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Bound in the Woods

by Max Roper

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© Copyright 2011 - Max Roper - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; outdoors; rope; gag; tree; camera; stuck; cons; X

I have been fascinated by bondage since childhood and, while I've had a few amazing scenes with other people, I still greatly enjoy playing by myself. I have twenty acres of secluded forest with a small travel trailer parked in the middle and this is where I chose to go for this self bondage adventure.

It had been a while since my last session and I was definitely ready and was looking forward to something a little different. I decided that I would try outdoors rather than in the safety of my trailer.

My property is a two hour drive and the day was getting quite warm as I parked the truck and got my gear stowed away. After a quick lunch, I got started. I stripped down to my tiniest cutoff jeans, and, in deference to the hard ground and my particular kinky desires, a pair of white crew socks and white canvas sneakers. Grabbing my bag of ropes, I headed into the woods. I found the area I had planned and got to work. I usually like to use mirrors to watch myself struggle, but realized that would be a bit much outside, so I hit on the idea of using the remote shutter release on my digital cameras so I could enjoy the scenes later on. I carefully set up two cameras on tripods so they were aimed at the sturdy scrub oak I had selected and ran the release cables to the base of the tree.

I then proceeded to tie myself up. I began by installing a crotch rope which kept my cock doubled over inside the tight cutoffs. I had found this a reliable method of keeping orgasms at bay while still allowing maximum excitement. And I was getting quite excited. I quickly bound my legs together at the ankles, below and above the knees, and a final rope around my upper thighs. I hung the rope bag from a handy branch and stood up with my back against the tree. I used long ropes to fasten myself to the tree at the waist and chest and gagged myself with two bandanas. I then took my pre-tied wrist coil in one hand, put both hands behind the tree, threaded my wrists through the coil, and tightly tied the tails to the rope around my waist. I felt the rush of adrenalin as I tested my bonds and found myself well and truly tied up.

I began telling myself a story. I was the captive of several muscular women. I had no idea what they planned to do with me but, judging from the way I was restrained, I had to assume they were up to no good. They apparently had confidence in their ropework as I had been left alone. I began struggling against my bonds, trying to free myself before they returned.

My struggles intensified the feelings in my groin, but the diabolic crotch rope did its job, keeping me from reaching orgasm, but allowing me to remain on the edge. I remembered the cameras and my foot found the release. I took a couple photos, then returned to struggling against my bonds. The bark was becoming quite uncomfortable against my bare back, but that just intensified my feelings of captivity as the tight ropes dug into my legs and torso. I was in heaven.

I sagged against the ropes and drifted into a trance. This is the best part of self bondage for me. I enter another world and sometimes have visions. This time I just felt the warmth and delightful frustration of a denied orgasm.

Eventually the discomfort overcame the sweetness and I began seriously attempting to free myself. At first knots resisted my attempts to pick them loose and I experienced the beginnings of panic, so I slowed down, took some deep breaths and tried again. This time the knots came free and I pulled my wrists from the loop and released myself from the tree. With my legs still bound, I slid to the ground. After taking a few moments to recover, I began to untie the remaining ropes, then had another idea.

My captors had returned and found me making my escape. They were quite displeased. They doubled up my legs and retied me to the tree, this time in a squatting position. The ropes went back around my chest and waist, and my hands were retied behind the tree. I was quite uncomfortable and extremely aroused. I shot several more pictures as I struggled and mmmfed into my gag.

Before long, the strain on my ankles and legs became very uncomfortable, so I decided to extricate myself. Once again, my initial efforts were unsuccessful. Sweat had run down my arms and wetted the wrist rope, making the knots very difficult to untie. I again forced the panic down and tried again. Still no luck. In fact, the knots seemed tighter than ever. I was getting worried as my wrists were starting to get numb. I was well and truly caught, bound by my own hand and apparently unable to free myself.

One of the reasons I enjoy playing on my property is the knowledge that no one can come along and surprise me. Suddenly this didn't seem like such a great selling point after all. But there was no denying the excitement I was feeling. This was the first time I had ever been tied up with what felt like no hope of escape. There were scissors and knives in my rope bag, but it was hanging on a branch well out of my reach.

My cock was straining against the rope and denim that held it and I was in agony and ecstasy at the same time. I alternated between trying to escape and luxuriating in the feeling of true captivity. As darkness descended, I finally felt the knot come loose. Before sliding my wrists out of the coil, I took a couple more photos. The darkness was sufficient to cause the camera to use flash mode which startled me. Later, as I sat in the trailer looking at my self-made pornography, I was pleased with the look of surprise on my face in the final pictures.

Well of course I played some more the next day.

Want to read about that? Let me know.


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