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by Canadom

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Part 1

It was a Wednesday like any other, Sarah arose from a nice slumber and began getting ready for work, she had been doing the same thing day in and day out for the last 3 years. She'd gotten a job as an accountant working at her uncle's company, it was decent enough pay to let Sarah fuel her fetish and still live comfortably, but she felt something was missing from the job. Sarah also liked to partake in her fetish on the weekends; she often liked to indulge herself (sometimes with one of her friends) in some bondage scenarios. She'd usually just do self-bondage and imagine a scene for herself such as damsel in distress, or the daughter of a millionaire who'd been kidnapped, but if a friend was around she'd let them 'play' too.

Sarah had been getting increasingly bored with her bondage play on weekends lately and had to keep making things more and more stringent and hard on herself to get the same effect out of it that she used to when she first started, she'd almost gotten herself stuck a few times lately she couldn't imagine how embarrassing it would be for her if she had to be rescued by a neighbour. Sarah let out a sigh as she finally threw her sheets off herself and headed into the washroom to shower, while she massaged the shampoo into her long brown hair she imagined her session she was planning this weekend and started moaning quietly to herself as her arousal increased over the idea, but her mind quickly wandered back to setting her on her daily routine so she wasn't late for work.

At the office she daydreamed more about her weekend session as she gazed at the wall instead of at her company's weekly stock reports, just then a familiar voice snapped her out of her daze, "Earth to Sarah!" it was Julie, one of the other accountants who worked for her uncle and a long time friend of Sarah, her and Julie were both 26, thin brunettes, and had been good friends since childhood.

Sarah often had her over to indulge in her weekend bondage sessions, and the 2 had become even closer learning that they both shared the same fetish. "What were you thinking about, girl?" Julie asked her friend, "Oh, nothing just my session this weekend, it's starting to get a little bland though you know? I need something to keep it interesting. A girl can only use handcuffs and rope for so long" Julie chuckled and said, "well funny you mention it, I’ve heard of a new computer game Double E just produced, it's called AdultWebOnline, it's supposed to be an online multi-player game that essentially lets you match up with other people around the world and share the experience of your fetish without ever leaving your home, it sounds kind of fun!" Sarah could see the excitement in Julie's eyes, "Double E, aren't they the company that makes all of those high-budget pornos? Those are actually pretty good; they've won quite a few awards for them."

Double E, which stood for, Erotic Entertainment, was the largest adult entertainment company in the country, they were known for their Hollywood style porno flicks and often had mass appeal among the fetish community. "Yup that's the company, this is the first game they've made though, I'm going to stop in at the Pleasure Palace on my way home and pick up a copy, are you in?" Julie asked. Sarah thought about it for a minute, she wasn't much into gaming but she had always wanted to get more into it so she agreed to Julie's offer, "I'll meet you out front at 5:30", she said, "I'm always up for something new!"

5:30 rolled around and like clockwork Julie pulled up in her red Sedan, her and Sarah drove to Pleasure Palace, the closest adult store to where they worked. As they entered, they saw the shelf the game was on, there were only a few copies left so they both grabbed one and headed for the counter. Sarah noticed there was something out of place with the usual printing on the bottom of the box that included the computer specifications for the game etc, she noticed that there was also the phrase 'additional purchases required.' She asked the clerk about it as she was getting ready to get her money out of her purse, the clerk just shrugged and said since the game was brand new she wasn't sure what it meant, but assured Sarah there'd likely be instructions about it in the game.

They arrived back at Sarah's place, Julie could barely contain her excitement she was like a little kid who'd just been to a candy store. She looked at Sarah excitedly and playfully said "Open the box, install it, come on!" Sarah laughed and replied, "Ok ok, calm down psycho, you'll get your fix, besides you have your own copy."

Sarah popped the disc into her computer and went through the install process, once she started the game a window popped up and asked her some basic info such as her name, email address, password, etc. On the next screen it asked her gender, "Gee that's a hard one!" Sarah said sarcastically as she selected 'Female'.

The screen after that asked her what 'Character Class' she was going to select, she noticed selections like 'Foot Fetishist', 'Nudist', 'Voyeur', but the one that caught her eye was 'Bondage Enthusiast'. She promptly clicked on this option and waited for the next screen, the final screen popped up and gave her 3 choices 'Sub', 'Dom', or 'Switch', and an explanation of what each one's role was in the game.

Sarah had always considered herself a switch since she liked playing the sub role a lot but she'd also been the Domme to Julie quite a few times, she clicked 'Switch' then clicked on the finish button. She eagerly waited for the loading screen to disappear so she could start playing, but was quickly disappointed to be met by another message once it did.

The message on the screen said, "We at Double E appreciate your business, unfortunately in order to get the full effect out of this product, you must make a purchase off of our company website, this will make the game as realistic of an experience as possible. Based on the choices you made in the previous menus you must buy the following in order to play and progress through the game: AWO (AdultWebOnline) Cuff Set, AWO Slave Collar, and AWO Chastity Belt."

Sarah clicked OK and an order form appeared on the screen, "At least they make this part of the game easy for you" she said to Julie as they both chuckled. Sarah put in her credit card number and was given the estimate of 2 business days for her products to arrive, 'Just in time for the weekend!' Sarah thought to herself. After seeing all of this Julie said "looks like I need to rush home and place an order, eh? See you at work tomorrow! We'll discuss this more there."

At work on Thursday, both Julie and Sarah had agreed that they would take Friday off so they'd have a long weekend to enjoy the game; the day seemed to drag on slowly as both women awaited the end of the day. Once Friday morning hit, Sarah practically leaped out of bed and rushed downstairs to await the delivery of her package, she was as excited as a kid on Christmas. A short time later she heard a knocking on her front door, the courier was surprised to see the door open just as he'd finished knocking, Sarah quickly signed for the package and took it inside, the courier still having a bewildered look on his face turned around and left.

Sarah eagerly took the box into her kitchen and set it on the table, she picked up her phone and called Julie. There was no answer from Julie, so Sarah just left a message for her on her voicemail, "Hey! This is your wakeup call Jules! My package just arrived I'd imagine yours will be arriving shortly too, call me when you're going online." She hung up and began removing the tape from the box with one of her pink painted fingernails. Amongst the foam packing peanuts she saw 2 sets of cuffs, one set for her ankles and the other for her wrists she assumed, a metal collar that read 'Bondage Bitch' on the front, and the item she was most intrigued with, the chastity belt, she also noticed that each item had a set of eyelets welded to the sides of them, likely for the purpose of 'playing' Sarah smirked and thought to herself.

The belt looked a little thicker than most of the belts she'd seen online yet it was surprisingly light for its size, it also had a rather large studded butt plug and dildo already attached to the inside of the belt, the thing that Sarah found most interesting was the little slot on the back of the belt, it looked exactly like a USB port on a computer, and it looked a little deeper than your typical USB slot, almost as if the USB key would slide right in almost hidden from view. She dug around in the box a bit more and found the USB key, 'Well that explains it' she thought to herself, she picked up the instruction booklet and began reading.

