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Bright Idea

by Mikel

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“Well, this was another bright idea,” I think to myself as I realized just how screwed I am. 

I had come up with an idea to make my favorite self-bondage position more difficult a few weeks ago. After some changes I was finally done looking at my setup, it was simple enough but really made me horny thinking about using it. Normally I like to bind my ankles to my thighs, wearing a very small chastity cage with a long chain locked to the ring. 

I place a spreader bar between my knee straps then lock a stiff posture collar over the bottom of my full-face hood that covers my gagged mouth. Locking one’s own wrist to a steel spreader bar is difficult especially when you have to be able to free yourself. For this I use a short chain locked to one end of the bar then after locking my left wrist directly to the bar I feed the chain through the D-ring of the other cuff. I pull it back to where there is a padlock through the spreader bar pulling my cuff to the end but giving me the ability to unlock it with one hand. 

It had worked very well in the past allowing me to add more items to make things more difficult. I have sometimes used the spreader bar on my ankles leaving them unrestrained from my thighs. This allows me to lay flat when I tire or want to ease the pull of the heavy chain but I feel like that is sort of cheating. The new idea is to add a bar from my wrist bar to my thigh bar thus illuminating my ability to spread them apart length wise. This would limit my options even more by making sure I can no longer lay flat. 

Now I am not a cross dresser but I use ballet boots often to make sure I cannot just walk away from any bondage situation. I make sure they are locked on separately so I will be forced to go get the keys making myself crawl around even more. I prefer to lock the keys for the cuffs holding the boots, the collar and whatever chastity device I had chosen in a small steel box. The box is locked with a digital padlock that keeps me locked in them for a few hours after I should be free just to add to the feeling of helplessness.

I worked on my bright idea for a few weeks changing and even restarting once because I thought I was making it too complicated. When I was done, I had two, much shorter, spreader bars with holes drilled through them horizontally where the rod used to connect the two would push through. The rod had holes drilled for a lock behind and in front of the bar to keep it in place. The idea was to make it so I couldn’t move my hands any closer of further away from the spreader bar between my knees. I also made the spreader for my wrists with a slide on part, it had a pin for a lock so it could be locked directly to my cuffs. I could just slide the end cap into the bar and lock the pin in place thus keeping both wrists tight to the ends of the bar. 

The new bars had double eyelets welded onto the ends where they could be locked with the D-ring of the cuff between them making them less flexible eliminating the loose feeling I got from my old bars. In my experimentation I decided to make another bar that would go from my collar to the bar between my wrists. I had used this idea before and I always found it exciting but with the way I had connected it I could still flex forwards and backwards. The looseness also allowed me enough room to twist enough so I could reach my nipples to remove the clamps I liked to use. 

The new design made it much less flexible like the other bars and I hoped I would no longer be able to reach the clamps forcing myself to endure the pain they caused until I reached my keys. Finding the keys was always part of the game, I had over a dozen locks all the same make and model all with different keys. I would spread the keys around my house forcing me to search blindly for them, having to crawl around unable to release myself until I found all the correct keys.

I always wanted to find the key to release my cuffed wrist last at least until I had been struggling for a while then I wanted to find it first. When my new gear was ready, I had been waiting to play again until I was finished ordering a new hood and two more back supports that were really corsets. The corsets were heavily boned under bust with wide shoulder straps designed to hold the wearer extremely rigid. I wanted to limit my movements as much as possible, having tried a shorter corset finding I liked the restriction as long as I didn’t over tighten it and limit my breathing. 

I hoped I could use the three combined and keep my torso held straight without having to over tighten them. When I arrived home, I found the new nipple clamps had arrived, ripping the package open to inspect and clean them, deciding it was a sign I was ready to try out my new idea. I was going to wait until the next morning but decided I just couldn’t so I showered and evacuated myself and laid out the equipment I would be using. I fitted the chastity cage first, this cage was interesting in that it was an open cage design that bent my cock at a ninety-degree angle pointing it straight down. 

