now, both from the exertion of working against the viscous mud and the increasing tension of my deepening bondage. I picked up one of the locks whose keys I had on the towel and quickly, without thinking about it, plunged it into the mud and used it to lock the middle link of the ankle chain to the loop of the anchor. My feet were now trapped in the muck, their movement restrained by thick leather and strong steel chain.

I pushed a hand down to my crotch, the mud blurping obscenely, and switched on the vibrator. As expected, nothing happened. The expensive toy was programmable and I had set it to remain dormant for 15 minutes before going into a set of random times and intensities. The program consisted of fast and slow ramps up and down, short stretches of intense pulsing, and long stretches of soothing waves -- hours worth of sexual stimulation. I would have no idea what would be coming next, but I was pretty sure I would be.

I reached over and grabbed the last chain and the three locks. Thrusting my arms down underneath me, I found the anchor loop and, using the largest of the three locks (the one whose key hung from my collar) locked the center link of the chain to it. I placed the other two locks next to the anchor so I could find them when I needed them. Now I pulled my brown, mud-covered arms and hands out of the goop, grabbed the towel and tube of lubricant and shoved them down into the mud — there would be no evidence left to help Dan find me. He would have to use his eyes (and maybe his hands!).

Now came the tricky part. My objective was to submerge my upper body and most of my head in the mud such that I couldn’t be easily seen. I would be hidden in the cool wet arms of Mother Earth while I waited for my lover to come find me and uncover his buried treasure. I don’t know where this fantasy came from and I never analyze the pleasure out of these things. I just knew I wanted to experience this but that I had to do it safely.

I leaned back slowly, feeling the cool mud envelop my back and sides, the slippery wetness lifting then engulfing my tanned breasts leaving only the tips of my erect nipples peeking out from the surface. It was as my shoulders began to disappear under the surface, the last bit of bare flesh shrinking to nothing, that I came to experience the feeling of being welcomed into a whole new world of sensation..

Laying back full now, I pushed my head back into the thickening ooze on the banks of the mudhole until it came up to the edge of my face. The sounds of the forest disappeared when my ears were filled and, leaning back on my arms and staring up at the blue sky, I began to feel a union with the earth I had never felt while standing on top of it. It’s hard to explain a feeling of spirituality while putting oneself into selfbondage in a mudhole, but there it was.

I picked up my head from the sucking mire with difficulty and cleaned out my ears as best I could. Twisting around, I piled mud up where my head had been on the bank so I would be able to see Dan when he came looking for me. I lay back again and, with some difficulty, adjusted my position until my body lay completely under the dark brown surface and my head lay like a muddy rock against the bank. To complete my camouflage, I used handfuls of mud to cover as much of my face as I could without getting any in my eyes or over the gag’s breathing hole. Just to be sure, I packed on my face another layer of thicker, stickier mud I pulled up from the bottom. Hopefully I was now totally hidden from sight, while still being able to see my surroundings.

Up to this point I could have freed myself and, eventually, made my way home and Dan would never know. I knew it was time to give up that option and I felt my stomach flutter with the realization that I was indeed going to do it. I pushed my arms down beneath me, feeling for the locks and chain. They were right where I left them and I quickly locked my left hand to one end of the chain. Almost there, I thought, but I could still free myself with my right hand if I wanted. Manoeuvring slowly in the thick ooze, I threaded the lock through the other end of the chain and onto my wrist cuff but did not close it. The 15 minute wait for the vibrator was almost up and I waited patiently with my fingers tightening slowly around the lock. Soon, soon...

The vibrator kicked on high, surprising me enough to cause me to clench my hand around the lock, sealing my fate. As waves of pleasure, unheard but deeply felt, washed up through me I trembled with fear and excitement. I was naked, bound and gagged, my private openings filled, my sex stimulated out of my control, and I was buried unseen in slippery, sensuous mud which I could not escape without my lover’s help. After a short period of time, the vibrator ramped down to an oscillating hum and I rocked my hips pleasurably in a fog of lust.

I tested my restraints, pulling on my hands and feet and trying to move the anchors. The mud, drying slowly in the hot noon sun, trembled slightly but I had done my work well and would not be leaving this earthen prison anytime soon. The vibrator faded out and I was left to my own senses for stimulation. The forest was quiet and serene, the warm sunlight golden and glittery on the shrinking puddles of water on the surface of the mud. Birds and butterflies flitted by and I drifted off in a haze, sucking and licking the rubber cock in my mouth while imagining it to be Dan’s. I squished the slick mud between my toes, the cool goop like a big wet tongue on the bottoms of my feet. Every move of a tree or branch caught my eye, bringing the hope that it was Dan come to rescue me but only turning out to be a stray breeze.