The instructions just showed pictures of how to put everything on and at the end there was a small blurb explaining that she'd have to activate the products online using the registration numbers printed under the barcode on the inside facing of each product. She found it odd that there didn't appear to be anywhere to lock the stuff on herself but she went ahead with the instructions anyways and began putting on all of the equipment, when she got to the belt she noticed the butt plug had a hole in it, she assumed that meant it could be worn long term and the hole was for enemas.

Sarah started up the game again and saw the Double E logo appear on the screen, she smirked as she saw a woman with large 'Double E' breasts show up, the woman giggled, then the words "Erotic Entertainment Software" appeared under the logo, and the screen vanished as quickly as it had appeared. Sarah entered her login information for the game and sure enough the next screen that appeared asked her for the registration codes of each product, she entered in each code as the game asked for them, the next thing the game asked her to do was to insert the USB key into the belt.

Sarah inserted it and a few seconds later a green LED blinked on the key to signal that it had established a connection, after Sarah clicked 'OK' the next thing to appear was the Licensed Agreement, "no one ever reads these things" Sarah scoffed and quickly scrolled to the bottom and clicked 'Accept'. As soon as she had clicked the button she saw the light blink on the USB key, and jumped from the sound of the loud clicks that came from the belt, collar, and cuffs, Sarah began to panic and frantically pulled at the collar and belt trying to remove them, but they stayed firmly locked.

Sarah went back a screen and began skimming through the licensed agreement, her heart sank as she realized she'd just accepted a rather lengthy and ironclad contract. It stated, among other things, that each item would lock itself after clicking 'Accept', and the only way to unlock the items was to beat the rather lengthy and tedious game. "UGH!" Sarah screamed as she read the next clause in the agreement, it stated that the player should write down the registration numbers of each item before putting them on in the event of the player pleading for an early release to Double E, the contract also stated that if a player failed to beat the game without dying fewer than 50 times they would become the property of Double E.

Sarah had realized she'd screwed herself because of not reading the agreement first, and raced to the phone to warn Julie about what happened before she locked herself in as well. After 3 rings Julie answered and immediately said "Sarah! I got the package too, I've put everything on and I'm ready to…" Sarah interrupted her friend and asked "You haven't clicked Accept yet have you?" Julie sounding worried replied, "Uhhh, yeah why?" Sarah began to cry and explained to her friend what they'd just done, "We're both locked in this stuff Julie, it doesn't unlock until we finish the game. I suppose you didn't write down the registration numbers either?" Julie, beginning to tear up said "no Sarah, why? I'm scared, why should I have written down those numbers?" Sarah explained, "apparently you can try to get yourself out early if you have the registration numbers, but we're stuck since neither of us wrote them down, and if we don't beat the game with fewer than 50 deaths on our characters we become the property of Double E."

Julie was now sobbing on the other end of the line, "Sarah, I'm so scared, I don't want to be trapped in this stuff for years or even…life! We can't play with ourselves anymore with the belts on, or have sex with anyone, we can't do anything." Sarah sighed and said "I know, it sucks but we're just going to have to beat the game and hope they were serious about all of this stuff unlocking, I'm going to do a bit of research about how long it takes to play this game, I'll talk to you later." Sarah said as she hung up the phone and opened her browser on her computer.

After a little searching online her heart sank once again as she read that the average play time to fully beat the game was estimated at 1-4 years depending on which 'Character Class' you chose, as she read further she began to cry again. The average time for the 'Bondage Enthusiast' to beat the game was 3 years and 4 months, but they were given a bonus of 10 lives, and 100 'Pleasure Tokens' because of the length of time, Sarah wasn't sure what the pleasure tokens were at this point but thought she'd learn very soon as she played the game.

'At least SOME good came of this', Sarah thought to herself as she began to calm down, and she now realized the thought of being trapped in this stuff and at the mercy of an evil company really turned her on, but also frustrated her as she realized there wasn't a thing she could do about it with her pussy locked behind the thick metal of the belt. Just then Sarah heard a beeping sound from the USB key in the belt, then she screamed as a jolt was sent through her body from the dildo in her pussy, "OW!! What the fuck was that??" she yelled.

A message box popped up in the game and explained that she had to follow the orders of her mistress and do as she said or she'd be punished, a woman with long blonde hair, clad in a black corset, knee high boots, and leather gloves walked onto the screen just then. The digitized woman in the game began to say, "Welcome to AWO slave, I'm Mistress Charlene, if you do everything I say you'll be rewarded", at this point the belt's vibrators started up and Sarah began to moan softly, but they shut off as Charlene continued talking, "but disobey your Mistress and you'll be punished, either with me taking away some of your pleasure tokens, adding 'deaths' to your total, or…with this…", Sarah screamed as another painful shock coursed through her body.

She was already beginning to hate this game and was only 5 minutes into it, Charlene began to talk again "As your first order of business, I have a mission for you slave. Your mission is to find a sub in your area that also plays this game, the closest one to you, put them in a strict hogtie for no less than 2 hours, and torture them as you see fit. Trust me, you want me to reward you for this mission not punish you." Charlene said with a smirk, "the sub closest to you in your area that you'll be dominating is…" Sarah's jaw dropped as she saw the name that appeared on the screen, Julie Hutchinson. "Have fun slave, you have 3 hours to complete your mission or risk facing the consequences if you don't."

As Charlene finished talking a countdown timer in the corner of Sarah's screen began to count down the 3 hours. Sarah had never done anything that strict to Julie before and she was wondering how she'd take it, she picked up her phone again and began dialing her friend's number to explain to her what their fate was for the afternoon, hoping this was the last mission like this, but something in the back of her mind told her there would be many more to come.

Part 2

Sarah tossed the duffle bag in the passenger seat of her car as she climbed in, it was filled with various toys from her small stash of bondage equipment, the game listed things she'd need for the afternoon's activity and luckily she had all of the things on the list, she was hoping her mistress didn't start asking her for things she didn't have. She looked at her watch and saw that she had 2 and a half hours left to complete her task, she turned the key in the ignition and backed out of her driveway to head to Julie's condo.


Julie was sitting on the couch in her living room with her laptop open, awaiting her friend's arrival, just then her mistress appeared on the screen and said, "Hello slave, I'm Mistress Sabrina, welcome to your new life." Sabrina had a slim figure and dark hair as opposed to Charlene who was blonde, she wore a corset much the same as Charlene's but also carried a whipping rod to discipline misbehaving slaves. Sabrina continued on, "do exactly as I ask and you'll be rewarded", much like what Sarah went through with her mistress Julie's vibrator sprang to life and she let out a quiet "ooooh" as it worked it's magic on her, but quickly shut off as Sabrina continued talking. "However, disobey me and you'll be punished in one of several ways, I'm not going to tell you what I'll do but here's an example of one of the options I have to punish you with should you disobey me", Julie's vibrator sprang to life again, she tensed up and screamed in pain as a shock tore through her.