The base ring was smaller than I would normally wear making the unit become uncomfortable quickly. The cage allowed some stimulation but with the slightest enlargement it would become uncomfortable as it forces my cock to stay in the bent position. As I’m locking the ring on, I slip a medium padlock around it then assemble the unit trapping my cock and balls for the evening. 

The ballet boots are forced onto my feet and laced tight, then I lock the steel cuffs around each ankle guaranteeing the boots will stay on until the timer runs out in eight hours from now. With the boots locked I pulled a pair of neoprene leggings up; I had gotten these for the knee pads and liked the added compression so I cut an opening for my cock and balls to protrude through and wore it to protect my knees enjoying the way they made me sweat. 

The pants covered the laces and cuffs of my boots making it necessary to remove them before I could remove the boots so once everything was locked on over them, they couldn’t be removed. I pulled the first corset up to my waist and laced it until it reduced my waist a few inches. With the boots locked on and the corset restricting my waist my cock was already fighting the bent cage making me smile since I knew the keys to it were with the keys to my ankle cuffs. 

The next two corsets were laced on squeezing me from my waist to my shoulders leaving my nipples available for later abuse. While I adjusted to my rigid torso, I wrapped two wide leather belts around each leg just above my knees then slid onto the floor balancing on top of my folded legs. I struggled to thread two belts around each leg pulling them tight, sinking each into my skin before locking the buckles.

With my legs effectively bound I took the spreader bars attaching the shortest one between the straps on my knees making sure I lined the D-rings of the belts inside the eyelets of the bar and locked them. To keep me from removing the corsets I wrapped another wide belt around my restricted waist and locked it in place making sure none of the corsets or leggings could be removed. 

While I could still look down, I pulled the thick chain off the bed, looking at where I had already attached three large padlocks to it. I smiled remembering the last time I used it with two locks wishing I hadn’t used any after only a few feet which naturally means I added another one to it. I reached between my legs locking the chain to the padlock around the ring around my cock and balls. Now I would be forced to drag the chain and locks until I was able to unlock the chain. 

The nipple clamps were calling my name, the clamps were normal clover style clamps with a modified spring making them much tighter than normal. The company that modified them was known for taking run of the mill products and turning their potential up a notch. I toyed with my nipples briefly before slowly allowing one of the clamps to bite down feeling better about the tension of the new clamps so I clamped the second one. 

My collar was wrapped around my throat and buckled snuggly with a small lock through the hasp. I always enjoy wearing the posture collar, the limitations it puts on the wearer is an incredible turn on for me. With the collar locked I lifted the spreader bars up leaning them against my chest and buckled my large ball gag tightly around my head. The ball was the perfect size to just brush against the breathing holes in my old hood, making me pay attention to how I held my head so I didn’t cut my air off completely. 

I was feeling the anxiety of what I was doing, another part of selfbondage I find exciting knowing in just a few more clicks I would be blind and bound helpless to free myself until I found the keys I had laid out around the house. Some of the keys were in specific places, some were close to recognizable items I could feel. Others were just lying on the floor and were easily missed if I wasn’t paying close attention to where I was at all times. 

I wrapped the leather cuffs around each wrist making sure they were as tight as possible, locking each before readying the new hood. The new hood was total sensory deprivation, with padded eyes, ears and mouth with two small openings. The hood had multiple straps attached to the three-inch-wide collar. The hood would press the leather tightly over my eyes, ears and mouth while another strap would pull under my chin forcing me to bite on the ball wedged in my mouth.

I liked the idea of having another collar holding my head motionless and once the hood was laced as tight as I could make it, I began closing and locking each strap. When I was in silent darkness listening to my panting breaths, I pulled the collar tight over the posture collar quickly locking it as well. I spent a few minutes testing my new hood finding no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t move my encased head at all. Again, my cock was fighting the steel cage it was trapped in making me grunt from the increase of pain coming from it.