Suddenly the vibrator was ramping up quickly to full strength, its powerful vibrations causing me to thrust my hips in desire. I was a helpless puppet responding to the demands of this heartless pleasure toy. The stiffening heavy mud over my crotch gave just enough resistance to make my thrusting nearly successful but just as I was about to climax, the vibrations died away and I was left disappointed and cursing unintelligibly into my gag. Again the vibrator ramped up, bringing me to the edge of ecstasy before fading into quiescence. I shook and strained against my bondage but the semi-liquid earth just settled in around me, holding me tighter. Now the demon dildo returned to its quietly hypnotic oscillations and, tired from my fruitless exertion, I relaxed into my entombment and dozed the early afternoon away.

I awoke briefly to a sound and opened my encrusted eyes to find several deer drinking water from the nearby stream. They hadn’t detected me and I was able to watch them for quite a while before they wandered off into the brush. I wondered how long I had been buried and how long it would be before Dan would come to dig me out. The mud around my body was now like cake batter, the surface a hard crust. My nipples, which had been poking out of the muck like little seedlings, were now encrusted with the dried mud. The soft, wet ooze that had teased my breasts and belly was rapidly turning to hard clay. My face and head were difficult to move but I had no problems breathing or seeing. I tried reaching between my buttocks to see if I could pull out the butt plug and give my stretched anus some relief but the chastity chain was taut and my efforts useless. The plug settled back in place and I grunted helplessly with the renewed pressure. My feet were now encased in a boot of thick, damp clay, my toes grasping for pleasure but finding only increasing resistance and imminent immobility.

The vibrator switched to a series of fast, strong undulations and my body used what little motion it had to magnify the waves of pleasure that ground up from my poor, tortured pussy. I came once, twice, then again before the program switched off. Exhausted and spent, I closed my eyes and fell asleep in my hardening earthen prison.

Sometime later, I awoke to the sound of something big crashing thorough the brush. It was still a bit distant but was definitely coming my way. Was it Dan? Or a bear? I didn’t know and in my fear, my heart racing, I tried to break free from the mud only to discover the depth of my dilemma. Hours had now passed since I stepped into the mud, feeling it slipping sensuously between my toes, buttocks, and thighs, its cool embrace a welcome relief from the hot sun. Now the mud around me had dried to a firm hard clay – not quite like cement but of an unyielding density as to prevent any movement of my body upwards. The mud under me was still wet and cake batter-like but the entire front half of my body was locked in a rigid, gritty blanket.

The clay I had covered my face and head with had solidified with the mud on my chest along with the head harness and the wide restrictive collar around my neck making any head movement impossible. I could still see through the rough eyeholes but could not turn or lift my head in any way. My feet were now encased in a thick, hard shell of dried clay which I could not move from my restrained position.

The crashing drew closer. I looked out at the mudhole and tried to imagine what it would look like to someone (or some thing) that saw it. A flat, uneven expanse of dried tan dirt next to a bubbling stream. A large dirty rock resting on the bank. A couple of protruding mounds that could be breasts or just lumps of dirt. Another large lump that could be feet or just more rocks. I was probably safe if it was a bear but I wasn’t sure I could be found if it was Dan. I tried to rock my body as much as I could but the surface didn’t move – I had become just what I wanted: one with the earth, but I’m not sure it was a good thing.

The vibrator chose this moment to begin a long, slow ramp - punctuated with fast spikes – that left me writhing and moaning. As the sound of crunching underbrush closed in on the mudhole, I had to force myself to enjoy the pleasure in silence lest I give my position away. If it was a bear approaching, I didn’t want to be found and if it was Dan, I didn’t want to make it too easy for him. It was the most pure torture I’ve ever felt, this mix of fear, tension, and sexual pleasure – I’ll never forget it.

I’ll also never forget the sight of Dan appearing on the edge of the forest, right where I would have expected him to come out, stark naked! Well, not entirely naked. Strapped over his face was a head harness not very different from the one I was wearing but with a big red ballgag filling his mouth! His dick and balls seemed to be covered with some sort of leather pouch-like thing attached to a belt around his waist. His wrists had leather cuffs on them and were those chains attaching his wrists to the belt? And were his ankles chained to the belt as well?

What was going on?, I thought, wriggling helplessly to the tune of the vibrator going wild in my pussy. There was a heavy leather collar around Dan’s neck as well and from it a leash and, stepping out of the woods holding the end of the leash, my co-worker Marta!

In surprise and humiliation I peed myself, the warm fluid running into the thick muck between my legs. I barely took notice while I watched the tableaux before me unfold.


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