Sabrina continued her speech, "as your first order of business, you're going to do something for me slave, I want you to put a fellow slave in a straitjacket for 3 hours, and do whatever you wish to torment them for the duration, failure to complete this mission will result in me punishing my slave, and I don't think you want that." Just like with Sarah's mistress a countdown timer appeared in the top right of the screen and began counting down, luckily for Julie she did have a straitjacket in her collection of bondage gear; while Sarah was more into ropes, chains, and tape, Julie was into medical restraints and mummification so she did happen to own one.

Julie didn't have to wait much longer before Sarah knocked on the door to her condo, Julie invited her in with straitjacket in hand, Sarah began to say "alright Jules, I'm sorry I have to be this strict with…", she stopped as she noticed the straitjacket in Julie's hand and asked, "What's that for?" Julie began to explain to Sarah what her mission was; Sarah went wide eyed as she realized that this meant one of them was going to have to endure the punishment for not completing their task.

Julie said, "Why don't we flip a coin and see who has to take the punishment this time, the winner of the coin toss gets to do their task, and we can take turns after this?" Sarah nodded in agreement as she didn't have a better idea they could use, she called 'Heads' as Julie flipped the coin in the air, when it landed on the ground Julie sighed relief as she saw the coin had landed up 'Tails' and shrugged as she said, "sorry Sarah, let's get you strapped in this, follow me", and motioned for her friend to follow.

She was followed into the living room by Sarah, instructed her to sit on the couch and hold out her arms, she began sliding the sleeves of the straitjacket down Sarah's arms when Sarah said, "Julie…look" and moved her gaze towards the screen. Julie saw that her character in game was also putting Sarah's character in a straitjacket, Julie began to wave her arm around and watched as the character on screen mimicked the motion, "oh my god", she said, "they know our every move." She figured out that there were motion sensors in the cuffs, belts and collars that relayed the information in real time to their characters.

"This is really starting to creep me out", she said to Sarah, "I'm cutting them off so we can get out of these belts." She got up and went to the corner of her living room and unplugged her modem, but instead of the belt unlocking she was met with being shocked several times from the belt, she screamed in pain as she plugged the modem back in. Once her connection was back up and the game logged back in, Sabrina appeared on her screen and said "Do you really think I'm that stupid slave? You lose a life for insulting my intelligence and trying to get out of completing your task, and you'll receive further punishment if you don't complete it!" Julie began to cry and said "there really is no way out of this Sarah! They've got us trapped; we just have to play their stupid game until they release us. I'm sorry I talked you into buying this game, this is all my fault!"

Sarah consoled her friend and said, "no it's not your fault you had no way of knowing, we'll figure something out, now continue with your task I don't want us both to be punished."

Julie dried her tears and continued sliding the jacket down Sarah's arms, then began buckling the straps in the buckles on the back of the jacket, and did up the crotch strap as well. As soon as she'd finished Sabrina reappeared and said, "good, now torment this poor slave as you see fit for the remainder of the time, remember, you'll be the one tormented if you don't complete this", as she finished her statement by lightly smacking the palm of her hand with her riding crop. Sarah sighed as she saw the timer had 2 hours remaining in the countdown, Julie began to slide the socks off Sarah's feet as she prepared to tickle them.

Sarah rolled around on the couch laughing, begging her friend to stop, this went on for 10 minutes before Julie decided to use her friend to suit another purpose. She helped Sarah get down on the floor and told her to stick her butt in the air, Sarah did so and felt Julie rest her feet on her butt cheeks, Julie said with a laugh, "if accounting doesn't work out, we know you make a good footstool right?" Sarah just glared at her friend but laughed as well.

Julie watched TV with her feet up on Sarah for the remaining time, once the timer hit 0 Sabrina came back up on the screen and said, "good work slave, you receive 10 Pleasure Tokens for completing your task…as for your unfortunate victim, she loses 2 lives, and 20 tokens for not completing hers, and…" Just then Sarah screamed in pain as her belt shocked her. A message box popped up on the screen next with the words "What are Pleasure Tokens?" Julie clicked the button and read the explanation, she could 'cash in' 100 tokens to receive a few minutes of pleasure from the belt, or cash in 500 to receive an orgasm. She looked at her total and saw she had a long way to go before the 500, she helped Sarah back up onto the couch whose legs were aching from being in the same position for 2 hours, and unlaced her from the jacket.

They both began to wonder what their digital mistresses had in store for them for the rest of the weekend, or the rest of the time they were playing the game for that matter, almost as if on cue, Julie's mistress once again appeared on the screen and said what she would need for her next task as a list of the items popped up, it was to be a kidnap scenario played out by her 'submission partner' as Sabrina put it, which in this case was Sarah. She also explained that when the time came, the belts would beep signifying that they had 2 minutes to log on to receive their orders before they'd be punished. After she was done her explanation a browser window opened up with an order form for Julie to order the items for the next task.

As she finished the order, Sarah got up off the couch to head home, Julie hugged her and apologized for putting her through that and said it would be Sarah's turn next time, when Sarah got home she geared up to give herself her first enema. She had never done one before but had heard vague details of how one was performed, she looked up on the internet for instructions on how to do it, she filled a hot water bottle with a soap and water solution, attached to the end of the water bottle was a hose which fed into her butt plug, Sarah released the clamp on the hose and winced as the solution filled her already sore butt, 'This is going to take a lot of getting used to', she thought to herself. Afterwards she cleaned herself up and hopped into bed after her exhausting ordeal that afternoon, just as she was drifting off to sleep her belt began to beep, she groaned and said to herself, "it's going to be a long night."

Part 3 

Sarah glanced up at the screen of her laptop from the floor of her living room, she had been ordered by her mistress to put herself into a self hogtie, then glanced over at the clock in the living room 2:42, she'd been like this for 2 hours and was wondering when her mistress would allow her to release herself. She felt the cold steel of the cuffs around her wrists and the length of chain locked to them that ran between her legs and locked to the ankle cuffs, the keys were on the floor within reach but she dare not use them until her mistress said so, Sarah couldn't imagine what the ramifications for disobeying her mistress might be.

20 more minutes passed and Sarah found herself dozing off, she was hoping she didn't actually fall asleep because she didn't want to spend the night like this, just then she heard the familiar voice from the laptop, "alright slave, I'll allow you to release yourself, you’ve earned yourself 20 tokens, now get some sleep, you'll need to be well rested for whatever I decide you'll be doing next", Charlene said with an evil looking smile. Sarah breathed a sigh of relief and scrambled to find the keys in the dark on the floor beside her, it took a couple of minutes but she finally picked them up and began unlocking herself from the cuffs, as soon as she was unlocked she turned off her laptop and promptly went upstairs before Charlene changed her mind about letting her sleep.

Sarah woke up around noon and hoped when she looked down there wouldn't be a chastity belt locked around her waist and this was all a bad dream, unfortunately the belt was of course still there, she got out of bed and went about starting her day, wondering in the back of her mind when the belt would start beeping again. She went about her routine without any indication from the belt that she'd be given another task, just as she was toweling herself off from a shower her phone rang. It was her uncle on the other end "Hey Sarah, I hate to interrupt your weekend but we really need to get some work done on the RexelCorp account, are you able to come in? You'll be paid time and half if you do, I'm trying to get as many people as I can to come in."