I was getting excited so I leaned forwards, setting the remaining bars out in front of me, noticing immediately that my plan to make my body rigid had worked, I couldn’t bend from my chin to my hips at all. Smiling around the gag my cock throbbed harder driving me to finish what I started. I pulled the rod from the spreader bar up to the D-ring on the front of the hood's collar locking it in place. With the click I thought to myself so far, the only thing that had disappointed me was the so-called extra strong nipple clamps. 

Feeling around I found the extra padlocks I had laid out taking three off the bed and locking them around the chain connecting the clamps. I knew in the past the clamps would keep the chain just off the floor as I walked on my hands so I hoped the swinging locks might drag a little and make it more interesting. Holding the lock for my left wrist I felt for the insert already attached to my right wrist feeling the post and lock dangling from it. I knew once either was locked I was trapped and had to go through with my search. 

As a last-minute thought I grabbed each clamp in turn squeezing the jaws tighter as I gave the chain a quick yank to set the clamps then locked my left wrist to the spreader bar. I was too busy concentrating on getting the short bar attached to my cuff to slip inside the spreader bar to notice how much the simple action of pulling the chain had affected the pressure on my nipples. 

I got the bar inside the other, twisting my hand around to slide the pin through quickly feeding the hasp of the lock into the pin leaving it open so I could make sure everything was attached properly. After a couple of jerks and wiggles of my wrist I snapped the lock closed, sealing my fate until I could find all the keys and free myself.

My cock was screaming with pain from my excited state but it was the pain in my nipples that made me groan as soon as I was sure I was securely bound. Immediately I reached for the clamps thinking I had screwed up by using the tighter clamps that now surprisingly seemed way too tight. I found my design had worked. I couldn't get close to reaching my chest. My hands were held out in front of me at an odd angle and distance caused by me still sitting on my folded legs. 

I grunted and twisted feeling each move shake the chain between the clamps causing the locks to slip and pull harder on one or the other clamp. “Wow, maybe these are better than the older ones,” I thought to myself as the pain eased slightly. “It doesn’t matter now since I can’t reach them anyway,” I chuckled under the hood.

I sat enjoying the growing feeling of helplessness twisting and pushing on the bars feeling the rod to my collar push on my throat and the straps around my thighs being tugged on. The more I fought the more I felt how careful I was going to have to be with my breathing. As I struggled, I started gasping for air feeling the small pocket in front of my face getting pulled in with each big breath limiting the air coming in. I slowed my breathing and felt more comfortable only having a small pang of worry in the back of my mind.

Ready to begin my travels I leaned forwards bracing myself hoping I could stop my fall well enough to keep the rod from hitting my throat to hard. After a few attempts to lean forwards I sat exactly as I had been and chuckled to myself again realizing that with my torso and neck held so rigidly, I would have to change how I moved and thrust myself forwards again. This time I felt my body falling forwards stiffening my arms pulling hard on the rod connecting my wrists to my collar waiting for touchdown.

When my hands hit the floor, it was much more of an impact than any other time I had used this position but I was able to soften the impact to my throat enough so it wasn’t painful at all. The chains hanging from my balls and my nipples both made the impact much more intense causing me to whine under the hood and instantly wish I hadn’t used either of them. As soon as I adjusted to standing on my knees and hands, I realized my calculations in length for the bars connecting my wrists to my knees and more importantly my wrists to my collar had been wrong. 

My knees were pulled up several inches further, kind of making me need to curve my back slightly which of course I could not. Then I noticed my arms were not able to straighten completely, remaining slightly bent from the rod connecting them. Neither was a big concern at the moment but I knew not being able to lock my elbows to support my body was going to be an issue if I wasn’t successful at reaching my keys quick enough. 

I grunted around the gag deciding not to fool around and start moving to my keys and picked up my hand and tried to move it forwards. I found it wouldn’t move forwards, I could lift it off the floor but could only move it a fraction of an inch before being stopped. I was getting excited panting heavily inside the hot leather encasing my gagged head as I pulled and shifted even trying to move my knees, finding each time I tried to move one it tried to push my hands forwards at the same time.