Sarah thought to herself for a moment and agreed to come in, she could use the money after all seeing as her mistress had her buying every piece of bondage equipment in existence it seemed. Just as she hung up the phone her belt began to beep, "no! Not now!" she said to herself, she had to get ready for work but couldn't ignore the belt and didn't want to know what would happen if she did.

She turned on her laptop and loaded up the game, she was again greeted by Charlene who was wearing a different coloured corset this time, and she chuckled and thought to herself 'even a digital mistress has a sense of style, cute'. "Hello slave, I have another task for you", Charlene began to say, "you're going to be doing a little roleplaying this time around, you will play the role of a burglar and will break into the house of another slave and proceed to restrain them as you see fit for the role-play, if they are able to release themself from what you do you will be punished, if they can't you will be rewarded with 50 more pleasure tokens, you have your usual 3 hours to complete the task slave."

Sarah stared at the screen dumbfounded for a couple of minutes then said to herself, "so…now this game wants me to commit felonies…great." There was no way she was going to break into Julie's place, "I'll call Julie and let her know what's going on", she said as she picked up the phone and called Julie. Just as Julie picked up and Sarah was about to tell her the plan a huge surge erupted between her legs in both vibrators, Sarah screamed in pain and dropped the phone to the ground, on the other end Julie hung up, unsure who the screaming woman was on the other end.

Sarah lay on the floor of her living room with her legs and holes throbbing as she heard a familiar voice from her laptop "you were trying to disobey me slave were you? For this indiscretion you will lose 10 lives from your total, don't let this happen again!" Charlene said sternly. Sarah sat up from the floor and was very confused about the situation, how could Charlene hear her? Better yet she's a computer program, how could she understand what she had even said? It was at this point something occurred to her, she felt around the collar and discovered a small hole at the back of it, she figured it was a microphone and whoever was monitoring this sick game had been listening to her all along.

They knew she was going to be going to work so they had Charlene 'distract' her with a task, Sarah panicked and tried shoving her fingers into the belt, cuffs, and collar trying desperately to get any of them off, she was tired of this game, but much to her dismay they stayed firmly locked. Sarah tapped her head against the wall in frustration and asked herself, "what am I going to do?"

Part 4 

After much debating she decided it was probably best if she just went to work and let on as if nothing was happening, she wore a turtleneck to cover the 'Bondage Bitch' wording on the front of her collar; that may raise a few eyebrows at work if people saw it. She also decided it'd be best if she brought her laptop along with her to work in case of any more unexpected… interruptions. As she pulled up to the office she saw Julie's car in the parking lot and wondered if she'd say anything to her about the microphones in the collars right now or wait until after their shift.

As she headed to her office she was greeted by Julie, "oh hey Sarah, why are you so late showing up?" Sarah didn't say anything and motioned for her friend to follow her into her office, "Uhh Sarah, what's going on?" Julie asked her, Sarah procured a piece of paper from her desk and wrote 'They can hear us!' on it and showed it to Julie, she turned a shade of white similar to that of the shade on the office walls as she read what it said, she mouthed 'what??' to her friend and slumped down in Sarah's office chair. "I know", Sarah began to say, "but like everything with this, we're just going to have to make the best of it, I lost 10 lives in the game because I tried calling you to warn you about the plan my mistress wanted me to do".

"That was you screaming?" Julie asked her, she nodded and said "we should probably get working so we won't attract any unwanted attention". A few minutes later Sarah's uncle walked in and began talking with the both of them, "oh thank god the both of you made it in, these guys have been hounding us for those tax reports, they just couldn't wait until Monday…", as he went on with telling them about the situation both of their belts began to beep, they both looked at each other wide-eyed.

"What was that noise?" her uncle asked, then shrugged it off and mumbled, "hmm, must be hearing things", as he continued on with the conversation. Both of them were hoping he'd leave soon because they knew what was coming if they didn't get on their laptops for their directions. Sarah began sweating as she knew the 2 minute mark was very quickly approaching, as she felt the surge coursing through her she clamped her hands on the edges of her desk and gritted her teeth so she wouldn't scream in front of her uncle, Julie however was not so lucky, Sarah's uncle turned to look at her and asked "is everything ok Julie?", she just nodded and said nothing, "alright then, I trust you two have things under control, I'll leave you to those reports", he said as he turned around and left the office.

Both of them opened their laptops and logged on as soon as he'd left the room worried they'd be punished further for missing the directions, Charlene chimed in first, "I see you don't learn very quickly do you slave? You lose another 2 lives for not being ready for your mistress. Anyways you must complete the following task to redeem yourself; you will let your sub indulge her mummification fetish on you, once she's finished you will have 1 hour to try and free yourself, failure to do so will result in another 2 lives being taken away, you may begin."

The telltale countdown timer once again appeared in the top corner of the screen, this time Julie only had 20 minutes to turn Sarah into a mummy, Julie produced a dufflebag from under her desk and said with a shrug, "I brought it just in case, how do you want to do this? On the floor, on your chair?" Sarah said "surprise me", with a wink and began stripping down for the mummification. Julie had Sarah make a fist with both hands and began taping each hand separately, once she was satisfied she began winding the tape up Sarah's right arm then repeated with the left.

Once this was done she had Sarah hold her arms at her sides and began winding the tape around her chest all the way up to her neck. Once she was finished with that she started another roll and began winding it around Sarah's waist covering over her taped hands and continued winding down to her thighs when the tape ran out, she then got a third roll and finished the mummification down to Sarah's toes.

"How's that?" she asked her friend as she finished smoothing the edges of the tape, Sarah began to struggle and said, "wow, I can't even move Jules, did you have to make this so secure?" Julie smiled and replied, "well that's how bondage works isn't it?" Both girls shared a laugh, just then they darted their gazes towards the door of the office as they heard it open, "What the hell is going on in here ?!?!?" It was Sarah's uncle again, "I thought I heard some weird noises coming from in here but I didn't think it was this! Julie, undo her then both of you can come in Monday and clean out your desks, I don't want perverts working for me!", Sarah tried to explain what was going on to her uncle but he interrupted her and said, "I don't want to hear it Sarah, I'm very disappointed in you, your father will be hearing about this!" as he slammed the door behind him.

Part 5

A week had passed since both of the girls had been fired, Sarah was unsure what she would do now, her uncle had probably told every accounting firm in a 100 mile radius about the incident and not to hire 'the perverts' as he'd labeled them, and what if the belt decided to go off during an interview, how would that look? Sarah's parents hadn't spoken to her since her uncle had told them about what happened. She glanced sadly at her coffee wondering if this was how her life was going to play out from now on, her being at the mercy of her belt and the digital mistress, satisfying her every whim.

Just then she heard a knock at the door, she answered it and invited Julie in, both had remained close despite the incident since they decided neither of them were at fault for it, "Hey Julie, what's this about?" Sarah asked her friend, "I'm not sure, my mistress just asked me to head over to your place and await her instructions" she said as she placed her laptop down beside Sarah's on the coffee table.

Almost in unison both mistresses appeared on the girl's screens and began talking, "As you two are aware, every good game has its share of challenges and obstacles, as you've clearly seen, but not many have boss battles." Both Julie and Sarah looked at each other wondering what this meant, the mistresses continued to speak "for your 'boss battle' one of you will have the opportunity to get free of your torment much earlier than intended. Both of you will head to the nightclub Fetclub tonight by 11pm and meet up with 2 of the best riggers in the industry".

The pictures of the 'riggers' appeared on the screen, one was a man about mid 40s, the other was a woman who was much younger, she looked around the same age as the both of them. The mistresses continued their directions, "you will then let them put you in whatever tie they have in mind, the first one of you to release yourself from the tie, or the last one of you to concede, will also be released from her belt while the other will continue her torment. If neither of you show then both of you will stay in the belts for good, have fun girls." Both mistresses grinned evilly as they disappeared from the screen, both of the girls just stared at each other in disbelief, it was finally going to end for one of them but the other would still have to endure this until the end of the game.

The game designers had definitely done their homework, Fetclub was the nightclub where all of avid fetishists in the city would go to unwind and have a good time, "sounds like we're going to have an audience for this challenge", Julie said, as both of them continued to stare at the other still in disbelief over the situation they'd been presented with. Sarah looked at the time on her laptop, 8:33pm, "we better go get ready", she said, as both girls went their separate ways to prepare for the night.

Part 6

Sarah glanced at the clock on her wall as she put the last touches on her makeup, 9:00pm ‘record time’ she thought to herself, she had gotten all dolled up for her night out with Julie at Fetclub, with whatever was awaiting her there she at least wanted to look nice for it. Sarah’s belt beeped just as she was getting ready to head out the door, she quickly opened her laptop and logged in to see what her mistress wanted.

Charlene appeared once again and said, “one more thing before you head out slave, you are to wear shoes that have an 8 inch heel on them. If you don’t have a pair like this you will have to buy one before you go out, otherwise I expect you at the club promptly at 11, tah tah!” Sarah turned off the laptop and raced down the hall to her closet and began looking through her vast collection of shoes. “Damn it!”, she screamed as she discovered that she didn’t own a pair of 8 inch heels, she shuddered at the thought of wearing a pair like that all night and how uncomfortable they’d be.

Before she headed to Julie’s to catch a bus with her she’d have to stop at the mall first, Sarah hopped in her car and drove as quickly as she could to the mall before they closed. She raced through the mall like a bat out of Hell and got to Kensington’s before they closed, Kensington’s was the place where Sarah bought all of her heels and she knew they would have an 8-inch heel in stock. She grabbed a pair of heels from the shelf that would fit her, paid for them and made a mad dash out to her car, it was now 9:40 and she knew once she drove to Julie’s place from the mall it would be shortly after 10 which didn’t leave them much time to catch a bus and get to the club.

Sarah pulled into the parking lot of the complex where Julie’s condo was, parked, put on the painfully tall heels, and ran as quickly as the heels would allow her to Julie’s condo, she lost her balance a few times on the way to Julie’s door but always managed to catch herself before meeting her face with the sidewalk.

She looked at the time on her phone as she knocked on the door and saw it was now 10:07, they would definitely have to rush if they wanted to catch the bus in time. Julie answered the door and much to Sarah’s surprise was also wearing 8 inch heels, but since she had a pair already she had the luxury of not rushing to the mall. Both women walked as quickly as the heels would allow to the bus stop, by the time they got there it was already 10:20 and the bus was just getting ready to pull away as they boarded.

Since it was later in the evening most of the bus’s passengers were either drunk and didn’t pay much attention to them, or on the way to one of the other bars or clubs in the city and were distracted with other things. The girls didn’t look too out of place in comparison to the other passengers and would have fit right in were it not for their collars and cuffs which certainly attracted the attention of quite a few of the men on the bus including the driver, who would glance up in the rear view mirror at them every so often during the route. Sarah turned to her friend and said “Are you ready for this? One of us is getting out of our belt tonight, and I just want you to know that if it’s me I’ll still help you through this until you get yours off as well.”

Julie smiled and said “thanks Sarah, the same goes for you as well”, a few minutes later the robotic voice announced the stop the girls were supposed to get off at, ‘next stop Idlewood and Dundas’, Julie pulled the cord and they both got up and headed for the exit. Sarah checked the time on her phone as they got in the line to get into the club, 10:52 they were really cutting it close.

Part 7

The 8 inch heels were definitely suiting the purpose that their mistresses intended on both girls, Julie turned to Sarah and said “my feet are killing me, I hope this doesn’t take too long”, Sarah nodded in agreement. By the time they got to the front of the line it was 10:58, but both of them breathed a sigh of relief when they found out that it was Bondage Night at Fetclub, so they wouldn’t need to worry about as many awkward looks as they got on the bus ride over.

Sarah glanced around the club and noticed all manner of bondage enthusiast, some people were being led around by a leash while lightly bound, others were trussed more securely and had to resort to hopping everywhere behind their master or mistress, some were even enjoying some light bondage while sipping on their drinks at one of the booths or tables while others still were on the dance floor either clad in leather or looking like they were just out for a night on the town, just enjoying the sites around them and dancing the night away.

As they walked around the club both of the riggers whose pictures they’d seen just a few hours earlier on their laptop screens approached them, the one was a man in his 40’s who was clean shaven and surprisingly fit for his age, and was certainly dressed for a night out, he wore a black and grey pin striped dress shirt with jeans and loafers. The woman however was a slim, fit, long haired red head in her 20’s who wore a black corset, elbow length gloves, and knee-high laced boots, and seemed to blend in more with most of the club goers.

The man shook hands with them and began to speak, “so you must be Sarah and Julie, the entertainment for the evening”, he said with a sly smile, both girls looked at each other with confused expressions as he continued talking, “my name is Martin Ways, and this is Natasha Jade, we’re 2 of the bondage riggers who work for Double E, I trust you girls were told what will be happening here tonight?” Both of the girls nodded.

“Good” said Natasha, “as you know you’ll both be trussed up by one of us, the first one to escape or the one who doesn’t give up is the winner, and as Martin mentioned you’re going to be the entertainment for the evening. Bondage Nights at Fetclub usually feature riggers tying a volunteer from the club patrons that night, but you both in a way volunteered yourselves for it when you agreed to wear those”, she said as pointed to their belts. “There are a lot of players of AWO here tonight, but this is your challenge, and I’m sure they’d all love to see it”, Natasha said with a smile, “but without further delay let’s get things started.”

Part 8

The girls were each handed a latex catsuit to wear for the challenge, Sarah’s was bright red whereas Julie’s was white, ‘so much for dressing up’, Sarah thought to herself, they were led into the back part of the club by Natasha who told them to strip down and change into their outfits. The outfits were designed to fit snugly with the contours of their bodies as well as fitting over top of the belts and cuffs, there were even a bunch of small slits at the wrist and waist areas of the suits that would allow for the rings of the cuffs and belts to stick out of the suits.