I stood on my hands and knees gasping for air twisting my rigid body while I tried moving my hands and knees only able to pick each one straight up probably looking like some bazar marionette. It only took a few minutes for me to figure out I wasn’t going to be able to move as I had in the past. Each time I shifted positions my nipples and cock sent new waves of pain through my body. 

While I sat motionless trying to ease the pain from the swinging chains my mind was going through the pictures of my restraints and I realized what I had done wrong. The bar connecting my wrists and ankles was round so I could lift my hands and knees but since I had gone completely through the square spreader bars with pins on both sides there was no flexibility so I could not twist either spreader bar to allow my hands and knees to move forwards or back.

“Shit!” was mumbled multiple times, another bright idea that got screwed up somehow thinking back on the design process I remembered at some point I had figured that out and that’s why my design had begun to get complicated. Returning to my project a few days later I had forgotten the reason and scrapped the whole idea favoring the simple approach. Now I was stuck, I had been so sure the simple design was the best idea I hadn’t tested it at all. My simple design had left me not only unable to move my hands or knees linearly, I was partially curled up and standing on arms that remained bent slightly unable to bend or straighten any more than the length of the rod.

I began struggling increasing my yanks and pulls only succeeding in making both chains sway violently and reducing my air intake. My bonds of course held firmly; I was feeling the crushing power of the corsets holding me erect along with the collars now feeling much tighter. I stood panting, desperately trying to control my breathing as my mind tried to figure a way out of my situation. 

I was able to calm myself and stop the whimpering. I hadn't even realized what I was doing, pushing my hand as far forwards as I could and letting it drag one knee as well. It was millimeters that I could move but I was moving. I kept pulling and pushing with my knees finding no matter how hard I pushed it was only going to move a tiny amount. I relaxed and shuffled along knowing I would lose a race to a snail but also felt like I was starting to enjoy myself again.

I have no idea how long I shuffled until I felt the tug on my cock and balls only realizing then it had felt like a long time and knew the chain wasn’t that long. Being as short as it was normally the chain pulled after the first step forwards and as the panic grew, I figured out that during all the time I had just spent creeping forwards I had only moved the distance of one normal step! 

That’s less than a foot! I screamed in my head it normally would take about two hours to find my keys now it would take days. I stood trembling knowing there was no way I could take the position, much less survive two days or more bound and gagged like I was. My nipples were screaming and the tight corsets wouldn’t let me shake hard enough to get them to fall off and with the locks dragging slightly there wasn’t enough weight to pull hard enough to get them off. 

My feet and legs were cramping from their folded position and en-pointe position making me twist my pointed feet something that normally arouses me only making me feel more desperate. I was involuntarily fighting my bonds, trying to spit the gag out even though the straps forced me to constantly keep biting down on it. My legs were pulling on the straps keeping them folded and connecting them to the spreader bar. My hands were flailing uselessly firmly bound to the ends of their own spreader bar. I couldn’t see anything but blackness or hear my grunts and groans as my nipples and cock protested the sudden surge of activity.

When I felt like I couldn’t breathe I stopped struggling and stood on my bent arms and knees whimpering calming my mind until I was clear headed again. When I was in control again and the pain had eased, I formulated a plan. It would suck and would cause a lot of pain but maybe the clamps would drop off quickly and I would have one less thing to distract me. Without thinking about it anymore I leaned back on my knees and using my legs kind of leapt or hopped forwards. The landing was awful but I repeated the motion until I was gasping from not only the effort but from the pain.

The clamps had not been shaken loose and each hop caused more pain as the clover clamps actually tightened from the yanks. I fought the pain in my nipples, my cock and balls felt like they were being ripped off with each thrust but as with everything else I had done there was nothing I could do about it. I continued hopping until I reached the first location, I thought a key might be and started crawling back and forth in tiny increments. It felt like it took forever, the chain from my nipples dragging the locks as I kept trying to look for the keys chuckling to myself about being trapped in total darkness. 