She helped each of them into their suits and zipped up the backs of them, there was a quiet click as she applied a 6 digit combination lock that went through the ring on the zipper of the suits and the back ring of the girl’s collars, “the combinations for these locks have been emailed to you, so neither of you will be able to unlock your suits until you get home”, she then told them to put their shoes back on and head back out to the floor of the club. Once they arrived back into the main part of the club there was already a large crowd starting to gather to see what was about to take place, a small stage had been set up in the middle of the dance floor and both girls were instructed to lay down on their stomachs with their arms behind them.

 Martin emerged from the crowd with a large duffle bag, it made a quiet ‘thunk’ as he dropped it on the stage, Natasha unzipped the bag and began digging through it for various pieces of bondage gear. She took out 2 ball gags that matched the girl’s suits, as well as what looked like at least 100ft of rope to Sarah, and a roll of duct tape.

Natasha began lashing Sarah’s wrists together with a length of the rope, once she was satisfied she began doing the same thing to her elbows, and then ran another length of rope between the elbows and wrists to hinder Sarah’s movement even more. To finish things off with her arms Natasha tied Sarah’s bound wrists to the metal ring on the back of the belt then began working on her legs and ankles. She repeated the process with Sarah’s ankles and thighs, then hoisted Sarah’s ankles up and tied them to her elbows, securing her in a tight hogtie, Natasha then strapped the ball gag into Sarah’s mouth and locked it behind her head, then to finish everything off she had Sarah make fists and duct taped her hands which she then duct taped together, Sarah was going to have quite a task if she wanted to free herself from this.

She looked over at Julie and saw she was trussed up much the same, Natasha broke the silence, beginning to speak ‘Ok, I think you girls are set for your challenge….well, there’s one more thing’, both of them looked up in confusion at Natasha, she produced a remote control from her pocket and said ‘just to make this more interesting we’ll turn on the vibrators in your belts, first girl to orgasm loses’, with a mischievous grin she pressed the button on the remote and said, ‘you may begin’, as the girl’s vibrators sprang to life.

Both women began moaning uncontrollably, Julie looked over at her friend and saw her struggling and grinding her hips into the stage as the vibrator took its toll on her, Julie was doing much the same, then a few minutes later she heard Sarah’s muffled screams through the gag and looked over to see her friend’s eyes rolled back into her head as the orgasm took her, neither girl had an orgasm since the belts had locked so it didn’t take long for Sarah to succumb. The audience cheered and clapped at the hot scene going on in front of them, Martin picked up the microphone and said ‘oh, it looks like Sarah was the first one to crack, which makes Julie the winner! Let’s give her a hand for her willpower and being able to hold out long enough to win!”

 The crowd began cheering and applauding once again, Natasha began to untie Julie as Martin continued talking to the audience, “Unfortunately for Sarah, she still remains belted until she’s able to finish the game or until Double E says otherwise, sorry Sarah”, Martin said with the same sly smile he made earlier. “However, Julie is going to be released from her belt tonight as a reward for winning the challenge, congratulations Julie!” The audience cheered once again, Martin pressed the button on a remote he produced from his pocket, Julie heard loud clicks from the belt, collar, and cuffs as everything unlocked. “You’ll be able to remove everything once you solve the lock’s combination and unzip the suit”, Natasha whispered to her. With that both girls were untied and Natasha helped them up to their feet, and said “you two are welcome to stay for a while and enjoy the rest of the night, or you can head home and get working on those locks, it may take you awhile”, both of them decided it’d be best if they headed home.

The girls made their way outside and flagged down a cab, Julie couldn’t wipe the smile off of her face, whereas Sarah wondered what the future held for her, it was the longest cab ride of her life.

Part 9

As the cab rolled up to Sarah’s place, she couldn’t help but think to herself how the rest of all this would play out, would Julie keep her promise and help her through this until her belt was off? Or would she move on with her life, Sarah could imagine that after the ordeal Julie likely wouldn’t want much of anything to do with bondage anymore. The girls split the cab fare and Sarah unlocked her front door and went inside with Julie close behind her, as soon as they were inside Julie said ‘Sarah, I really hope what happened tonight doesn’t cause a divide between us, I’m going to keep my promise and help you through this ok?’ Sarah was relieved to hear Julie say that and just nodded and thanked her.

She booted up her laptop and saw the email from Natasha sitting in her inbox, she opened it and read the message ‘Hey girls! Hope you had a great time tonight, here’s something to keep you busy well into the morning, below are 5000 possible combinations each for your locks, have fun! And I would make haste with this one, you never know when your Mistress will want you to do something next ;) tata! Natasha’.

Sarah screamed a string of profanities, she was really getting tired of this game, and asked Julie to begin working on her lock since she couldn’t see it or reach the numbers herself. After 3 hours Julie finally dialed in the correct combination and Sarah’s lock opened allowing her to unzip the suit, she hugged her friend in thanks and began working on Julie’s lock for her. After another 2 hours she figured out the combination for Julie’s lock, as she unzipped the suit, the collar, belt, and cuffs all dropped to the floor of Sarah’s living room. Both girls were exhausted and decided now would be a good time to get some rest before Sarah’s belt went off again. Julie decided to stay at Sarah’s and crashed on her couch as Sarah went to her bedroom.

Luckily Sarah was able to get 5 hours of sleep in before being rudely awakened by her belt shocking her awake, she groggily went to her desk, turned her laptop on, and loaded up the game, Charlene was wearing yet another corset and began to speak, “Tired were we slave? It took a while to wake you up, for losing last night’s challenge you lose 15 lives from your total, you’re now down to 10 so I would be very careful if I were you and pass all of your mistress’ challenges from now on”, Charlene said sternly.

“I hope you’re well rested for today’s task, because you’ll definitely need the energy”. A map of the city suddenly appeared on the screen and Charlene began to instruct Sarah, “your task today is to jog to this park with your bondage gear”, a small green dot appeared on the map, the park was about an hour of jogging from Sarah’s place, “once there you will chain yourself up and stash the keys for the chains in the groundskeeper’s truck”, another image appeared on the screen, it was a diagram of how Sarah was to chain herself, she frantically drew the diagram as best she could on a piece of paper. “The groundskeeper will leave the park at noon and return at 11pm that evening when the evening shift begins, so you won’t be able to unlock yourself until the truck returns. Now, you must somehow stay out of sight for this 11 hours, for every person that sees you locked up the way you are you will lose another life from your total, if you get to the park after the truck leaves you will automatically lose this challenge, get going slave!”

The map disappeared from the screen and Sarah glanced at the clock on her computer 10:56, she’d have to leave now if she wanted to make it to the park on time, she grabbed her dufflebag from the closet, made sure she had lots of locks and lengths of chain and more importantly the keys for it all. She got dressed in running attire and filled up her water bottle, just as she was about to leave her belt beeped once again, Sarah grunted and said, “for fucks sakes what now!”

She loaded up the game once again and Charlene said to her, “I forgot to mention, once at the park you must strip from your running clothes, shoes, spandex pants, everything so you’re just down to wearing the collar, belt, and cuffs, this will make the challenge all the more interesting, now get going there isn’t much time left!” Charlene smiled as she vanished from the screen. Sarah bolted for the door, there was no time to wake up Julie and let her know where she was going, and she started running as quickly as she could to get to the park on time.

Quite a few people gave Sarah awkward looks as she went jogging by wondering who the woman was wearing the collar and cuffs, one lady even shielded her son’s eyes and glared at Sarah as she went by, as she got closer to the park Sarah’s pace slowed both from fatigue and the fact she knew she’d have time to get there.

Sarah finally arrived at the park with just 8 minutes to spare, she spotted the groundskeeper’s truck in the parking lot but felt defeated when she saw the groundskeeper having a smoke right beside the truck, likely just getting ready to leave. She was wondering how she’d be able to sneak up to the truck and stash the keys.

Just then she had an idea, she stashed her dufflebag behind a tree and approached the groundskeeper, she said “excuse me sir?”, the groundskeeper puffed away on his cigarette and replied, “Yes, what can I help you with?” not looking all that please that someone was asking him something at the end of his shift. Sarah continued panting from the run and began to say, “I think I saw some kids messing up the flowerbeds as I entered the park”, the groundskeeper stopped puffing on his cigarette and stared at her for a few seconds while he processed this, “Alright”, he said, “I should probably go deal with this, thanks for telling me.” He stomped out his cigarette, grabbed a garden hoe from the back of his truck and began walking towards the flowerbeds.

Once he was out of site Sarah began looking around the back of the truck for somewhere she could stash the keys, she decided under the bags of fertilizer was the best place for them and used all the muscle she could muster to move the 40lb bags, she places the keys in the space between the bags and then moved the 2 other bags back on top, then she made a beeline for the woods so she could begin chaining herself.

She pulled out Charlene’s diagram from the bag as well as a pile of chains and locks, and the keys, Sarah stripped and got to work on chaining herself like in the diagram. She locked a short chain between her ankles, and locked another short chain between her wrists, then she locked a longer chain running from her ankles up to the belt and locked it. Sarah knew that once she finished with this last chain there’d be no turning back, she looped the last chain around the wrist chain and locked it to the front of the belt where she had just locked the chain running to her ankles.

Sarah could still see the truck in sight and thought for a brief second that she could hobble back over to the truck, get the keys, and release herself since she didn’t want to go through this but quickly reconsidered since she didn’t want to disobey Charlene. The groundskeeper came back a few minutes after Sarah had finished chaining herself and he was muttering something about ‘damn kids’, he put the garden hoe in the back of the truck and then drove off. Sarah sighed and tugged on the chains knowing she wouldn’t be unlocking them for several hours.

Part 10

As the day wore on Sarah did her best to stay out of sight and tried as best as she could to stay in the shade and avoid the hot sun, drinking from her water bottle was difficult to say the least with the way she was chained but she somehow managed, she tugged on her chains a few times even though she knew it was futile but hoped they would miraculously break and release her from this, but of course nothing like this happened.

As the hours went by she heard many joggers and bicyclists going by on the path behind her, not knowing that there was a chained woman hiding behind a tree just a few feet from them, she wasn’t sure if it was from the run or the heat or if she was still exhausted from last night but Sarah began to doze off, she tried to fight it as best she could but her eyelids got heavier and heavier by the second, she closed her eyes, leaned up against the tree and fell asleep.

When she awoke she wasn’t sure how many hours had passed or what time it was but could see that the truck had returned and was sitting in its rightful space in the parking lot. Sarah took a look around to make sure no one was coming and begin hobbling over to where the truck was parked, she took one last look to make sure the groundskeeper wasn’t in site and made her way over to the truck, Sarah tried to reach up to the bags of fertilizer but found the short chain keeping her wrists tethered to the belt wouldn’t go that far, “Oh shit!” she whispered to herself, “I can’t reach!” She hobbled to the back of the truck and tried to reach the handle to open the door of the truck bed, but the chain wouldn’t let her reach it either, she tried hopping to reach for it but found it was still out of reach, she was stuck!

Sarah began to cry out of frustration and wondered how she was ever going to get out of the chains with the keys just out of her reach, just then out of the corner of her eye she saw someone coming, she began hobbling back to the woods as best as the chains would allow her, but she knew she’d been caught.

She turned red as she turned around and saw who was standing there just gawking at her, it was the groundskeeper from earlier in the day back for his night shift, “What… are you doing?’ he began to stammer, then abruptly said, “know what? I don’t even want to know. Looks like you’ve gotten yourself in quite the predicament though, where are the keys?” he said motioning towards the chains.

Sarah didn’t want to admit how she’d gotten out here or what this was all about so she made up a story about how she was a student from the university and her friends did this to her because she’d lost a bet and that her friends would be back in the morning to unlock her. But from the look on the groundskeeper’s face, she knew it was pretty obvious he didn’t believe her story, he chuckled to himself and said “No, I’m not buying that for a second, that gear is too fancy for college kids to afford, what’s REALLY going on here?”

Sarah was out of stories and began crying again, she explained to him everything that had happened up until now, everything, AdultWebOnline, the challenges her and Julie had gone through, getting fired because of all of this, and the challenge she had to do today, she told him about the keys in the back of his truck and how she wasn’t able to reach them chained the way she was.

The groundskeeper just stared at her in disbelief for a minute then said, “well, as much of a sob story as that is, I think I’m just going to leave you here until the morning”, Sarah interrupted him and yelled, “What?! No! Please! You can’t! Please unlock me!”, the groundskeeper just grinned at her and continued talking, “well, it’s pretty obvious you enjoy this, otherwise you wouldn’t have gone to all the trouble to lock yourself up like this, actually, I think there’s a couple finishing touches you need, just a second.” He turned around and began heading back to his truck, Sarah didn’t want to stick around and find out what he meant so she hobbled to the path and began running as quickly as the chains would let her but wasn’t making much progress, she began screaming for help hoping someone would hear her but since she wasn’t watching where she was going she was quickly knocked to the ground as she tripped over a root on the path.

It didn’t take long for the groundskeeper to catch up to her, he picked her up and hoisted her up over his shoulder, she began kicking him and continued screaming, he said “Shut up, no one’s even near the park at this hour”, he balled up a rag he had in his overalls and stuffed it in her mouth as he carried her back to the truck.

Despite this Sarah continued trying to scream, he slammed her down into the back of the truck knocking the wind out of her, he grabbed a roll of duct tape from one of the toolboxes and put several strips over Sarah’s mouth to keep the rag in, then he wound the tape around her head a few times to be sure she wouldn’t spit it out. He grabbed the keys from between the bags of fertilizer, unlocked the loop of chain holding her wrists to the front of the belt, and held Sarah’s wrists with one hand as he unlocked one of the locks with the other, he moved her hands behind her and closed the lock back up, then locked the loop of chain to her wrists and then to the back of the belt, Sarah knew she wouldn’t be going anywhere now, and continued screaming despite how heavily muffled it was.

The groundskeeper then produced a very long piece of chain from another of the toolboxes, almost 30 feet long, and locked it to the front of Sarah’s belt, he helped her up and ordered her to follow as he led her down the path back into the forest. After a few minutes he stopped and lead Sarah off the path to a more secluded part of the woods, “Perfect!” he exclaimed as a very large tree came into view, he wrapped the chain around the tree and locked it, Sarah was now on a 15ft long leash attached to the tree.