I felt the small ring attached to the key and frantically tried it in the lock holding my wrist to the bar. After several attempts to unlock myself, I accepted it wasn’t the correct key and braced for the next round of hopping. It only took a few hops until I wasn’t unable to get enough air and stood panting trying to shake the sweat away from my face feeling my arms shaking worse. Each hop made the collar twist some, tightening the hood as it twisted it moving the small openings away from my mouth and pressing tighter on my nose. 

I pushed away from my hands pulling the collar back around resetting the breathing holes and breathed deep as I could against the corsets still crushing my body. I began jumping again, forcing myself to ignore the pain I was feeling from all over now when my shoulder bumped something mid hop and I was suddenly falling to one side. I screamed as the clamps shifted while my body fell over landing hard on my shoulder being unable to spread my arms or legs to stop myself. 

In my thrashing to try and control the fall the chain connected to my balls went under my knee and during the flailing to catch myself I kicked with my knees yanking the chain hard. I was now on my side moaning and whining, flailing like a helpless animal stuck in the mud unable to even close my legs to message my throbbing cock and balls.

I lay panting as the pain eased enough for me to try and figure out how I was going to right myself after the fall. I had been thinking about the possibilities of falling since I had figured out how screwed I really was having thought of several things to try. When I had caught my breath again, I lay thinking how comfortable I was wishing I had someone that would come and help me right that second. I think I drifted off because suddenly I felt better than I did before and the arm I was lying on had gone numb.

I immediately rolled onto my back pulling my folded legs up as far as I could pushing my hands out a few inches then rolled back as hard as I could. Whining loudly as the damn nipple clamps flopped back and forth dragging my pinched nipples with them, I succeeded in doing nothing but hurting myself. It took a few more tries until I hit the right combination of frustration and desperation and I was back on my hands and knees whimpering from the pain again. 

Reaching the next key and finding it opened nothing I could reach, I was forced to continue hopping my way to the next three keys. By the time I reached the sixth key I was ready to give up. I knew there were six more possibilities but had run out of strength and the desire to get to them. I wanted out more than anything, I wanted the clamps off and the chain disconnected from my cock and balls and could think of no way to make it happen. 

I halfheartedly tried the sixth key, unwilling to believe it when the key turned and I felt the lock pop open. It took me a moment to pull the lock from the pin but then I quickly pushed the pin from the spreader bar and my wrist was free! Immediately I reached down and removed the first clamp, whining loudly and rubbing my nipple before getting up the nerve to repeat the process. I was breathing hard again pulling the hood tight against my face with each breath not realizing my still cuffed arm was slowly collapsing pushing the rod and collar around the side of my neck. 

I let myself fall to my shoulder again, pulling the collar straight. When I was calm again, I began trying the keys I had already found in every lock I could now reach I was able to free my knees from the spreader bar but not my other wrist. I struggled to force my aching body to continue searching, finally finding the key to my cuffed wrist and was able to lay down and actually relax.

I removed several more locks but not enough to actually remove all the straps around my legs or open the hood or its collar but I was making progress. My cock was swollen in the cage again as I walked on my hands and knees at what seemed like incredible speed to the other keys opening the locks as I went. By the time I found the last key, naturally for the collar of the hood, I could have released my legs but thought better of it since I couldn’t walk around anyway. 

I pulled the sweat-soaked hood from my head, unlocking the gag and rubbing my jaw for several minutes before unbuckling the straps from my legs and stretching out. The corsets, posture collar and chastity cage would remain with the boots until I could get to the metal box and wondered how much longer I would have to wait. 

When I finally was able to drag myself to where the box was, the timer was already at zero so I grabbed the box and crawled up onto my bed. I looked at the clock and could see I had been bound for at least twelve hours from starting point to now stretching out on my bed smiling at the experience. I reached down stroking my swollen cock through the cage moaning at the increase of pressure as it tried to expand and before falling asleep still caged, collared and corseted I thought about how I should use more locks next time.


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