“You wanted to hide in the forest so this little leash will ensure you stay hidden”, the groundskeeper said with a laugh, Sarah grunted in disagreement, “I’ll leave the keys here, you better hope you can unlock yourself by morning or you could be in a very embarrassing situation”, he said with a grin, “I have to get back to work though so have fun! And good luck, you’ll need it!” he said as he set the keys on the ground and turned around to head back to the path.

Part 11

Sarah screamed at the groundskeeper in her gag as he walked away, she was praying he was joking about leaving her out here and continued screaming hoping he’d come back but as he got farther and farther away it was clear to her that he wasn’t going to come back. Sarah saw the keys on the ground some feet from her, she began to hobble over to them, but the chain stopped her short about a foot from the keys, she grunted into her gag again in frustration and wondered how she was going to get out of this one. To make matters worse the belt began to beep, Sarah began to cry knowing there was nothing she could do to stop what was about to happen, two minutes later the belt shocked her, after shocking her four more times it stopped and Sarah fell to the ground from the pain.

Sobbing to herself on the ground she wished she had told Julie where she was going so she’d at least know to come looking for her if she didn’t come home, after a few more minutes she calmed herself down and regained her composure…or what composure she had left being bound in the woods completely naked not counting the belt, collar, and cuffs. Sarah began to think of a way she could get herself out of this, the keys were so close, she tried reaching her hands out to them but the chain holding them to the belt was way too short for her to reach the keys, so she tried stretching her legs out to reach them with her toes but since she was facing the tree the awkward angle made turning herself difficult.

Just then she saw what might be her only option left, a fairly long stick near where she was sitting, she picked it up and reached it out as far as she could, yes! It was just long enough to reach the key ring! Sarah slowly inched the keys over to her hands, it took about 20 minutes for her to find the right key and unlock the chain holding her wrists to the belt, once she had a bit more mobility it wasn’t too hard for her to unlock the rest of the locks. Sarah reached up and began working on the tape gag once her wrists were free, it was painful getting the tape out of her hair but after a few minutes she managed to do it, she winced in pain as she peeled the tape from her mouth and pulled the rag out.

She was about to head back towards the path but realized a small problem, the groundskeeper still had the key for the chain holding her to the tree, “No!!! Fuck!!!!!” she screamed, she threw the keys on the ground in frustration and began sobbing, she didn’t want to think about what he’d do to her when he came back. She started tugging on the chain hoping she could break the ring on the belt and be able to run off, but everything held firmly, Sarah slumped down on the ground feeling defeated. After an hour or so something occurred to her, she picked up the key ring again and began counting the keys, there was one more here than usual. She tried the keys in the lock around the tree until *click* the chain dropped to the ground releasing her, Sarah laughed to herself and shook her head about the fact she hadn’t tried all the keys before, then she unlocked the one at the front of the belt, and began running back towards the path, she didn’t want to be here when he came back.

Sarah managed to find her way back to where she’d stashed her duffle bag and clothes, she changed back into her jogging wear and shoes and walked home, she’d had enough running for one day.


Sarah couldn’t help but shake the feeling that something was wrong as she walked home, the belt hadn’t beeped or gone off for hours and she was beginning to wonder why, maybe it was out of batteries? Maybe she could finally release herself? She couldn’t put her finger on what was wrong though. When she got back to the house she went to flip on the light switch in her front hallway but nothing happened, after trying it a few more times she called out Julie’s name, no answer, she walked into the living room and was startled to see 2 men dressed in suits standing there, the larger of the 2 men began to speak, “hello Sarah, we’re from Double E, we’re here to collect you.” Sarah went wide-eyed and said, “wait, what are you talking about, collecting me, what does that mean? And how did you even get in here? I’m calling the police!” As Sarah went to reach for the phone she felt a needle in her neck, as she lost consciousness the last thing she saw was the silhouette of a 3rd man who had approached from behind her….

Sarah awoke with a pounding headache and blurry vision, and was startled to see she wasn’t wearing the belt anymore, she felt just to make sure the blurred vision wasn’t distorting things, and sure enough the belt was gone, as were the cuffs and the collar. As she went to get up and walk around, she found she was stopped by a chain around her ankle, as her vision came back into focus she saw the cold cement floor below her and the bars in front of her, she was in a cell.

 “Hello?? Where am I? How did I get here?” She said, she heard a female voice from somewhere in the room say, “looks like she’s awake”, just then 2 people walked into view one of them was the man in the suit Sarah had seen before, the other was…. Julie? Sarah wondered what her friend was doing here, maybe they’d kidnapped her as well? “Julie!” she exclaimed, “what happened? Where are we?” the man in the suit looked at Julie and said, “Ok Jules, I think it’s time to let her know what’s going on”, Sarah looked at both of them with a confused look on her face as Julie began to say.

“Alright Sarah, I have a confession, I’m a talent scout with Double E, I’ve had my eye on you for years, Double E got me a job as an accountant with your uncle’s company so I could keep a better eye on you as well. I knew you wouldn’t willingly say yes to being a model for us, so I had to talk you into playing AdultWebOnline. You did technically willingly agree to become a model for us though once you hit the accept button on the licensed agreement.”

Sarah now dumbfounded just stood there looking at Julie with her mouth wide open, unsure of what to say, Julie continued the explanation, “you’re probably wondering about our ‘Mistresses’? Yeah, they’re real women, they work for Double E as well. Sabrina’s actually a good friend of mine, and as for Charlene, you’ll continue to be her slave.” Sarah couldn’t believe what she was hearing, “so all of this was just a setup to get me to work for you? Is that what you’re telling me?” Sarah said fuming, Julie tried to calm her down with a better explanation, “not exactly Sarah, AdultWebOnline is very real, it’s one of our top selling products, people love it! But I knew that you wouldn’t play a game like that on your own so I had to convince you to do it and went through the motions of it with you to make it look as authentic as possible, I was actually trapped in the belt and all of that as well but sometimes you just have to go with the flow for your job right?” Julie said with a shrug.

Sarah was now the angriest she had ever been and was screaming at her ‘friend’ from the cell, “No! I’m not going to become a slave! I refuse, you can’t do this! I’ll fucking kill you Julie, let me out of here now!!!” The man in the suit produced a piece of paper from his pocket and said, “maybe I can shed some light on things, I’m Neil Thomas, CEO of Double E. You should have read the licensed agreement in the game more carefully, as Jules said, once you clicked the accept button you were agreeing to a legally binding contract, one of the terms of which was to become a model for us if you ‘died’ in the game, and your character did, while you were asleep in the park many people spotted you including the groundskeeper, that and not answering your mistress took away the rest of the lives you had in the game, I’m afraid you’re ours now Sarah, legally.” Sarah’s heart sank as Neil continued to explain her fate, “but it won’t be all bad, we’ll treat you well here, who knows in a few years maybe you can become a talent scout like Julie, but for now you’re just slave Sarah” Neil explained, “you’re the star of our new website,, your new, more secure chastity belt is being fitted and it’ll be here in a few days, until then get some rest, you’ve got a long career ahead of you.”



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